18 - White Powdered Gold

My final word will be on a modern-day deception - white powdered gold. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, this substance is being prostrated before the world as if it were some kind of wonderful new snake oil. What’s it all about and why is it so popular?

A book by Laurence Gardner, titled Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, attempts to prove that the ancients transformed gold into a white powder, which they used to help items levitate and to transport themselves through interdimensional portals. It is also proposed that the substance was taken orally as a kind of Elixir. The book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and claims backing from certain scientists.


Because of the release of my books The Serpent Grail and Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed, I have been getting hundreds of e-mails from people asking my opinion on these discoveries by Gardner et al, and so I decided to investigate a little further.

I have read most of Gardner’s books and always found them very entertaining. Laurence is a nice man and I have absolutely no issues with him personally. However, my aim in all things is to get to the truth, and I am constantly pressed by e-mails, letters, and calls to get to the bottom of this white powdered gold issue, and so I simply had to push my questions out there.


The fact remains that Gardner and others now claim that white powdered gold was secretly used by the Freemasons and other secret societies, so it comes under the remit of a book about secret societies. Just what is the truth?

The word ORMUS is today used extensively by the exponents of this substance and is derived from Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements or ORMEs.


It was supposedly discovered in the late 1970s by David Hudson, a farmer from Arizona, who noticed some strange materials on his land while he was mining for gold. Apparently Hudson then spent millions trying to understand the substance and has since created ORMUS from gold, water, and even “manna.”


The claim is that ORMUS is a new form of matter that “appears to have the properties of Spirit.”


They claim that the substance transits between the material plain and the spiritual plain and can thereby be used as a communication device to the Otherworld. There is, however no science at all to back these claims - just thousands upon thousands of assumptions.

The word Ormus in fact was originally another name for the Zoroastrian deity Ahura Mazda (Ormazd), and seeped into the Christian world in the 4th century via the Armenians, who converted to Christianity and who previously worshipped Armazd (Ormus). Ormus also became the name of one of the most important ports in the Middle East in the 16th and 17th centuries in the Persian Gulf at the Straits of Hormuz (Ormus).


From here huge quantities of certain products were shipped across the entire area, as we shall see, and which reveal the truth of the original white gold! The city-state of Ormus can in fact be dated back to at least the 13th century and was extensively used for the slave trade in later years. Due to the strategically important location of the Straits of Hormuz, it has been fought over for centuries.

The strict etymology of the word is divided. Most scholars claim that Ormus/Ormuz is derived from the Persian word Hur-mogh, meaning simply “date-palm.” Others claim that orme is the ancient word for worm or serpent (which I found in my other work to be no different to the fire of thought - illumination).


In fact, the date-palm and the serpent share symbolic similarities.


The palm itself is symbolic of several important myths. Firstly, it was the sign of the “Flaming Column” found on the coinage of Carthage. The palm also stood for fire and the Tree of Life. The leaves were never changing, and in this they signified the unchangeable Lord. The Phoenicians also held the palm in high esteem, and their coinage displayed the serpent coiled around its trunk - the fire of the tree (spine - see entries on the kundalini earlier in the book).


The name of the deity “Baal Tamar” meant “Lord of the Palm,” and “Tamar” means “resplendent Sun Fire.”


So we simply have a circular argument here. Let me explain. Ahura Mazda was a fire god or shining illumination of the Persian Zoroastrians that have been implicated by many Gnostic scholars as progenitors of much Gnostic thought, and were extreme mystics in outlook. Ahura Mazda is therefore the same as the palm and is indeed imaged by the palm.


The name itself means simply “Lord of Wisdom,” and mazda is in fact a feminine noun, which reveals a hidden Gnosis behind the name.

Wise One, I realize you to be powerful and progressive because You help with Your own hand. You give rewards to both the wrongful and the righteous, by means of the warmth of your Fire, which is mighty through Righteousness and through which the strength of Good Mind comes to me.

(Gathas: Song 8:4)

You see, true Gnosis or knowledge or indeed wisdom (the “good mind” above) can only be gained through balance, and this was often imaged in ancient times as balance between the sexes.


The world saw this feminine principle in the myths of Sophia, the female element of wisdom and from where we derive “philosophy.” In fact, what Zoroaster was saying here was that true wisdom lies in the balanced state, and this balance was imaged by the world axis or tree - perfectly upright and running between the opposites (“wrongful and the righteous”).


The palm as a symbol of fire and Ormus (Ahura Mazda) as the deity of wisdom and fire was simply “illuminated” or “enlightened.” It was the image of perfection. And so, what we end up with is the etymology and the actual hidden Gnosis in the name, giving us the real truth behind the name our modern pseudo-scientists have given to a particular substance.


Nowhere in this wonderful ancient philosophy do we find a peculiar substance that enables other-dimensional travel.

The scientist often used by Laurence Gardner and others in their work is Dr. Hal Puthoff, director for advanced studies in Austin, who was quoted by Gardner as backing his theories.

Here’s what is supposedly said by Puthoff:

“Since gravity determines space-time, Puthoff concluded that the powder was ‘exotic matter’ and was capable of bending space-time.”

