by Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

August 11, 2010
from Examiner Website



New computer analysis by UK researcher Richard D. Hall has revealed that an anti-gravity remote controlled UFO drone may have been used to hit World Trade Center tower 2 on September 11, 2001.


Mr. Hall made this analysis public in two videos set out in the Examiner article below.

Mr. Hall’s analysis of a possible an anti-gravity remote controlled UFO drone used to hit the World Trade Center on 9/11 is the subject of an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview by Alfred L. Webre with UFO, reverse speech and video analysis expert Jon Kelly (Vancouver UFO Examiner).

According to Mr. Hall’s analysis, a remote-controlled anti-gravity UFO, clearly visible in video footage, was intentionally guided into World Trade Center tower 2 on 9/11. News and other video footage showing images of a jetliner hitting WTC tower 2 is due, according to Mr. Hall’s analysis, to after the fact editing.


Another remote-controlled antigravity UFO, according to Mr. Hall was most probably guided into World Trade Center Tower 1.

Project Camelot whistleblower Aaron McCollum has also revealed in that U.S. secret antigravity craft that he traveled in possessed a stealth camouflage capability to appear and sound like a commercial jetliner, such as a Boeing 747.

Jon Kelly’s analysis of the 9/11 antigravity UFO, which identifies the September 11, 2001 false flag operation as “a showcase for exotic military technologies including black project UFO's” is set out in the ExopoliticsTV interview video far below.

A total of four advanced exotic technologies exclusively in the possession of U.S. black budget military intelligence have now been inked to use in the 9/11 false flag psychological operation by an executive command and control network that reaches to the,

  • highest levels of U.S. government

  • military-intelligence

  • world political and financial elites

Examiner reporter Alfred L. Webre has identified these four U.S. black budget exotic technologies as key to identifying, planning and/or carrying out the 9/11 false flag psyops:

  1. 9/11 remote controlled antigravity UFO (Richard D. Hall, researcher; Project Camelot whistleblower Aaron McCollum);

  2. Quantum access Tesla-based time travel teleportation to access images of 9/11 in 1971 (Andrew D. Basiago, DARPA Project Pegasus whistleblower);

  3. Directed Energy weapon (possibly although not necessarily HAARP) for controlled demolition of World Trade Center towers by molecular dissociation (Researchers Dr. Judy Wood and another independent scientist)

  4. 4th Generation mini-nuke for controlled demolition of World Trade Center towers (Independent scientist).

The principal barriers to use of this prima facie eyewitness, whistleblower and documentary evidence in criminal prosecution of the perpetrators of the false flag operation of September 11, 2001 are:

  1. A U.S. government truth embargo around these black budget technologies


  2. An active campaign by agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA) to disrupt the 9/11 truth movement, and any prosecution of the true high level perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag operation, such as former U.S. President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld


  3. A denial paradigm within the 9/11 truth movement, the mainstream media, the international justice system, and a significant constituency of the public that these exotic technologies exist and may have been used by high-ranking officials and individuals in the commission of the 9/11 false flag operation

The false flag operation of September 11, 2001 provided a legislative, political and media pretext for the launching of a worldwide war on terror by the U.S. and ‘allies,’ and a domestic police state worldwide.




9/11 remote-controlled antigravity UFO
ExopoliticsTV interview

In his ExopoliticsTV interview (below video), Jon Kelly states,

“9-11 as a showcase for exotic military technologies including black project UFO's. Why use a UFO to deliver an explosives payload? The UFO is destroyed in the delivery process. Is that a sign of advanced technologies, when your delivery vehicle is destroyed on the first delivery? Why use a UFO, then cover it up with video editing only to have it uncovered nine years later? Why not a missile or a bomb?”

Mr. Kelly continues,

“By destroying the delivery vehicle in the process of delivering an explosives payload to the WTC towers, one can reduce the opportunity for witnesses to make sense out of the attacks. According to Richard Hall's presentation, covering up the real events with video manipulation was important to the controllers behind the scenes of 9-11.”

Mr. Kelly states,

“The strategic model is not unlike a VBIED or a truck bomb, where a truck filled with explosives drives to the target then detonates.”

