September 5, 2012

from VidRebel Website

Louise Yamada, one of the most respected Wall Street analysts, is very close to telling her clients to pull the trigger on the NYSE.


Small investors and mutual funds are pulling out leaving only High Frequency algorithmic computerized traders and the Plunge Protection Team to buy stocks. There are no real human beings left in the markets.


There have been repeated rumors that Morgan Stanley is near bankruptcy and is soon to be gobbled up by JP Morgan.


Jamie Dimon has admitted that if his bank were taken over there is another 150 billion dollars in bad assets to get rid of. That means that even after 30 trillion dollars in Bailouts that all of the big banks are bankrupt.

Jim Willie has warned us that because of Glass Steagall’s repeal Morgan Stanley now owns Dean Witter and Smith Barney making them America’s largest broker with 300,000 brokerage accounts and over 17,500 brokers.


In the Sentinel case the courts ruled that depositors whose money had been stolen by their broker could not sue the bank where the money was sent because Sentinel had not intended to steal their money. In the MF Global case 1.2 billion dollars vaporized and none of the money was returned.


Sibel Edmonds told us that when the FBI did background checks on judicial nominees that honest men and women were turned down and felons were put to the top of the list.


That is why we cannot expect justice from ‘their’ courts.

The Gauss computer virus which is similar to the CIA-Mossad Stuxnet computer virus attacks banks is thought to steal money from your account and send it to an account in another and unknown bank. Computer viruses have been attacking European banks and stealing money. This has made it impossible for depositors to have access to their money which is what used to be called a Bank Holiday.

Jim Willie has told us all that it is time to get away from Morgan Stanley and any brokerage associated with them. If you do have silver and gold mining shares you need to demand the physical shares be delivered to you so your brokerage cannot use them to short stocks thus driving down their value and exposing you to the risk of loss if they go bankrupt in the market.

People need to understand how serious the bank runs are in Spain.


Zero Hedge reported that the amount of money withdrawn from the banks in Spain to date is nearly half of their GDP. The U.S. money supply is 10 trillion and the GDP is nearly 15 trillion, If 4 trillion dollars left America, we would go into an immediate collapse probably worse than 1929-39.


You need money to conduct business. I recently wrote about two IMF economists who admitted that most of our problems were created by fractional reserve banking and bank runs would be eliminated if we did away with it.

Spain cannot survive much longer and will not make it until our November elections unless Bernanke creates trillions of dollars and dumps them on,

  • Spain

  • France

  • Italy

  • Greece

  • Portugal

  • Ireland,

  • Belgium,

...and points east...


I previously wrote that Ben Bernanke has been ordered by men in London and New York who are higher up on the banking food chain to hurt Obama’s re-election as much as possible. The idea is to not print enough money to create jobs until after the voting returns are announced on November 6th.


I believe Obama was made President because he is black and it is his job to start nationwide race and food riots to take our focus away from the bankers who have stolen tens of trillions of dollars from whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Indians.

A possible scenario is that there is another shock like the October 2008 crisis.


This time with a collapse of Morgan Stanley or the complete implosion of Greece and Spain sending waves of panic through the voters to stampede them into voting for Romney. I am voting for neither Romney nor Obama.

There was a little noted trade agreement made between China and Germany which allowed for direct exchange in Yuan and German Euros.


This has followed similar agreements between China and,

  • Russia

  • Brazil

  • Japan

  • Africa

Since the Beijing Conference of 2010 China has invested 100 billion dollars in Africa.


This had prompted Hillary Clinton to go to Africa and warn them about Chinese people building roads, bridges, hospitals and other such obvious colonial projects. She had no money just words.

America is being set up for the exact opposite of what is happening in Spain. As I have said many times in the past, the North American Free Trade Act sent 56,000 manufacturing plants and 12 million jobs overseas.


President Clinton allowed China to devalue the Yuan and destroy the American economy. He guaranteed that Americans would be sent into abject poverty when he allowed the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act which prevented commercial banks from making risky bets with depositors money.


Clinton also allowed the banks into the faux insurance business when he did not let Brooksley Born (Chairwoman of the Commodities Future Trading Commission) to regulate Credit Default Swaps.


CDS pretend to insure speculators on potential losses in the value of bonds and commodities. U.S. banks are exposed to 225 trillion dollars in potential losses with no money set aside to pay claims other than your pension and life savings.

I would expect an economic shock within the next 6 weeks, to be followed by Hyperinflation after the elections. I have previously defined Hyperinflation as starting at 25% for an international reserve currency like the dollar. Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker was able to defend the dollar in 1980 when he raised home mortgages up to 15˝ %.


But that was before NAFTA, CDS and too many wars for Israel had deteriorated the dollar and the economy.


As I said, America will soon have the reverse of Spain’s outflow of dollars. When Hyperinflation takes off, an International Conference like Bretton Woods will be called. The dollar will be dumped and devalued by at least 40%.


Prior to the conference Insiders will dump dollars by the trillions instantly impoverishing another 100 million Americans. Since most dollars are held overseas by foreigners, the domestic American money supply will double impoverishing another 80 million people. I recently wrote that 280 million Americans will be at or near the poverty line at some point in 2013. Hyperinflation will do that to you.

By design we will have nationwide food riots and race riots. American cities will become uninhabitable. We will have martial law. There is no choice about that. That is the future the bankers have designed for you. In their plans you will be taken to a FEMA camp where industrial size incinerators will dispose of tens of thousands of troublemakers talking about the Bill of Rights.


The only other alternative is to have the police and the military administer martial law in our favor and arrest the bankers so we can reform the economy.

Your job is to figure out how to survive the next year. You will need a store of food and a water filter. Under martial law the authorities will cut off your food and water so you will get on the bus to Camp FEMA.


If the cities are No Go Zones, you will need a place to go where you and your friends in your network will wait things out. If there is a Bank Holiday, you will need cash in your hand so store some in a safe place. Computer credits in a closed bank will do you no good

Silver Doctors recently had to purchase a million ounces for their customers.


They encountered a lot of resistance as did Eric Sprott before him. We have been told silver production is down 14% in the U.S. this year. A lot of silver is mined with copper which is in over abundance as China has too many stockpiles.


Another reason is the the U.S. Geological Survey says silver will become an extinct medal in 10 years. We have been melting down silver coins minted before 1965. Silver should go up in value soon as there is only a billion ounces in circulation and is valued at 32 billion dollars. The dollar value of silver and gold bullion bought by investors is equal for the two metals yet gold is priced 50 times or more what silver’s price is.


The ability of the government to manipulate prices is lessened each day by the diminishing supply of silver and the approaching collapse of the dollar. I would expect silver to double in price long before gold does.

There are 10,000 Hedge Funds in what has been called the Shadow Banking System.


One Hedge Fund could short Morgan Stanley stock to zero and invest its profits in silver bullion. Pre-1964 silver coins are a great store of value which is one function of money. After the economy collapses silver coins will be an ideal medium of exchange because everyone knows what they are and what they are worth.

Soon the major concern of your life will be surviving to the end of 2013.