Transmissions Containing...

Many Details About the situation Earth is in

Transmitted from the Universal Mind

(aka "Cosmic Awareness")

through Paul Shockley while in a trance state
from ArchiveTC Website

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Transmission from September 7, 1990


This Awareness wishes entities to understand that there are three major players in the galaxy:

  • the Reptoid Federation

  • the Galactic Confederation

  • the Orion Empire

The Orion Empire as that which is ruled basically by one leader, as presented fictionally in the story of Star Wars.


The Reptoid Federation as that which is a conglomeration of many different groups, in which the Reptoids in various types of species have joined together and the Galactic Confederation as that which is made up from federations of different star systems throughout the galaxy, these being mostly of the human types.

In some cases the serpent, what is termed the serpent race, will be involved. This Awareness indicates the serpent race as that which was a subspecies from Draco, which broke away many eons ago, and has been aligned with the Galactic Confederation for some time.


Their main home, as far as human knowledge is concerned, would be that of Sirius. There are many other places where these entities reside, but these do not have names and are not reference points of which humans are capable of understanding.


Now these Reptoids are laying claim to the Earth as being theirs, using their mercenaries, the Greys, as forerunners to that claim, and the Galactic Confederation as that which is at a loss in terms of what to do because the governments of the world have accepted agreements with these mercenary forerunners, the Greys, giving them treaties to be on Earth, and to conduct their activities.


Without such treaties, the Greys would have broken galactic law and could be removed. With such treaties, they have the right to take over the planet so long as they abide by those treaties that were given in secret by the leaders of these various countries.

The dilemma, of course, is that people of Earth were not party to these agreements. Only a certain small group of leaders were party to the agreement. It is obvious that the Galactic Confederation has its hands tied by ethical and legal standards and can do nothing unless the people demand of their leaders the right to be party to any agreements that gives away their world, their lives, their rights.

This Awareness indicates that if the people do not know their world, their rights and their lives have been bartered away, then they have no say in the matter. This Awareness indicates that this is the reason why entities who are hoping for outside intervention, must wonder whether the intervention will ever come.


There is a great dilemma among those concerned about the situation on Earth, a great dilemma as to whether the Galactic Confederation should intervene without invitation from the leaders when the leaders have been elected by the people or when the leaders have a position that is held in place by the people whom they represent.

This Awareness indicates that this is the situation and the question and the dilemma that causes great concern in regard to whether Earth should or should not be raptured, for only when enough people cry out will it appear there is justification, morally and legally for the Galactic Confederation to intervene in Earth's affairs.

Transmission from September 19, 1992

This Awareness indicates that there are seen three elements in the galaxy that works as units. There is that which is called "The Empire", and that is controlled by Orion. This Awareness wishes to make some clarification in this respect; that the majority of those known in Orion are of a negative nature, but that there are some planets and sectors of Orion that are positive in nature.

Clarion is a planetary system, a star and planetary system that is of a positive nature. Betelgeuse and some of those stars in that general area are filled with planets that are of a negative nature. This Awareness indicates that there are some hundred and thirty planets in that area.

This Awareness indicates that there is also, besides the Orion Empire, the Draconian Federation. It is not a confederation, but a federation. The Draconians have absorbed those from Zeta Reticuli and have brought these entities into the Federation as mercenaries, but the Reticuli do not think of themselves so much as part of the Federation, they refer to themselves more as a network. The word "Reticuli" means network, and that is a traditional classification in their history, which they do not easily shed.

This Awareness indicates however, the Draconian Federation considers the Network as part of the Federation, surbordinate to their own controls. The Draconians are able to control the Reticuli through treaties that have been formed some five hundred thousand years back, when they helped to rescue the Reticuli from their dying planet and infused it with new life, and then, in return, gained control over the entities of the Reticuli.

The Reticuli hail from a binary star, that is, two stars that rotate together, and live on planets close to these two stars which are highly unlivable to humans, being very heavy in heat and desert. This Awareness indicates that thus, the Reticuli, in coming to Earth, prefer desert areas where the climate is quite warm.

This Awareness indicates that as for the so-called Intergalactic Command or Intergalactic Confederation, this may be thought of more as a grouping or alliance of highly evolved spiritual beings of different star systems who have united in their common purpose of hindering the Orion Empire and Draconian Federation from capturing and enslaving other planets outside their own already held federations and empires.

This Awareness indicates that those from Vega have pledged their efforts to help prevent the Empire and the Federation from taking control of Earth.