Mr. Kelly concludes,

“In Richard Hall's version of events, a VBIED in the form of an exploding UFO strikes the WTC. Mr. Hall clearly demonstrates that the raw video of this event was edited using masks and layers to produce a fictional visual account of the events of 9-11 for distribution as news by the major media. The raw video, sourced from a VHS recording is not a high resolution recording. However, it does convincingly display a metallic, reflective saucer-shaped vehicle in a steady, controlled descent into the WTC tower.”

In the ExopoliticsTV interview, Jon Kelly states,

“Mr. Hall’s hypothesis also resolves long-standing questions regarding the pod-shaped object protruding from the bottom of the jet airliner as it crashes into the tower. Mr. Hall describes the pod as the remnants of the UFO saucer mixed with the overlayed jet airliner video image. The overlay did not subtract the saucer from the frame, but combined it visually with the airliner.”

Mr. Kelly concludes,

“If this very expensive technology was deployed for this purpose, it represents extreme hubris and arrogance on the part of the deployers. Why did they need to do that? To show off to themselves? To show off to someone else? As an ultimate act of perversion?


They perverted the flow of tax dollars from the average citizens to develop secret technologies which they then used to secretly seize control of society and launch illegal wars.”


9/11 - Showcase for exotic military-intelligence technologies

9/11 as a multi-dimensional false flag psyops appears to have been designed as a showcase for the leading edge of U.S. black budget military-intelligence technologies.


Quantum access Tesla-based time travel
The first among these exotic technologies was quantum access Tesla-based time travel technology, developed in DARPA’s Project Pegasus (1968-72) under the policy oversight of then Nixon cabinet member Donald H. Rumsfeld.


Mr. Rumsfeld was later to play a pivotal operational role in the 9/11 false flag as U.S. Secretary of Defense on September 11, 2001.

A key whistle blower, Andrew D. Basiago, has emerged with evidence that secret U.S. time travel technologies were used as early as 1971 to acquire first-hand documentary knowledge about September 11, 2001 - fully three decades before the horrific events of that fateful day.

Mr. Basiago, a child participant in DARPA’s time travel program, Project Pegasus, has publicly stated how in 1971 he viewed moving images of the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 that had been obtained from the future and brought back to the early 1970’s.

DARPA is the chief research and development arm of the US military, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.


DARPA created the precursor to the Internet, “Arpanet,” and has a penchant for trumpeting its advances, such as putting surveillance cameras on the backs of bumblebees and other exotic achievements in military science.

Mr. Basiago claims that DARPA’s secret technical accomplishments go far beyond what it has publicly acknowledged and that by 1970 DARPA had achieved teleportation-based time travel as well as advanced electro-optical means of discerning past and future events via different technologies that provide quantum access.

Mr. Basiago has described how while serving in Project Pegasus, he viewed moving images of 9/11 at the secured U.S. defense-technical facility where they were processed after being retrieved from the future, the Aerojet Corporation facility that once stood at the corner of Bullock Avenue and Leroy Place in Socorro, New Mexico.

According to Mr. Basiago’s whistleblower testimony, Donald H. Rumsfeld, the sitting U.S. Secretary of Defense on September 11, 2001, was the defense attaché to Project Pegasus during the early 1970’s, when Mr. Rumsfeld was officially serving as a counselor to President Nixon and member of his Board of Wage and Price Stabilization.

In all likelihood, Mr. Rumsfeld, as the defense attaché to Project Pegasus, would have known about and possibly had control over the data about 9/11 derived via “quantum access” and brought back to the early 1970’s for analysis by the DARPA research and development program under his administrative authority.

Mr. Basiago’s eyewitness account that Secretary Rumsfeld and others knew about 9/11 decades in advance because data about it was gathered via DARPA’s secret time travel program unlocks several of the more enigmatic facts in the 9/11 literature and may be the key to society’s unraveling of the ultimate accountability for the false flag operation that took place on September 11, 2001.



Andrew D. Basiago answers questions about Project Pegasus and 9/11


Q: Why would the US take part in 9/11?

Andrew D. Basiago: What I know is that in the early 1970's, Project Pegasus had moving images of one of the planes hitting one of the Twin Towers on 9/11; that 9/11 was known and spoken of by project principals; and that the defense attaché to Project Pegasus was Donald Rumsfeld, the individual who was serving as Defense Secretary during 9/11.


The evidence from Project Pegasus shows that the US government knew about the 9/11 attacks many years in advance, not necessarily that it "took part" in those attacks.

