Now and again Germany and the rest of the Western world are subjected to a so-called energy crisis arranged by the international bankers.

In 1974, for example, the price of crude oil spiraled because of the OPEC oil embargo. Behind the scenes the international bankers had made an agreement with the Arab OPEC leaders. The principle is very simple. The Arabs made money because the prices went up, the car drivers – the buyers – paid up and the oil multinationals cashed in. Oil companies like ARCO, SHELL, MOBIL, EXXON…were all linked to the CHASE MANHATTAN BANK (Rockefeller).


The Chase Manhattan Bank in turn had sealed the agreement with the OPEC leaders, and the latter's part of the deal was to deposit the profits made by selling oil at high prices, just as in 1974, for thirty years at 7% interest with the Chase Manhattan Bank. With these deposits, huge loans were granted to the so-called third world nations like Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. And these countries are then bled with the immensely high interest payments.


To balance these interest payments, which they cannot with money alone, they have to grant the banks ever-increasing influence over their economy and politics. The leaders of those countries are forced to follow the line of the international bankers or they will be replaced.

The international bankers profit in several ways from the embargo. Firstly from the deposits by the OPEC countries, then from the earnings by the oil companies linked to the banks, and then from the influence upon them gained from this indebtedness. Naturally, the media put all the blame on the Arabs, nobody speaks of the real culprits, the international bankers who made the contracts with the Arabian oil countries.

Luckily there are still some relatively independent newspapers like the SPOTLIGHT in the U.S. and the Neue Solidaritat in Germany who at least report more about the Illuminati that others.

H: Now, readers, specifically you who have capability of influence and actually bringing change to this sad world and your own people of lineage, please listen up carefully.

GAIA offers the plan which can change all this greedy enslavement. There is enough gold in the Philippines alone to put a base under a global program. That can be shared, as well, globally. I petition you to join with your brethren and move forward, for your "time" is growing shorter and shorter before you are closed out of ability to function. In Southeast Asia the chaos of such as Indonesia, even Malaysia, is growing more and more severe and limiting. It is time to act NOW.

Thank you for your attention
Cmdr. Hatonn, GFFC

{I am called ATON – and it is important to you who recognize me, I am in Lighted company.}].


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In 1979, the hated Shah who got his power in 1953 aided by the CIA was chased from Iran by the revolution. Since as a rule most employees at a U.S. embassy are also CIA members, the Iranian rebels, who knew about that fact, in revenge took the U.S. (CIA) employees hostage. The CIA in turn retaliated by telling the leader of Iraq, SADDAM HUSSEIN, that this was a good time to invade Iran since the latter at this time was weakened (which was not necessarily true).

The invasion by Hussein was successful and the Iranian hostage-takers let Jimmy Carter know that they would free the hostages in exchange for arms. Since most of their arms bought during the Shah's time were from the U.S., they had to get ammunition and spares from the States, too. President CARTER however, refused this deal and at the same time started a secret mission with the CIA (Desert One) to free the hostages.


But the CIA did not exactly like Carter since he had instigated drastic cuts for the CIA. So an early opinion poll was launched to ascertain which candidate was more likely to win the next presidential elections – Carter or Reagan. The people voted for Carter. The CIA however, wanted Reagan and so they planned to sabotage the rescue mission DESERT ONE so President Carter would lose face.

At the same time WILLIAM CASEY, former CIA director and head of Reagan's election committee had established contact with Iran's revolutionary leader AYATOLLAH Khomeini. Casey told him that Reagan would carry the next election and that he could therefore deal with him as Reagan's representative. William Casey had a good reputation because he was instrumental in the building of the largest lorry manufacturer in the world, the Kama River Lorry Co. in the Soviet Union. Since Casey was also chairman of the Export Import Bank, Khomeini decided to collaborate with him.

In the third week of October 1980, GEORGE BUSH (Skull & Bones member and later U.S. President) and RICHARD ALLEN as Casey's representative met with the agents of the Iranian Hizbollah extremists at the Hotel Raphael in Paris. There it was agreed that the U.S. would transport arms to Iran via Israel and that the Iranians would free the hostages the moment Reagan was declared President. The first arms delivery was to take place two weeks later (in March 1981). [Really?]

The CIA's sabotage of Desert One planned by themselves was successful. The rescue mission failed and Carter was replaced by Reagan. The hostages were freed and the first arms delivery via Israel was made. Between July 24 and 27, 1981, the Israeli arms dealer Yaacov Nimrodi signed a 135 million dollar contract with Iran for the delivery of 50 land missiles, 50 mobile missiles and 68 Hawk anti-aircraft missiles.

Another deal that became known was that made by the Swiss arms dealer Stuart Allen McCafferty, who flew 360 tons of M-48 tank spares to Iran in a CI-44 freight plane chartered from the Argentine airline company Aereo Rioplatense. The whole thing cost them 27 million US$ and they made two successful flights from Israel to Iran. On July 18, 1983 the plane was shot down over Soviet Armenia by a Russian MIG-25 on its return flight from the third delivery.

These arms deals would hardly have been possible without GEORGE BUSH and Richard Allen.

In this case, too, the official media reports were far removed from what really occurred.

H: You should be ready, willing and able to see the foundation being laid for the PLAN for unlimited money which ultimately ends up as the asset held now by GAIA. This sucked in the very resource that could "back" such a major plan as presented by Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and under the total control of documents proving up the program as to participants and FUNDS – i.e., also gold backing where necessary until gold could be phased out as currency-backing requirements. Remember that the U.S. moved off the gold standard and it became final under Carter.


Then, only year-before-last, Switzerland removed itself from a gold standard and elected a Jewish woman as head of Switzerland. The rest is history, well tracked as uprisings came after Marcos had perfected the plan established and shipped out tons of gold and currency around the globe. Then Marcos was literally KIDNAPPED and instead of being flown home he was abducted to the U.S. (Hawaii). What happened in between? Well, Mr. Bush for his uses and for gaining untold assets in oil, etc., and even gold from Brunei, tried to take IT ALL.

When theft of the very corporation holding the asset established as Bonus 3392-181 was made, the holder converted, with witness, the asset certificate, fully valid prior to the Federal Reserve Act, to a CONTRACT fully qualified, owner identified, and registered under the law. The corporation, Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd. was reclaimed as well. It was found that the snatching of the corporation was done directly through the Secretary of State (Nevada) [Papas] with instructions from George Bush. This was a bad scene but was rectified through agreements to not prosecute. So be it.