As Puthoff is so often used as backing the substance, I decided to ask!

I actually discovered to my surprise that Dr. Puthoff was not at all happy, and is a little perturbed at having to keep answering questions regarding the matter, especially as he never backed the theory in the first place.


However, I convinced Hal to give me a quote:

Hi Philip.
The Story is this. Early on (several years ago) someone brought Dave Hudson [who helped Gardner write his book] by and he told me about anomalous effects concerning his white powder.


One of his claims was that under certain conditions the mass decreased, i.e., an antigravity effect showed up. In response, I said that, from a physicist’s viewpoint, IF that were true, then there would have been a spacetime effect. (This is probably the source of the oft-stated quote attributed to me “The powder bends the spacetime metric.”)


Of course, I said no such thing about the powder because I do not know whether the statement about the powder is true. I offered that if he provided me a sample of the powder, I would check it out. He said he would. He never did. I never heard anything from him after that visit. But I hear a lot about the attributed quote from my colleagues, which I keep correcting!

Best regards,


Hal Puthoff,

Ph.D. Director, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

As can be seen by this quote, Dr. Puthoff never backed the theory, and even wanted to help to see if there were any truth behind the claims by testing the substance claimed by Gardner to be derived from gold. I was told by Edmund Marriage of the Patrick Institute, who helped Gardner on the book, that it was tested by Oxford University and no gold was found.


So what is the truth?

Dr. Sarfatti of the Global Advanced Intelligence Agency (a mock and comical title) also said that,

“I think this is a false allegation….I know Hal very well and this is an obvious distortion, if not a bald lie.”

Puthoff also said,

“I have absolutely no idea what David Hudson’s white powder does. Don’t know where this quote comes from, which keeps showing up in the Internet, presumably from David Hudson. I am totally skeptical.”

I have had all manner of claims given to me via e-mail, and none of them have any scientific basis.


Some have claimed that ingesting the substance took them on journeys to other dimensions or even made them float.


I have always asked if the individual knew what was in the substance and from where it was bought. In each case, nobody has a clue what was actually in the powder.


Has anybody seen any credible objective scientific evidence for the claims made by Gardner et al? Has anybody actually levitated anything with this substance? Or even passed an article into another dimension?


I ran these questions on my Website and on various other forums. Not once did I get back any scientific answers.


I did have hundreds of e-mails arguing the matter from an historical point of view, that shewbread or showbread of the ancient Israelites was white powdered gold or monatomic substance, but no science. In fact when I proposed the question to my good friend and author, Crichton Miller, he answered simply: “it’s salt.”


You see, let’s just try and understand our ancestors from a position that most modern alternative historians seem to forget - survival.

Ancient man, just as we are today, was interested in his own survival.


There is little difference between us and our ancestors. We too follow the same evolutionary drive to survive. Look at it this way: We hoard goods because in our subconscious we need to ensure that we have sufficient reserves to see us through the winter or a poor harvest. This is something we have learned over the millennia, which could be said to be at the root of greed.


However, one of the things our ancestors needed as an addition to their diet was salt, and so in essence salt became one of the most valued things. It was hoarded and it was sanctified.

Most people think of salt as simply the white granules they shake over their dinners, but it is much more. It is an essential element of the diet, not just for humans but for animals too, and even many plants. Our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors simply had to take in salt daily to stay alive in order to balance his water intake, and incredibly to him, it was from the sea that salt would seem to come, so the very etymology implies “from the sea.”


With the coming of agricultural times, man took on roughly 150 grams per day of salt, and also used it extensively for tanning hides and preserving foodstuffs.

In fact, it was even used to preserve bodies after death and was used by the ancient Egyptians and others in mummification. This preservation quality has come down to us today in symbolic form as an Elixir - extending life in the Otherworld.

Because of the incredible need and desire for salt, it became one of the most valuable substances in the world, and was sought far and wide. Great trading routes erupted, transporting it across land and sea, and even battles were fought over the control of these trade routes. One place that rose to a meteoric position of power was the port of Ormus that I have already mentioned, and we even find that salt was traded for slaves.


The worth of salt has even crept into our language:

“Salt of the earth” is used to describe somebody of great value with down-to-earth attitudes; “Taken with a grain of salt” to describe something of no worth (only one grain!).

In fact, salt actually became money in a great many places, and even gave us our word “salary.”


The art of high etiquette in places such as Serbia was to offer visitors a piece of bread and some salt - a very valuable gift indeed. And this isn’t something new - it is as old as mankind, and animals were seeking out salt long before homo erectus stood up. About 4,700 years ago the Peng Tzao Kan Mu was written in China, and copies of it are still in existence.


This book deals with pharmacology and explains the worth of salt, with more than 40 kinds being used in all manner of ways. In Egypt, there is evidence of salt-making and mining from 1450 B.C., and similar evidence can be found the world over, including the Bible, where there are over 30 references to it.

Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt…

(Colossians 4:6)

This alone reveals that salt was here being used as a reference to a work upon the “self,” to purify our thoughts and words.