Q: If Project Pegasus knew about 9/11 before it would happen, why wasn't 9/11 prevented from occurring?

Andrew D. Basiago: That's a good question. What I know is that it was the consensus of the US officials administering Project Pegasus that information about future events should be used to engage in contingency planning for future events but not to "play God" and change the future by preventing or altering future events.


A paradox exists such that acting to change future events based on prior knowledge of them results in diminished accurate knowledge of future events.


So, there is an institutional reluctance to change future events based upon prior knowledge of them because of the impact of doing so on the quality of the intelligence database concerning future events.

Q: How much information about the future has Project Pegasus learned about?

Andrew D. Basiago: My experiences in Project Pegasus indicate that by 1970, the US government was using chronovision to capture remotely and record on film a vast amount of footage of past and future events. When we visited the project location at Flemington, NJ - where I was shown remote images of the signing of the US Constitution in 1787 and saw George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as they appeared in life - we could see that the technicians there were filming reams and reams of scenes of past events on 16 mm film stock and storing it in film canisters. Presumably, this process is done digitally today.

Q: Is Project Pegasus still active?

Andrew D. Basiago: I do not know whether Project Pegasus is still active, but the intelligence infrastructure that evolved from it is in all likelihood very active at this time. Project Pegasus was a small, highly secret research and development program launched in the late 1960's.


However, the technologies that it developed gave the US government the keys to past and future events.


My guess is that the quantum access capabilities that Project Pegasus provided the US government are now headquartered at some form of national intelligence center that provides the President, the intelligence community and the military information about future events.

Q: Was just the military involved or was the government also involved?

Andrew D. Basiago: Project Pegasus combined individuals employed by the US military (Navy, DARPA), the US intelligence community (CIA) and civilian defense contractors (e.g., Parsons). It was a research and development program of the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Q: How could a father actually put his son through all of these violent and possibly fatal transportation experiments?

Andrew D. Basiago: It is my position that my father and I were proud to serve our country during its hour of maximum danger and were also privileged to be involved in America's early activities in time-space exploration.


My father did not involve me in Project Pegasus. Rather, we were approached by the US government and told we had to be involved for reasons that remain a mystery.


In all likelihood, we were identified by project personnel from the future, who knew from the perspective of their time that we had been involved in the program, and hence we were brought into the program to create the future program that had knowledge of our past involvement.

Q: Why was not an adult the one transported so that the information brought back might be more precise?

Andrew D. Basiago: Children were involved for five main reasons.

  1. First, we were experimental test subjects into the physical and mental effects of teleportation on children.

  2. Second, we were necessary participants because the holograms produced by the chronovisors would collapse if adults were involved and so small, cooperative, intelligent human beings were needed as the time travelers in the chronovisor probes, and therefore a decision was made to involve gifted and talented American school children.

  3. Third, we were regarded as better participant-observers of the past and future events accessed in the program because children are tabula rasa - blank slates whose perceptions are not skewed by the selection bias produced by their previous experiences.

  4. Fourth, we were trainees who were expected to become America's first generation of "chrononauts" in a fully fledged time-space program when we grew up.

  5. Fifth and lastly, the Department of Defense found that when adults were involved in time travel, the psychologically destabilizing effects of moving between alternate time lines was causing some adult time travelers to become insane, so it was hoped that by training time travelers from childhood a competent cadre of US time travelers could be formed.


Q: How could a child possibly be put through all of this and also remember everything he saw or even understand what he saw or heard?

Andrew D. Basiago: I am a gifted individual with exceptional powers of observation and memory. These gifts were identified when I was being trained in Project Pegasus. In one test, I recited back random numbers provided to me verbally to 84 places.


I was identified as the future whistle blower about Project Pegasus even while I was still serving on the project. I have spent over 10 years investigating my experiences and proving them to an historical certainty. I am an individual who did remember what I saw and heard, so it is not valid to say that I couldn't have done so because a child couldn't or shouldn't have been able to.


That involves the fallacy of using the general to refute the specific. I not only remembered much of what I saw and heard, but I later wrote it down and went back and investigated it and proved my memories.


Consequently, I am now able to provide an insider's account of the US government's time-space program at the time of its emergence in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Scientist - Directed energy weapons turned World Trade Center into nanoparticles on 9/11

Evidentiary sample: directed energy weapons & WTC buildings.