At that time in history, readers, George Bush and Saddam Hussein were BUSINESS PARTNERS – even to the sharing of BANK ACCOUNTS of massive size. NOW GUESS WHO IS BACK IN POWER IN THE US? OH, SURELY NOT? OH, YES, SURELY SO! Everything and anything can be DENIED but it doesn't make it so. Wow! It is nice to have the Bushes in full view along with Skull and Bones of the New World Order.]


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Iraq had just come out of a senseless war with Iran that had no other reason than to enable international arms dealers to reap enormous profits. For in the beginning of the Eighties the U.S. had passed on to the Iraqis false intelligence (as just mentioned) indicating an easy and fast victory over Iran. This prolonged war however had dealt quite a blow to the Iraqi economy (a debt of US$ 65 million in 1989 alone). Next to the Soviet Union, France had been the main supplier of arms.

The time had come – according to Pike's letter the end phase – to ring in the third and last war. For this a trouble spot was needed in the Near East. This was cleverly planned, for in the Bible, in the Revelation, the last battle starts in the Near East. Thus those following the Bible and those believers not very well informed in geopolitical matters are misled. They would believe that this was God's judgment. But it isn't. It is the judgment by the Illuminati.

So it was planned to set a trap for SADDAM HUSSEIN. He should give England and the U.S. an excuse to intervene by military apparently to safeguard the world oil supply. In June of 1989, a delegation with Alan Stoga (KISSINGER ASSOCIATES LTD.), members of the board of the Bankers Trust, Mobil, Occidental Petroleum and others followed an invitation by Saddam Hussein to Baghdad.


The project at the center of discussions – the Badush Dam project, that within five years would have made Iraq independent of food imports – was turned down. The delegation insisted that first the national debt had to be paid up and thus the oil industry should be at least partly privatized. Saddam Hussein, of course, declined. By the end of 1989, the US$ 2.3 billion George Bush had promised Iraq were blocked (by the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro BNL).


Thus at the beginning of 1990 Iraq was cut off from all loans by Western banks. Now Sheik Al-Sabah, emir of Kuwait and friend of the English royal family entered the game. Up to now he had channeled money into Iraq, as bidden by London and Washington, to keep the eight-year war going that brought the arms dealers money and Israel political advantages. At the beginning, Kuwait was asked to dump cheap oil on the market despite signed OPEC treaties disallowing this. Several diplomatic advances by the other OPEC countries tried to keep Kuwait from continuing on this dangerous path, but without success.

In July 1990, the quarrels between Kuwait and Iraq escalated. At the Bilderberger meeting of June 6 to 9, 1990, the decision had been made that was delivered to Saddam Hussein on July 27, by April Glaspie, the American ambassador in Baghdad:

"The U.S. will not intervene in the argument between Kuwait and Iraq."

(The official minutes of this meeting were published after the beginning of the Gulf war.)

This, of course, gave Saddam the go-ahead. On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait. Naturally the ruling family had been forewarned by the CIA and had left the country, jewels and Rolls Royce and all.

The next six months saw the enactment of a well-staged play. On September 11, PRESIDENT BUSH ANNOUNCED HIS NEW WORLD ORDER. There were many meetings to avoid a war that had long since been decided. On so the U.S. troops entered the Gulf War on January 15, 1991.

James H. Webb, Marine supreme commander under Reagan, described the scenario:

"The aim of our presence on the Persian Gulf is to start off the NEW WORLD ORDER of the Bush Administration (an Illuminati puppet), and I don't like that at all."

Perhaps you would like to compare this with what was broadcast in the news at the time. William Cooper had announced the date of the invasion by U.S. troops one year before the beginning of the Gulf War. He had taken the information from secret papers to which he had had access during his time as Naval Intelligence officer. He announced that date during a workshop hat had been recorded on video, proving that he gave the date one year before the Gulf War.

That war had been planned and prepared long in advance, and so is the Third World War, whether you believe it or not.

H: This should all make it far easier to follow along with the Bonus certificate/contract as to Russell Herman's need to get some backup for his holdings. The thing was out of control and war was AT HAND. He was getting into such a corner as Bush demanded more and more backup and even, during that time, a demand was made to "underwrite" some US$ 35 TRILLION supposedly to be run through Saddam Hussein.

Why a war? Well, many things were evident at the time. A lot of funds had flowed clandestinely through "Bush" bank structures, there was need for funds to back a war, AND, NOT THE LEAST TO BE CONSIDERED WAS TO GET GOLD STASHED IN IRAQ.


Do you actually think inspectors have been in Iraq with metal detectors to find weapons? Come no, chelas, you are not THAT naοve.



It should be quite easy to see the need for transfers as made by Russell Herman who was by 1993 radiated TO DEATH STATUS to gain possession of the assets of what is now the GAIA asset – along with the other half still in point but having already met with successful assault against Herman's partner, V.K. Durham.


Russell Herman did, indeed, succumb in 1994 but not until after receiving heavy torture, abduction and finally, murder. Facts remain, however, that the entire "asset" was assigned over prior to Herman's death in 1994 – as of August 1993 with instructions even as to what the Alliance would be named.


When appropriate it was placed into corporate security and validated with proper notification to ALL parties of interest, including the Treasury of the U.S., the World Bank, the Federal Reserve (several branches thereof), the IMF and other interested parties, i.e., all the "Bushes", the Treasurer of the U.S. (who I remind you is paid BY THE IMF) and interested parties – through certified delivery to said parties.

Important parties were again notified at the time of the change of administrations THIS YEAR in the U.S. Thus proving intent and ongoing adherence to agreements as outlined by said parties.

We are NOT, I repeat, at war with anyone, including the IMF or George Bush for that matter.


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Des Griffin writes that the declaration made by Israeli parliament in July 1980, namely that Jerusalem was now the political capital of Israel, could be of utmost importance. Is this step in the direction towards a much more ambitious goal by the Zionist side? For years it has been an accepted fact that the Zionists planned to make Jerusalem the administrative center of the one world government.


This goal had been stated in 1962 by Israel's Prime Minister DAVID BEN-GURION. Any attempt to establish such a world alliance with Jerusalem as its center would surely start the Third World War that the top Illuminati Albert Pike had foretold in his letter to Mazzini. Pike said that this Third World War would start in the Near East, due to the enmity between the Arabs and the Israelis and that it would end in the founding of a world dictatorship.

