by Clif High

May 2011

extracted from "The Shape of Things to Come Volume 0, Issue 10 Data Set Analysis"

from Galaksija Website




The data sets interpreted for this report have been largely filled with immediacy values,

probably due to the changing nature of time itself, and its impact on humans.

This has necessitated a change in our plans to release larger reports less frequently.

The new approach will be to produce smaller, more focused reports, more frequently.

The next targeted publication will be in early June. (We think now.)




Note that the following discussion contains NO comparisons to Fukushima meltdowns. Not necessary now is it? Invisible giant blue samurai linguistic trick not fall for it.

Note that some portions of this report were written as though it would be read in late May or early June. We altered our publication schedule due to manifesting circumstances resulting in an earlier release, thus some references to 'now' and 'recent past' will be temporally out of place. One can either ignore these mental stumbles over the current 'now', or come back and re-read the report in late May.

The Markets entity is showing the largest amount of its area affected by our 'data gap' of all the entities in modelspace. The Markets entity is perversely growing in size at the boundaries while 'hole-ing' out in the middle. The Markets entity is looking distinctly diseased and unwell. This is probably an indication of just how little time remains until total [functional disruption] occurs.


This aspect/attribute set of [dysfunction (at all levels of all systems)] that leads to [disruption (of the) Just-In-Time retail/wholesale system] shows a very substantial growth over May as modelspace and the Markets entity are progressed through the month. Early May is indicated to be [jumpy], and [filled with irregular spikes] of [anomalous (outside of normal ranges) activity] in [markets] globally such that [officialdom (and minions)] will be [pressed] and [sweaty] in acting as the [voice/face] of the [markets] over the first 14/fourteen days of May.


During this time the [mainstream media] will be [forcing (out) propaganda words] at rates [never before seen].


Indeed, the aspect/attribute sets accruing for this section contain references to [lies (propaganda/spin)] so [blatant], that even the [shills (economic reporters)] will be seen to [blanch], and [pale] and [exhibit tells (touching face, other biometrics for active, egregious lying)] on [international teevee].


Further, there will be at least one [confrontation] caught on [video] in May in which a [financial reporter (of note/fame)] is [harassed], and [bloodied] by [on-lookers] during a [lying fest] in front of some [famous stone public building]. The data set describes this scene as occurring [outside] as though a 'man in street' kind of thing, and on a [public street] with very [large crowds].


The detail descriptors also include [incitement (to violence)] by [propaganda lies/words] and [instant], and [angry], [response] that leads to [blows (on the heads)] of [reporters/shills] and [video crew].


Further, the data shows that the video of the [error (in judgment)] by the [reporter/shill] will be [video captured] by someone [above the action (second or higher floor?)] and subsequently released to the wilds of the net. This 'release' of the video is also a story in itself that will come out later when persons involved at [video capture] level are [interviewed] and tell their story of [goon squad attack] by [bankster minions] within the [melee].


The headline for this section could read as “High Kicking Woman Puts the Kibosh on Goons during Melee at Market” as all of these words are found in the detail descriptor set for this [mob fight].

The recent (May 2011) [flooding disaster(s)] in the [central (and eastern seaboard) USofA] produced an [instant reaction] in the [global food markets], however, the actual [damage] due to the [flooding disasters] will not be [realized (by marketeers/speculators)] until later in Summer (northern hemisphere).


The data sets are pointing to yet another instance of [food crop poisoning/tainting] in May that will produce [severe (disease)] a few months later in both [consumers] directly, and [market speculators] indirectly. The [flooding disaster(s)] of May will not be the end of the [flood problems] that will [afflict] the [populace/USofA] in 2011, but will produce the largest level of [impact] on the [market speculators] of all the [flood incidents] this year.

Along with the [flooding disaster(s)] of 2011, the mid May [weather flip(out)] along both [coasts] of [continental north america] is also indicated to [pressure] the already [reeling global food commodities markets].


The most immediate impact of the [May (and June/July) weather reversals (winter?-snow on the plains?)] will be in [dollar denominated costs] for [foods] and [energy commodities] as [drastic (increases in) imports] are [attempted]. The data suggests that a number of reports of [poor quality] as well as [lack of/shortages] will appear around [foods (here in North America] over Summer.


The data suggests that the [true stories] will [impel officialdom] to [attempt] to [censor] and [restrict] what [information] can be [disseminated] about [foods] as a [national security issue]. More bullshit, of course, and also [not successful], indeed, the data points at the [mere attempt] as [bringing ridicule (upon minions) ] and [fueling massive civil disobedience].


