by Benjamin Fulford

from Rense Website

Democracy as it now exists is obsolete.


In fact, it should be spelled Dumbocracy or rule by manipulation of the least intelligent members of the populace. While it is true that some democracies, for example those of the Nordic countries, have functioned well thanks to a truly free press and a well-educated population, most have become dysfunctional. Most of the Western democracies have been sabotaged by financial interests who have been systematically manipulating their populations for centuries.

What they have in fact done is put into place a monkey mountain type system of government where the strongest, most cunning and violent monkeys rise to the top of the mountain. Unfortunately these violent monkeys at the top have rigged the system so that it has become inbred and nepotistic and therefore decadent.

This system can be replaced by a hybrid between a monkey mountain system and an real-time, internet-based Democracy. In such a system anybody would be free to aim for the top of the mountain by means of an on-going popularity contest similar to the talent searches used to find new singers. The system would be one similar to those that exist in most primate groups, including hunter-gatherer societies, in which group dynamics are a combination of stability and permanent flux.

There would no doubt emerge a few powerful monkeys who would reign at the top for many years just as do patriarchs and matriarchs in nature. As in nature, power would change hands not as a result of elections but as a result of a change in group dynamics. These changes could be caused by death, the arrival of popular new leaders, external events etc. again, just as happens in nature.

The key to preventing such a system from falling into the hands of bullies would lie in as perfect as possible freedom of information.


If we look at one of the most perfect societies found on this planet, the association of over 60 trillion related cells and independent micro-organisms found in the human body, we see that freedom of information is essential to survival. Imagine having a nervous system that did not tell you your finger was burning. Freedom of information is essential to good decision making in nature and in society.

Another analogue to be found in our bodies concerns economics. When we eat, our liver takes the energy harvested and distributes it according to the greatest need. Before a teenage boy's exam, for example, much of the energy would go to his brain. During a hot date, the energy would more likely find its way to the gonads.

In a similar way, a society would spend its energy differently depending on the circumstances it faced. If civilization were threatened by a giant meteor then huge resources would go into an effort to deflect it. If there was a baby boom then resources would go into schools and child-rearing infrastructure.

It is also worth noting that the human brain is not a totalitarian organ. It is more like a super-computer that parts of the body time share. For example, when your bladder is full, it is given priority in use of the brain and the brain directs the body to find a washroom. Of course certain organs, like the stomach and the gonads, get a disproportionate share of brain time.

The body's reaction to prosperity and to starvation is also a good model for society to follow is reaction to circumstances. In good times we store fat, store knowledge, build friendships and reproduce. In reaction to starvation, the first thing we do is burn up the fat and lower our metabolic rate.


The order of priority for using up other cells during starvation depends on the circumstances to some extent.


For example, muscle cells would be cannibalized at a slower rate in an environment where fighting was constant. In a similar way, if a society faced both invasion and hardship, military budgets would be cut less than in a situation of hardship without a military threat.

If times are prosperous then society can build up universities, technology, knowledge, population etc.

Over time, different societies have in fact evolved the equivalents of proto-organs and specialized cells. These are things like bureaucracies, military hierarchies, and social classes. Again the body provides a superior example of organization.


The 3.5 billion years of evolution required for individual cells to negotiate the structure of a multicellular body shows how difficult and complicated these negotiations were. Some cells got to be brain cells but some had to take the job of being part of the anus. If someone has to take the job of asshole, they are going to want to be compensated for it.


And so, in the body, we find the sphincter cells are rewarded with pleasure in exchange for dealing with you know what.

However, the reward of coming up with this system was spectacular. It was the Cambrian explosion. A whole cornucopia of organisms trillions of times bigger than ever seen before appeared in an evolutionary flash. If we can create a similar form of rules for running the planet, a similar explosive expansion is inevitable.

The bottom line is that what nature teaches us is that the best system of government would be a meritocracy accompanied by near total freedom of information.


The closest equivalents found so far on earth among complex societies are the Nordic countries, Canada until it was captured by the Zionists in the 1970's and present day China. India has the potential to be a future model for humanity as well but it must remove the remnants of the caste system. Each human being born should be the equivalent of a human stem cell with the potential to become anything.

What lies at stake now is the future of humanity as we start to evolve towards a higher level of organization.

China is the closest to the goal of attaining a superior new form of government but, they must understand that without freedom of information, corruption, parasitism and decadence will appear over time. A society without a functioning nervous system will become unhealthy. Apart from dealing with external threats, the only need for secrecy is to hide corruption. The Chinese leadership seems to be getting the point. They monitor blogs and opinion polls and govern accordingly. That is why they have become the wave of the human future.

In the West, we need to restore freedom of press and ban nepotistic control of finance if we are to create a better model for future humanity to follow. Unless we take action, China will take over the job of shaping humanity.

Unfortunately the West is now largely controlled by a group with a very different agenda for the future.


They wish to divide humanity into a slave race and a master race. The slaves will be locked forever into subservience and their evolution will be entirely controlled by an elite race that will evolve into super-beings who use human cattle to serve their pleasure.


That is why we must stop the Zionists and their nightmare vision of the future before it is too late.


Time is running out. We need all the scientists, the decent people in the military and the intelligence community, in fact all the aware people in the West to unite to save our future. At the end of the day, all we need to do is capture about 50 old men. We all know who they are. The decent, sane and aware people of the West must force them to cancel their nightmare, irrational agenda.


If we do this, humanity will be free to experience an age of wonder that will surpass the Cambrian explosion in evolutionary significance.

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