The attitude of the international bankers towards the erection of such a global slave camp becomes evident in the words of JAMES WARBURG spoken before the Senate on February 17, 1950:

"We will have a World Government, whether we like it or not. The only question is whether this World Government will be reached by conquest or by consent.

According to William Cooper the Third World War is planned for the middle of 1996. He got this information from secret papers he had seen during his time as a Naval Intelligence officer. Thus it is planned to destroy one of the three largest American cities (New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles) with an atom bomb. Extremists from the Near East crisis area (Iraq?) will be blamed to have a reason to start the Third World War. Was the bomb that exploded at the World Trade Center perhaps just a test to see how the masses would react? Think about it!


Personally, I don't think that World War III will start in 1996, but I know that our "friends" had planned to make it happen by then, and they will try everything they can to get their world dictatorship as early as possible. I believe however, that things will work out quite a bit differently.


[H: Please keep in mind that most of this book was done in 1993 and put to press in 1995. Today is May 29, 2001]

World War III already started some forty years ago. But the war they fight is the silent war they always prefer. It's not a fight against a certain nation on this planet; it's a fight against the people on this planet. The Illuminati have been very successful in these last decades to enter every single house on this planet through television, radio, literature and food, to change people's attitudes towards them and towards their goals.


They radiate their ELF waves (refer to the chapter on weather control) upon you, and you don't even recognize that they are messing with your behavior and with your brain. That's what is really happening. But there is still a power on this planet (three-dimensional) that the Illuminati are very much afraid of – besides the loving forces from outer space and from the spirit realms who guide us every minute.

I spoke to a rabbi recently and confronted him with the question whether he knew that they wouldn't reach their goal but would lose everything, even their lives, and he said:


Nice attitude, isn't it?


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Russia and communism had fulfilled their tasks as bogeymen and could now be dissolved. With the Russian enemy the Western nations had been forced into alliances that put UN and NATO law above the national laws. Everything went smoothly. Now the time had come to unite the U.S. and the S.U. (Soviet Union) officially, although where capital and arms production was concerned, they were never really apart.

U.S. – S.U.: do you see the similarity? Accidental? Is it perhaps accidental, too, that both the Soviets and the U.S. not only use the program on all their arms, tanks and planes, but use it also as a state symbol (Red Star, Pentagon), and what about the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati which adorns the Great Seal of the U.S. and is at the center of the emblem of the Marxist regime?

H: I will note something right here as to those Journals (Phoenix) that were published by George Green through America West. Without focusing on it I will remind all of you readers who have those early books through America West to actually LOOK AT AMERICA WEST'S LOGO – IT IS A TRIANGLE WITH NO LESS THAN THREE OF THOSE ALL-SEEING EYES.

NEXT, IF YOU HAVE ACCESS, look at the logo of SPECTRUM and what do you find in a rather more subtle but more impressive way – an all-seeing beam from the triangle flowing directly from the lower point of the RED ray. This is another symbol of the Illuminati and is more specifically related symbolically to the Red Shield of the Rothschilds.


Do the persons involved know as much? Not all of them because they are too ego-centered to even consider such a thing. Where, however, does that put you who just tag along in your blindness?

Anyone who breaks the laws of God and/or of man in such games as Twin Flames, Soul Mates (for the express purpose of using another person), takes for self in ego-snatched proprietary property as well as hard product and property, including MONEY yet – is of Satan's workshop – and they are bound to WEAR A SIGN AND BEAR A CLUE. However, who YOU befriend and support is certainly your business – but don't be shocked when you are excluded from the door of those you injure in the process of same. You have to understand that the TRIANGLE has a most Godly meaning but a pyramid had quite another symbolic meaning as well as a prism having even greater meaning, most of which you would wish to deny in the open Light of Truth.]

Now it was once again Big Brother's turn to stage something. A world army was planned by the UN, after all.

The collapse of oil prices in 1986 had hit the Soviet planned economy very hard. Form the Seventies onwards oil export had been an important foreign exchange source for the Kremlin.


The earnings were just then going down when Gorbachev with his reforms promised more than he could keep. The resulting economic chaos was one of the reasons why Moscow relinquished liaisons to the Eastern European satellite states. Many Soviets counted on a reunited Germany as the ideal partner for the building of the Russian economy.

In November 1989 was when the Soviet rug was pulled from under the feet of East Germany. Under pressure by the refugees leaving via Hungary and the freedom movement on East Germany's streets the old GDR was dissolved within weeks. While outwardly the dramatic end of Communist tyranny was celebrated, the Illuminati had serious doubts about the success of a people's revolution in Eastern Europe. They were further alarmed by the prospect of an alternative to the U.S. economic policy developing in Germany.


Therefore the Anglo-American media was quickly given the key word FOURTH REICH. The political strategists in London and Washington saw long-term repercussions of German unity and a renewed, strong and eventually independent Germany only too clearly. They also realized the danger that the Project Germany might be successful – against the Illuminati's will – in raising and pulling along other countries because of the power and faith of 85 million people.

In the summer of 1990, the Thatcher government – according to London sources – bad the British Secret Service considerably strengthen its activities in Germany and to this end established a new Secret Service department. The Bush administration, too, took steps to strengthen its influence on German policy. An independent and positive development is not part of the plans of the Illuminati.

Thus, on November 30, 1989, Alfred Herrhausen, chairman of the Deutsche Bank and member of the Bilderberger group, was assassinated by professional killers (not the Red Brigade, the RAF – Rote Armee Fraktion!) Herrhausen was an important advisor to Kohl. A few days earlier, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he had talked about his plans for the rebuilding of East Germany. In one decade it should become Europe's most progressive industrial nation. He also talked about a funding program for Third World nations.


Apparently, Herrhausen had positioned himself against the system of the Establishment, which he had clearly stated at the BILDERBERG conference of 1988 and at a meeting of the "American Chamber of Commerce", also in 1988. Later the head of the Treuhand, Detlev Rohwedder, was also shot dead. An assassination attempt on Wolfgang Schauble failed to kill him. All attacks were linked to the rebuilding program in East Germany.

That the phantom of the Red Brigade had to take the blame in the killing of Herrhausen is close to a bad joke. Herrhausen was one of the most vulnerable personalities in Germany and special security arrangements had been made. The security department of the Deutsche Bank guarded his person, the police was responsible for patrolling the area where he lived and used for the observation of the residential area specially trained and equipped units of the Hessian mobile task force (MEK).


