by Clif High

January 25, 2011

extracted from "The Shape of Things to Come Volume 0, Issue 9 Data Set Analysis"

from FollowTheMonet-Forumotion Website




We humans here on Terra are entering a very dangerous period.


This will be especially true within the 'reach' of the Former Power Structure (aka the American-Anglo empire), and its minions. This reach includes the United States of America. Now that the [political minions] have taken up the task of [demonizing speech] and [criminalizing thought], the task of producing reports such as these becomes more difficult in several ways.


Not only will the source material, that is the 'free speech' of unfettered minds on the internet become constrained to some degree, but also the language expressed in these reports necessarily also becomes a potential point for persecution. In spite of not acting as an advocate for ANY form of violence, and being a 30 year student of the martial art known as the 'art of peace', the 'ability' of the political minions of fascism to craft incidents that will redefine words and apply them retroactively, will lead directly to censorship of works such as these future guessing reports.


The reader needs to be advised that *some* texts within this report will point to specific instances of upcoming violent events without providing additional descriptors of the event, though peripheral elements not germane but pertinent may well be provided. Got that? When you see an obvious 'hole' in the text, there is a good reason for it to be there.


This is a continuation of the same policy that led to my dropping any direct discussion of the ThePowersThatBe(Were) entity. There was nothing to be gained from going there, and it could potentially provide others with enough foreknowing to alter or impact the 'organic' unfolding of manifesting universe.

No, not getting fearful, just asymmetrically smarter.

Whenever you encounter TPTB or TPTW, or TPTB/W, the reference is the same, and goes to what had been known as ThePowersThatBe entity. However, due to their continuing loss of accumulated emotional resources, including specifically the actual resource of [secrecy] and the [illusions (created) by mind control media], the entity is being recast as ThePowersThatBe/Were*.


* TPTB: Proxy for The Powers That Be. Proxy for groups which may be loosely described as both 'elitist', and 'global' in thinking. Includes proxies for such as RCC, UN, OD, Illuminati, CFR, and others too numerous to detail here.

The data sets have the planet into building tension language (that turned on the 18th from our release language trend) until the equinox of 2011 (March 21 for the solar year challenged), when we once again will be kicked into swimming in a release language period. The data sets are pointing to huge levels of [secrets revealed] and [giant political dysfunction/disruption globally]. The release language is indicated to last from the equinox all the way through to the small tipping point of October 6th, 2011. This tipping point in October is a tip into building tension language.

So, given the release language swim that went from November 14, 2010 through to January 18, 2011, and all the wikileaks, and other emotional release language, it would be expected that the 2011 equinox will mark yet another [flood] of [information] that will [alter the human order here on terra].

Then a smallish tipping point into building tension language that will dominate the social discourse through Fall and Winter of 2011, and right up to the first large scale gap in our data on March 25th, 2012.



Markets - Medic! Medic!

As 2010 fades rapidly from sight, and mind, we note that the Markets entity is pretty much as its primary supporting descriptors would have it, a [basket (of) crises (struggling) to not overturn].


The [basket-case markets] set has secondary support coming from [interwoven] and [inextricably twined] which are themselves both supported at their primary levels by [bad foods] which, given its supporting sets, we are interpreting as [indigestible products].


These [indigestible (financial) products] are about to make [minions (within markets)] go into [spasms] of [violent puking]. This is indicated to be a [planet wide] level event that in its turn brings [international grievances] and [inter country tensions] to a [visible] and [frightening] level that will be described (in the msm propaganda press) as being a [boil over] situation.


The interpretation that we have about the [indigestible products] is that they fall into the category of [derivatives] in general, but specifically there are linguistics around the idea of a [gold price tied/bound] form of [derivative] that [fails] in an [instant] due to a [crisis] in the [gold/precious metals market].


This forecast is based on a lot of immediacy data value sets and so may be within days of happening, and likely will be occurring by the time that this Shape report is published.


