by Anthony Gucciardi
April 12, 2015

from NaturalNews Website



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As Hillary Clinton gears up to enter the 2016 presidential race as announced today by her beyond viral Twitter post, we are reminded of her 2014 public appearance - in which she announced public support of Monsanto's GMO seeds and chemicals.


Chemicals like Roundup which was recently confirmed by the WHO to be causing cancer.




In the 65-minute keynote appearance at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) convention in San Diego (above video), Clinton conversed with Jim Greenwood, BIO president, on a wide range of topics including GMOs.


She said:

"I stand in favor of using seeds and products that have a proven track recordů There is a big gap between what the facts are, and what the perceptions are."

Clinton also remarked that the "benefits" of GMOs should be better explained in order to counteract the massive grassroots tide against the lab-created crops, saying that "Frankensteinish" depictions should be met with a stronger, more positive spin from GMO companies.

And the reality is that Monsanto now only has 'spin' left. Hundreds of scientists have warned the world about the effects of biotech's creations, but perhaps Clinton hasn't heard of those studies.

Though I'm sure she heard of the World Health Organization's most recent assessment on glyphosate, a chemical heavily used on genetically modified foods.


The WHO recently labeled this chemical as 'probably carcinogenic,' which has caused a huge wave of upset with Monsanto. The news also gives increased urgency to reconsider the use of GMO crops which have been made specifically to tolerate copious amounts of pesticides.

Many companies, including Monsanto, have already been stepping up the PR efforts, launching sites like GMO Answers in an attempt to change the narrative. They had tried to bamboozle Europe with PR deception campaigns, but largely failed, and now have turned their sights on other countries like the U.S.

Most recently, it was revealed that biotechnology giant Monsanto actually has an entire department within the corporation with the simple task of 'discrediting' and 'debunking' scientists who speak out against GMOs.

Do we really want someone in office that will be helping to fast-track the release of GMO foods?


Since the majority of Americans don't know much about GMOs, the race to inform the public of the true nature of GMOs has just sped up.