by Steve Watson
Tuesday, Dec 4, 2007

from InfoWars Website

An ABC news piece that ran yesterday morning attracted attention after four Pakistanis who were being interviewed about the attitudes and life of young people in Pakistan declared Osama Bin Laden to be a creation of western intelligence and stressed that Islamic extremist attitudes towards the west were virtually non existent in their country before 9/11.

ABC have since pulled the video footage from their website, but an industrious prisonplanet forum member grabbed the footage and uploaded it to youtube.

"Who is Osama Bin Laden?" One girl asked Chris Cuomo, "He's just a character created by America" she concluded.

Another of the young people, all in their twenties picked up the conversation stating,

"I would say that 98% of Pakistanis would follow along the same lines, they believe that Osama is basically a CIA agent who is working under cover to put over a bad image of Islam."

Here is the footage interspersed with other evidence to back up the claims of the four young Pakistanis:


'Good Morning America' Learns That Bin Laden is CIA



After looking shocked and surprised, Cuomo attempted to rescue the interview by suggesting that many people within Pakistan do indeed support the ideals of bin Laden.

Not according to a a third young Pakistani who was quick to correct the ABC host stating,

"To be quite honest that is a very marginalized section of Pakistan. The Islamic extremism that you find did not really exist in Pakistan pre 9/11 or pre the Musharraf government."

Of course this is not groundbreaking information, it is basic common knowledge. Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are direct creations of western intelligence as we have thoroughly documented. Al Qaeda itself was a joint CIA/ISI intelligence database of mujahudeen fighters they had recruited in the late 70s and eighties to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

People in Pakistan in particular are very well informed on this reality due to the fact that the ISI is deeply involved with such CIA activities. Bin Laden even had an ISI Running Officer, who also worked closely with the Taliban in Afghanistan who were heavily sponsored by ISI operatives before 9/11.

The head of the ISI at the time, General Mahmoud Ahmad was, according to the FBI and as confirmed by various news reports at the time, a principle financier of the 19 alleged 9/11 hijackers.

But the reaction of the ABC reporter and doubtless millions of watching Americans speaks volumes about the ingrained falsehoods that have shaped our world over the last six years.