Both the shorter term (3/three weeks out through 3/three months) and longer term (4/four months to 19/nineteen months) within the Markets entity are pointing to a [change of state (condition)] for the [usofa dollar]. The [change of condition] is indicated to be [directly preceding] the [completion] of the [usofa dollar (as global reserve currency].


This [global completion] is itself a temporal marker for the [crumbling/degradation] of the [federal reserve criminal cabal]. Further, the [completion] of the [usofa dollar] is also a temporal marker for the [political (infrastructure) crisis] that is described as [wrenching] and [twisting] the [political structure] into [dysfunction]. The [dysfunction] sub set is supported at the primary level by a complex descriptor set labeled [slated (entombed)].


This supporting set is large, and complex, and complicated.


The label was chosen due to the overall impression of a [government/officialdom] that will [self isolate] or [self entombed]. The [self isolation] aspect/attribute set is supported by [fleeing (from) responsibility]. This [flight from] sub set is also supporting several other sets both in the Populace/USofA entity and the Markets entity that go to actual [flights (to avoid) responsibility].

It is 'mere' coincidence of universe that this Shape of Things To Come report is to be published on the same day as the State of the Union speech from [officialdom] here in US. It is not coincidence that there are rumors of [change of dollar state] language circulating the internet prior to the speech.


The previous Shape reports of 2010 have been pointing to early 2011 for the 'unexpected bump in the road' for the [populace (mostly sheeple)] relative to the [dollar] and [global currencies] in general. It would seem from the language expressed in the rumors about pending, and perhaps 'hidden' messages in the State of the Union speech, that prescient mental triggers are going off in large numbers of people and that these are finding expression on the internet.


Within the Markets entity language sets, there are repeated sets that include [waiting], and [anticipating], and [tingling (skin)], and [stiff (no, not that, but hairs)], and other references to human body parts that are seemingly [hypersensitive] to a 'something' that is clearly being felt across the collective psychic antenna.

The Markets entity continues to point toward [dollar (currency) depression] as the cause of the jittery feeling expressing itself as rumor. The [dollar death] sub sets grow rapidly from late Winter through Spring, with several large [social order events] taking place during this period.


Some of the [dollar impacting] events are shown in cross links over to the Terra entity where the sheer number of Terra 'intrusions' over 2011 is indicated to be a major factor in the global economy taken on its own. But wait, there is more, compounding the [alterations forced on business] by the [terra intrusions], will be a truly [bizarre] set of [direct human impacts].


These [direct human impacts] {ed note: discussed in other areas of this report} are, within the Markets entity, showing as [causing], some soon-to-be-notorious, and highly [visible], [bad decisions]. Some of the [decisions] are to be so [beyond understanding] that there will be some [public calls (by interested parties)] for [do-overs], or [reset on the markets].

The sub sets for the [precious metals] {ed note: does not include the rare earths or other metallic minerals soon to be more 'precious' than gold. These precious metals are gold, silver, and the platinum group} are showing that a [great (leaping past/over coming)] of [(decayed/weakening) limiting corruption] is pending.


The accruing aspect/attribute sets in support of the primary supporting set of [great leap overturning past constraints] include [internal (to markets) corruption] and [external (to banks) corruption] that in both instances show [sagging (support) for (the) secrecy veil] and [imminent (threat of) exposure].


These sets of [corruption] aspect/attributes have, in previous ALTA and Shape reports, contained cross links indicating [church of rome] involvement within the [banking corruption], as well as [politicians (minions)] also being [tainted]. Now the data accretion patterns are suggesting that [shit (will be) rolling down] from the [seven hills of rome (including the sorcerers palace = vatican)].


The data sets are suggesting that upcoming [bankster suicides], as well as [mysterious transportation crashes] of an [international nature] will be a result of attempts to [chop (the) chain (of evidence)] and [curtail (the) exposure (of the) corruption].