One researcher draws on Dr. Wood’s work (below audio) and sets out a sample of documentary and witness evidence sufficient to conclude that an advanced directed energy weapon was used on the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings on 9/11.











9/11 documentary evidence of use of directed energy weapons at WTC


  1. Seismic Record:

    “The energy budget recorded in the seismic record on the day of 9/11 and the collapse of the WTC buildings did not reflect the mass of building materials involved in the collapse, nor the nearly freefall of the collapsing buildings. The seismic record demonstrates an event on the scale of a quarry blast. Where was the thud [that would have accompanied a WTC building collapse]?”


  2. Kinetic Energy:

    “Two robust WTC buildings with very robust steel beam reinforcement would release a sizeable amount of kinetic energy from the buildings falling - that would be all of the energy that went into the construction of the WTC buildings. The release of that amount of kinetic energy is not reflected in the physical evidence on the seismic record. Into what physical process did that kinetic energy go?”


  3. Molecular Dissociation:

    “The collapse of the WTC buildings produced the highest mass per volume of very fine particles (nanoparticles) ever measured in an air sample in the United States. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to dissociate or break the molecular bonds of steel, concrete and other building materials that were “powdered” into very fine particles during the collapse of the buildings.


    The largest mass per volume of metals ever measured in an air sample in the US were reported by Dr. Thomas Cahill who did air monitoring for 5 months. Metal is used in buildings because it is very strong - and would require large amounts of energy to reduce it to nanoparticles.


    Chemical explosives do not release enough energy to produce that volume of very fine particles. A much more energetic process was involved such as laser or beam energy which releases focused and concentrated energy as complex waveforms necessary to cause molecular dissociation.”


  4. Physical Evidence of Buildings Collapsing:

    “In videos of the collapses on 9/11 the WTC buildings erupted into emulsion like a drinking fountain, and the rubble did not hit the ground. Even on tape huge pieces of aluminum building siding vaporized as they were freefalling, and never hit the ground.”


  5. Controlled Demolition:

    “The [collapse of the WTC buildings] was not a 'controlled demolition' for the following reasons:


    • WTC Detritus Pile

      “Should have been 1/3 the height of the WTC buildings. The 100+ story WTC buildings were about 1 story high when the collapse of the buildings ended. A fireman on one of the news videos said the antenna that had been on the top of WTC Building 1 was on the top of a pile of rubble about one story high. The rubble pile should have been 35 stories if it was a conventional controlled demolition.”

    • WTC Rubble Never Hit the Ground

      “This defies gravity, where did the rubble go?”

    • Footprints

      “Geometrically Round Holes: contiguous round holes 24’ in diameter were in the footprints of the WTC buildings 1 and 2, and a 60’ deep geometrically round hole was in the middle of Liberty Street near the WTC. This is evidence of beam weapons. There was no debris inside the footprints of the two WTC buildings, only bare dirt with circles in the dirt.”

    • Dust

      “In videos of the collapse larger particles fell and cascaded down from the buildings under the forces of gravity, but before they hit the ground they vaporized and suddenly went up into the atmosphere like an antigravity demonstration. Nanoparticles are so tiny that they are not subject to the forces of gravity, so molecular dissociation occurred on the larger particles as they were freefalling, reducing them into nano-particles (0.1 microns in diameter and smaller) that suddenly obeyed other physical laws of quantum mechanics. More evidence of [directed energy weapon or] HAARP/beam weapon technology applied during collapse.”

    • 9/11 Satellite photos

      “[9/11 satellite photographs showed] dust going into upper atmosphere - which had to be nanoparticles and may have been enhanced by other technology because most very fine particles/dust would stay in the Troposphere and be rained out in 2 months as we know from depleted uranium particulate releases from battlefield already.”

    • 1400 Toasted Cars

      “Located blocks from the WTC buildings, with door handles missing, engine blocks missing, blistering on some parts of the car finish, strange rust patterns on the bodies of the cars.”

    • Paper Around Cars Not Burned

      "Whatever ‘vaporized’ the engine blocks and the door handles on 1400 cars did not ignite fragile and flammable paper lying all over the ground around the cars. If engine blocks and door handles selectively vaporized, why didn’t body of car vaporize?”

    • Pile of Cars Spontaneously Combusted

      “In a news video, the entire pile of cars started burning spontaneously at the same time with no visible cause, it was not a fire that started in one car and spread to others.”

