The Covenant

At the time of the Covenant, the thought that God would come into a personal relationship with humankind was a new idea. God offered friendship and asked for trust in return. And that trust was to be expressed by living in his Way.

The transmission starts off with some observations by Tom about the balance between the peoples of the Middle East.

JOHN: Now one thing I've never quite understood: when you say, for example, that Moses is a mixture of Altea and Ashan, does this mean that the soul originally evolved on Altea? The original evolution of the soul?

Tom: It was in Ashan, then with the mixture of Altea - then Moses became a being upon Earth. There are special kinds of beings upon Earth that have the purification of two civilisations.

JOHN: Yes, but the origin of Moses...

Tom: The origin was from Ashan.

JOHN: And we are talking about the soul?

Tom: Yes. Now we will explain to you about the Bedouin. The Bedouin are of great importance, for the Jewish nation also comes from them. The mate of Moses was a Bedouin. But also the descendants of Rachel and of Leah came from a land that had the Bedouin living in it. Remember this: those Bedouin that have been instilled into the nation of Israel are also those that have the understanding of the natural laws that come from the Creator of the Universe. They are also more highly evolved in their awareness of their Creator. They are not the same as the Arab - they have a different thinking. They are between the Israeli and the Arab in that respect.

The text continues with the exploration of identities....

JOHN: Are you saying that those of Hoova do not know exactly who Yehovah is then, is that correct?

Tom: That is in truth correct.

ANDREW: It is a very delicate point but are you speaking of Hoova now, or the Israelis?

Tom: Hoova.

JOHN: Now I have a delicate question, is it all right to ask?

Tom: Yes.

JOHN: I'm assuming then that Yehovah is in fact part of the Nine but the Hoovids do not know that?

Tom: He is a composite of all of us.

JOHN: I thought that you meant that Jesus has a piece of..

Tom: Yes, but he is of all of us.

ANDREW: So in fact when the ancient Hebrew biblical belief states that Yehovah is indeed God, they are correct then?

Tom: Yes.

ANDREW: So it is possible that a person, a being, a god, whatever the word is, someone like Yehovah, is indeed a personalization of all of you?

Tom: Yes.

ANDREW: That is a different concept from a composite.

Tom: Yes.

ANDREW: What you have been telling us seems to indicate that Yehovah is the head of a civilization, Hoova. It seems as if we are bringing the Jewish God down to a lower level - how can we deal with this most sensitive issue?

Tom: Council has said that it is a perplexing problem for those of the nation of Israel, but if it could be explained in the intellect, not in the emotions, who the Hebrews are, why they have that sense of duty within, and why they have failed, and that the civilizations are attempting to help them, then the Hebrews will come to understand.

ANDREW: Yes. I have a suggestion to make: somewhere I've read in a Talmud text, that in ancient times the rabbis did know that there was a God above Yehovah, and that Yehovah was indeed something of what we now understand him to be.

Tom: Yes.

ANDREW. I would like to ask about the Ark of the Covenant. Is it well preserved and in perfect condition? Have you seen to that over the thousands of years?

Tom: It has not been placed in vain. There are those on Earth who believe that it never existed.

JOHN: I'm interested in knowing more about the god of the Arabs, Allah. You've never really explained who he is.

Tom: There is but one that heads the Universe. It is a composite, yes. But when you speak of the god of the Arabs, do you have the understanding that our Abraham was the father of two nations?

JOHN: Yes.

Tom: Then you also understand that Allah is what those of Israel call Yehovah.

The nation of Israel has forgotten its heritage, its choosing and its Covenant. Abraham was told to go and spread his seed through all the planet Earth. Abraham attempted to spread his seed into the Universe not into planet Earth. Abraham in his beginning was not willing to give up control completely. Abraham was told to populate and to go forth, and the Covenant was not truly kept. If this nation had gone forth and populated as it was, then this the planet Earth would not be in such a serious state as it is at this time.

Holding on to tradition has been made by man, not from us or from the civilizations. It has been a way in which man has controlled other men. The people of the nations of Ishmael are brothers with the nation of Israel. It is important that brothers not fight brothers, but in your world it seems to be your system. It is important for this message to be given to the nation of Israel, for they need to understand that the powers of their mind can create that which they fear.

Your mind brings to you not what you want, it brings to you what you are. The nation of Israel must look closely at what they are. They want peace, but may we ask why they do not have peace? For what are their fears? It is what is in the hearts of the men and women of the nation of Israel that is most important. And when the nation of Israel begins to fear less, then also it will begin to change and then perhaps the nations of its father, the Patriarch Abraham, may also begin to change. For each feeds the other. Yes.

It is very difficult to get humankind to obey. When you view this planet Earth, and all the groups that exist. For many civilizations it is difficult to see, in truth, which are willing to obey. The Hoovids are the least willing.

