The Open Conspiracy is the awaking of mankind from the nightmare, an infantile nightmare, of the struggle for existence and the inevitability of war. The light of day thrusts between our eyelids, and the multitudinous sounds of morning clamour in our ears.


A time will come when men will sit with history before them or with some old newspaper before them and ask incredulously, “Was there ever such a world?”
- H.G. Wells, The Open Conspiracy

This book is a collection of thoughts and researches about secret societies.


It is going to take you on many journeys, but whether you arrive or where you arrive will be your decision. I need to make a simple point before you proceed to “bite the apple”: Clear your mind of anything you have been told.


I care not whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, communist, capitalist, Freemason, or Boy Scout.


I care not whether you see yourself as just an ordinary man or woman. It is not for me to care. I care for the truth, because it is, as the Bible paradoxically stated, the one thing that can set you free.

In the years that I have been researching and writing, I have been approached by thousands of people asking for help. One woman, an American multi-millionaire, asked me to write down 10 things she could do to help herself. She offered to give me several thousand dollars just to do this simple thing. The money means nothing at all. What this lady needed was what we all need - to find herself.


You will hear many people say this and then feed you some garbled message of faith or freedom, enticing you into their little club. They will give you 10 good points to set you free. My message to this wealthy woman was to seek herself. I refused to give her what she wanted because she was simply using her wealth to find the easy route, without knowing that such a route leads in circles.


The true path to who you are is not easy, and if it were, then it would not be right. The path leads through your own past.


Everything you have learned, every emotion that has formed you, every problem, every joy, every piece of so-called knowledge, all these things are what you think you are. But they are not. All these things are external influences, they are what the Buddhists term “phenomena” because they are not real. All these things are now electrical impulses in your mind and nothing more.


Just because you were taught that Jesus was the son of God in Sunday school or that Santa Claus brought you Christmas presents, does not make them real.


These are tales, stories, and fables of other people’s creation to explain emotional attachments and evolutionary desires. What is the real you remains inside, crushed by the weight of the world’s fables. Only by erasing the subtle mind manipulating of religion or even modern day marketing, can we begin to see who we are beneath, and reveal the true intuition.

This will never be easy, because by the time we come to realize that we need to find out who we really are, we are already loaded down with the phenomena of the world. In fact, the paradox of the situation is that until we are so heavily burdened by the weight of the world’s nonsense, we will not realize that it is all wrong.


My wealthy millionaire friend had gone through her entire life accumulating wealth, altering her features with plastic surgery, and buying friends. It was only when she sat down and listened to what I call “noise” that she realized all her “things” meant nothing and brought her no more happiness than a fried egg. She realized, in her own heart, that she had become a perpetuator of “noise.”


She was screwing people for money, power, and real estate, and her intuition or conscience was pushed further and further down until it never saw the light of day.


Her real self ended up in darkness.

Only by uncovering this real self could she ever be “enlightened” again.

The articles in this compendium are collated to form an eye-opener. To talk to the parts of you that know there is hidden truth. When this part of ourselves is spoken to, it enlivens something inside of us. That something is the real you, the real me. Listen to it. This real you knows that the world is full of manipulations and yearns to be set free. It is time to give it the knowledge and strength it deserves.


It is time to inspire the true self to question!

  • But what of groups, societies, organizations?

  • What of the collective nature of mankind as he forms beasts of formality?

  • Is it dangerous?


Dupes of their own disordered imagination, dupes of whoever wishes to make use of their mania for their own diverse purposes, these men have constantly been as a nursery of adepts for secret societies… these societies are a malady which eats into the social body in its noblest parts, the evil had already thrust out deep and extended roots; if Governments do not take efficacious measures...


Europe runs the risk of succumbing to attacks upon it ceaselessly repeated by these associations… absolute monarchies, constitutional monarchies, republics, all are threatened by the Levellers.

(From a memoire on secret societies sent by Prince de Metternich of Austria to the Emperor Alexander of Russia in 1822)

Mankind has always been forming himself into groups.


There is strength in numbers and, as feeble humans, the only possible way to succeed and be the strongest and fittest species on the planet was to use ingenuity and the strength of the crowd. In time these groupings take on religious significance - enhancing the “spirit” of the assembled people with a belief system.


Weak people are ejected, and strong, intelligent ones sought after.


This evolved through time and today we know these groups often as secret societies. We are led to believe that within the orders and lodges of these organizations there are great secrets about ourselves and our gods.


It’s time to find out.

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