by David John Oates
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Benjamin Fulford, 46, is a Tokyo based journalist who appeared on the Jeff Rense Program, July 5th 2007, making some very radical claims. According to Fulford, a Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans.

They contacted Fulford, a Canadian ex pat, after he warned that the Illuminati plan to reduce the Asian population to just 500 million by means of race-specific biological weapons. Essentially, this secret society, with Fulford as their spokesperson, is taking on the Illuminati!


You can read the full story HERE.


Reversal Overview

An analysis of Fulford's reversals shows that he believes the story that he is telling. In other words, he is not pulling a scam, he is not deliberately lying, and his reversals are congruent with his tale. Sometimes they will give extra information, other times repeat his warnings or even reveal his own personal feelings. There appears to be no deliberate hint of deception on his part.


Of interest is his frequent use of the word "they" in reverse, as he references the various factions in his tale. Also of interest is his specific use of the word "warning" on three occasions.


This is, of course, the theme of his interview as he places the Illuminati on notice.



The precise forward words where the reversal occurred have been marked with brackets - [ ]

"(talking about his former job with Forbes magazine) ...however at a certain point I seemed to be getting too close to something they didn't want me to get to and they started stopping stories. [There was a] corruption story about GE that didn't make it." There's the win(d) (Metaphor - breath of the spirit - preparing himself as he starts the interview)

"Anybody up to a 33 degree Freemason is a chump. They think they're doing good for human kind and they're doing God's work. There are 13 degrees above the 33rd degree. [And the first thing they] learn is that there is no God. We are God. This is what they're taught." And you surf the net (He probably does research on the internet)

"(Q: How do the Rockefellers stand up to the Rothschilds?) ... Well, there is an alliance [and a split as] well. The Rothschilds originally set the Rockefellers up." It helps the net (The net in this case may refer to an organization or structure - does the split help the "net"?)

"(Re China becoming independent from Rothschild and freemason control) ... There was all of this talk about who lost China and this was a [major blow for them] but they never really controlled China." May they fold within (Hoping the Rothschilds will collapse internally?)

"It was a meeting in a [small Chinese] restaurant, upstairs in a small non descript room." In a storm (Maybe literal. Was there a storm outside? Or an internal emotional storm at the meeting? Inner storm maybe.)

"(Re ordered by the Illuminati to reduce the population) ... They try to do it possibly through birth control is ideal, if not through disease or war or whatever [is necessary]." There is a censor (A censor of information or ideas or plans or...?)

"Remember the plan for a new American Century, page 60, rebuilding America's [defenses, they're saying] bio weapons that could target specific geno types and be used for political tool." They see this method (Confirming his tale)

"Their plan as I was told by the Japan[ese Illuminati] was to weaken China through disease and also starvation. They are trying to engineer a global food shortage by creating viruses that affect our major food crop." Hear their animal within (They are animals.)

"(Re ultimatum to Illuminati) ... However killing people is something I don't like and neither do they, so the first order of business is to try to talk [before things get radical]. The point is, there is a technical ability to wipe them all out in a matter of hours." But our rape is awful (A warning!)

"What people in America need to do is they need to get an old who's who. Look up the [names of the bankers], the bankers who took over the Fed in 1913." It's a sure gamble with this man (Unknown - a stray unconscious thought?)

"[Right, so what] I'm getting the feeling is, [these people are] planning to artificially create the appearance of end times, just like it's in the Bible, and fool everybody." The worst in the sell / They'll be teasing (Confirming his tale - the worst con)

"They use secrecy, murder, bribery and ridicule as their main weapon. They've had a very good run, but the checkmate's for them as far [as I'm con]cerned. They're not going to be able to get away with this. They better realize it." But not often (Possibly relates to the checkmate - it's not happening often enough?)

