Affidavit signed by Alfredo R. Ramos attesting to the fact that he is the legal “executor/holder” of accounts held in the name of Monaco registered company, Diaz and Poirrotte Enterprises - a Santa Romano front company.  The identity of Alfredo R. Ramos remains somewhat of a mystery.  However, a possible identifying clue appears in a certificate of ownership for seventeen tonnes of gold, dated 1980 in the name of DRA. Rosario Romualdez Ramo.  Romualdez is the family name of Imelda Marcos.  The family was descended from Spanish European stock and sired by a Spanish priest.  Imelda’s cousin, the family historian was Loreto Romualdez Ramos.  Armed with these facts, it is not hard to conclude that Alfredo Ramos is a family cut-out.

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