Their methods are not to interfere directly in the affairs of humans without invitation from humans, and the humans have allowed the Draconians and Orion Empire representatives to have their bases on Earth, therefore, the Vegans, Lyrans and Pleiadians must honor, by their own rules and principles, the human decision and treaties with the Draconians and Orion Empire and Reticuli Network to have positions on Earth, until the humans choose otherwise.

In the meantime, the Vegans, those from Lyra and those from the Pleiades have chosen other ways to influence the human movement toward throwing off these would-be oppressors. The Vegans send some of their most advanced beings to be born on Earth with earthly parents and to grow and develop and do their work to help prevent this takeover of the planet by these Empire, Federation and Network aliens.

This Awareness indicates the Pleiadians also have their volunteers. There have been those who came in spaceships and met directly with individuals who were open and desirous of meeting with them. These entities even gave warning about the Orion Empire and sought to prevent the treaties, but failed to do so.

Therefore, while they seek to help in whatever ways they can to hinder the Orion Empire in its conquest or the Draconians in their various invasion plans, they avoid direct interference in the affairs pertaining to these entities on Earth. This Awareness indicates that they are even careful not to talk about these entities as being dangerous or enemies of theirs or of mankind.

This Awareness indicates those from Lyra also incarnate into human form to help change the vibrations and instill a sense of spiritual meaning into the lives of those whom they come in contact with. This Awareness indicates that these are ways whereby the amalgamation of star systems work together to help Earth in its struggle for survival and for spiritual enlightenment.

This Awareness indicate that entities may continue to refer to these of the amalgamated planetary systems as the Galactic Confederation, if they understand that it is not simply a bunch of space people flying around with fancy names spouting spiritual marshmallow words that sound sweet but have no substance or meaning other than to massage the libidos of humans and make them feel comfortable and special.

This Awareness indicates that this kind of spiritual marshmallowing is not in the will of this Awareness, but rather, stagnates the human soul and its growth and evolution. It keeps the human soul from facing reality and growing to become the best it can be. This Awareness suggest that it is better for entities to learn what they can learn, regardless of whether it is tasty, sweet marshmallow-like and pleasant, or whether it is shocking, disturbing and yet informative.

Question: T.H. in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, asks if Awareness can give an update on the war between the Reptoids and the Pleiadians. (This was back in 1992)

A: This Awareness indicates that this appears to still be in levels of great conflict; that the Draconians approximately 10 years ago launched a direct invasion into the Pleiadian star system, attacking several of the planets that were inhabited and have wreaked much havoc on those planets, nearly destroying the civilizations thereon.

They still hold some of the territory on those planets, even to this day. The Pleiadians were forced to turn their attention to liberating those planets, and during the past decade have worked hard and suffered much in this effort. This Awareness indicates that the Pleiadians, having new starships, have been able to push back the invaders, partly because their own supply lines were near at hand while the invaders were far from their own home and had to reply on supplies that were captured and had little support from anyone outside their own group.

This invasion force from Draco was quite large. It appears that they are now quite diminished, and it is unlikely that they will survive another year in this war. It is more likely that they will retreat back to Draco before being destroyed.

This Awareness indicates that the Pleiadians have rallied together during this time and have become much closer in terms of their interplanetary amalgamation and have strengthened their forces so as to be actually stronger at this time than when the war or invasion began, approximately 10 years ago.

Question: T.H. also asks: "Awareness previously stated that the Reptoids, Greys and the Pleiadians were both presenting their case as to which of them has a rightful claim to the Earth and its inhabitants to a council of various other races of extraterrestrials. Has any decision been reached by this council, and if so, what are the ramifications of this decision for all of us here on the Earth?"

A: This Awareness indicates that it appears there has been a kind of recognition that as long as Earth allows the Draconians and Reticulans to remain and treaties have been signed, that this more or less creates a block to prevent interference from the Pleiadians, Vegans or others.

It is for this reason that any contacts will be of a very minor nature, more to educate and inform than to directly interfere or confront the Draconian, Riticulan and Orion Empire Greys.

This Awareness indicates that the Andromedan Council is much like the United Nations on Earth; it has certain influence, but has no power over those who refuse to abide by its recommendations. The Draconian Federation, the Orion Empire; these do not give much credence to the Andromedan Council or its recommendations.

They appeal to it when they see a chance to benefit or to use it to their advantage, but ignore it when it does not give them advantage. Therefore, at this time, anything given by the Andromedan Council in regard to the Earth has been generally ignored by these entities.

Transmission from September 10, 1993

This Awareness indicates the New World Order is part of the alien agenda, promoted by those Greys from Orion. The purpose being to set up the world for its future inclusion in the Orion Empire.