"The plan to create a world government with Jerusalem as its capital is just not going to work right now and it's much easier to make the EU [a central world govern]ment." Bad worl(d) with Knesset (Silent K - Knesset: the legislature of Israel located in Jerusalem)

"If Jesus Christ were alive today - he would go to the feds and he'd unplug the mainframe, that's what he would do - he'd say all right, [enough of this, we're going] to figure out a new way of doing this." Liberals save the fun (Unknown)

Jeff Rense: "They completely turn into something else when they [show up in Washington] DC. Their constituents no longer matter." The show with Bush (Congruent reversal - adds information)

"(Q: What's the time table on this then?) ... I cannot discuss that. You can't [let people know what] you're going to do."
You warn. I'll beat them (A confident warning)

"(Q: Couldn't this be construed as terrorism over the air?) ... It's not terrorism. It's saying if you don't stop killing people, if you don't stop killing us, we will have to [defend ourselves]." Force an effort (He is serious)

"It's not terrorism [to defend yourself. It's self defense. They are doing the killing]." They wished a new dream. Massive force, there was an effort (Congruent reversal, adds information)

"It's very centralized [this pit, this thing], very centralized, target the eye, forget about their flunkies." It's an exit (Unsure)

"The trick is to start at the very highest level and [work your way down]. They don't want to kill anybody if possible." I deal with trouble (Another warning. He means it)

"The plan I've given them is we make contact with Russia, China, India, the Muslim countries that aren't controlled by Illuminati pawns, [Latin American countries]." You've left the crime in Allah (Unknown)

"We'll try peaceful methods and so like I say [the plan I gave] the Japanese Government, [we'll get the Rus]sians, the Chinese, the Indians, everyone on earth basically." Saw what they do / A big announcement

"I don't think he (Rupert Murdock) believes anything Fox News says personally. It's just business for him. He does something similar for the Chinese. [You know that, that] appeal to the Chinese" That's the warning they fear (Yet another warning)

"I've interviewed seven Japanese Prime Ministers and captains of industry and members of security police and senior gangsters. [I have very good sources, I have ever]ything on tape. I have enough evidence to convict David Rockefeller of at least three murders." They have a source, The grave there (Congruent reversal. He has evidence of graves, or murders)

"[Like I say, the Pentagon], like I was saying before could be the greatest force for good in human history. All you have to do is give them the job of saving the planet." Now they've met with the helpful (Have meetings of some sort already taken place?)

"I think well how come the [New York Times is]n't writing about it. Why isn't it on the TV?" This mouth screams (The NYT screaming?)

"I started as a financial journalist and I realized that all the bad debt was controlled by gangsters, which [really didn't make sense]. 100s of billions of dollars controlled by gangsters? So I went [and I started talking to] the gangsters." They scammed the loot / We've lost the Senate (Gangsters taking money from, and control of, the Senate or govt?)

"Their history is so long and their techniques are so sophisticated, but folklore has been aware of these people. They've called them different [names over the years]. Beelzebub, Mammon, Set, Lucifer, Satan." Free this man (Unknown)

"[Sure, but you know what]. The Chinese have their own idea for democracy, right." Now warning the Bush (Are the Chinese warning Bush or is he?)

"And the other thing is that I believe the Japanese are also [about to kick them out], and that'll be it. It'll be the end for these people. I believe we're at the end game." I must get this trouble (He is serious!)

"They're (ETs) cheering for us that we can get rid of these bastards and then they'll think that maybe the earth is safe enough, they can end the quarantine. That'll be my take on it [You know, but I'm not an] expert in this field (UFOs)." And I'm out of money (Metaphor - that's all he has to offer on the subject.)

"So, you know this stuff about Reptilian people that David Icke's pushing, well I think that's disinformation made to turn most people [off from this whole] idea that there's a vast conspiracy." That wolf in the fold (Seems to be referencing David Icke as a wolf among the sheep)

"(Talking about Bobby Ray Inman) ... We go there to have fun, what's the harm, I mean that's the story he's giving me - but he revealed, [there's a whole scenario] of bioterrorism and starvation." Lawyer and the soul hurt (Unknown)



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