Chapter 2

(part two)


1. A Comprehensive Study into the Secret Doctrines of Freemasonry.
2. Documentive Proof that Albert Pike was an open worshipper of
3. The Promotion of Modern Witchcraft by Apostles of Lucifer.
4. Charles Manson, aka Jesus Christ God.
5. Shocking facts about the Beatles Rock Group's White Album, and
   other Rock Groups.
6. Shocking facts about Witchcraft signs being the origin of Symbols
   of the United States Government.

   Freemasonry, says Albert Pike 33rd degree, is a continued effort to seek light. Albert Pike was a Confederate general during the Civil War who was honoured among Masons in the South as a great Confederate hero. He was honoured also among Masons as "The Prince Adept, Mystic, Poet, and Scholar of Freemasonry."  In the South he was almost considered a god-man, a genius, a hero among multitudes. Pike, also a well known American poet, was born in Boston and studied at Harvard. From 1833 to 1836, Pike was the associate editor, and then proprietor, of The Arkansas Advocate. His best known poems were "To the Mocking Bird," "The Widowed Heart" and "Dixie." Little did the people of Arkansas understand who they were naming their parks, streets and a county after, when they used the name Albert Pike. And ironically enough, in Tennessee and Arkansas, a tourist will find lakes and towns named after Nimrod. Albert Pike made his mark before the war in Arkansas as a lawyer and writer, but as a Confederate Brigadier General, he was, according to the Arkansas Democrat of July 31, 1978, a complete "WASH-OUT," not a hero. Yet, Gen. Albert Pike is the only Confederate general with a statue on federal property in Washington, DC. He was honoured, not as a commander or even as a lawyer, but as Southern regional leader of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The statue stands on a pedestal near the foot of Capitol Hill. Albert Pike states in his book Morals and Dogma, which is a Bible of Freemasonry, that:
   "Masonry is a search after Light. That search leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabalah. In that ancient and little understood medley of absurdity and philosophy, the Initiate will find the SOURCE OF DOCTRINES; AND MAY IN TIME COME TO UNDERSTAND THE HERMETIC PHILOSOPHERS, the Alchemist, all the Anti-Papal Thinkers of the Middle Ages and Emanuel Swedenborg."       Morels and Dogma, Pike, p. 741
   All a reader needs to do is glance at the pages of Masonic books and he will see this same philosophy taught from the Cabala we examined earlier. Here from Martin Wagner's book Interpretation of Freemasonry, p. 27, we read the following:
   "The Temple is a glyph for the universe, the MACROCOSM, and for the MICROCOSM (THE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN TEMPLE), sometimes referring to the one and sometimes to the other. The details given in the ritual concerning Solomon's Temple, its artisans, apprentices, fellowcrafts, masters, pilasters, etc., are related to conceal the real Masonic meaning, or give an apparently rational explanation to the ceremony. These things are the rubbish of the temple under which the REAL MASONRY IS CONCEALED."  Quoted in Masonic Report, McQuaig, p.14
   Masonry uses symbols of the Bible to hide the real Masonic meaning behind their Hermetic Rites. They just use the name Solomon for their Temples. The truth is, Solomon, the King of Israel, was not a Mason, nor did he ever have any connection with Freemasonry. The real reason Freemasonry uses the name Solomon is to hide the real NAMES OF THE SUN-GODS FROM THREE DIFFERENT NATIONS. Again, from An Interpretation of Freemasonry, by Martin Wagner, p. 97, we read the following:
   Freemasonry Lodge meetings at this present day are usually held in the upper chambers of their lodges. The worshippers of Baal (the Sun-god) erected their idols and altars on top of hills, among sacred groves, or on the roofs of houses. Now in another authorized Masonic publication we read the following:
   "Lodge meetings at present day are usually held in upper chambers, and the reason for this custom is that 'Before the erection of temples the celestial bodies were worshipped on hills and the Terrestrial ones in valley's.' " General Ahimon Relon, by Daniel Sickles, p. 75. Quoted in Masonic Report, Mcquaig, p. 15.