The [precious metals] sub sets gain support from directly held aspect/attributes for [success], and [jumping (from the building) before (the roof breaks inward)]. Other supporting language includes [leaps (over obstacles)] during a [blazing Spring]. Note though that problems will exist at [governmental levels] for [precious metals (and owners?)] later in 2011, probably in Fall.


For this Spring however, the directly held sets include [everyone (will) regret laziness (to not get gold/silver)]. Further aspect/attribute sets include [distractions (of) youth (= political passions)] will be [regretted] when [older (and have) no coins (of silver)]. Further language gains along this line are also being seen within the [panic to own ] sub set that has been building since 2003.


However, the largest accretions of supporting sets for the [precious metals ] sub sets go to the [unleashing (of hidden secrets)], and [exposure (of treasure hiding)]. This last is internally supported by [international], and [banksters], and [central banks]. The [central banks] sub set is itself supported in this case by [crime (against one's fellow) criminals].


In this set the details suggest that [one (amongst) the central banks] has been [hiding the stash (within the sleeve)] and is/has been a [secret gold horder].

As model-space is progressed from Winter 2010/2011 into Spring 2011, the [dollar (federal reserve system note)] has as its primary supporting set, the descriptor of [dangerous situation]. There are supporting sets for [looking out (just over the next rise/hill)] for [backwardization (*of unknown focus, but a commercial asset type)], and a [document (of indebtedness - derivative?)] which will be [triggered/invoked].


These sets have accrual patterns suggesting that some form of large scale [failure to perform] within [documents (debt notes)] held by (or issued by?) [sovereign states] will be the [proximate cause] of a [cascading default]. The [cascading default] in in the supporting sets for [dollar debacle] that will involve or cause an [emergency international meeting].


However note that elsewhere in this report, [international travel] is cited as a potential [problem] for [currency flows].

There are a number of [dollar death] sub sets that are temporally linked to [terra changes]. These include [earthquakes], and [new oceanic phenomena]. In the Markets entity a couple of the long forecast [new electrics] sub sets are now gaining both supporting sub sets as well as [visibility] within the msm = the stooge press licking the backsides of TPTB/W.


These [new electrics] sub sets are pointing to both [south africa], and [canada] as becoming [more visible] within the [portable power from over unity devices] markets due to [strategic materials] to be found in those countries. The data would seem to be suggesting that this [formative technology] does its [emergence] with some significant [visibility] in 2011.


For the Markets entity, 2011 is going to be [shit]. Or [the shits]. Or [the vomiting (unto/like purging out one's bowels through the mouth]. Hmmm...wonder what this may mean for the banksters and their cousins? All of the above language being found within the secondary support layers for the Markets entity.


As modelspace is progressed into Spring, the data sets accrue with [disruption (in commercial/products/financial) flows] that come from a number of sources.


Not only the Terra intrusions, but also [corruption investigations] seemingly [sprouting from the ground] will be [impeding the flow] of [stolen funds]. The [stolen funds] sub set has both cross links and a directly held mirror within the SpaceGoatFarts entity, where it also is reflecting the [stolen funds shrinkage] as a linguistic structure with very high emotional sums.


The [stolen funds] sub set, within Markets entity, is perceived as negative both due to the [loss of income], but also separately for the [reduction (in the) flow of monies (to be laundered?)].

The Markets entity brings in negative language in all three data types starting with the immediacy value sets that have supporting details for [yet more (scandals)] around [money (currency) theft]. In the immediacy sets, the primary level of support is for [pharmaceuticals scandals] to impact [supplies] of [drugs]. The [drug supply reduction] is indicated to be a [trigger] for yet more [visibility] on the part of the [congress critters] as they ['deal'] with [yet more reductions (in 'lifestyle')] for [american populace].

The data sets are still building for [severe reductions (in percentage of planetary resources consumed by american populace)]. Unlike the [announced austerity programs] in [europe] and elsewhere that have triggered riots and protests, the Markets entity, both direct, and through cross links to the Populace/USofA entity, is indicating that a form of [sneaky austerity] will be initiated by [corporations] doing business in the [usofa].