This Awareness indicates that while this is planned, it is not seen as the only option or alternative. It is seen that the Galactic Confederation, which includes the Pleiadians and the Vegans and the Sirius groups, are all also concerned and hoping that the Earth does not become part of the Orion Empire, or the Draco Federation. This Awareness indicates that they prefer to see the Earth become part of the Galactic Confederation.

This Awareness indicates that the Earth is in a particular position in the galaxy and has a special value in regard to the water on the Earth as well as that central core computer that was placed under the Earth's surface by Orion overseers from the past, when they in ancient times had great control over this planet, and they wish to restart that computer, and reclaim the planet as their own in their network.

This Awareness indicates that there have been a number of extraterrestrial cultures who have, in the past, made claim to the planet and who have either abandoned those claims and gone elsewhere, or who have lost control of their property through war or other conflicts, so that at present time there are disputes among these extraterrestrial cultures as to who really owns the Earth.

This Awareness indicates that it is not clearly defined, even though there are certain cultures that would have entities believe that they are the true owners of the Earth; the Reptoids date a claim back some ten thousand years; the Sirius groups claim to have taken control from the Reptoids and the Pleiadians claim spiritual connection with humanity. The Vegans see the Earth as not theirs but as an ally to which they wish to assist and join the struggle against tyrannies from other extraterrestrial cultures.

This Awareness indicates the Orion Greys, the tall big-nosed Greys, are those who claim some kind of ownership based on their having placed a computer in the subterranean levels of Earth which has guided energies on the Earth through grid-lines and through certain forces that were used through these grid-lines and through their economic controls that have been handed down over the hundreds and thousands of years since that time, up till the present.

The Orion Greys appear to be in a position of economic power, wherein they are more powerful economically, and thus hold control over other extraterrestrials, such as the Draconians and the Zeta Reticulans. This Awareness indicates the small Greys or those of the Zeta Reticuli are basically mercenaries under the domination of the Draconians, the Draco Reptiles, which are subservient to the Orion Greys, even though they have greater military power and greater force.

The Draconian forces have the ability to take control away from the Orion Greys, but the Orion Greys are such good managers of planets that the Draco Reptoids do not envy them of their job and therefore, let themselves be the military arm of the operation, while giving the economic and political control to the Orion forces.

This Awareness indicates this essentially is the synopsis of what is occurring in the overall picture of the dispute over Earth. Humanity in the meantime is semi-oblivious to all of this and simply goes along on their daily pursuit of pleasure/pain behavioral lifestyles. This Awareness indicates that there are a very few people in the human population who understand much about the overall picture in regard to the alien presence on Earth or the agenda of the alien presence and its overall intent.

This Awareness indicates the Galactic Command, composed of the Pleiadians, Vegans, Sirius and Arcturans, is such that it keeps a low profile, because they have not been clearly invited by all of human representatives and governments to assist humans in throwing off the yoke of oppression that will come from these Draconians and Orion forces.


In fact, most humans do not yet recognize this potential for enslavement by these forces, and therefore are more concerned about what kind of health and technology these forces may give them in terms of enhancing their own particular power over others on Earth.

Those involved in these higher levels wherein there is communication with the aliens, are more concerned with what they are going to get out of the situation as individual humans than they are by what the agenda has in store for the rest of humanity.

The Galactic Command simply waits with its plans and abilities and forces until the time is right for it to move in order to help humanity, if indeed humanity does seek help.

This Awareness indicates that the recent death of Creston, also known as Ron Rummell, is that which has been a turning point in regard to the Galactic Command and its understanding of the human condition, for this entity was not sent here simply to alert humanity of the presence and threat of the Greys and Reptoids which he assumed was his reason for being here.


The entity also was here to find out, for the Vegans and Arcturans and others, why it is that the humans could not stand up to the dark forces in regard to the money system and the controls and power of those operating for the dark forces on Earth.


The entity having lived with very little income and having to depend on help from friends to keep his research going, had a very clear knowledge and understanding of the difficulties of living on Earth when controlled by the money system.

It was not until the last few years that he realized the money system was essentially controlled and placed on Earth by the Orion forces, and that it was a form of control over the masses of this Earth plane, and it was not until the last few years that he realized this control had great power in keeping entities afraid, for they would be fearful of losing their jobs if they began to speak of UFOs or of aliens while at work.

This Awareness indicates that the control of money was even able to determine whether entities in higher places could speak out with knowledge they had learned, could alert the masses, for in all cases if anyone bucked the system, they would lose their job and have no money and without money, they would lose their home and quite likely lose their family and it would become a downward spiral towards total isolation and despair.