   Here again from an authorized Masonic publication,  more  shocking  information about  these Masonic Lodges, and the secret meaning of G.A.O.T.U., from The Master's Carpet, by Edmond Ronayne, past Grand Master of Lodge 639 in Chicago, on pages 301-302 we read the following:
   "The Lodge room then is brought before us as a symbol of the Universe, GOVERNED BY THE SUN-GOD, and its cubical form expressed in the language of the ritual is made to represent the united power of light and darkness, and the constant conflict which is supposed to be always going on between them. In other words THE LODGE ROOM IS THE REAL HEAVEN (IN MINIATURE), WHERE THE GOD OF NATURE THE G.A.O.T.U. - ALWAYS PRESIDES, WHERE HIS SYMBOL IS ALWAYS DISPLAYED, WHERE HIS WORSHIP IS ALWAYS PRACTICED, and when the good Mason dies he is simply transferred from this lower heaven of this Lodge below, to the mount Olympus of the craft, called the Grand Lodge above." Quoted from Masonic Report, McQuaig, p.15.
   Now here we see who this god of nature, the G.A.O.T.U., really is. It is the Sun-God! And just as the Witches hold their meetings at night, so does the Freemason meet at night. Here from Symbolism of Freemasonry, by Albert G. Mackey 339 p. 157:
   "Darkness, like death, is the symbol of initiation. It was for this reason that all the ancient initiations were performed at night. The celebration of the mysteries was always nocturnal. The same custom prevails in Freemasonry and the explanation is the same." Quoted from Masonic Report, Mcquaid, p.18.
   In the Hindu religion, the Sun-god, as in many others, was worshipped as we saw earlier as a Trinity. The Trinity was formed because of the three phases of the sun's course. At sunrise the Hindu worshipped his Sun-god as Brahma, at noon he was Siva, and at sunset, he became Vishnu. Now, the high priests of Sun worship pretended to be the incarnation of the Sun-gods, and so do the Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden of these Masonic Lodges. Here from Freemasons Guide, by Daniel Sickles, on page 66 we read the following:
     "The Worshipful Master represents the sun at its rising, the Senior Warden represents the Sun at its setting, and the Junior Warden represents the Sun at Meridian." Quoted from the Mosonic Report, McQuaig, p.18.
   In Baal worship, which is Witchcraft, it is taught that the god of nature, the Ruler of the Zodiac, the Sun, was both male and female. Now the three gods of the Trinity, or three great lights (sun, moon and stars) were symbolized as the geometric symbol which the Greeks called the Delta, or the Triangle [1].
   The Egyptian pyramids to the Sun are solid figures on a triangular square with sloping sides meeting at an apex. The male and female elements of the Sun-god were symbolized, as we saw earlier, by two pyramids or triangles: The male symbolized as a triangle pointing upward, the female pointing downward. As we saw earlier, the pagans combined the two to form what is called the Hexagram. This is one of the most evil signs of Witchcraft. It is used in magic to control spirits (demons). It is used by witches to cast a spell, to charm, or injure a person or his property [2]. One of the most common uses for this symbol is the Star of David in the Jewish faith. This six pointed star commonly used by the deceived Jews is called the Seal of Solomon among Masons [3]. And the five pointed star called the Pentagram, that witches get in the center to cast their spells, is also a Masonic symbol. They call the Pentagram the Blazing Star [4].
   Now keeping in mind that Freemasonry is astrological in all areas as this will help us see other deceptions as we go on. All Star worship, as originally taught by the Babylonians, says man's soul is immortal, and at death he had a place in Heaven among the stars. However, the chief gods of the Zodiac were the Seven Stars:
           1. Sun  2. Moon  3. Venus   4. Mars   5. Jupiter  6. Mercury   7. Saturn


     The Morning Star, which is the East Star (the Phoenix, or Venus to the Romans), was the nocturnal representation of the hidden Sun-god Osiris, or his soul according to Egyptian mythology. He was called "Athtar," the East Star, among the Arabs, which actually meant "Lucifer," the Illuminated One. The Masons have adopted the name "The Blazing Star" to describe this symbol which the evil sign of Witchcraft (the Pentagram) derived with its two horns (points) attacking Heaven.