IRENE: And who are the most willing?

Tom: The Zeneels.

IRENE: And that's because they understand the greater profundity?

Tom: Yes.

IRENE: Why, of all the civilizations, are the Hoovids the least intuitive and perceptive? They have the greatest gift and great ability, yet they are the ones who are busy denying it the most.

Tom: They are the most intuitive. But they chose to armour themselves because they are the most in competition with us. In their inner soul they know this and also who they are. However they became confused upon planet Earth, and those of the opposition are able to manipulate them.

IRENE: So when you came and gave part of yourselves to establish humankind, the Hoovids were originally the captains of the captains?

Tom: Correct. They came to Planet Earth three times. They are the ‘sons of gods that came and mingled with the daughters of man.' They were twice again given the opportunity, for it was seen what was needed to bring Planet Earth to its fulfillment. But we made an error also, for the civilization of Hoova, which is the civilization of the Nazarene, which is love, upon its coming to Planet Earth, became the one of least love. The Others knew of its strength and corrupted it, yes.

IRENE: What are the relationships of the other twenty-three civilizations to the Hoovids?

Tom: They will be the colonization of other worlds. They are in equality but the Hoovids were the ones with the tenacity to persevere upon Planet Earth. And in the beginning we did not truly know which of the civilizations would be the persevering ones.

IRENE: So that when you created humankind, you gave yourselves time, you basically waited to see………. ?

Tom: That is correct, we observed to see what we would do.

IRENE: And to see who would recognize what I believe was the most important gift you gave: which was free will.

Tom: That is correct.

Tom: And whereas the other civilizations found strength in being collectives ..........

Tom: Collective: exactness.

IRENE: The Hoovids...

Tom: Were individuals. Correct.

IRENE: But there is a relationship here, is there not, between individualism and free will, free will is a double-edged sword, isn't it?

Tom: That is correct. You believe you are in control but you are always controlled. You believe that you have free will - and the truth is that you do, but when you understand you have free will, totally and completely, then you give up that free will. Do you understand?

IRENE: Yes, because the knowledge of what you truly possess becomes the very thing that allows you to dispossess it.

Tom: That is correct, like obedience.

IRENE: Now the Others knew that if they can control the Hoovids, the rest of the civilizations wasn't as important.

Tom: Yes. We would pray the Hoovids would understand that.

IRENE: Which also goes back to what you were saying before, which is the testing of yourselves, isn't it?

Tom: That is correct.

IRENE: Because you exist in an arena where collective consciousness and free will don't have meaning?

Tom: That is correct.

IRENE: And so for you to better understand free will, you needed to watch how your creation understood it.

Tom: We needed a lens, yes.

IRENE: And you also knew that there was going to be a battle with the Others.

Tom: We would have been naive not to, yes. But you understand, we did not know the outcome, for it is not our way.

IRENE: The outcome in terms of your battle with them?

Tom: That is correct.

IRENE: I believe that. But what happened is that you knew that in some sphere, in some universe, that this battle was going to play itself out. You knew that you couldn't directly confront them because of the nature of what you are and the nature of what they are. Correct?

Tom: Correct.

IRENE: So you chose paradise with which to carry on this battle?

Tom: Correct.

IRENE: And you gave the Hoovids what you believed was the greatest weapon and gift that you could give them?

Tom: Free will, yes.

IRENE: Knowing full well that that could be their greatest strength as well as their greatest weakness.

Tom: That is correct, as we had said in the beginning: the Others meddle with your weaknesses as well as your strengths.

IRENE: And so once the Hoovids understood the gift of free will then they could begin to understand the joy of the other twenty-three civilizations?

Tom: That is correct.

The following questions concern a visit to Megiddo in 1974 by some of the group. Megiddo is a mound of fairly modest proportions with a view over the fertile plains of Israel. These plains are allegedly the physical site of the battlefield of Armageddon, on the other side rises the symmetrical Mount Tabor and then beyond that, the rugged hills of Galilee. A stillness pervades the atmosphere around Megiddo. Archaeologists have cut through the mound in several places and in one of the deepest of these excavations is a circular platform of rough stone. This was the old Canaanite altar. Hawks nested in the rock face to the side of it and Andrew felt particularly drawn to that spot.

ANDREW: We went recently to the old city of Megiddo, which according to our historians goes back about 6,000 years. Do you have anything to say about the little city of Megiddo?

Tom: It is a settlement of a longer duration - it was founded in 9,228 BC, by a small group which had migrated from a different area, at the time of the destruction. It was a stronghold for those that maintained a contact and communication with us, and it was a stronghold of truth. Those that opposed in their thinking or in their reverie had decided that by destroying truth, they would be able to control Planet Earth. It is an area where the 'Hawk' and others, and all of us have visited your planet, at one time or another. It is a meeting place.