Despite this the assassins managed to dig a hole in the street in Bad Homburg, to lay a cable and resurface the road without anybody noticing. Chief Federal Prosecutor VON STAHL told the members of the Bundestag that the attack had been planned a week earlier and that the assassins had already installed almost all parts of the later bomb trap, including the cable subsequently identified as the lead to the fuse mechanism.

On the day of the attack the assassins installed a photoelectric barrier and positioned the bomb mounted on a bicycle so that Herrhausen's car had to pass immediately by it. All these preparations happened at a location that had been patrolled by the police just half an hour before without them noticing anything untoward.

This is remarkable, because a janitor of the swimming baths nearby had seen – about half an hour before the attack – some young men who acted conspicuously. In addition the trap would only work if Herrhausen's car would pass first through the photoelectric barrier, not preceded by another car.

The former president of the Bundeverfassungsschutz (the German secret service), DR. RICHARD MEIER, told the Bundestag (the German parliament) one week after the attack, that the car normally leading Herrhausen's three-car convoy had been called off. ( Had somebody from the RAF telephoned and said that the first car was hindering the assassination?)

Another peculiarity thought out by the assassins which points to a lot of experience in handling military explosives in the fact that the bomb was fashioned as a hollow charge. This had the effect of the shock wave being directional instead of uniformly extending all around. The building of this bomb as well as the knowledge of the weak points of the armored Mercedes car with the opening side windows about which only a small circle of security specialists who had seen the pertinent test results knew: all this cannot by any stretch of the imagination be blamed on the RAF terrorists or any other beginners.


The security service could not find any useful leads at the site of the attack what would enable them to point to any group of perpetrators. A piece of paper with a five-pointed star, a picture of a Heckler & Koch submachine gun with RAF stenciled on and the words "Kommando Wolfgang Beer" had been left behind which, however, did not lead anywhere. As with all the other attacks apparently made by an RAF since the arrest of the so-called second RAF generation around Christian Klar and the now well-known disappearing of part of the terrorists in the former GDR since 1984, there was and is not a single proof of an actually existing leftist terrorist group that can legitimately be called RAF.


There are no fingerprints, no saliva on cigarette stubs, no hair nor any other useful leads to the perpetrators who for nine years now have been bombing, shooting and recently expertly blew up a prison. The letter claiming responsibility in the Herrhausen case was so flimsy that the former Federal Minister of the Interior SCHAUBLE criticized that the contents of the letter were curiously at odds with the severity and technical perfection of the assassination. There is a desperate lack of proofs or even hints and clues of a terrorist organization RAF, still the security service of Germany is holding on to the theory of an RAF committing these crimes.

On July 1, 1992 the authors of a German TV report in Brennpunkt (focus) titled The End of the RAF Legend showed the results of their research. They postulated that the so-called third generation RAF that was officially blamed for these attacks existed only as a legend that was no longer tenable. The Brennpunkt authors Wolfgang Landgraeber, Ekkehard Sieker and Gerhard Wisnewski elaborated on their thesis in their book about the RAF Phantom (Knaur Verlag). Their main arguments:

Contrary to the first (Meinhof, Baader, Enslin) and the second (Susanne Albrecht, Christian Klar) RAF generations the so-called third generation leaves "not even a hint of a clue" at the scene of the crime.

The persons counted among the third generation (e.g. Christian Seidler) all disappeared without a trace in the mid-Eighties without any sign of life ever emerging since.

The cells being commanded by terrorists in prison is doubted if not outright excluded by specialists. The command level had to be elsewhere.

The only clues from which the perpetration by the RAF had been deduced were the letters claiming responsibility that were deemed authentic by the Federal Secret Service. The methods used to reach this verdict are not above doubt, however.

The main point in the program was an interview with the principal witness of the Herrhausen case, Siegried Nonne who now retracted his statement of January 1992. He said that he had been forced by members of the Hessian office responsible for defending the constitution threatening him with imprisonment and murder to make the false statement of having harbored the perpetrators in his apartment in Bad Homburg and to have helped them prepare the assassination of Alfred Herrhausen.

The TV team reached the conclusions that the third generation RAF were a phantom artificially kept alive to mislead the population. Further there was the suspicion that the political powers of the Federal Republic of German had not only tolerated but fostered outright the disappearances of a large section of RAF members in the former GDR in the late Seventies and early Eighties.

It is probable that not only the secret services of the Allies but also the German authorities had known that these former RAF members had gone underground in the GDR. The public however was led to believe that these people still shown on "Wanted" posters had something to do with the attacks in the Eighties. In the most recent attack that the so-called RAF claimed having perpetrated was the expert detonation of the prison building at Weiterstadt, everything was as usual: just a paper with the RAF emblem and the commando name, otherwise no clues, no mistakes, no witnesses.

The Italian journalist Cipriani had interviewed the former American Air Force colonel Fletcher Prouty who finds the key to Herrhausen's assassination in the first eleven pages of a speech Herrhausen was going to deliver in the U.S. four days after his murder. It contained Herrhuasen's vision of a new evaluation of the situation between Eastern and Western Europe which would have changed the destiny of the world.


Colonel Prouty said in the interview further that Alfred Herrhausen, John F. Kennedy, Aldo Moro, Enrico Mattei and Olof Palme had all been murdered for the same reason – because they did not accept the world being controlled by the condominum of Yalta. In every case it had been the deed of a small elite [group] that saw their power founded upon the idea of a "pax mondiale" (world peace) threatened.

Remarks on Today's Situation:

The purposefully staged wave of asylum-seekers arriving in Germany forms part of the elite's plan for a New World Order. It is used to build up hostility to foreigners, xenophobia, in Germany. Thus the right-wing political parties would get more adherents and acts of violence by right-wingers towards asylum-seekers and the handicapped would increase to justify the propaganda slogan "Fourth Reich" disseminated by the Anglo-American Establishment.

Since the reunification of the two German nations and the demise of the order of Versailles and Yalta, the political class of Germany refused to openly stand up against the geopolitically motivated propaganda of a Rise of a Fourth Reich. Quite on the contrary:

Some forces, e.g. the chairman of the European Trilateral Commission, OTTO GRAF LAMBSDORFF, follow political-economically the same aggressive course with the same effect as the objectives of the geopoliticians – no infringement on the failed politics by the IMF, the holding at bat of German initiatives.

