Chapter 18


"By involving the concentration camps, the SS had unwittingly set the seal on any serious postwar investigation of the science and technology it had pursued during the conflict."

"But then Kammler told Speer he was planning to contact the Americans and that in exchange for a guarantee of his freedom he would offer them every thing.... He informed Speer that he was assembling all the relevant experts in Upper Bavaria in order to hand them over to US forces. "

Nick Cook

The Hunt for Zero Point 1

1 Nick Cook, The Hunt for Zero Point, pp. 203, 165, respectively.

What emerges from all this? Three broad areas seem to be affected by the revelations and speculative possibilities outlined - and I stress, only outlined - in this book: physics, history, and politics/culture. Clearly there are sufficient, though admittedly scanty, technological references, reports, diagrams, and witness accounts, to reveal the fact that the Third Reich had developed areas of physics and technology scarcely imaginable, even today. That the Germans were much farther along in atom bomb development seems clear, even if they did not successfully test a device, as I believe they actually did.

We know too certain broad outlines of that physics. It was based on a dynamic conception of the aether as a topological space, having most likely certain inertial properties of its own. It was likewise a dynamic aether, in which particle reactions appear to have been modeled as geometries and combinations of forms of rotation. It appears, above all, to have been a physics based on the pursuit of the will to power, and thus willing to entertain the most apparently unorthodox ideas - from the standpoint of today's "public consumption" physics - in that pursuit.

This disturbing potentiality raises a more problematical aspect of what has been outlined. Almost any way one views it, it seems clear that the end of the war and the strange deployments on the Allied and German side exhibit the characteristics of a race against time, the Nazis trying to prolong the war by every desperate means available, and the Allies, with almost equal desperation, trying to bring it to a close. It also seems clear that the Allies and particularly the Americans were racing very deliberately toward targets that their intelligence, at a very high level, was guiding them to.

Beyond that, the notion that the Germans successfully exploded even a large fuel air bomb - which they very evidently did - calls much into question, not only about the publicly stated origin and development of that particular piece of contemporary mass destruction hardware, but also calls into question the whole massive expenditure of billions if not trillions of dollars by both the Soviet Union and the United States on thermonuclear weapons. A fuel air bomb is much cheaper, causes a level of destruction on the order of at least small atom bombs, which are considered strategic weapons of mass destruction.

If the Nazis succeeded with this device, as they very much did, does this explain perhaps the strange accounts from the Eastern Front of some sort of weapon of mass destruction being used on the Russians? One that would drive them, in desperation, to pass on to Berlin via some neutral channel, to cease and desist or they would begin using poison gas? The development of the fuel air bomb in some early prototype by the Nazis explains too another mystery, for if they did successfully develop an atom bomb - then their reasons for not using it have already been given: they were being developed as detonators for something far more destructive.

In any case, the various revelations and speculations presented make one thing abundantly clear. Our history began to be massively re-written even before the end of the war, and has been manipulated to an extraordinary degree since then. Nowhere does this seem more in evidence than in the fact that there appears to have been a successful - albeit only prototypical - development by the Nazis of a very different type of physics, a physics that remains off the books.

This to me is the most disturbing aspect of all that my own, and other's, research has uncovered, for a "two track" science - one developed and controlled in secret by the few, and for their own aggrandizement and pursuit of power, and the other developed in public and maintained by the same oligarchy with their power to grant or refuse funding, and their power thereby to control journals and what types of research will be "tolerated" - is the utmost mockery of science. And when science is mocked, morality is mocked because truth is mocked, and this brings us to the third area, the most disturbing of all: politics/culture.

The Will to Power was what drove the Nazi Regime in any endeavor it undertook, whether the conventional military operations it conducted, to the death camps and genocide it was preparing for the world, to the occult and esoteric research of the Ahnenerbe and the Kammlerstab. That Will to Power seems evident in all aspects of the science implied by the things discussed in this book. And this compels a final observation.

Many people — and I would number myself among them - view the Zero Point Energy as our best long range hope to resolve some of the more pressing environmental and energy problems of our planet. It does hold almost limitless promise for a whole host of new technologies, and there is enough in the literature to convince me that various scientists and inventors - the ones not hobbled by academic tenure or the agendas of grant foundations and government - are on the verge of exciting discoveries.

But with that energy comes the potential for weaponization of a power and sophistication that we with our thermonuclear popguns can only imagine. With it comes a view of the universe subject to the Will to Power. A moral consequence, and commitment, is implied in such a physics. It would therefore seem to imply, inevitably, precisely a "two-tiered" science, one for the public, and one for the initiate, when he or she is spiritually able to handle the extraordinary power it makes available to them in non-destructive ways. There is a degree of evidence that this is, in fact, what happened in ancient times, and certainly it seems to have happened to the Kammlerstab's work after the war. Perhaps, at least initially, its contents were so sensational that, for moral reasons, it was decided to keep it under wraps.

But the Will to Power remains closeted within that science and the black projects it engendered and no doubt continues to engender.

The power to tinker with the topological properties of space, and the energy resulting from it, is an absolute one. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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On pages 221-223 reference was made to the Kraftstrahlkannone and one possible explanation of its working., based solely on the schematic. Like so much of the "wonder weapons", however, its principles of operation can be interpreted along a variety of lines. However, a translation of the German accompanying this device yields another principle of operation:

The KSK armament... is based on the Noar procedure: Around a central axis lie eight weapon-tubes bound in two tiers. With the discharge, four energy beams leave the gun sheathing with a millisecond delay between the firing of the first four tubes and the second four tubes. At target, these two energy beams are united, the effect on which is greatly increased strength ....

The destructive effect on target is increased with increased tube length of the weapon because the beam weapon :

1. becomes stronger the longer the time in the barrel

2. through increased graduations inside the tube, the potency can be increased....1

1 Henry Stevens, Rumored German Wonder Weapons, report Four: The German Death Rays, pp. 17, 19.

While the corroborative evidence for this weapon, if it ever existed, is scanty, the principle on which it is based - pulses leaving the weapon at different times but arriving on target at the same time - is exactly that of scalar weaponry, which creates from two or more such pulses an interference pattern on target, as detailed in a diagram by Lot. Col. (Ret) Tom Bearden (below).

It is to be noted that Bearden maintains thorough his numerous books that this basic principle of so-called scalar weaponry was first found by the Germans during the Second World War, and subsequently exploited and weaponized by the Soviet Union in the decades after the war. The weapon is alleged to have been employed on the German saucers.


PW Intelligence Bulletin No 2/32 's

Sketch of the Ludwigshafen- Heidelberg Quartz Reflector High-Voltage Disintegration Ray Installation



New York Times June 29, 1945

Article About Nazi Orbital Solar Mirror Weapon

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