What is at stake is more than one small country; it is a big idea: a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind - peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law.

-George H.W. Bush,

State of the Union Address, 29 January 1991.


There is a chance for the President of the United States to use this disaster to carry out what his father - a phrase his father used I think only once, and it hasn't been used since - and that is a new world order.

- Senator Gary Hart,

Council on Foreign Relations meeting, 12 September 2001


Noting that the European Union was coming to a turning point in its existence, the European Council which met in Laeken, Belgium, on 14 and 15 December 2001 convened the European Convention on the Future of Europe. The Convention was asked to draw up proposals on three subjects: how to bring citizens closer to the European design and European Institutions; how to organize politics and the European political area in an enlarged Union; and how to develop the Union into a stabilizing factor and a model in the new world order.

- Valéry Giscard d’Estaing

President of the Convention, Preface to the Draft Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, July 2003

Once the legal and technological apparatus of totalitarianism is established, there exists the very real prospect of a permanent planetary dictatorship where human existence is micro-managed from cloud cuckoo land by a tiny ruling elite who are themselves above the law.

- chapter 11, the book you are about to read...

A 'new world order' is a vision long shared by political leaders, industrialists, and intellectuals around the world. 'Peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law', what a wonderful idea! Strange then, that they have tried to conceal the reality of their vision from the wider public. For over thirty years, the European project was sold to the British people as little more than a benign free-trade agreement, despite the fact most of our new laws originate in Brussels and we are being asked to relinquish most of our independence under the European Constitution.


The same process is underway on the American continent: NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas are the basis for supra-national political bureaucracies based on the European model. Evolution rather than revolution is the chosen course because, as the Fabian Society noted, the wolf in sheep's clothing stands a better chance of getting lunch than his colleague openly salivating amongst the flock.

The end game is one-world government: The relinquishing of sovereignty to continental mega-states and the unification of these power blocs under the United Nations. This is the geo-political skeleton of the New World Order, which its advocates realize most people would reject.

Now that many of the levers and motors have been assembled onto the frame, the nature and function of the Death Star is plain to see. This is not the birth global liberal democracy and universal human rights; it is the end of them. 'Global fascism' or 'global feudalism' are terms often used by its detractors. Parliamentary democracy, human rights, economic freedom, and scientific integrity are rapidly being replaced with a privately controlled dictatorship of bureaucracy and technocracy that surpasses Orwell's nightmarish vision.

This is the point at which we enter the world of 'conspiracy', for which the internet is renowned. This a place where mainstream opinion fears to tread, fearing close encounters with flying saucers or alien abduction. This e-book sketches the panorama of the grand scheme unfolding, examining major trends in politics, international relations, science, and medicine. It contains hundreds of references - most of which can be checked at the click of a mouse - which will help readers to decide whether this is conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact.

Much of the evidence presented here appears in the mainstream press but is rarely supplemented with contextual analysis which would reveal the grand design. All too often, journalists find that Big Brother has his hand on their pen. This has created a niche for an 'alternative media', largely based on the internet. Former British Environment Minister, Michael Meacher MP, said that the internet hosts the 'new reality', the forum in which unconventional questions can be asked.

So what does the future have in store? The first part of this book, 'Three Hundred Trillion Dollars and Counting', describes how the driving force behind political globalization is financial globalization. The world's super-rich elite who own and direct the world's banks and conglomerates are creating the first financial global empire through corporate mergers and international economic piracy.


These kingmakers have financial interests in countries all over the world and work together to create the international political structures necessary for world domination. And because the media focuses on the stage of the puppet show, few suppose there might be a hidden aristocracy pulling the strings.