Salt became a symbol for purity and was used on altars - becoming “holy salt.” In this way, the “showbread” of Laurence Gardner is really just partly salt! This makes much more sense as manna bread and as a survival tool in the wilderness.

So just what is this showbread? Well, in Exodus 25:23–30 we are told to make a specific table or altar whereupon can be laid the bread made from fine flour. The exponents of white powdered gold claim that this fine flour was in fact fine powder - hence white powdered gold.


The bread was called shew or show bread simply because it was on show. The method of making the bread is, in fact, not a chemical activity as we are lead to believe; it is instead a way of self-improvement - an esoteric psychology. We are to take fine flour, bake it, and it is to be unleavened. We are to make 12 cakes and place them in two rows of six on the pure table.


This could be seen as one of the very original alchemical treatises, for the fine flour was “from the earth,” the base substance or anima mundi - our base self. Then we are to bake or put in the furnace - this is simply to rigorously check ourselves and burn off all impurities, which is demanded with the “unleavened” element, which means nothing artificial must be placed in the bread.


The 12 cakes or pieces of bread are the whole extent of the sky - the Zodiac - through which the opposites work, the sun and moon, and is representative of our whole life, always in balance. Placing them in two rows of six indicates the six-month growing cycle for grain to turn into bread.


The loaves themselves also indicate the tribes of Israel because “grain” was equated with mankind and the tribes were made up of many grains like a loaf.

The fire or illumination can only come through understanding this balance within ourselves and gaining knowledge and wisdom. For sure there are many biochemical reactions within the mind, such as the Indian kundalini and the Hebrew spirit of God, often brought on by drugs or meditation, but there is often a merging of this symbolism.


This fire or internal energy was known the world over by the name of the serpent. The reality we see here before us is also that of ordinary psychology and self-improvement.

Previously, we saw that orme (the root of Ormus) meant worm (little serpent) or serpent, and the serpent has been associated with salt for thousands of years. Bacchic ceremonies in Greece were consecrated with the serpent, and in the procession, a troop of virgins from noble stock would carry the reptile in golden baskets with salt and bread.


This is seen in many of the rituals of the early Ophite Gnostic Christians, where ophite means serpent worshipper. These Ophites would actually consecrate their bread and wine with the kiss of the serpent and a sprinkle of salt.


Even in Jewish tradition we are told,

“The bread of the serpent is dust” (Yeshayahu 65:25),

...and it was in the “dust” that the serpent was made to creep.


In Babylon, the goddess of the specific salt water was Tiamat, the dragon or serpent mother, and in alchemy salt is represented by the image of a serpent.


Of course we must also remember that on the very real practical level, salt was a major ingredient in bread, and as is true in much of the world, salt was often given as a gift with bread.

If there is truth to the claims made for this white powdered gold, then surely more research should be done by top scientists, as the claims made for it are scientifically outstanding if not outlandish.


When I uncovered the ancient practice of ingesting snake venom and blood (not to be tried at home please) I went to several scientific establishments and sought the advice of medical institutions. I do not propose anybody takes venom and blood, as the mixtures are quite unique and hidden in secretive ways, but people are taking this white powdered gold (if that is truly what it is) and are claiming to have either hallucination experiences or actually entering altered states of consciousness as a result.


And so, to this end, I ordered a bottle of fluid said to contain the monatomic substance. After a week the bottle arrived, and, keeping it in its container, I quickly took it down to a friend I have at a local university. Running the substance through his various pieces of machinery, he found no gold and no salt. In fact, all he found was water and some trace elements of iron.


This small plastic bottle of water cost more than $30. Makes Perrier look cheap.

If we are to propose our theories in public and to claim scientific support for them, then we have to be able to back up those claims. At present, apart from some experiential and convoluted history-making, we have no hard verifiable evidence that monatomic substance or white powdered gold exists, nor especially that ancient man developed it or used it.

What the evidence does reveal is that salt was the real money or white gold of its day, and that this mineral found its way into our food (bread) and religion as a gift of God or the gods. The symbolism of this and the internal psychological tools of theology and philosophy merged together via the image of the serpent, and the resultant etymology serves as a testament to this.

The fire of the serpent and the need for salt are holistic symbols.

But one final enlightening thought was brought to me by my practically minded father-in-law - Alan Dickson. The proponents of “white powdered gold” claim that it made things levitate and go to great lengths to show how this can be found in ancient symbolism.


Now that we know what true white gold is, we would do well to remember that salt water makes solid objects float, and that the Ark, which Laurence Gardner claims was levitated by this white powder, was in fact a copy of an Egyptian b’arque - a boat. Regardless of how arrogant we are about our ancestors we have to give them credit for such beautifully intricate mysteries.

So we know that white powdered gold is salt. We know that the whole thing is a farce of the highest order.


Why then is it being presented before us as if it were the best thing since sliced bread? I would at this point also draw in the concept that the proponents of this “substance” are also the same people who feed us the concepts of the Royal Bloodline from Jesus and Mary - another myth.


I do not intend to answer this conundrum because there is a depth here that is ultimately dangerous, so I will leave the reader this final code to break.

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