   Albert Pike says in his book Morals and Dogma, on pages 15 and 16:
   "Our French Brethren place this letter Yod, in the centre of the Blazing Star. And in the old Lectures, our ancient English Brethren said, 'The Blazing Star or glory in the centre refers us to that grand luminary, THE SUN, which enlightens the earth, and by its genial influence dispenses blessing to mankind." Pike goes on to say,
   "They call it also in the same lectures, an EMBLEM OF PRUDENCE. The word Prudentia means, in its original and fullest signification, Foresight; and accordingly, the Blazing Star has been regarded as an EMBLEM OF OMNISCIENCE, OR THE ALLSEEING EYE, which to the Egyptian Initiates was the EMBLEM OF OSIRIS THE CREATOR. With the Yod in the centre, it has the kabalistic meaning of the Divine Energy, manifested as Light, creating the Universe."
   The pyramid with the ALLSEEING EYE as the cap stone, which is a symbol of the EYE OF LUCIFER, can be found on the back of an American Federal Reserve Note for One Dollar. We will study how this satanic occult sign became an emblem of the United States monetary system in the next chapter. Very few Americans know that more than 50 of the signatories of the Declaration of independence were either Masons or Rosicrucians, and were much into the esoteric (secret) sciences such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Cabala, etc. Our own Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were both expert astrologers (occultists) [5].
   As we saw earlier, the ancients often used animals and birds to represent their chief deities in their myths. The "Phoenix" to the Egyptian was a species of the Heron family with long crest feathers. The name Phoenix to the Egyptians, as to other pagan nations was a name that symbolized the Sun-god under the names Ra and Osiris, and in later times was also their embodiment in the planet Venus, which is the Morning Star, or East Star. The name Phoenix, as we pointed out earlier, means "Shining One" [6] and so does the name "Lucifer" [7]. However, it was the Eagle (Sumerian symbol) which took flight daily across the vault of Heaven and traversed the celestial dominion of the stars and constellations, descending toward the Rising Sun from the storm clouds of Adad. The Eagle was a symbol of the Sun-god as the Spring and Morning Sun, victorious over the powers of Darkness and the Underworld through which he passed nightly [8].
   As several times throughout this book, we have tried to show that it is Satan (Lucifer) who is being worshipped through a camouflage of pagan gods symbolized as humans, animals or birds. It was Lucifer who was the original "Light Bearer" (Isaiah 14:12).
   Now this sacred bird of light, the Phoenix, who was also symbolized as a peacock and heron, is also worshipped today among the American Indians as the Eagle. Very few Masons, like the Roman Catholics, understand the religion they blindly serve. They're told to do things they don't understand and they do them without questioning why. And so is it among the Protestant circles. They never think to check the words their Pastors have told them with the Holy Scriptures themselves, as the Bible clearly states: "Prove all things: hold fast that which is good." 1.Thessalonians 5:21.
   Very few Masons know that Albert Pike, this highest authority of Freemasonry, The Prince Adept, Mystic, Poet, and Scholar of Freemasonry, was himself also the head of the Palladist, another Secret Society which openly worshipped Lucifer and was bent on destroying Christianity, replacing it with the worship of Lucifer himself. Albert Pike, the head of the Freemasons, was also an Apostle of Lucifer! Here from the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, Vol. 12, p. 204, we read the following:
   "The latter group, with which we are mainly concerned, was known under the alternative names of LUCIFERIANS and PALLADISTS. They were said to adore LUCIFER, the equal and foe of ADONAI, Jahweh. He was in their view the God of Light, the good principle, while Adonai was THE GOD OF DARKNESS, THE EVIL PRINCIPLE. In sort, he was Satan himself. This worship was founded on a dualistic philosophy and was a sort of topsy-turvy Christianity. The name of Palladists is derived from a palladium which they were said to revere, namely the BAPHOMET or grotesque idol, the worship of which was one of the articles of accusations against the "Knights Templars" in the 14th century. It was alleged that the Baphomet was preserved in secret through nearly five centuries after the suppression of the order and ultimately carried by one Isaac Long in 1801, together with the skull of the last Grand Master, the unhappy Jacques du Molay, from Paris to Charleston in the United States of America. These relies were averred to have there become the sacred objects of a society which was a development of Freemasonry.
