by Gregory Dail
Orange County Conservative Examiner
June 21, 2009

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Scanning foreign papers one would find many people demanding to know where is mainstream media? The 134.5 Billion seized by the Italians is attracting a multitude of inquiring minds.


Either scenario of counterfeit or smuggling are of historic proportion and should be dominating the news!

Provide By Guardia di Finanza


Italian police seized U.S. government bonds found in the false bottom of a suitcase carried by two Japanese travelers attempting to cross into Switzerland.

“They’re clearly fakes,” said Stephen Meyerhardt, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of the Public Debt in Washington. “That’s beyond the fact that the face value is far beyond what’s out there.”


"Meyerhardt said Treasury records show an estimated $105.4 billion in bearer bonds have yet to be surrendered. Most matured more than five years ago”, he said. “The Treasury stopped issuing bearer bonds in 1982,” Meyerhardt added.

Colonel Rodolfo Mecarelli of the Guardia di Finanza in Como, Italy, said the securities, seized in Chiasso, Italy, was very genuine looking and needed to be confirmed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.


If the notes are genuine, the pair would have been the U.S. government’s fourth-biggest creditor, ahead of the U.K. with $128 billion of U.S. debt and just behind Russia, which is owed $138 billion. The Italian authorities reported they seized 249 securities with a face value of $500 million each and 10 additional bonds with a value of more than $1 billion, as well as securities purported to be “Kennedy” bonds.


Meyerhardt said no such securities exist!

First described as meticulous and high quality, reports are surfacing that instruments were rough and shoddy. The Japanese businessmen detain have been reported to released.


Reports that all this happened on June 1st instead of the 10th adds another inconsistency to the growing list:



  1. Although the smugglers have been identified in the press as “Japanese nationals”, there has yet to be any third party confirmations, formal charges made or a release of the culprit’s identities. Asian and Japanese press outlets are reporting the suspects were released shortly after they were detained.

  2. A Bloomberg article regarding this story, the seized bearer bonds allegedly were dated as of 1934. Since bearer bonds in denominations of $500 million did not exist in 1934, the bonds were deduced as fake. The police are still waiting for a declaration regarding the bonds’ authenticity from the SEC, and the populous is speculation how to spend their 40% windfall.


    Something smells about this declaration. How can the quality of the forged bearer bonds be so meticulous that they “are indistinguishable from the real ones”, yet the counterfeiters are so ill-informed as to not date the bearer bonds appropriately?

  3. Bloomberg reported that there is no known existence of the alleged Billion-dollar Kennedy bonds. This defies any logical explanation. The expert counterfeiters would have made more of the $500 million denomination, indistinguishable from the real thing, instead of making 10 bonds in denominations of $1 billion a piece in a bearer bond never existed?

  4. On March 30, 2009, the US Treasury Department announced that USD $134.5 billion remained in its Troubled Asset Relief Program [TARP]. The same amount as the seized bearer bonds was $134.5 billion.

  5. The two well-dressed Japanese men traveled a well known financial smuggling route where them would stick out like sore thumbs, defies logic.

  6. Then we have this June 18 article from the Financial Times, that questions whether the men are really Japanese, as their passports declared, and it is may be the work of the Mafia.

  7. Officials in Tokyo were nonplussed. Takeshi Akamatsu, a Japanese foreign ministry press secretary, said Italian authorities had confirmed that two men carrying Japanese passports had been questioned in the bond case but Tokyo had not been informed of their names or whereabouts.


    • “We don’t know where they are now,” Mr. Akamatsu said.


    Kyodo News reported on June 19 that the two Japanese men had been released. The Japanese consulate general in Milan said Thursday it has confirmed that two men who were briefly detained by Italian police after attempting to enter Switzerland with $134 billion worth of U.S. bonds were Japanese citizens. The men were released later that day after an Italian lawyer provided fidelity guarantee for them.


    The Italian authorities continue to probe how the two obtained the bonds and why they were trying to take the fake securities to Switzerland.

  8. The Italians are now saying the forged bonds appeared shoddy and some of them had face values that were nonexistent. The Italian authorities said they wonder why the securities were produced because the bonds cannot be used even for fraud in view of their poor quality. In pictures the bonds appear new, crisp and clean!


    They were first described as being “meticulous” work and “indistinguishable” from real ones but we are also to believe that they now “appeared shoddy.”

Hold on to your hat for another wild turn.


Turner Radio Network (TRN) announced June 20 that it had new confirmed information the two Japanese nationals are in the “employees of the Finance Ministry of Japan.”


TRN has now confirmed the two men arrested were trying to secretly dump Bonds as ordered by the government of Japan because the Japanese government feared that the U.S. government would be unable to repay its debts. Despite the assurances from Japanese Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano that Japan has complete confidence in the U.S. Treasury has confirmed the upon the serial numbers of the Bonds, part of the $686 billion of U.S. debt officially held by Japan.

The last couple of days the Italian press was abuzz with suggestions on how to spend their forty-billion dollar windfall despite the claims the being counterfeit.


Under Italian law Italy gets to keep forty percent (40%) of the smuggled bonds. Now TRN reports that the US and Japan are trying to negotiate with Italy for return of the Bonds but because of the astonishing amount of money involved and Italy is refusing to negotiate.

If all of this hold’s true Americans should know clearly that Japan is still capable of a Pearl Harbor, financial style, and that our Government is incapable of telling the truth.

Image of Actual Bond (TRN)


U.S. officials apparently lied to Italy, numerous news outlets, the American People and Glenn Beck!


From the World’s perspective the U.S.A. can’t even identify its own bonds, has very nervous creditors and that U.S. mainstream media in unable to perform impartial journalism and are worthless as an honest and viable news source.


Glenn Beck offers good advice from his radio show, “Wake up America!”






Smuggling 134 billion in US bonds
21 June 2009

from NewsStage Website

The story of the two Japanese men trying to smuggle US bonds with a total worth of 134.5 billion dollars into Switzerland keeps raising questions.


Despite lack of thorough media coverage, it is becoming clear that this is not something we can disregard.

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