The outbursts of Mr. Peter Glotz, one of the SPD leaders, against the condemnation of the Serbian aggression in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung bear witness to the geopolitical views within Germany. The geopolitically aligned nations (England, France and the U.S.) would like a second Near East, an open wound in the southern flank of Europe (war in Yugoslavia), to stop an eventual Eurasian reform which would be centered on closer collaboration with Russia, France and Germany. If one country can influence the events in Eastern Europe, then that country is Germany.

Under these political guidelines all efforts contravening this plan, e.g. the German economic development endeavors towards the East, have to be thwarted at all cost. The vulnerability and weakness of Chancellor Kohl and his government could not have been better demonstrated before the world than by the fact that in the same month the wall came down, Dr. Alfred Herrhausen, speaker of the board of the Deutsche Bank fell victim to a terrorist attack whose instigators and executors remain unknown until today and can walk free without fear of persecution.

Strategically far-sighted, Alfred Herrhausen had proposed for quite some time a remission of debt for developing countries, especially in the year of the crash of 1987. But in the eyes of his enemies his proposals were absolutely unbearable, since besides the remission he now also asked for an economic development plan for Eastern Europe. Herrhausen spoke of a Polish development bank modeled after the Credit Bank for Reconstruction. Here Herrhausen contravened – not just in the eyes of Colonel Prouty – the unwritten laws by the Londoner and New Yorker monetary power groups and so got caught in the terrorist net of his enemies.

At the significant moment of the collapse of the Communist system in the East, Chancellor Kohl failed to instigate a global change of direction towards a real rebuilding plan for the East. This would have necessitated a bread with the predominant financial circles at home and abroad and would have fundamentally influenced the traditional power structures of the old victorious powers. According to Der Spiegel, Chancellor Kohl said after the murder of Herrhausen that he had lost a strategically thinking close advisor and that now petty minds dominated in most of Germany.

Following this terrible deed Kohl and his government did not dare to expose the reasons for the crime to the public and to motivate police and investigators in such a way that the murderers and the men behind would be caught, their motives established and their deed atoned. Instead, the public was told something about a "third RAF generation", supported in part with false testimony.

Four years after the assassination of Herrhausen the void he left is very apparent. Entrepreneurs and leaders in economy, science and research avow that, even if the need for a La Rouche development plan in the "production triangle" of Paris-Berlin-Vienna, with extensive infrastructural measures in the energy, traffic and water-supply sectors is recognized as the motor of a Eurasian upswing, no one would now, after the killing of Herrhausen, risk his or her head for programs which are recognized as being correct, with which run counter to the predominant monetary power ideology.

The murders of Herrhausen and Rohwedder have given those political trends in Germany a boost which stand for an economic "going for broke" policy patterned after the worst free trade doctrine. Now, after the first strike waves in sixty years had hit the new German states some begin to realize the extent and devastating effects of the economic ruination policy. Now Germany has close to four million unemployed, four hundred thousand of them youths. The economic research institute Prognos expect unemployment to rise 17%, around 7.5 million.

The outbreaks of violence, especially aimed at foreigners, but also against the handicapped and the homeless, that in 1992 had caused the deaths of seventeen people, seven of which were foreigners, are seen by the press that had talked about the threat of Fourth Reich before as confirmation for their thesis of a flare-up of neo-Nazism.

The federal government had tried to correct this distorted image with differentiated reports. Since autumn 1992 more than three million Germans and foreigners have taken to the streets to demonstrate with lit candles for solidarity against xenophobia.

Who are the culprits? More than 70% of the accused are under twenty. They had grown up in the West in the time after the educational reform by Willy Brandt, raised by parents who themselves had still felt the effects of the teachings by the "Frankfurter Schule" in school, on the radio or in television. The largest number of the crimes considered right-extremist were committed in North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populated state (more than 500), followed by Baden-Wurttemberg (more than 250) and Brandenburg (229).

The distorted picture that was propagandistically disseminated at home and abroad shows the geopolitical intention (the weakening of rebuilding impulses towards the East) as well as pure hypocrisy.

With the aid of official documents and topical interviews with leading American neo-Nazis and KKK members it is possible to trace back how for many years, in fact since the Seventies, Germany had been a very busy playground for these racists and skinheads from America.


It is shocking to note that the activities of the NSDAP/AO (Neo-Socialist German Worker's Party/Exterior and Planning Organization) of the American GARY REX LAUCK and his German cronies – MICHAEL KUHNEN who died of AIDS was a close party supporter of Lauck – can until today work across the ocean unhindered by American authorities or custom and frontier controls, despite ever more signs are surfacing pointing to some secret service helping hand in establishing the violent neo-Nazi scene in Germany and in the U.S.

This development and its counterpart, the ANTIFA – Potential der Autocomen (Potential of the Autonomous) are instruments of the strategy of tensions against Germany's inner and out[er] peace. The VVN (Vereinigung der Verfolgten des naziregimes – Association of those Persecuted by the Nazi Regime) that ad been directly financed by the Stasi and the old GDR now works directly with the BdA (Bund dero Antifaschisten – Alliance of Anti-Fascists) and set themselves up as spearheading the anti-fascist fight.

As you can see, the Illuminati here again have financed both sides, in the best Machiavellian manner, and so control them both. On the one side the chain leads from the Scottish Rite of Masonry (Mossad, KKK, B'nai B'rith, Anti-Defamation League -ADL, NSDAP/AO) to the German neo-Nazi and skinhead scene and on the other side the Stasi network controlled by the Communist system that extends into Antifa and left extremist scenes.


The GESINNUNGSGEMEINSCHAFT DER NEUEN FRONT (GdnF's Interest Group of the New Front) founded by Kuhnen in 1977 with its 400-odd members is one of the most important groups of specialists who is closely linked to the NSDAP/AO. A large portion of the propaganda material of the FAP (Freie Deutsch Arbeiterpartei – Free German Worker's Party) recently banned, came from the NSDAP/AO.

There are more interesting links to be uncovered. The leader of the English skin rock band SCREWDRIVER, Ian Stuart, for instance, works with the BRITISH NATIONAL FRONT. Until 1985 they belonged to the WHITE NOISE CLUB of the British National Front in which racist English skinhead bands grouped themselves. In 1985 Ian Stuart founded the BLOOD & HONOUR movement through which they disseminated the "White Power" idea of the Ku Klux Klan. But not only skin rock banks formed part of that group of specialists.