    • Rust Occurred Immediately

      “On cars and trucks, and in FEMA photos there was heavy rust on steel beams - steel does not rust, and it is a slow oxidation process that results in rusting of iron. This rusting happened immediately.”

    • Basements of WTC Buildings Undamaged

      “Stuffed mannequins in the basement of WTC with clothing on were carried out of the basement undamaged. If a 100+-story WTC building collapsed into its basement and left a 35-story rubble pile, there would be nothing left in the basement. Even streetcars underground at the WTC were pulled out after the collapse and had no damage.”

    • Prof. Cahill Air Monitoring Samples

      “The hardest and most durable materials vaporized (steel, concrete etc), and the most fragile materials (paper) cascading out of WTC windows and all over the ground for blocks were undamaged.”

    • Truckloads of Potting Soil

      “Right after the WTC disaster, the ground was “fuming”, and sequential FEMA aerial photos show 130 dump trucks full of soil (filled almost to the top of the dump truck space) covered with tarps so that the dirt in the trucks was not visible to onlookers on the street, coming into the WTC area, dumping the soil and going out for more. This happened even before the rescues or cleanup started and it continued for some time. The piles of soil were left for a week and got higher each day in sequential photos. The soil ‘fuming’ lasted until March 2002 (8 months).”

    • Boots Disintegrated

      “Boots on emergency responders disintegrated after 2 hours. They had to get new boots every 2 hours - an effect of molecular dissociation. It was not from burning, their skin would have been damaged.”

    • No Ground Fuming During Rain

      “For 99 days the “burning” (fuming) continued at the WTC site, but when it rained there was no fuming. If it had been fires burning, the rain would have caused steam from heating rainwater.”

    • USGS: Iron versus Steel

      “The USGS analyzed the mineral form of the rust on steel beams and iron objects at the WTC. They did not address the ‘steel does not rust’ issue, but dodged it by referring to the rusted steel beams in the rubble pile as ‘iron beams’ and gave mineral analyses of iron minerals produced by oxidation.”

    • Official Sample Data Not Reliable

      “Spectral absorption images at the WTC indicated average particle size was about 1 micron, which is subjected to gravity and would have fallen with the collapsed buildings. USGS did not collect many dust samples and collecting samples by other different agencies did not agree with each other. No samples were taken at the toasted cars.”

    • Directed Energy Weapon Evidence

      “Evidence of use of a directed energy weapon was present at the top of the WTC buildings as ‘lathering up’ started before buildings started coming down. ‘Lathering up’ in videos preceded the collapse of all buildings, even Building 7 which supposedly Larry Silverstein when he said, 'Pull it' to firefighters meant controlled demolition. Color alteration and modification in news videos compared to other photos/videos at tops of buildings indicates “doctoring” of images. When the Seattle Dome was destroyed with controlled demolition, the dust created by the destruction did not get any higher than the top of the building. The WTC dust got into the upper atmosphere almost immediately - which indicates very tiny atmospheric dust sized particles (0.1 micron and smaller), in fact smaller than atmospheric dust that stays mainly in the Troposphere.

    • “Lathering Up” Incriminating

      “WTC Building 7 ‘lathered up’ even before WTC Building 2 went down. WTC Building 7 not damaged at all by WTC Building 2 going down - right next to each other.”

    • Freon tanks

      “Very odd, large tanks were removed from WTC building and OSHA made bogus statement about what and why they were removed. Was Freon used in WTC takedown? A NYC cop whom the researcher met with Cindy Sheehan said he was injured in WTC Building 7 and removed on a gurney, but his eyes were covered so he could not see anything as they left the building. He reported he was able to see dead bodies lying all over the floor as he was being carried out - before building 7 had collapsed. Was this due to Freon asphyxiation put through ventilation system like in a recent Russian submarine disaster?

This prima facie evidence of the use of U.S. exotic black budget technologies in 9/11 can bring the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice.

The prima facie eyewitness, whistleblower and documentary evidence now available that these four exotic black budget technologies in the sole possession of the U.S. military-intelligence sector is sufficient to bring the perpetrators of the false flag operation of September 11, 2001 to justice under the following provision of the U.S. constitution, and related criminal laws for non-U.S. citizens who were perpetrators of the false flag operation of 9/11.

Article III (3) of the U.S. Constitution provides:

"Sect. 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on open confession in open court."