In the detail layers are hints that [being harassed (by minions)] for [truth telling blogs/reports about personal experience] will rise to such a level of [public honor] that [late night comedians] will [boast] about being [censored] by [minion patrols].

So you thought May was rough? Well, then bind your balls (or female equivalent), and gird up your loins metaphorically with lots of pie, as June (2011) will be far more of [new deal at the old same place] than you can imagine now.


All is OK though, as universe has its reasons for the [chaos] of May being followed by the [confluence (coagulation)] of [confusion] that will be Summer of 2011. Yes, Summer in northern hemisphere officially starts in late June, except this year, when the [chaotic influences] will be [congealing (around your brain cells)] early in the month (June).


These [coagulation (of) financial confusion] threads are persistent in the data sets all the way out to March of 2012. They do seem to reach a crescendo of sorts in late October of 2011, but the diminution of the trend is very small, and one has to really look to note that it is indeed a mini-peak in Fall of 2011.

The shorter term and immediacy data sets are pointing directly to May/June of 2011 as being the [launch] of the [shift of ages] in [all things financial].


Now, bearing in mind that there is a huge difference between [economic] and [financial] sets, we note that the positive news for the global populace is the first signs of a [real (economy)] will be just starting to reach [visibility] (in small hints here and there for the aware observer to locate) just as the [financial systems] enter their [shake (until) break] stage in Summer, 2011.


The longer term data sets are actually very positive in nature, though of course, we will all have to live through some [horrific (neck deep) levels of financial shit floods] first.

While the [global (sheeple) populace] is described as being [transfixed] by the [death of the dollar] and the [collapse of the global banking empire] over May and June (and into Summer), the aware observer will be able to pick up glints of shining [promise] in the [actual (human to human) economy] of the planet. Again noting that these [promising developments] have absolutely NOTHING to do with anything financial (currency et al) or fiscal (paper abstractions of value being traded), and everything to do with [human to human] [interaction] and [Contact].

The [contact] descriptor set is pertinent as the SpaceGoatFarts* entity has (curiously?) very extensive cross links over to the Markets entity where the termination points are within the [financial/fiscal meltdown] sets in the shorter term values.



* SpaceGoatFarts (SGF)
This entity is newly formed. While references to Space Goat Farts have appeared within Terra, sub set Space in the past, the data set now demonstrates a need for an entity to allow for the growth of 'unknown forces of all kinds from space which are terra/populace affecting'. Includes non-earth based, non-human/non-mammal intelligent beings usually considered as 'space aliens' or 'extraterrestrials'. Created during 1207 clean up.



These sets come into view as modelspace is progressed past the June solstice and into Summer proper in early July.


The [unseasonable (snow?) weather] being chucked about in the Terra entity does seem to [aggravate] the general mood of the [financially addicted populace], but it is NOT an 'excuse' for the soon-to-be-manifesting reality of [fiscal (banking) corrosion], in spite of any [posturing] by [msm propaganda press].

The data accretion patterns are clearly pointing toward the [very rapid rise] of [dollar amounts paid for gold/silver]. {ed note: in spite of, and above/beyond anything accrued in May}.


Much of the data accretion for [gold/silver] is supporting the idea of a [rupture] between [gold and silver] as the [new electrics] language begins to rise in the [msm/propaganda press]. It seems as though the data is suggesting that the [mainstream media aka propaganda press] is going to be [forced into] a period of [pimping] the [new electrics meme/idea] due to the [global awakening] of the [planetary banks failures/implosion].


The interpretation is that the language about the [new electrics] will [backfire/reverse] upon the [msm/propaganda press] when it comes out that [silver] is a [vital ingredient] in the [free energy devices]. Further, the [rupture] between [gold] and [silver] in their [internal ratio of value] is described as being [exacerbated by] the [unknown (amounts)] of [pure (not plated bars) gold] available.


The data sets are accruing within supporting sets of [hoax], and [fraud] relative to [gold (proffered by) government], as well as [delusion (running away)] in the [paper abstractions (of gold/silver) markets]. The [paper abstractions markets] are also receiving supporting sets within descriptors of [fraud], and [lies (relative to public media)].


It is the latter set of [lies] which is showing as a [trigger] for fresh [chaos] in [global paper abstractions (of all kinds, currencies included)] over much of June as yet more [leaks] emerge about [planetary level frauds/schemes]. This is described as occurring just as the [silver prices (in dollars)] jump to [record levels (never before seen/new highs)] as the [us of a dollar] reaches [historic] and [histrionic] levels of [new lows].

