FREEMASONRY is one of the oldest organizations still in existence today. Papyrus scrolls that were found in 1888 in excavations in the Libyan desert describe secret meetings of similar groups 2000 B.C. These brotherhoods had already been involved in the building of the Temple of Solomon and fulfilled then their functions similar to today’s unions, yet they already had a mystical tradition.


The objective of Masonry is given as the inner transformation through spiritual perfection in reverence of God. Since Freemasons belong to different religions, they call this God the “Great Builder of All Worlds”.

Further references are found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the God Thoth who had been their Grand Master. “Grand Master” is the usual title for the highest leaders. The spiritual knowledge of the Freemasons had been replaced by symbols, allegories and rituals which served communication. (A secret language with symbols, e.g., the Masonic ritual handshake, the pyramid, the pentagram, the use of the numbers 3, 7, 13 and 33 in coats of arms, emblems and today in company logos and names.)

The most important symbol in many organizations, including Freemasonry, is the apron. The apron, which at the outset was simple and unadorned, was replaced by the PRIESTHOOD OF MELCHIZEDEK around 2200 B.C. by a white lambskin and is still used like that today. In ancient Egypt, the Gods, who according to old traditions were flying the “Divine Ships”, were represented in temple paintings with the apron.


Later, the priests wore the apron as a sign of devotion to the “flying Gods” and as a sign of authority, representing the Gods over the people. The members of the “BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE” already wore the apron around 3400 B.C. to show their submission to the Gods who came from heaven in “flying wheels”. It is doubtful that the lower grades of the different lodges today know the initial use of the apron.

Before 1307 the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR – together with the KNIGHTS OF ST. JOHN OF JERUSALEM and in part the TEUTONIC KNIGHTS (these two were originally charitable orders) – were leading organizations behind the crusades against the Muslims. Although these orders were inimical to each other, they fought together for Christianity.

It is no coincidence that there is vagueness about the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR and their historical and occult background, for this uncertainty was established purposefully – especially during the past 150 years. The secret about the Templars would not be if it had not been made to be by circles and powers who had and have an understandable interest – from their point of view – to keep the truth in obscurity.

Thus it came to pass that the Templars shared a common destiny with their Lord Jesus Christ: As the latter’s teachings had been perverted and reversed when the Old Testament he had vehemently fought against was added to the Christian doctrine, so was the spirit of the Order of the Templars also turned. In both cases the central point of the falsification was the same. In recent times several “neo-pseudo Templar orders” have sprung up. Among these you certainly find people of good intent, but also charlatans and servants of exactly that spirit the old Templars had fought. An amalgamation of the name and spirit of the Templars with components of Freemasonry is utterly grotesque, yet it was done (the Knights Templar degree in the York Rite).

Two very pious men stood at the outset of the Order of the Knights Templar: Hugues of Payens and Geoffroy de St. Omer, a Frank and a Norman. They collected a group of friends spirited by a faith typical of the Middle Ages, a faith so powerful that we can hardly imagine it today. Christmas 1117 this small circle decided to form a group for the protection of pilgrims in Jerusalem. It was their only wish to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and the faith. The group, now grown to nine knights, stood rather alone – they had no protection, nor adequate funds.

Next spring the group went to Baldwin I, Latin king of Jerusalem, and to the patriarch. Their intent was lauded, and – after having lived in the “German House”, a hospital run by Germans – they were soon given quarters on the ancient site of the Temple. And although this earned them the name of KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, they always understood themselves to be the BROTHERS OF THE TRUE TEMPLE OF Christ by which they meant to INNER TEMPLE OF THE SOUL.

The history of the Templars would be quite different and probably rather unimportant had they no discovered in the ruins of the Temple a rather remarkable find the Knights did not at first know what to do with: These were remains of Hebrew writings, small scraps really, but whose contents would soon become of utmost importance to the Templars and the Order’s history from then on.


These scraps were sent to the erudite Etienne Harding who got them translated. And this became the impetus for all that followed. The find proved to be fragments of statements by Jewish eschaimin (spies) who, at the order of the priesthood, reported on the actions of the “cursed mamzer (son of a whore) Jesus” and his “blasphemy against the God of Israel”. And the contents of these reports conflicted absolutely with what was commonly preached!