The satanic band KISS (King's In Satan's Service) who openly profess to Satanism and who wrote the double-s in the shape of the SS-runes until they were prohibited to do so) is in direct contact with Anton LaVey's CHURCH OF SATAN, the biggest official satanic church in the world. The Church of Satan had in the past built very close relationships with English and American satanic rock groups. The British group BLACK SABBATH with the singer Ozzie Osbourne for instance, had been supported by them. The ROLLING STONES, too, had close links with the Church of Satan.

The neo-Nazi and Satanist MICHAEL AQUINO is the leader of the Satanist sect TEMPLE OF SETH that came out of the Church of Satan.

In the Sixties and Seventies he had been officer of psychological warfare in the U.S. armed forces, also author, philosopher and historian for the Church of Satan. In 1981 lieutenant colonel Aquino was EUROPEAN ADVISOR on the American general staff. The same Aquino held a satanic ceremony on Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, where SS leader Heinrich Himmler had a room installed for black masses.

In order to perform his present function as Satanist and right-wing radical within the U.S. army he had to form a better controlled group that went further than the Church of Satan:


Aquino, who is also involved with sexual and satanic child abuse, the neo-Nazi Gary Rex Lauck and the right-wing radical Anton Szandor LaVey as well as Michael Kuhnen are closely linked with the present Grand Dragon of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, DENNIS MAHON (all those mentioned are also homosexuals, by the way). And via Aquino they all are linked to the already mentioned TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE for psychological warfare in Sussex, England.

MONTAGU NORMAN, head of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944, who had supported the rise of HJALMAR SCHACHT and thereby of Hitler, was – according to his own statements – also Hitler's best friend. Norman was also a wild mystic, a theosophist and often prone to frequent psychotic attacks. Towards the end of the war Norman withdrew from the Bank of England and devoted his time to working for the World Association Against Mental Illness. He appointed Brigadier JOHN RAWLINGS REES as president of the association.

Norman's wife was a fanatical racist and sat on the BRITISH HEALTH BOARD. Brigadier Rees, head of the department of psychological warfare in the British army, was the head of the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE in England. It was thanks to this kind of supporters that the nightmare of the Nazi study of race and their world-view could survive in the West. Many Serbian commanders who these days order ethnic cleansing and mass rape in Bosnia-Herzegovina have psychiatric training from the Tavistock Institute, among others.

H: No, it isn't a pretty picture, is it? How many people do you know who can name all those 'nice' rock bands and heavy metal personalities? I know quite a few that YOU know very well. Why do you think the concerts and sports events pack in the crowds of outrageous size and hyper-active individuals having a little snort or puff or whatever else is handy to "enjoy" whatever event is being played out before their eyes, ears and brains? Your own children, perchance?

How about some of our "old partners" in our own project? Satan always finds a way to trap the unsuspecting. One deviation of lifestyle from the considered "normal" and you've been captured – for you, in defending self, have a real ego-surge.
We are making great headway, students, so don't chomp too heavily on the bits or the harness.]


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The developments around the campaign of conquest the Serbs started in 1991 would not have been possible without the backing of Moscow and by the Bush administration. The U.S. deputy secretary of state at the time, LAWRENCE EAGLEBURGER, a prominent partner in the consulting firm KISSINGER ASSOCIATES, together with another Kiss Ass partner, LORD CARRINGTON, saw to it that Belgrade got a free hand for ethnic cleansing and genocide. At the same time mechanisms for massive illegal money transfers to Belgrade were set up to finance this campaign and to pay for the import of arms, oil and other goods.

In the last two years private banks in Belgrade surprised with interest offers of 15% per month for foreign currency and of 200% for Dinar deposits, in view of a yearly inflation of 2,000%. Considering the massive unemployment and the large number of people without income, this interest offer looked like a political trick to counteract the growing discontent in the populace about the economic hardships the war brought them.


An observer said:

"Somebody is financing a covert welfare system."

Some aspects of these practices came to light when in March 1993 the Belgrade banker Jesdomir Vasiljevic, the head of the JUGOSKANDIC BANK, cleared off to Israel. The press disclosed that this bank had almost 4 million accounts with deposits of almost 2 billion US$. Where did these sums come from? [H: DO WE REALLY NEED TO ASK?] Before the war Yugoslavia had had a flourishing tourist trade and an armaments industry manufacturing mainly light arms for export, but after the repayment of 14 billion US$ in foreign debt there was not much left over. Tourism has since foundered and the arms production is used in the war.

The Serbian government also profits from the spoils from the conquered areas, but this, too, is little compared to the actual need. Russian oil, and arms are delivered only against cash. Western oil, e.g. from the MOBIL OIL refinery at Thessaloniki in Greece enters the country at black market prices that can be 400% above the market value.

With its role in the drug trade via the Balkan route, Belgrade had got access to the off-shore money laundering system, and this is where the source of the funds is to be found. The growing activities by the SERBIAN MAFIA steered from Belgrade in Western Europe is surely another one. In Belgrade there is a school for burglary which obviously is protected by the secret services and whose graduates are posted all over Europe where they hand the stolen goods to a well-organized network of receivers.


Yet it is difficult to imagine that this money source should suffice to meet the Serbian war bill, even considering the growing importance of the Serbian Mafia on the Western European drug market. Clueless commentators had repeatedly compared the practices by the JUGOSKANDIC and its most important competitor, the DAFIMENT BANK, to the usual investment swindlers who promise regular high interest payments on real estate and other investments to pull the money out of the people's pocket.

But reality is different. It is not small Serbia that is getting the funds out of the big shots on the international hot money markets. The same powers that gave the green light for the war also arranged the financing. Serbia is not organizing this flow of funds; it is its beneficiary. There are arrangements where local banks in Belgrade or offshore channels have been used – for a fee – to launder on a monthly basis part of the cash income from the international drug trade. Belgrade's profits were not bad at all. Standard interest for laundering is between 3 and 7%, but in view of the enormous sums made in the world-wide drug trade dealers can pay up to 30% without smarting.

Israel Kelman from Tel Aviv holds 25% of the stock of Defina Milanovic's DAFIMENT BANK in Belgrade. The fact that Vasiljevic of the JUGOSKANDIC cleared off to Israel points to his key role in the war financing technique inspired by Anglo-American interests. In a similar way, the U.S. banks had saved themselves from bankruptcy by a massive infusion of drug money in the 1982 Latin-American debt crisis.


This has little to do with a free-market economy. According to German police sources it was learned, while investigating the Serbian Mafioso in Germany that, Belgrade did not offer any international police co-operation and therefore is probably an easier place to launder money than Switzerland. Cyprus, a well-developed offshore banking center, is the most important operating base for the bankers of Belgrade.

