by Paul B. Dennis


from WorldNewsStand Website

The brotherhoods of the world include more than 10% of the population, and are the most powerful secret weapon ever invented. In common, they swear oaths of secrecy about the content of meetings, promote personal contact with the leadership, and engage in meaningless rituals which provide a firm tradition and slightly mystic atmosphere. Often they drink a symbolic toast at meetings, and have a changing watchword combination used to identify members from outsiders.

Such groups are known as unions, fraternities, lodges, social clubs, religions, societies, foundations, etc. Except in the rare cases of revolutionary brotherhoods, such organizations never claim to be directly against a government or society, just little bits of it that enough people agree with to form the organization. For example, one organization formed to outlaw gun ownership, and another immediately formed to fight it. Once enticed to attend meetings, clever speeches then mold public opinion without ever seeming to. If the propaganda seems to drift of the common subject of the group from time to time, it is always shown to relate in some subtle way, as an analogy or an event that might effect their group.

Secret societies are the strength of all revolutionary movements, and are used to control the public. They give members the feeling of being on the "inside," and that creates loyalty. To get anywhere in politics, education, the media, the union, or the military, you must join one, but since members swear absolute secrecy about meetings it is a surprise to most non-members that they even exist. Modern brotherhoods usually don't swear the lowest rank into the order, so most of the brotherhood's members are oblivious to the loyalty oaths that the leadership swear to.

Such organizations are set up to look like the members know who the leaders are, but really those leaders are just members of a larger and more powerful brotherhood that controls many masonic lodges, which in turn is controlled by an ever higher one. In spite of the upper echelon's knowledge that they are fooling the lower members, it never occurs to them that they might in turn be fooled by some group even higher. That's because it is a fulfilling idea to think you've made it to the top circle. If later promoted to a circle they didn't know existed, they again think they've made it to the top, but must still take orders from those they think lead the circle. When you get to the top of this vastly complex pyramid you find that a handful of people can distribute propaganda text directly to the leadership of the lowest level, and suddenly slant propaganda about some issue to millions of members at the same time; But only the highest circle ever knows who the ultimate ruler is, or what the total objective of the effort is.

The ruler of a hierarchy of masonic lodges is, in a very real sense, king for life, and powerful enough to base a dynasty on the control of such lodges. To remain hidden and therefore safe from the mob, the king selects a member of the ignorant public who has the gift of speech making, and raises him to rule through the use of brotherhood propaganda, and by providing specially trained advisors to organize his revolutionary government. Naturally, the new "ruler" thinks he has risen to power by the force of his personality and never suspects the real situation. If he ever catches on, he finds that a new yokel has risen a revolution against him and the cycle repeats. In this way, single families have formed the top tiers of longlived secret empires, who rule by first twisting the mob one way, then another, then using one group to fight a second, and so the mob is always kept busy and under control. This is the ultimate machiavellian strategy, and is the only political type which explains all the evidence available in this book.

Because a kingdom of masonic lodges has members totaling a respectable fraction of the population, the founding of new lodges is impossible to keep secret from the hidden king. However, for the king it is as simple as pie to create new ones, since he already has a great number of subjects highly skilled in organization and recruiting methods.

Masonic lodges go back as far as written history, and their use has been to propagandize issues, and to put peoples on the streets in protest over some issue or other that suddenly appears all over the official press, which is the most important single brotherhood of all in today's world. Long ago such news came from a minister listing decrees before a crowd of citizens.

Because independent religions were themselves secretive and powerful masonic lodges, they could not be tolerated by rising kings. However, churches were useful in controlling larger numbers of people than other single lodges, so their organization was patiently infiltrated with agents of the secret king, who then used their positions to add more agents to the inner tiers the lodge. Eventually the entire churches were subverted, which were then used in aid of the king to produce new agents from the best of the flock, and to propagandize.

The whole masonic pyramid is even profitable, because there is always substantial tribute from the lowest level, often called union dues. Masonic theory is no doubt the origin of pyramid letter schemes.

One event which was obviously impossible without a vast network of secret cells was the communist revolution of Russia. Considering that the power of masonic hierarchies to inform the king of competition is the only thing that keeps a true king in power, one must wonder how the Russian Czar was taken completely by surprise by the huge communist network of masonic cells. Because the Czar's personal advisors did not command or later take any part in the revolution, we can clearly deduce that the Czarist government controlled no masonic lodges at all.

Believe it or not, the king of a world-spanning masonic empire has controlled all masonic lodges for centuries, and steered all figurehead kings and governments with personal advisors trained from birth for the job. Governments fall when they learn too much, and the replacement governments are always another puppet formed from a masonic lodge groomed in advance for the occasion. You can see how an organization that commands its members from secrecy is far more secure than any kingdom where the mob knows your identity. Because of that simple truth, all kingdoms were controlled this way, and what we call history is just a record of the outward appearances created for the unknowing masses.

More recently, the USSR and USA were held in an "apparent" cold-war balance long enough to procure the advanced technology and weapons that the American and Soviet people built for them. They are now feeling capable of finally enacting their super-government, where they can finally outlaw masonic societies, and take what they feel is their rightful public throne. Can they do it? Look around, they are doing it.

It is possible that these families have, by breeding themselves with the genius bloodlines which appear over centuries, turned themselves into literal supermen, and left us nobodies with a depleted gene-pool in the act. The finesse and modern successes of the kingdom's rulers might also be accounted for by a tradition in the art of the triple-cross taught from birth, and honed from long centuries of practice on simpler peoples. We will probably never know for sure, even if we ever gain true freedom.

In regards to attaining freedom, it is absolutely impossible to happen until secret societies are universally taught about in schools, and strictly outlawed. Masonic kings have never yet allowed an understanding of the purpose or pyramidal organization of unions and large social clubs to trickle into the public's general knowledge, and that fact alone keeps them safe. The only loyalties that citizens should be influenced by are friends, family, species, religion, nation, and the sustainability of our planet. As long as such societies can remain hidden and offer advantage for loyalty, we will never be truly free.