by alawson911

November 20, 2010

from YouTube Website

It cannot be said, too often or too loudly: The interests of a Nation's own Citizens must come first.


The 9/11 Cover-Up is falling apart at the seams, and politicians should be made accountable, either for their ignorance about issues that affect their nation, or because they have been protecting the official story, knowing that is is false.


Recently, political pressure has been brought to bear against a trades unionist for attempting to express his views about the events of 9/11, on Australia's publicly funded broadcaster, the ABC. This video redresses the balance, and makes it clear that Australia's prime minister is either ignorant, beyond belief, or she is putting the interests of nuclear, Apartheid Israel ahead of Australia's.

The unedited sound file of the Kevin Bracken-Jon Faine conversation can be found on this Internet page.