At this point in the modelspace progression through Summer, 2011, a bunch of [banksters (and families?)] are [killed off (by tptb/w)], but mostly no one cares much as we are all [too engaged] by the [rapidity of change] in [planetary human (daily) life].

The Markets entity, sub set [precious metals (of all kinds including platinum group, and rare earths)] are accruing very large supporting sets with an incredible complexity of cross links.


The cross links reach (expectedly) into both the GlobalPop** and Populace/USofA*** entities, but rather surprisingly, they also extend deep into the SpaceGoatFarts entity where the termination point is in [new matter/material].



** GlobalPopulace (GlobalPop): Proxy for all populace groups "not" part of Populace/USofA. Division forced by emotional splits arising from anti-Bush reactions post October 2001.

*** Populace/USofA: Proxy for the populace of the USofA. Defined broadly and representative of issues which rise to national prominence.


The data here is clearly pointing to the [creation/appearance] of a [new precious metal] that will be [composed of] or [created from] the [coagulation] of a [metallic (and crystalline) vapor].


The sub set of the [new precious metal] is implying that the [first ounce] of the [new matter] created will be [worth more] than all the other [precious metals] that have [ever been mined].


Further examination of the spread of the cross links from the [precious metals] sub set in the Markets entity across the SpaceGoatFarts entity seem to be suggesting that this [new matter/precious metal] will (have been created in the future). Some of the sub sets seemingly point to an association with the LHC (Cern collider program).


The reason that this is pertinent, is that the [new precious metal] will be a very pertinent temporal marker for the [erupting (into) visibility] of the [panic to own (precious metals)] at a [global level]. Further the [leaking into knowledge] of the [new matter] will also be a temporal marker for [panic] and [dismemberment (amputation)] of many (if not most, ultimately), of the [entitlement programs] across what we laughingly call 'the developed world'.


Yet one other data set has the [new matter] as one of its temporal markers and that is the [alien wars] sub set within SpaceGoatFarts.

The cross links from the [precious metals/gold/silver] sub sets within Markets entity that go to the GlobalPop entity have a wide variety of termination points. Some of the aspect/attribute sets in GlobalPop include [storage (looting?)], and [disappearing 'inventory'] which apparently will make it to the [mainstream media] in spite of their being propaganda tools of the self proclaimed 'aristocracy' (blood line freaks).


These reports in the [mainstream media] of [disappearing inventory] will be coincident with, or just ever so slightly ahead of [default!!!!@!!@!] by a [conveyor (market)] for [(deeds to) precious metals]. This area is the tertiary supporting set, and fastest growing in early to mid Summer (northern hemisphere), for the [bust (banks rupture system)] that is described as [dominating ALL political/economic decisions] from mid July onward.

As modelspace is progressed through Summer of 2011, it shows that [June (pretty much the whole month)] will be like [compounding daily interest] on the [fiscal/financial dysfunction] of May. The [default] of the [conveyor (of deeds to metals)] is described in the data sets, especially the huge quantity of detail sets, as being one of the [ugliest] times for [humanity].


Mostly this appears to be due to the [emotional breakdowns] that accompany the [shattering (of the) world view] of so many [deluded hundreds of millions (of humans)].


The [default of the conveyor (of deeds to metals)] is also showing as not being good for [animals] and [plants] though this is later, and more indirectly due to the [global gold rush] of [desperate people] attempting to [pan (out) a 'life']. {ed note: will be a commonly used phrase amongst some of the [harvesters] who will remain in the northern hemisphere in spite of the radiation hazards becoming extreme}.

Then, following the [dysfunction] and [markets degradation] of June, we will hit the [disruption] of July and August. In this sub set the [disruption] descriptor contains the context of [no shipments], and [transport disrupted (more or less permanently)]. These and other aspect/attribute sets are within the larger context that supports the [global just-in-time delivery system].


That the JIT (just in time) delivery system is also the only form of [warehousing] in the [developed world] is described as becoming [instantly (very rapidly) apparent] as [foods stop], [fuel stops], [transport stops]. This last also includes the [transport of humans].

The [banking system rupture] sub set contains repeated [to violent nausea] references to human body parts and processes. Such references are PRIMAL archetypes, and, in the experience of our work, reflect accurately the [visceral response (puking)] that will be [felt] as we move through the time. The data sets are forecasting that an [accumulation] of [small disasters (weather? Europe?)] will be [blamed] for [triggering] the [banking crises] of July/August.