According to them, Jesus called the Hebrew GodJAHVEH” Satan and reproached the Jews for having made the devil himself into their only God. Traces of this can still be found in the Gospel of John in the New Testament, where Jesus tells the Jews “You belong to your father, the devil…” (John 8:44). There had to have been an immense falsification of the teachings of Christ!

To understand the profound shock that hit the Templars, one has to think of their strong faith. The God that the Church taught as “Father of Christ” was, in Jesus’ own words, the devil whom to fight he had come to Earth! A study of the Bible soon revealed to the common sense of the simple Templars that the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament were diametrically opposed and therefore could never belong together.


Furthermore, the Jews never called their God “Father” but “JAHVEH” and “EL SHADDAI”. El Shaddai, though, was Sheitan, i.e., the fallen angel! (Sheddeim = depravity, el = archangel. EL is often wrongly translated with God. “God” however is IL in the old oriental tongues).

H: Come one, readers, this is all historical fact and has NOTHING to do with my translation of meaning. We present as it is presented. Furthermore, however, we are in the LAND where El Shaddai is the biggest breakoff from the ROMAN Catholic sect and must be noted - in the form of “charismatic leader” Brother Mike Velarde, in the Philippines and now gaining great attention in the United States and other places of note. You have to now understand that the confrontations are between LEADERS and again, as throughout history, the masses of citizens are totally without knowing and are manipulated by the power brokers.]

When, in the year 1128, the formal founding of the order took place, where Bernard de Clairvaux – later St. Bernard – acted in a sense as patron, the small gathering already had a secret: It was their determination to penetrate the truth of the Christ. Up to then there was only uncertainty – soon one would know for sure. But one has to understand this determination as that of a group of almost naively pious knights who just wanted to serve their Lord Jesus Christ and to rediscover His true teachings. There was nothing aggressive in this, for they were not insinuating any evil wrongdoing. It was Bernard who told them that their ambitions would be frowned upon and that it would be wise not to lay their thoughts open.

In the following years, no further indications of the original teaching of Christ were found. The Order of the Templars now took on military tasks. The “secret” soon only lived on in the memories of a few, mainly Provencal brothers. The practical requirements in the Orient left little time or space to care about the secret.

The closer contact with Islam was giving new impulses. Some letters attributed to Ali Ibn Abu Thalib (Iman Ali) fell into the hands of a Templar unit during an advance on Damascus. In these, Ali told of a later falsification of the Koran which he likened to the adulteration in the Gospels of Christ. These papers got to the Provence where the old thought resurfaced to search of the truth of the Christ.

Now things happened in quick succession: A document was passed on to the Provencal commandery which most probably came from Cathar circles. No wonder then that later the Templars refused to take part in the “crusade” against the Cathars. It was a piece of the original Gospel of John, written by the heretic Marcion in 94 A.D. A letter was enclosed that gave a brief history of Marcion’s life.


Here we should state that Marcion succeeded in founding an important, purely Christian movement between 90 and 130 A.D. that only started to decline after he was murdered. Marcion, who had actually met the apostle John, taught that Jesus Christ was God incarnate, that there was no “father-God Jahveh”, but that this Hebrew God was Satan himself. He further said that Jesus promised the people “selfhealing”, so only the goodwill of an individual was required, but no temples and hence no Church organization.

From then on an “Order within the Order” established itself, a proper sworn Marcionite group. This special formation within the Order of the Templars was mainly made up of Provencals and Germans. The majority of the Knights Templar at that time certainly never knew why the cross of the Order was changed from the simple equal-armed on to the “Knights’ Cross”. In the beginning the “Knights’ Crosses” known today did not exist. The Templars wore a simple red cross in their white cloaks. Only the surreptitious influence of the Marcionites made the “Marcionite Cross” – the cross of thorns – the symbol of the Templars!

In early Christian times the cross of thorns had been the symbol of the Marcionites; it was the “Heretic’s Cross”. It is said that the Evangelist John had fashioned a cross from thorns for the Holy Mother Mary. Marcion then chose the red cross of thorns as a sign of pure Christianity. To the initiate the Knights’ Cross, then is the symbol Marcion’s. In later times appeared the double cross of thorns of the Templars’ esoteric science. At the same time the Templars’ battle cry “Vive Dieu Saint Amour!” (Long live God of Holy Love) emerged to express the exclusive turning to Christ and the renunciation of the Old Testament “God of revenge” image.