ANDREW: Is that the only place on our planet that has been visited by all twelve, the nine of you and three humans in a triangle.

Tom: Yes. It is a representation.

ANDREW: What is the strange? …. there must be some power generator or something there that is not apparent on the surface?

Tom: You cannot feel?

ANDREW: Well, I couldn't but the Being did..

Tom: Did you not notice that there was no movement in that particular area?

ANDREW: Yes, that's true.

Tom: It is because it is the meeting place and has been the meeting place as each of us has descended at one time or another.

ANDREW: When you descended, did you meet in the city itself, on the surface, or somewhere that we cannot see today?

Tom: It is not uncovered.

ANDREW: I see, because while I was there I had a strange vision of beings who were there in yellow suits that looked like pressure suits. Was that at all a true vision?

Tom: Yes. As you know of the areas throughout your planet which are an energy core or a place of special feeling: at times these serve as a pipe line for different civilizations to come through on a beam of energy, which is an opening between the dimensions. Megiddo is the area where this process of setting up these energy cores started, and all the civilizations used it at one time or another. On Planet Earth, it was the place for what you call summit meetings, and all of us came there at one time or another, but not all at the same time. We came to communicate with the 'Hawk'. The beings in yellow which you saw, were from the civilization which was the guardian, yes. It is in truth, the underneath of what you would call the energy into which we may, as you would say, 'plug in'.

JOHN: So was Megiddo part of Atlantis?

Tom: No. We must clarify –you recall what we have talked of the destruction? Before that time, there were colonies of Atlantis. And those colonies moved to other colonies, or there were beings that moved to other colonies. That is the nature of things.

ANDREW: That was 11,000 years ago. So this would add up. How did Megiddo ever come to be the symbol of – to be called Armageddon?

Tom: Did we not explain? Perhaps it was not clear. Did we not explain that the colony, which was of the essence of truth, because of the energy of those that were good and those that were not so good – was obliged to enter into battle with those that opposed, and we speak now of those in the spheres. So this was always a battle area and has left that vibration in the physical and in the spheres.

ANDREW: I suppose my question really is: how did this get into the literature, the Bible?

Tom: Did we not just explain?

ANDREW: Well, you explained it was a centre of struggle, but there's only one mention of it in the Bible, and it doesn't even mention battles.

Tom: It was a battle on the physical that put it into your Bible. Remember, your Bible is not always in truth, and there are parts of your Bible that are not in your Bible.

ANDREW: Yes, you did tell us that. What's puzzling me is that here is the most important statement that could and should be in the Bible.

Tom: We did not control what man put in your Bible.

ANDREW: I see.

The subject was then changed, to deal with more practical matters:

JOHN: Why has so much importance been ascribed in the Bible to circumcision?

Tom: It is truly a very simple explanation. There are no complications with us, it is only those that follow later what we have said that cause complexities.

If you recall the climate of Israel and the surrounding countries, they have great heat and sand and dryness. One of the greatest ills that afflicted those that lived in this area was the affliction of the genitals of the males. They knew that their genitalia gave them pleasure and also pain. They remembered the pleasure more and would not allow circumcision. The reason for the beginning of circumcision was to make the people strong, and to eliminate the cancer that was consuming women - if males in that climate are not circumcised, then it creates a cancer in women. It was done to make them strong, but it was also to ask them to have the faith in us. A grain of sand in a child creates much pain and much difficulty. It was that simple.

ANDREW: What about the religious aspect where it was a sign of the Covenant between Abraham and the Lord?

Tom: We thought we had just explained that to you. At that time, there was not a male that would do this. Does that give you the explanation?

ANDREW: Yes, that does for the beginning, now how about today? Is it still necessary?

Tom: In this time and this day there are many things that are different, but it is still better to be circumcised. You understand that in 1500 years from now there will not be a foreskin on a male. It is not necessary for you to be circumcised to have the understanding.

ANDREW: How about circumcision of women that's practiced in some countries? Why is it not practiced in the Jewish religion?

Tom: It was not what we asked. The reason why we asked for the males to be circumcised was their ego: the females did not have the same ego problem. We asked the males to make a practical sacrifice, and to believe that if they did this, their whole people would benefit. We asked them to believe in our knowledge and recommendation.

ANDREW: - Is that the same reason you asked the sacrifice, if you did, of the first born?

Tom: That was not us.

ANDREW: It happened to be in the Bible, that is why I wondered how it got in there.

Tom: Many things that are in the Bible are not in truth.

ANDREW: Yes, we are trying to sift out which are true and which are not.

Tom: Circumcision came for two reasons: one to help and one to give faith. It is now carried beyond this, and people believe that it brings them closer to God. This was not the intention.

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