The data includes descriptors for [shelves empty], and [half filled (delivery) trucks]. These and other linguistics for [delivery slow down] will all apparently be [blamed] on [global economics], rather than [deliberately (by suppliers) shifting resources].

The Markets entity also has extensive cross links to the SpaceGoatFarts* entity connecting yet another [reduction] set of linguistics.



* SpaceGoatFarts (SGF)
This entity is newly formed. While references to Space Goat Farts have appeared within Terra, sub set Space in the past, the data set now demonstrates a need for an entity to allow for the growth of 'unknown forces of all kinds from space which are terra/populace affecting'. Includes non-earth based, non-human/non-mammal intelligent beings usually considered as 'space aliens' or 'extraterrestrials'. Created during 1207 clean up.



In this case, the idea coming across is that some [new players] or [new buyers] entering the [gray markets] of the planet, and the [new money] will be [noticed]. The data suggests that the [gray markets] will also [feel] and [react] to the [withdrawal] of the [siphoned funds].


This last is indicating that the [parasitism of the hidden civilization] will have several levels of effects within the [markets] at both levels of [illegality (approved = wallstreet/banksters), (marginalized = gray markets)].


The [banksters] sub set is showing that the [last great grunch (homage to Bucky Fuller) of the giants] has been [digested], and now the data sets are showing that [shit] in the [system] is about to [explode outward]. In 14/fourteen of the top supporting sets there are explicit references to body functions, the majority of these are [digestive process] focused.


Probably this is not a good sign.



Conclusion - Workin’ it

The forecast bird and fishes die off (posted in ALTA 1309 report in mid 2009 with the very early 2011 timeframe as a target for manifestation), has brought a number of questions to the fore.


Some conclusions can (maybe) safely drawn, such as the method of death being an 'impact' with an energy of 'unknown type'. From there, however, things get a bit dodgy.


Did spasms from the sun either directly or by triggering a reaction in the planet, cause these die offs? Are these animal deaths the result of 'warfare', here on earth or beyond, involving energy weapons? Either or both are plausible. Does it matter? Well, maybe not.


From the viewpoint of populace soon to be herded by events, the 'truth' will somehow 'matter' in spite of the [daily terrors] that will be [surfacing] to [control their thoughts (and lives)].

This year, according to how some humans interpret the Mayan, and Aztec calendars, is to be a year of acceleration of events as cycles within cycles race to completion. Of course we note that so far in this manifestation of universe, cycles just start over.

In the case of 2012 though, there is doubt. Not only by the actual language used by the creators of the Dresden and Madrid codices, but also within the now huge volume of material spewing out about the subject. There is so much coming out that the newly awakening mind, faced with the torrents of material, is probably better off eating pie and ‘reading the book of self’ as the taoist pie bakers said waaaay back when….

Self knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. Serious martial artists refer to the process of self knowledge as ‘the struggle’. True victory, for those on the path, does not come from vanquishing any number of enemies, but rather from a single, lifelong battle with self.

To stand alone is to be uncorrupted, innocent, free of all tradition, of dogma, of opinion, of what another says, and so on. Such a mind does not seek because there is nothing to seek; being free, such a mind is completely still without a want, without movement. But this state is not to be achieved; it isn’t a thing that you buy through discipline; it doesn’t come into being by giving up sex, or practicing a certain yoga.


It comes into being only when there is an understanding of the ways of the self, the ‘me’, which shows itself through the conscious mind in every day activity, and also in the unconscious.


What matters is to understand for oneself, not through the direction of others, the total content of consciousness, which is conditioned, which is the result of society, of religion, of various impacts, impressions, memories - to understand all that conditioning and be free of it. But there is no “how” to be free.


If you ask how to be free, you are not listening.


So says J. Krishnamurti… a smart human.