The majority of people both within and without the Order were of course not privy to the underlying reasons of all this. The time did not yet appear right; one was still awaiting further irrefutable proof in documents of early Christianity. And such documents were indeed found, although in very roundabout ways too complicated to retell here.


Suffice it to say that two Templars found a very old Marcionite cache in some ruins in Carthage. They were not there by accident, but following the trail of Marcion who had been there quite often. They found not just scraps of the original writings of John and Matthew but also an old Carthaginian faith and creation manuscript including the Greed translation probably by Marcion himself. And in the manuscript, the “Ilu Aschera”, one could recognize the true foundations of the teachings of Christ.

Of the “Templar revelation” from the year 1236 it is only important to mention that it heralds a bright realm in the “land of midnight” (Germany) the precursors of which should be the select of the Knights Templar. The revelation occurred when a female manifestation appeared to two knights in a room of the old Carthage and gave them that very message. Because of this vision, Berlin-Temple of (“temple court”) was founded as the Northern capital of the “New Babylon”.

What creed, what attitude of mind and what view of the world did the Templars actually represent?

The medieval Occident rested on three pillars: The Jewish-Christian religion, the finance and trade economy based on the permission to ask for interest given in the Old Testament, and the principle of an absolutist rule. The Templars aimed at pulling those pillars down as soon as time and their growing possibilities for action were right.


So, the elimination of the Jewish-Christian church and the establishment instead of an early Christian denomination with the exclusion of all Old Testament components, resulting from this a revolutionary change of the financial and economic system and a ban on interest, the abolition of the absolutist monarchies and the establishment of an aristocratic-republican order. This of course shows that the ruling powers had to seed to destroy the Templars.


After the fall of Jerusalem, which meant the final victory of the Muslims, the Knights of the Order of St. John fled the Holy Land and in the following years lived on Mediterranean islands whose names they used in their titles. So they were first called the “KNIGHTS OF RHODES”, then the “KNIGHTS OF MALTA”. They became an amazing military and naval force in the Mediterranean until they were defeated by Napoleon in 1789.


In 1834 their headquarters had been transferred to Rome, and today they are known as the “SOVEREIGN AND MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA” (SMOM) (the Maltese Cross). Members are, among others, the deceased William Casey (Ex-Chief of the CIA 1981-87), Alexander Haig (former U.S. Secretary of State), Lee Iacocca (Chairman of Chrysler Corp.), James Buckley (Radio Free Europe), John McCone (CIA-Chief under Kennedy), Alexandre de Marenches (Head of the French Secret Service) and Valerie Giscard d’Estaing (former president of France).

Because they failed to save the Holy Land, the Knights Templar fell on difficult times.

Therefore, in 1307 they were persecuted by the Vatican at the instigation of Philippe IV (“Le Bel”, The Fair). They were accused of Satanic and other practices, and of course King Philippe had always envied them their power and privileges. So the Knights Templar flew France to seek refuge in safer lands like Portugal, England and Scotland where the Vatican’s might was diminished. There some of them joined the already existing Masonic lodges and worked under new identities for the Protestant Reformation to revenge their persecution by the Catholic Church.

Another group of Templars was re-established in Portugal. There they changed their name to “Knights of Christ” and later, were rehabilitated by Pope Clement V. They again gained substantial power.

On March 18, 1314, Philippe IV had the Grand Master JACQUES DE MOLAY burnt at the stake in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The FRANCISCANS and the DOMINICANS were two further institutions at the time of the Crusades.

  • The FRANCISCANS adopted the robe with the cord and thew tonsure form the Egyptian brotherhood at El Amarna and were quite humane.

  • The DOMINICANS, however, were the tools of probably the cruelest institution ever created by man: The Catholic Inquisition.

In 14th century Germany, the highest initiates of the “BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE”, together with its body of knowledge, appeared for the first time under the Latin name of “ILLUMINATI” (the biblical term for snake, “nahash” derives from the root NHSH which means “decipher, discover”; the Latin term “illuminare” means “to illumine, to recognize, to know).


One of the main branches of the Illuminati in Germany was the mystical Rosicrucians who were introduced at the beginning of the 9th century by Charlemagne. The first official lodge was founded in Worms in 1100 A.D. The Rosicrucians had the nerve to pretend to have knowledge of the (extraterrestrial) origin of humanity and of the Egyptian esoteric doctrine. They were commended for their work with mystical symbols and their alchemy.


