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[BR: The following is a composite of information that is important enough to justify a release in itself.]

Linda Moulton Howe has clarified what she was told about the exchange program:

I learned back in the 1983-1984 time period about an alleged exchange program of humans leaving Holloman AFB on April 25, 1964, for Zeta Reticuli with non-humans while I was working on a Home Box Office television special entitled, "UFOs: The E. T. Factor." I was told three human men went: one died on the alien planet; one went insane (don't know fate); and one returned to Earth and was given a safe house in which to live the rest of his life on an island provided for by the U. S. government.

She then wrote again to clarify who her source was:

My main source was Robert Emenegger, the writer of UFOs: Past, Present and Future , which was broadcast in the U. S. on television in the late 1970s.

I referred this to John Lear, who had told Kerry Cassidy and myself exactly the same information (“three went, one died, one went crazy, and one returned safely”) when we met with him in person a couple of weeks ago. Lear clarified:

It was from a completely different source who does not know Linda or Robert. He lived in Houston and had access to NASA but did not work for NASA.

I then referred this to a number of researchers. One discovered the following at http// :

From: Errol Bruce-Knapp, Moderator, UFO UpDates - Toronto
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998

Speaking of which - Holloman came up again in my life this past weekend.

During a phone conversation with James M. McCampbell, author of ‘Ufology: New Insights from Science and Common Sense' (Belmont, Ca.: Jaymac Company, 1973) this past Saturday, November 14, Jim dropped a new-one on me re. The Holloman 'Landing'. He almost casually mentioned that three military "Bird-Colonels" – MDs – "left with the visitors"! On their return, one Colonel went insane, one died, and Jim didn't know what happened to the other.

This is all potentially very important. Was the Serpo story essentially correct, but that only three humans went? There are now suddenly two or maybe even three separate sources stating exactly the same story – that three went on the “Serpo” mission (not 12), and that the outcome had not been favorable.

Entirely separately, 24 hours ago I received two messages from a claimed intelligence source who told me that several important details were just plain wrong, and suggested that either I’d got lucky and guessed uncannily accurately (in the event that I’d made it up), or that I’d been deliberately disinformed.

He said no more, telling me that I was heavily monitored. This person appears only to have just now come across the Serpo story on the web. It’s significant that he was astonished that so much of this “invented” story was accurate compared with what he knew.

I forwarded all the above information to a number of people on my private circulation list and invited them to pass the information freely on to whomever they wished, and wondered what would happen next today.

Several hours later, I received this message, from an anonymous source in US intelligence.
Every single bit of information from the postings regarding the crew logs is absolutely correct. I’ve verified that the logs are real and were transcribed from official tape recordings made by the crew. There are 5,419 cassette tapes that contain voice recordings. I've heard one of them, but saw all of them in a secure environment.

I know these logs are genuine. I was given the opportunity to see them, and listen to one in its entirety, which was made by the Team Commander himself. How could someone fake 5,419 x 90 minute tapes? Do the math: it would have taken someone 338 days to fabricate the tapes.

That type of government cassette tape is no longer sold today, but they were military issue then. There were no cassette tapes available to the public until 1968. The crew took 60 boxes each containing 100 x 90 minute cassette tapes, which is 6,000 tapes.

These tapes were recorded during the mission to Serpo, over the course of their years away from Earth. Each crew member had a recording device and recorded their observations. Once they returned, the tapes were transcribed over a period of seven years.

Look at the critics trying to destroy this fantastic true story. If I were the keeper of this information, I wouldn't release it to anyone... except the general public, through the news media. There are some true disbelievers in the UFO community who wouldn't believe the story if God himself told it.

The game may have changed now. Let’s forget the details of the story: how many went, what the dates were, even the alien culture. Only one question is really important. Was there an exchange program?

I suggest that the answer is that there was. The circumstantial evidence mounts. To resolve the apparent discrepancies in details, there may even have been two different exchange programs... or more. (Why not?) If the Serpo story is indeed disinformation (and remember: disinformation could be 80% false and 20% true – or 80% true and 20% false) surrounds and protects the details of an incredible true event.

And if it is disinformation, another important question is what other untold truth the disinformation may be designed to conceal.

Bill Ryan

30 August 2006

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