The supporting sets indicate that as the [depth] of the [banking system crisis] rises to [awareness (of insiders of the system)], the first hints of the [severity] to make it to the [public consciousness] will be in the form of [body process misbehavior] of [prominent shills/minions] in [public facing (news conferences)]. The data sets describe, [excessive sweating], and [fainting], [drooling], [incoherency], [noises (from bowels)], and [spitting], and [facial contortions], and [vomiting] as being [captured on video] as the [lies (about the real nature of systemic crisis)] are [*attempted*] to be [spoken].


The data has repeated sets in support of the idea of a [wave (of abject truthfulness)] and [unwelcome] and [unbidden] cases where [spokes persons/presenters] will [not be able] to [speak the lies]. These sets paint pictures of [breakdowns], and [crying], and even [pissing/soiling (of) pants] due to [internal conflicts] between [real knowledge] and [forced (telling) of lies].


The data further goes on to describe the [populace] as [understanding/grasping] the [upcoming (financial/banking system) shock] by these [to be widely circulated] video clips of [minion mouth dysfunction].

Further, in spite of the [blame] being [spun] by the [mainstream lying media corporate shills], the [public perception] will be of an [unalterable disaster].


The [unalterable] sub set contains large amounts of support that all goes toward the idea that the [people/sheeple] will [get it/understand/viscerally grasp] both the [inevitability] and [extreme level] of the [to be immediately (then, in July/August)] experienced [banking system bust].





The Tao of Humanity Very few humans consider their place in, and interaction with, the 'grander scheme of manifesting reality'.


Oh, priests and other organized predator mind controllers will blather on about “god's plan”, like they really had a clue, but they don't. And they actually can't... but that is another conclusion for another future...

Some humans do ponder themselves not as individuals, but as vital (life) interacting with universe (energy). Gandhi (of liberation of hindoo peoples from illuminati oppression fame), also known as Mahatma (great one), spent time considering this duality of human, and universe. And he came to a life lifting conclusion that while each of our acts are totally insignificant to universe, they are also totally necessary to it.


Even though insignificant to a degree that mind cannot comprehend, it is absolutely necessary to universe as a whole that the act be done. And so it is to us. If not done by you, the act will nonetheless be completed to the satisfaction of universe. And you will have missed an opportunity to be positively changed by that act. Now note, one cannot, in this universe, avoid their responsibility to act, and even choosing to not actively act, is nonetheless, an act, so we each participate, even by avoidance.


What we miss though is the opportunity for positively changing ourselves through harmonizing with opportunities presented by universe.

How often are we presented with opportunities clear enough to make meaningful choices within the broader waves of change that sweep through our local segment of universe? Said another way, how often, as adults, are we presented with opportunities to act heroically? Well, up until recently, not so often. However, as all the readers of this report may come to feel personally (if they have not already), the times, they are a'changing. These days are different, and according to our data, universe is about to slap you upside the head with that realization.

For many, the emergence of the tao into humanity's collective perception will be lost in the tumult and upheaval of worlds that is now occurring. That the multitudes will NOT awake to the touch of the tao is apparently necessary to universe, as it is.


Since it is, it must be a necessary component of universe that some not be awakened, both for their own karmic needs, and to allow those who are awake to thus distinguish themselves. And just as the rivers of time constantly shift the grains of sand (us humans in case you missed that poetic nod) laying on the river's bed, it is necessary for universe that shifts happen. These shifts are appearing now, not only to our data weary eyes, but also manifesting in the great changes flowing through our collective experience that we label humanity.

It is necessary to universe that many (perhaps most) humans experience these changing times blindly oblivious to the larger waves creating a new world/solar system around them.


They, the unaware, the sheeple, will look up at the great changes that will be soon sending their people-herds into panic and mindless stampedes without understanding their place, part, or role in anything larger than the flow of the immediate now. This, the tao, as it manifests around and through them, will consume all their time, generate all their thoughts, and create their reality as they experience it, totally oblivious to it.

It must be so that universe may exist and express change. Change must occur, in spite of all human efforts to oppose change, deflect change, or control change, it must occur. And will so occur. As universe directs. Not us. Including the 'aware' amongst the sheeple.


Those humans whose karmic burden is such that they need suffer awareness now, in these days, will not 'awaken the masses'. They will not, 'spark the revolution', nor 'incite the herd to turn'. They may not so understand now the 'why' of it all, especially those awakening minds in the early stages where it is ever-so-important to meet the emotionally driven need to go out and slap all your soon-to-be-ex friends among the sheeple herd to wake them up.


They, we, do not understand, until later, that it won't work and will just annoy the crap out of the sheeple who are being slapped in the face.