The connection between Rosicrucians and the Illuminati was very close, so that rising in the secret initiation degrees often led to being admitted by the Illuminati. The reason that ROSICRUCIANS are very difficult to trace is that every large branch of the brotherhood worked openly for 108 years after its foundation, only to continue the next 108 years in secret. These changing phases created the impression that the order had disappeared in the meantime and so made the brothers’ work easier.

Some authors give 1614 as the year the Rosicrucians order was established because then a document was published in Hesse announcing their existence and calling for members to sign up. At this time another phase of public work had started. The document called for people to give up false teachers like the Pope, Aristotle and Galen (a popular physician of antiquity); it told the story of the fictitious “Christian Rosenkreutz” – to symbolize their founding. Today the latter is often falsely given as the true founder. The system with the 108-year cycle had been a real success!

The ROSICRUCIANS today are represented by several branches who have developed into one of the most positive orders and aim to use their knowledge for the spiritual and mental deliverance of the individual (e.g., the AMORC, Antiquus Mysticus Order Rosae Crusis = Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross).

The Illuminati and the Rosicrucians were the driving force behind the religious drive during the years of pestilence. They were joined by the “FRIENDS OF God” who had a strong apocalyptic teaching and demanded absolute obedience to their rulers. The whole movement was later passed on to the “ORDER OF ST. JOHN” whom Albery MacKey in his book “Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry” calls a “Freemason organization with a secret mission."

MARTIN LUTHER also had close links to both the Illuminati and the Rosicrucians, which insiders could recognize by his seal (a rose and a cross with his initials, like the seal of the Rosicrucians). At this time the Catholic Church was led by Pope Leo X, the son of LORENZO DE MEDICI. The latter was the head of a rich international bankers’ family in Florence. One generation before him Pope John XXII had given the Medici family the task of collecting taxes and tithes for the Church. This helped the Medici to become one of the richest and most influential banking houses in Europe.

LUTHER”s rebellion against the Catholic Church was justified because the latter had become a business institution rather than a place of faith. One of the leading personalities of the reformation was PHILIP OF HESSE, called The Magnanimous, who founded the first Protestant University at Marburg and organized a political alliance against the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

After LUTHER’s death his confessional community was supported by SIR FRANCIS BACON, the highest Rosicrucian in England.

Under KING JAMES I Bacon coordinated the project of writing an authorized Protestant English Bible. This version was first published in 1611 and became as the “King James Bible”, the most widely used bible in the English-speaking world. [H: Please read that again - 1611 and hardly 2000 years ago.]

The Counter-Reformation was led by a new brotherhood, the Society of Jesus, better known as the JESUITS. These were formed in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola and they were a militant Catholic secret society with secret rituals, symbolism and initiation degrees (the oath for the 2nd degree demanded the death of all Freemasons and Protestants). The JESUITS were sent to England to fight against the Protestant heretics. They were very busily searching for heretics to punish, which meant that the Freemasons really had to guard their secrets else they stood to lose their heads.

The FREEMASONS worked in total secrecy in England, Scotland and Ireland and promoted the observance of human rights and of Protestantism. The signing of the MAGNA CARTA was attended by the Grand Masters of the Freemasons and of the Knights Templar, and the different lodges were also responsible for the Protestant movements in England and in Germany.
In1717 the London Masonic Lodge began to work in public for they thought England to be safe enough. This time is given in many history books as the start of Freemasonry. That is officially correct, but their secret work started thousands of years before, yet, as I mentioned before, the secrecy would have been all but pointless if today everybody would know when and where the Freemasons had been up to what.

The public work by the London Lodge caused great consternation among the other Masonic lodges who accused the Londoners of treason. When this simmered down, the Freemasons began to spread all over Europe and the New World. Later they emerged in the New World with the Declaration of Independence and with the “Boston Tea Party” which was organized by the BOSTON MASONIC LODGE.

John Locke, for instance, used the Masonic tenants when he wrote the constitution of the offered colony of South Carolina, which later became a Masonic bastion. The writings of Sir Francis Bacon also reflect the philosophies of the Freemasons.
The Declaration of Independence was written and signed almost exclusively by Freemasons. GEORGE WASHINGTON and most of his generals were FREEMASONS. It is a fact that without the work of the Freemasons the United States of America would not exist today.