The obviously successful financing of the war that was effected by financial interests behind EAGLEBURGER and CARRINGTON (Committee of 300) is not due to excessive secrecy, but to inactivity by the West. After observing the activities of the Belgrade banks for eighteen months, everyone including the diplomats there knew that something was amiss. It was known the banks were represented on Cyprus.


Nothing was done, although the UN sanctions also included financial transfers to Serbia with the exception of funds for medical and other humanitarian purposes. Only in April of 1993 it was admitted by the UN sanctions committee that one had neglected to consult the Cypriot administration about the Serbian banking connections. There had been "too little concrete information".


The banker Vasiljevic had spent fifteen to twenty years abroad, predominantly in Australia and was well-known for his dealing in the "war zones of the Far East", as the British Observer put it.


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The Illuminati have the world in their grip, through the international bankers together with the elite societies mentioned and the empires built by them. They are in the process of strengthening their possession of this planet. Their main means of control are the national debts. And then there is the international police force to keep independent nations like Libya and Iran at bay – the UN troops.


Because Libya is independent of international control it remains a challenge for the New World Order. MUAMMAR AL-QADDAFI is presented in the media as a terrorist to justify aggression towards Libya. Brainwashing once again!



His opponent in the 1992 presidential election, BILL CLINTON, is a member of the CFR, of the Bilderbergers and a life-long member of the Masonic Order of De Molay. Since the early Eighties Clinton is also a member of the Trilateral Commission.


His closest advisors with the best chances at leading positions in the administration also come from the Trilateral Commission: His foremost economic advisor Felix Rohatyn from the New York banking house Lazard Brothers, Paul Volcker, under Carter head of the Federal Reserve Board, Robert Hormats from the New York bank Goldman Sachs, and advisor for trade Paul Stern and his advisor on foreign policy, Warren Christopher. Also included in the closer team are leading personalities of the CFR and the Brookings Institute.


The bankers Peter Petersen, Robert Rubin, and Roger Altman are the most important among them. This means that both opponents are 100% Illuminati collaborators and the U.S. citizens were now called upon to choose between the two. This strongly reminds us of elections of the Socialist Unity Party in East Germany.

The same goes for Germany and its Chancellor: Willy Brandt was a member of the Committee of 300 and of the Bilderbergers, Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl both are members of the Bilderbergers. Bjorn Engholm is also with the Bilderbergers and with the DGAP, and if he had not stepped down he would have been Kohl's opponent in the Chancellor election.

The U.S. government is recognizing the UN charter as "law of the world". The founding of a One World Government recognized by all nations of the world is very near (see No. 9 of the Protocols).

The Russian coup, too, was a success. Boris Yeltsin took over from Gorbachev. The so-called breaking up of the Soviet Union is actually just a name-change. The military apparatus has not only remained the same, it actually became mightier than ever before.


One of the last deeds by Bush was a US$ 12 million financial "injection" to enlarge the military machine. Have you not noticed that despite the huge sums that also Clinton is sending, the people are still starving? Do you know what could be ameliorated with these sums? But all goes to the arms production and the secret services. According to the Vertauliche Mitteilungen (Confidential Reports) of October 12, 1993, arms exports by Russia have fallen by only 1.8 billion dollars. That is only about 6% of the $26 billion exports reached in the peak year 1986.

When the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) will be united with the U.S. Army in the UN troops, people will believe that the two largest super powers who for decades had been enemies (in reality they never were) would unite. Other nations will join voluntarily or they will be coerced by the future world army.

Eduard Shevardnadze, former Georgian minister for international affairs and major general of the KGB involved in torture and political suppression, is suddenly a close friend of U.S. Secretary of State James Baker and was proposed by the mass media, e.g. the New York Times, as secretary general of the UN (That takes the biscuit!)

The IMF is increasingly becoming the driving force in the local economies of the states of the Commonwealth. Under its guidance the price of petrol has risen from 4 Rubles to 30 Rubles a gallon in April 1992. The congress of Russian deputies is on the verge of protest against the IMF because Russia is already in a miserable state.

As mentioned previously, the war in Yugoslavia is also part of the scenario of the Illuminati.


A "second Near East" in the southern flank of Europe is wished for, to prevent a possible Eurasian reordering. Should Germany try to get out from under the control by the Illuminati it could easily be stopped by an attack by the Serbs. In the Greater Serbian propaganda Germany has already been named the number one enemy.

To lend more credence to this I would like to quote from the Vertauliche Mitteilungen of July 20, 1993:

"In the former Olympic Village in Pale, near Sarajevo, an enigmatic British personality has been allotted one of the nicest apartments next door to the office of the Serbian leader KARADJIC. We speak of SIR ALFRET SHERMAN.

"In Great Britain Sherman is known as the 'inventor of Margaret Thatcher'. When the Conservatives were in a crisis following the departure of Edward Heath, it was Sherman who proposed the subsequently very successful Prime Minister as party leader. Together with Margaret Thatcher he founded the Center for Policy Studies. Mrs. Thatcher got Sherman knighted – it is said out of gratefulness.

"Formally Sherman appeared in Pale as a PR advisor to Karadjic. Actually the leader of the Serbs co-ordinates all his political moves with Sherman. Local observers say that not a day goes by without Karadjic and Sherman conferring."

The BILDERBERGERS are one of the mightiest organizations of internationalists who work towards a One World Government, and they keep so secret that some members of the Bundestag still maintain that they do not exist, whether this be pig-headed ignorance or active covering-up notwithstanding.

In May 1973, at the meeting in Salsjobaden in Sweden (estate owned by the Swedish bankers family Wallenberg) 84 participants aimed at restoring the dwindling predominance of the Anglo-American financial interests and to return to them the control of the world-wide financial transactions. To this end they reverted to a well-tried oil weapon and decided to raise the price by 400%, to support the U.S. currency with the petrol-dollars, which is just what happened. (Spotlight)

It is perhaps interesting to note that the organizer of the Saltsjobaden meeting was ROBERT D. MURPHY. He has an interesting past history: Robert D. Murphy as consul general of the U.S. had met Hitler for the first time in 1922 and had sent a very favorable report to Washington about the meeting and Hitler's capabilities.


The same Murphy worked in 1944 as political advisor to the U.S. government for Germany and in 1945 as political advisor at the U.S. military government in Germany.