   "The head of the society, we are told, was one ALBERT PIKE, under whose influence it spread all over the civilized world."
   After Albert Pike's death, Adriand Lemmi transferred this Luciferian Secret Society from Charleston to Rome. And it was reported that the most foul, cruel and obscene rites, along with the adjuration of Christ and his religion, accompanied by the appearance of Satan himself, were all part of the ceremonies that took place during their meetings. See Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics, Vol. 12, p. 204.
   From the beginning of this book, we have to show the reader that there is a spiritual conflict between God and Lucifer, and Christians and Luciferans. We have tried to show through history how Satan has indeed been working little by little to condition the world into worshipping him through various camouflages. Just like Lucifer tried to overthrow the worship of Adonai (Jehovah) in Heaven, so does Lucifer have him a Worldwide Conspiracy working today, behind the public eye, that is bent on destroying the Christian religion, and establishing a Luciferian Government on this earth, lust as Christ commissions His people to go and preach the Gospel to every kindred, tongue and nation, so does Lucifer have his apostles who are as determined to promote their god through "spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12. Just as our Lord gives His people the "Spirit of Prophecy" (Revelation 19:10), so does Lucifer  give his people the "Spirit of Divination" (Acts 16 :16). This gospel of Lucifer is IIluminism, and is the foundation of the various Secret Societies.
   If the reader has any doubts about Albert Pike's involvement in the Luciferian Conspiracy, let his own words in his own book, Morals and Dogma, help convince you. Here from page 787 is how Pike slowly instructs unsuspecting Masons about the importance of the Eagle, which is another emblem of Freemasonry, and from ancient times a symbol of Lucifer.
   "A great Black Eagle, King of Birds. He alone it is that can fire the Sun, material in its nature, that has no form, and yet by its form develops color. The black is a complete harbinger of the work: it changes color and assumes a natural form, out whereof will emerge a brilliant Sun." On page 102 of Morals and Dogma, Pike said the following:
     "The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is that of Yahveh (God) reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry. For the Initiates, this is not a PERSON BUT A FORCE, CREATED FOR GOOD, BUT WHICH MAY SEAVE FOR EVIL, IT IS THE INSTRUMENT OF LIBERTY OR FREE WILL. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the MYTHOLOGIC and HORNED FORM OF THE GOD PAN; THENCE CAME THE HE-GOAT OF THE SABBAT BROTHER OF THE ANCIENT SERPENT, AND THE LIGHTBEARER OR PHOSPHOR, OF WHICH THE POETS HAVE MADE THE FALSE LUCIFER OF THE LEGEND."
   Now, on page 321 of Morals and Dogma, Pike says the following:
   Just as the Word of God is a Light that shines through the darkness (ignorance) of this world, so is there a counterfeit Light called Illuminism that actually derived from the name Lucifer. For "Lucifer," as we have already seen, means "The Illuminated One," or "Shining One." Speaking about this counterfeit Light (Illuminism), Gerald B. Winrod, D.D. states  in his booklet, Communism In  Prophecy History America, p. 37:
   "As divine illumination is experience in the soul of the believer through contact with the Holy Spirit, so also there is a counterfeit light that poisons human thought and produces decay. There are 'seducing spirits' that impregnate human minds with 'doctrines of devils.'
   "There is a white light of spiritual illumination. But there is also a black light of demonic illumination. Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.... Illuminism is black magic. Jannes and Jambres manipulated these powers in the days of Moses. The attack is as old as sin on the planet."
   Luciferians teach, it is Christ who is the imposter and the Evil One, while it's Lucifer who is the Good God. Like modern Witchcraft, Luciferians do not believe that Satan exists. They do not believe Satan and Lucifer are the same god.
   Another Apostle of Lucifer, like Albert Pike, who was equal in the knowledge of the Hermetic Sciences (Witchcraft) was one Aleister Crowley. We will examine more shocking facts about Albert Pike later on. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) wrote many books on magic. He was violently against God and Christianity, and saw himself as a Messiah of a new religion. He was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn headed at that time by a Samuel Liddell Mathers, who later expelled Crowley from their Secret Society. This Secret Society, which exists today, taught the use of magical weapons and practiced ceremonial magic mixed with drugs and sex.