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Another secret organization of immense influence sought to control England. The rich Jewish rabbis, the religious and political leaders of the crushed Jewish people, united their power in a group that became known as “THE ELDERS OF ZION”. (The Zionists see themselves as the “messianic” elite of Judaism and expect all Jews of the world to show solidarity with their aims. Manfred Adler: The Sons of Darkness Part 2.)


From 1640 to 1689 the “ELDERS OF ZION” in the Netherlands planned the “English Revolution” (the deposition of the Stuarts from the British throne), and loaned money to the many splinter parties. Years before they had used their influence to have WILLIAM I, THE SILENT, a German prince of the House of Nassau, lead the Dutch army and later to make him WILLIAM PRINCE OF ORANGE.

They arranged a meeting between him and Mary, the eldest daughter of the DUKE OF YORK and sister of Charles II of England, and with the latter’s brother and successor James II. WILLIAM and MARY were married in 1677 and had a son, William III, who later married Mary II, the daughter of James II. Now the Dutch and British royal houses were related. In 1688 they forced the Stuarts, with the aid of the Whigs, a party of influential English and Scot personalities, from the throne, and in 1689 WILLIAM III OF ORANGE was named KING OF ENGLAND.

WILLIAM III, who is purported to have been Freemason, founded in the same year the LOYAL ORANGE ORDER, which is anti-Catholic and aimed at firmly establishing Protestantism in England. The order still exists today and has around 100,000 members in Ireland where it is most strongly represented and is fanning the flames of the religious war.


King William III soon got England involved in costly wars against Catholic France, which got England deep in debt. Here was William’s chance to return the favor to the ELDERS OF ZION. With the aid of the agent WILLIAM PATERSON he persuaded the Treasury to borrow 1.25 million Pounds Sterling from the Jewish bankers who had helped him to the throne.

Since the state’s debts had risen dramatically, the government had no choice but to accept.

The lending conditions were as follows:

  • The names of the lenders are to remain secret, and they are granted the right to establish a “Bank of England” (CENTRAL BANK).

  • The directors of the said bank are permitted to set the gold standard for paper money.

  • They are permitted to lend 10 pounds in paper money for every pound of gold deposited. They are permitted to consolidate the national debt and to raise the sum from the people by direct taxes.

  • Thus the first PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK, the “Bank of England”, was established.

  • This kind of banking business brought a 50% profit on an investment by the bank of 5%.

  • The English people had to pay for it. The lenders were not at all interested to have the sums they had Loaned repaid for the indebtedness gave them political influence.

England’s national debt rose from 1,250,000 pounds in 1694 to 16,000,000 pounds in 1698. After William III, the HOUSE OF HANOVER succeeded to the British throne and they are still there today, for the WINDSORS descend in a direct line from the House of Hanover.


(The Hanoverians provided all the monarchs up to 1901, when Edward VII married the Danish princess Alexandra and the name got changed to “Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”, the name of Edward’s German father. On July 17, 1917 this name was changed to WINDSOR, as it still is today.)


It is understandable that many English people were “not amused” about the German rule, and several organizations tried to bring the STUARTS back to the throne.

Because of this threat the Hanoverians did no longer allow a permanent army in England and hired the necessary troops from their own principality and from German friends. Naturally these troops were paid by the British treasury, which benefited the Jewish central bankers. Most mercenaries came from PRINCE WILLIAM IX OF HESSE-HANAU who also was a friend of the Hanoverians.

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In 1567 the English Freemasons split into two lodges, the “York” and the “London”. The most important time in the history of Freemasons though was the beginning of the 17th century, when the character of a guild of stonemasons changed to that of a mystical and occult one. The lodges were also opened for “non-masons”, which led to the fact that around 1700 almost 70% of all Masons came from other professions.


On June 24, 1717, representatives of the four British lodges met in London and founded the English Grand Lodge, also called the “Mother Grand Lodge of the World”. The new initiation system had three degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason, the so-called “Blue Degrees”.

The Grand Lodge definitely wanted for the Hanoverians to remain on the British throne and thus “gave” the first two degrees to Frederick, Prince of Wales, in 1737. Some of the later generations of Hanoverians even became Grand Masters (Augustus Frederick, King George IV, King Edward VII, and King George VI.)