Some time back, perhaps three years or so, while working on tuning the lexicon, and as part of personal, linguistic background processing, and in order to maintain currency (not the paper debt kind) with the subtle changes in meaning of words, experiment c (the ‘me’ here now), was playing a video of a Project Camelot (on line woo-woo guys) conference which had taken place in South America, probably Ecuador, if memory serves.


Anyway, the conference had gotten to a question and answer session, and a young woman stood to ask a question (which Bob Dean answered?) .


The question went to the David Wilcock (a woo-woo guy, also on line) idea of a 2012 ‘Ascension with a big ‘A’.


The idea that David proposes is that, (hopefully stated correctly herein otherwise sure to be shit headed my way), some humans, by virtue of some virtue, will, in 2012, ‘ascend’ to another level of ‘density’, wherein they will not be here on this terra, but on a terra in another state of being, and wherein they will all have all the siddhis (be able to create pies out of thin air by merely thinking about them, and other trivial tricks such as fly, bi-locate, telepathy, et al kinds of good things).


So, sitting there, working lexical issues, coffee in hand and about to drink, when the young woman asks the PeeCamel panel about the whole ‘ascension’ issue for 2012. Both the details of the question, and the answer are entirely irrelevant here, as the point is that the phrase she used was so perfectly hilarious given the setting and participants and concept.


She somehow prefaced her question with the statement that ‘I have been doing the work…’ or words to that effect… at that point, coffee began spewing out of my nose and all over the keyboard, the rest of the conversation was lost.

What was so striking, so totally disruptive of the swallowing process that the coffee decided it had to jump right out the snout, was the phrase ‘doing the work’ that she used. The way she used it, saying it with a bit of pride, but also as though totally disgusted in the ‘doing of it’… annoyed, somehow, that Ascension required effort.


It was the context expressed in the language that begged the question as to just ‘what’ the ‘work’ was? Did she do extra poses in yoga? Or more pilates? Or was she kind to homeless? Or did she tip extra well on the way to the first class section of the plane?

Her reference to David Wilcock’s “big A”, ascension theory was clearly stated as though it was a proven fact, and that she expected it to be accepted in the setting in which she spoke as proven fact. Her language betrayed the layers of conditioning that the “big A” ascension theory had put upon her mind.


David may not have any clue that his words are used by another’s mind to form layers of conditioning in her experience of our common collectively manifesting reality. There is evidence that he is so aware that comes leaking out in his choice of words in front of crowds, but there is also no sign of any maliciousness involved.


There is no evidence for instance that David is a control freak trying to ‘work the religion’ angle, in the ‘dependency’ sense.


Unlike some personalities in the wujo, and in the greater woo-woo world out there, who are aware that conditioning comes from their words. Some of these beings seek to exploit the conditioning layers that they heap out continuously. Some try to be real pindars about being in control and telling others how to be in universe.


And thus is revealed why new age isn't no better than old tyme religion… just yet more damn conditioning between the mind and its attempt to know self. Or as my pappy from Missouri used to say,

“religion is just a man in a dress trying to tell you that he gets a piece of your pie just because he has voices in his head telling him that he is in charge of the slicing.”

The memory of that entire video comes down to that phrase ‘doing the work’.


So much of our presence, our life directions and our karmic process leaks out in our language. It is my experience, maturing into the wujo, that words have power, and must be used deliberately and with care, as undoubtedly universe will use these words to form layers of conditioning in some other humans’ life. Karmic bonds come from such interweaving of life energies.

Even in noting Krishnamurti’s discussion on desire, and the effects of the klesa duality on life, it is still the desire here at hph to put out our descriptions of leaking language lexical puzzles and to not have these reports become part of someone’s conditioning, or dogma.


The idea here is to provide a forecast of manifesting reality that can be used by the aware individual in their examination of ‘self’. The idea is to reject any words herein that would be used to condition mind. In any damn direction. By any foolish person.

And as with the young woman asking the question at the PeeCamel conference, J. Krishnamurti said it pretty plainly…

If you ask how to be free, you are not listening.