The second part, 'The Art of Killing Quietly', identifies what this cartel of financial barons, media moguls and key political minions are doing, or want to do to us. It concludes that this de facto elite regard most people on the planet as 'useless eaters' worthy of execution at their whim. Of course, the 'cattle' carrying out their plan do so unwittingly. Mass manipulation is the supreme application of money power since humanity would not knowingly build a prison for itself and hand the key over to a tiny ruling elite. Some have even been persuaded that in order to 'save the planet' we must kill off most of the people. Jacques Cousteau said in the UNESCO Courier of November 1991 that,

One American burdens the Earth much more than twenty Bangladeshis.... In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day

This resembles George Bernard Shaw's summation in his Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, that under socialism you need permission to live, and if you didn't live well you'd be executed (in a kindly manner). And so today, in most policy areas we proceed on the basis of a manufactured premise handed down from on-high so that the end appears to justify the means.


As O'Brien explains to Winston, 'Truth' is defined by the Party:

You must get rid of those nineteenth-century ideas about the laws of Nature. We make the laws of Nature'.

-1984, Part 3, Chapter 3

Interestingly most of the witting participants also believe that they are doing good, just as many brutal dictators throughout history have done. However, whilst the unwitting participants are the turkeys praying for Christmas, the witting participants are more often the power-brokers who will be attending Christmas dinner. This is the natural patronage of the credulous by the crooked.

The modus operandi of the New World Order is the 'psychological operation', dressing up policies as something else, getting the populace to dig their own mass grave. Often they will actually create problems so that they can impose solutions which are favorable to their hidden agendas. This has been called 'problem-reaction-solution', applied with dramatic effect on September 11th to launch the global 'War on Terror' - actually a war against citizens- and the big push for the New World Order that Senator Hart encouraged.

So, how can the ordinary citizen compete against this international jet-set of the 'haves' and 'have mores'?


Team New World Order is quite happy to murder millions in pursuit of Utopia. However its fastidious requirement for deception is also its Achilles heal: We can strike it down with the plain old 'sword of truth'. The opposing team is not a right wing team or a left wing team, or a religious team; it's ordinary people from across the board who value their freedom and basic rights.


As Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky said:

I am neither from the revolutionary camp, nor from the reactionary camp - I am from the concentration camp.

If memory hole-enabled electronic voting machines have not replaced the ballot box before the referendum on the European Constitution, there waits a great opportunity to throw a spanner in the works of one of the key meat grinders. The U.K. Independence Party is currently the only major British political party dedicated to exposing the reality of E.U. membership and to opposing the existence of this unaccountable regime. A vote for UKIP is a vote against the 'cartel' behind the curtain whose megalomania - for which the Union is a key instrument - extends into every sphere of human existence. This has become apparent to millions of Britons outraged by the Brussels vitamin ban which takes effect in August this year.

On a personal level, the now easily obtainable knowledge of the cartel's petrochemical-pharmaceutical sorcery and its public health disinformation, will afford great protection against a health catastrophe we might otherwise endure at its hand.

But one might also heed the wry encouragement of one of Mr Bukovsky's colleagues from the old days in the Soviet Union:

Cheer up comrades, things are getting worse!

There is now an unprecedented window of opportunity to perceive the reality of the situation before it becomes too late to do anything about it. The U.S. has many independent radio programmes broadcast over the internet which routinely interview guests whose expertise is the ammunition for this information war. The Alex Jones Show, Radio Liberty, and The Power Hour, are prominent examples of this great resource. Alex Jones' websites and are updated daily with all the latest news from around the world. Collectively, these, and thousands more like them, are making great strides towards a 'popular awakening' and a demand for change.

However, the internet may not survive much longer as a global free speech forum and another major terrorist attack will be used to take away more of our rights. Perhaps print off this preface and mail it to your elected representative or email it to your friends. You can copy and distribute this entire book for non-profit purposes. Hopefully, American readers will find as much of interest and relevance as Europeans, reflecting both the subject matter and the source material. But whatever you do, do it fast!

This March 2005 edition of The Police State Road Map builds on the original version published in January 2004. There have been many updates and improvements based on readers' feedback and new research.

The website,, is updated regularly with articles and radio interviews that develop the themes outlined in the book.

Hard times lie ahead comrades but cheer up, things are getting worse.

Michael Nield
March 2005


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