This Awareness indicates that when this entity was killed and moved back into contact with his Vegan friends and fellow associates, the first thing they sought from him was information on what his situation was like. Why was it so hard to do anything? Why couldn't he do more, when he knew what was going on? And his information was: "I had no money!"


To them this was total puzzlement, for they do not use money on that planet in the Vegan constellation. The Pleiadians likewise, do not let themselves become controlled by a money system, nor do the entities from Sirius, nor do the Arcturans.

It is only those entities who are subject to the Orion influences who must rely and serve the money system. This Awareness indicates that the entity Creston, which was his Vegan name, also known as Ron Rummell, which was his earthly name, gave the Vegans and Arcturans and Pleiadians the information which they needed in order to understand why Earth people have such a problem in throwing off the yoke of oppression.

With this new information, they now have an understanding that they may have to be more direct in their interference; that they may not necessarily have to follow the so-called "Prime Directive" of avoiding any influence on a culture unless invited. This Awareness indicates that they realize now that an invitation by the subjugated masses may not be possible because of the way the money system controls everything.

This Awareness indicates in other words, in the killing of Ron Rummell, or Creston, the alien forces may have sealed their own end, their own demise, in regard to the Galactic Command, which after re-evaluating its position, and its status in regard to human affairs now has reason to become more assertive, knowing that humanity is likened unto the prisoner who cannot call for help because they have been muzzled and made speechless.

This Awareness indicates that the future will determine whether this has been the undoing of the dark forces, or has contributed to their undoing, or whether it has helped them as they anticipated in ridding the planet of this entity, but this Awareness suggests it has backfired on them and will create repercussions against them that will be felt hard and heavy in the coming years, as they attempt to complete their takeover of this planet.

Transmission from February 23, 1991

There were many who were sent here to this planet by the Galactic Confederation to help warn the masses. There are few who recall their purposes for being on this planet. This Awareness indicates that the Galactic Confederation by its own policies is not allowed to intervene in the affairs of a planet without being invited, and the Earth leaders have not yet invited the Galactic Confederation.


Instead, they have invited the aliens from Draco and the Greys, and therefore, the Galactic Confederation has a kind of 'hands off' policy.

This is a unique situation because the invasion of Earth is taking place with the approval of its leaders, but with the deception of the masses, wherein the masses are not being told the full truth of the situation.


Therefore, because of this duplicity and deception, those of the Galactic Confederation have found that the best way to assist without violating the galactic code or law is to let some of their own people be incarnated on Earth and become earthlings with the hope that they will recall who they are and will be able to warn entities of the nature of these particular aliens.


This Awareness indicates that the Reptoid people do not necessarily appear as Reptoids when they reincarnate as human beings. They are simply humans in appearance, from human parents, but they have within their soul and background Reptoid genes and memory and are essentially from Draco in their origins, and there are many on this Earth who are Draconian in nature and their purpose is to gain power and destroy anything that preaches or attempts to establish a great harmony on Earth.


This Awareness indicate that this may be seen as related to the Hindu god Kali, the Destroyer. This Awareness indicates that it should be recognized that the Draconian factor as that which is more destructive and the so-called Serpent or Sirius factor as that which has been attempting to create greater harmony on the Earth.


This Awareness indicates the Pleiadians as being distant cousins of humans, and they also being benefactors.


Transmission from November 10, 1990

This Awareness indicates that in the sense wherein entities ask: "What can we do about this situation?", there is very little that individuals can do in situations such as yours other than to become aware and to share what you are aware of with others.


If by chance a great awakening occurs, even if it takes several years for the masses to awaken, the chances of the aliens being able to subdue humanity decreases in direct proportion to the awareness of humanity regarding the alien agenda and purpose.

Thus, by becoming aware and helping to make others aware, each entity can do his or her part. When you consider that it was only about a year ago that the entity William Cooper began to give forth information in regard to the Zeta Reticuli and some of these alien intrigues, there has been a great awakening already. If that awakening is only one percent of the population, imagine what it will be within another year, if that one percent goes out to awaken others.

If one person can spread the word to awaken one percent of the population, how many can one percent awaken within a year?


This Awareness indicates that this is essentially the most important thing that entities can do at this time, to awaken the masses to the information that they are receiving in regard to the aliens, in regard to the agenda of these aliens, and the plan to take control of Earth and to set up the New World Order for alien influence to operate through, none of which would be healthy for your grandchildren or your future generations...