Yet they also had enemies. In 1688, after the overthrow of King James II, the Stuarts’ supporters started several groups, among them the militant JACOBITES, attempting to bring the Stuarts back to the throne.

A new branch of Freemasonry, the “Scottish Templar Lodge”, was founded by Andrew Michael Ramsay in 1725 to support James III and it took in former Knights Templar. This lodge had higher degrees than the Mother Grand Lodge in London, and by this it was attempted to draw members from there.

1736 saw the founding of the “Grand Lodge of Scotland” which also limited the guild aspect to a minimum and fostered mysticism. In the Scottish lodges Templar Freemasonry was widely adhered to and later Templar degrees were given.
As we see, there were now two systems of Freemasonry that were inimical, the Hanoverians in the MOTHER GRAND LODGE in London and the Stuarts in the SCOTTISH TEMPLAR LODGE. Who could be the third party with an interest in this conflict? Not the ILLUMINATI, mayhap?


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“Give me the control over a nation’s currency and I don’t care who makes its laws!”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild


The secret center of international banking, the House of ROTHSCHILD, is shrouded in mystery.

Mayer Amschel Bauer, a Khazar or NON-HEBREW JEW (will be explained in the next chapter), was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1743. He was the son of Moses Amschel Bauer, an itinerant moneylender and goldsmith from eastern Europe. After working briefly for the Oppenheimer bank in Hanover, Mayer opened a shop or counting house of his own on Judenstrasse (Jews’ Street) in Frankfurt.


Over the doors he placed a red shield, the emblem of the revolutionary-minded Khazar Jews of eastern Europe. Shortly after Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name to Rothschild (in German: rotes Schild = red shield). His business became known as the House of Rothschild.

Mayer married sixteen year old Gutele Schnaper and fathered five sons and five daughters.

The sons’ names were Amschel, Salomon, Nathan, Kalman (Charles) and Jakob (James).

His rise to fame accelerated when he was favored by PRINCE WILLIAM X OF HESSEHANAU in whose company he attended Freemasons’ meetings in Germany. Prince William, a friend of the Hanoverians, took in large sums for the Hesse mercenary armies he had loaned to the English (Hanoverian) king. These were the same troops who later fought the army of George Washington at Valley Forge.


Rothschild became William’s personal banker. When William had to flee to Denmark because of political unrest, he left the mercenaries’ pay – 600,000 pounds – in Rothschild’s bank for safe-keeping. NATHAN ROTHSCHILD (Mayer Amschel’s eldest son) took this sum with him to London in order to establish another bank there. The gold that was used as security came from the “East India Company”. Nathan made four-fold profit from lending notes to the DUKE OF WELLINGTON who thus financed his military operations. The profits were further raised by the later illegal sale of the gold meant to serve as security.

This was the origin of the gigantic wealth of the Rothschild family. Then they started international banking operations by having each son opening a bank in different countries, Amschel in Berlin, Salomon in Vienna, Jakob in Paris and Kalman in Naples. MAYER AMSCHEL ROTHSCHILD left a will showing how the family fortune should be handled in the future. The men would manage the assets and the eldest would have the deciding vote in differences and in important decisions. All accounts were to be kept absolutely secret, especially from the government.

It is alleged that in 1773 MAYER AMSCHEL ROTHSCHILD held a secret meeting in the house in the Judenstrasse (Jews’ Street) in Frankfurt with twelve influential and rich Jewish financial backers (THE ELDERS OF ZION) to forge a plan how to control the complete fortune of the world.

According to Herbert G. Dorsey, they spoke about the fact that the BANK OF ENGLAND already made a substantial control of English wealth possible, but that complete control was necessary as the foundation for the control of the fortune of the world. This was then sketched and noted down.

The evidence held by Dorsey and William Guy Carr (Pawns in the Game) shows this to be the plan that later became known as THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. The origin of the protocols actually lies centuries back, but apparently they were reworked by ROTHSCHILD and thus given their importance. These protocols were kept secret until 1901, when the fell into the hands of the Russian Professor S. Nilus. He published them under the title The Jewish Peril. In 1921 Victor Marsden translated them into English under THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION.

These 24 protocols show today’s actual situation of the world.

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