But, somehow, and for some 'why', it is necessary that a great many sheeple be slapped. It is necessary for universe to force massive social changes at planet wide scale through humanity at this time, and is also necessary, for you, at a personal level, to experience these changes in some greater state of awareness than the general sheeple herd.


That is your challenge. That awareness alone, marks you as being offered the opportunity of service by universe. This is rare, as you well know. Not that many humans out there who are really thinking beings, most are operating under deep mind control, and are blinded by false perception of reality.

Not you, nor anyone, ever need accept the karmic burden of service to universe.


Nor is this some kind of submission to the will of some other being. It does not work that way. Many humans will (necessarily) confuse the opportunity provided by awakening to reality with 'service' as it is dictated by the religious control freaks (who really are freaks... disturbing, twisted, freakish minds capable of killing and even consuming the flesh of humans for their twisted understanding of reality).


The archetype for this 'captured service' is the personality sold as Mother Teresa. Even she, on her death bed, acknowledged that her 'awakening' was captured, and the whole 'faith' religion thing was a waste of a life. Took her long enough to realize it... but such is the nature of karmic burdens and the filters that they place on our perception.

For its own reasons which are not particularly pertinent to humanity which must live through it, universe is in the process of transitioning, in a more dramatic than in the past fashion, to a new operating state. That humans have been favored by universe in the past offers some potential that we will also be well received in this emerging future state.


But no guarantees exist in universe, other than the guarantee of opportunity to experience change. And if lucky, or personally karmically well situated, to not only experience change, but to be changed by so experiencing it.

It helps to be an artist. That is to say, those who can self identify as artists are able to more readily integrate the internal changes that the art itself forces on its creator. Probably why universe is an artist, and we are (some) of its works. As out, so in.

It helps in integrating change as a part of life to be an artist. As those who have made and sailed their own boats, baked and eaten their own pies, sewn and worn their own clothes, hewn and built with their own lumber, washed and served their fellow human, cared for and assisted the dying, trained for personal change (meditation) will tell you, the art changes the artist as much if not more that the artist will change the materials of their art.


This is the point of art. Any and all arts. Even those arts not yet discovered by humanity. And even those arts ignored as art (only from the outside is the householder thought consumed by his chores).

Art can and does change us even before we encounter it. And the point of the exhibitions of others arts? Well, duh, to inspire some other human to self-select as a change candidate in universe, and to begin the process that is the art of living, which is to say, the art of the discovery of one's self as artist.

All artists are in service to universe, though many are as oblivious of this as the sheeple are to their mind control. It is through art that service in the form of change is rendered to universe. And, universe apparently appreciates this as it gives the mass of humans some small percentage of artists, enough it would seem, the karmic joy of expressing their art as pie bakers. And thus we, the rest of us, are 'repaid' for our service here on earth.

We will all need to pie-up as universe moves a very large art project forward. Our service to universe as artists is about to challenged greatly as we assist universe in this transition to a new expression of its art (life).


Our data has clear statements that [service] to universe will be offering new opportunities to those artists capable of perceiving and acting upon them. As with all offers, they can be refused. But acknowledge now that refusal is also a choice, and even it does not prevent failure. Remembering, however, that failure is the process of art working itself out through the internal obstacles of the artist, and that change is art, pie up now, as your art is about to be challenged.


Your service to universe is even now in a period where [opportunities to change/expand] will be presented in the form of very large [holes in common consensus reality] that will draw you in, artist tools at the ready, too excited *not* to change your relationship to your service to universe as it draws the tao right out of you, exposing you to yourself, and the opportunities for new service to humanity, as universe expresses the tao of it all... in our pies, and in front of our eyes.

This is what is coming.

This is what you are feeling.

The tao of humanity is discovering itself... through you.

Excitingly scary... yes?


We have added a copy of the solar intensity numbers as are calculated by Patrick Geryl below. These have so far shown themselves to be meaningful predictors of violent earth changes or violent weather. Take the dates as being in the middle of an enlarging window of time.


As the numbers indicate, the wave flowing through solar activity will still allow, by reducing the intensity slightly, the sheeple to maintain some level of 'normalcy bias', but expect that to be less persistent after October of 2011.

Thus these numbers can be used to anticipate the next period of large scale changes here on earth. And to prepare for them.

No, there will not be a crustal shift, nor a Planet X induced 'roll around' of earth.

Yes, there will be huge levels of persistent changes as the planet grows. More winds, greater gravitational and magnetic effects among shaking ground, sloshing seas, and terrible weather.