In 1988 the meeting was held in Telfz near Innsbruck, Austria, and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was attending.
From June 6 to 9, 1990 the Bilderbergers met in Baden-Baden, Germany. One of the topics was the Marshall plan that proposed a 100 billion dollar assistance to the CIA and in return demanded that the CIS states adopt the free-market rules. Here it was also decided for Saddam to invade Kuwait.

The last meeting I know about was held on May 20, 1992, at the Hotel Ermitage in Evian, France. The main topic at this meeting was the Agenda 2000, the world government planned for the year 2000.

As you can see, this subject is very topical, even if outwardly it does not appear to be so. I would like to interject here that WILLY BRANDT, the deceased Jewish ex-chancellor, a member of the Bilderbergers and of the Committee of 300, had written a book called Nord-Sud, ein Uberlebensprogramm (North-South, a Program for Survival), where he describes a world government by the UN (by the year 2000).


And it is also interesting to note that the UN-banner has the same colors as the banner of Israel! Remember, the Illuminati speak in symbols!

The ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL) by the B'NAI B'RITH is a non-accredited foreign agency for Israel, who in the last years has leveled may charges against researchers, especially against Spotlight.


It collaborates with the SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY, which could explain why they are such strong supporters of the Albert Pike memorial and so strongly opposed to economic scientist and repeated presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.


From January 29, 1989, LaRouche was a political prisoner in Minnesota after having been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in a judicial scandal staged by the American establishment. He was however freed in 1994.

In the eyes of the Illuminati, LaRouche had become a very awkward adversary since he discovered and laid open the entanglements between the establishment, the Ku Klux Klan, the ADL, the B'nai B'rith, the Scottish Rite, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission…etc.


From the large-scale propaganda by the ADL against LaRouche most know him as a right-wing extremist, although he is the main advocate for the removal of Albert Pike's statue in Washington.

Gary Allen writes:

"One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is that the Rothschilds were Jewish. Anti-Semites have played into the hands of the conspiracy by trying to portray the entire conspiracy as Jewish. Nothing could be farther from the truth.


The traditionally Anglo-Saxon J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller international banking institutions have played a key role in the conspiracy. But there is no denying the importance of the Rothschilds and their satellites. However, it is just as unreasonable and immoral to blame all Jews for the crimes of the Rothschilds as it is to hold all Baptists accountable for the crimes of the Rockefellers.

"The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organization called the Anti-Defamation League as an instrument to try to convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds or their allies is an attack on all Jews. In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the subject taboo within universities.

"Any individual or book exploring this subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of ADL communities all over the country. The ADL has never let truth or logic interfere with its highly professional smear jobs. Actually, nobody has a right to be more angry at the Rothschilds clique than their fellow Jews. The Warburgs, part of the Rothschilds empire, helped finance Adolf Hitler…."

(None Dare Call it Conspiracy)

Here we should also look at JAPAN.


For many experts Japan is the country that is best prepared for the global changes of the next century brought about by technology. The fact that Japanese managers are represented in the TRILATERAL COMMISSION does not mean that Japan is 100% infiltrated.


The Japanese elite itself is very strongly interlaced with secret lodges that the Anglo-American multinationals so for have only had very limited influence on the Japanese economy. This is expressed very clearly in the book The Japan that Can Say NO by SONY boss AKIO MORITA and the leading Japanese politician SHINTARO ISHIHARA.


The book intended only for the Japanese has quite an explosive power. It characterizes America as the unloved friend, as a racist country and it hints at Japan planning to retaliate for the capitulation conditions forced upon it. The authors describe the U.S. from a Japanese viewpoint as a tottering, rotting, dying colossus, mortally wounded under its star-spangled banner serving as a shroud.


According to them Japan has de facto forced the American economic system to capitulate. Ishihara and Morita openly state in their book what hitherto Japanese businessmen only dared voice in private circles and on the quiet:

"During the Second World War the U.S. air force bombarded civil targets in Germany, but only on Japan which was ready to capitulate atom bombs were dropped for testing reasons. This was a terrible case of racism."

This enforces statements by some leading Japanese personalities that destruction of the American economy was targeted as retaliation for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


It was said:

"Japan is at war with the U.S. We will conquer America economically and retaliate for the loss of face in the Pacific caused to us by the U.S.! (C.O.D.E. No. 2 February 1990)

[H: And, just what do you think they are about NOW?]

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal in September 1991 almost one third of the world's 100 largest banks and four of five leading insurance companies are Japanese. A large portion of New Zealand real estate, most hotels and big companies on the Australian east coast and a large part of Canadian forest belong to the Japanese.


Just how far the Japanese are actually controlled and used by the Illuminati the future will show. A further organization that presents an outward picture at variance with what it actually goes on is the USAID.


According to Anton Chaitkin and Jessica Primack in A Strategy of Tension USAID not only serves as a traditional cover for spy operations by the CIA, but it is also largely responsible for Anglo-American interventions in all parts of the world. There is for instance a USAID program with a 300 million dollar budget for birth control in third world countries whose main mission is the sterilization of colored population.


Another personality of international influence is French president FRANCOIS MITTERAND who is grand master of the Grand Orient Masonic lodge. This is the largest lodge of France. He is also a member of the Committee of 300.

On the subject of Freemasons and also of Church Christians I would like to state here that perhaps 90% of the members of these organizations are used by the elites and have not an inkling of what happens in the upper echelons. The same goes for the Lions Club, the Rotary Club (Rotary International was founded in 1905 by the high degree Mason Paul Harris on behalf of the B'nai B'rith lodge in Chicago, Lions International was founded by the B'nai B'rith in Chicago in 1917. See C.O.D.E. 1/88).

In the lower degrees of the hierarchy these organizations are much into social work and present really good programs. The normal Freemason or Church Christian are normal people trying to give their presence a positive impulse to daily life. At least most try hard to give that impression (what can be seen in Northern Ireland by the Christians killing each other off).


What goes on with a person becomes often only evident after prolonged observation.

"By the fruits ye shall know them."

In principle though one can say that the higher in the pyramid (hierarchy) you climb, to where the real secrets are kept, the more one finds the opposite of the beginning grades. Jacob Schiff was a high member of the B'nai B'rith and the secret advisor behind the Bolshevik revolution.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Grand Master of Freemasons, had during his tenure started so many programs but he was also the man who pulled the U.S. into the Second World War and helped plan the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was also he who conspired in "three great meetings" with Churchill and Stalin to sell Eastern Europe to the communists.


As you can see, secrecy is a very effective and often used instrument.


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