by Julie Beal

November 4, 2012
from GetMindSmart Website








We are the last generation with a voice and free will to change the course of history.








Everyone connected everywhere - smart phones are to be the tools (above video) of the Smart World Order; bringing an end to physical cash (below video), keys, drivers’ licences, etc.








They are also intended to be used daily to validate identity in the new ‘trusted’ internet community.


The phone, or the chip that links the user’s ID to the phone, then becomes too valuable to lose, and the only safe place is under the skin.








Unless we refuse to comply….

It goes something like this:

  1. Create a climate of fear.

  2. Get everyone online.

  3. Enable even the poor to carry a cell phone.

  4. Get everyone to talk about RFID and biometrics: the first phase of acceptance is expectation.

  5. Chip as many things and people as you can (phones, pets, clothing, etc.) to make it normal.

  6. Set up a global ID system but keep it hush hush.

  7. Promote implants for health and safety, so people think they’re good.

  8. Make it so you can use your phone for everything, especially payments and proving identity.

  9. How do we know it’s really you? Your biometrics please!

  10. Cyber attack! Revolution! Please protect us!

  11. The economy collapses….. cash is gone, and all payments are now digital.

  12. Phones get lost and stolen; biometrics get spoofed; carrying a phone is such a bother - and Verichips are just easier all round…

But… “Pssst!! Rewind!”. Time to change our minds...

We don’t have to co-operate. Awake and determined, we refuse to sign up with an Identity Provider, and we refuse to pay for anything with a phone. We make it plain: they can stick their NSTIC up their ***

Their planned revolution takes a different course: Be part of the movement they didn’t expect.

We are the warriors, writing history: By the year 2020, in a bid to be free, we stood up to the corporatocracy, and won.