   As a child, Crowley was brought up in a Christian environment where he learned of the warning about the Beast of Revelation, and its number of doom, 666. However, this warning took just an opposite effect on him. Because of his terrible behaviour as a child, his mother said to Crowley that he reminded her of the Beast of the book of Revelation that came out of the depths of the sea, with horns on his head, blaspheming God. Later as Crowley developed a deep seated hatred for Jesus Christ, he became ever more zealous in trying to destroy Christianity. To show his rejection of God and the Bible, not understanding what the beast symbolized in the Bible, his ignorance led him to proclaim that he was the Beast 666, and finally found a name that he could use that would add to that number 666. The name he used was "THE WILD BEAST," which in Greek, "TO META OHPION," adds to 666 [9].
   Like Ahab and Jezebel in the Bible, he made an all out effort to promote the Mysteries of Sun worship. He held according to Crowley, meetings with what he called a Secret Chief (familiar spirit) called AIWAZ. This Aiwaz helped in writing one of his books called The Book of the Law [10], where Crowley summed up his magical philosophy with his motto: "DO WHAT THOU WILL SHALL BE THE WHOLE LAW" [11].
   In Crowley's book, Magick in Theory and Practice, he states the following:
   "The Devil is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes. This has led to so much confusion of thought that The Beast 666 has preferred to let names stand as they are, and to proclaim simply that Aiwaz -- the solar-phallic hermetic "LUCIFER" is His own Holy GUARDIAN ANGEL, AND "THE DEVIL" SATAN OR HADIT OR OUR PARTICULAR UNIT OF THE STARRY UNIVERSE. THIS SERPENT SATAN, IS NOT THE ENEMY OF MAN, BUT WHO MADE THE GODS OF OUR RACE, KNOWING GOOD AND EVIL; HE BADE "KNOW THYSELF!" and taught Initiation. He is "THE DEVIL" OF THE BOOK OF THOTH, AND HIS EMBLEM IS "BAPHOMET;" the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection."
Crowley goes on to say,
   "... But moreover his letter is Ayin, THE EYE; he is Light, and his ZODIACAL IMAGE IS CAPRICORNUS, THAT LEAPING GOAT WHOSE ATTRIBUTE IS LIBERTY."
   Now, it was this same Aleister Crowley who helped establish an Order of Rosicrucians in San Jose, California. And Crowley is numbered among other magicians and sorcerers such as Emanuel Swedenborg, Sir Richard Kelly, Eliphas Levi, Alice Bailey,  and that pot-smoking medium named Madame Blavatsky (founder of the Theosophical Society which we will study in a moment) as one of the leaders of modern Spiritualism today.
   Because the books Aleister Crowley wrote were exposing the secrets of the occult, in 1912 Crowley received an unexpected visit at his flat in Victoria Street, London, from one Theodar Reuss, a high ranking German Freemason, and also an agent of the German Secret Police. Reuss had come over from Germany for the express purpose of meeting Crowley and accusing him of giving away magical secrets [12]. Among the occultists, giving away secrets is a crime punishable by death, as it is in Freemasonry. And since there is very little difference between any of these Secret Societies, this vow of secrecy applies to all occultists.
   Now this Theodar Reuss was not only a high ranking German Freemason, but belonged to another Secret Society called ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS, or Order of the Templars of the East, that the infamous pot-smoking Madame Blavatsky and Karl Relier an associate of Blavatsky, founded in 1902 [13].
   Now, special attention should be given to this "Ordo Templi Orientis," for it centers around much of the Antichrist movement among our young people today! The Ordo Templi Orientis claimed that it could communicate in nine Degrees the secrets not only of Freemasonry, but of the Rosicrucians, The Illuminati, the Order of the Holy Grail, the Knights of the Holy Ghost, and the Holy Sepulchre [14]. Blavatsky and her associates claimed they were the key which opens up all Masonic and Hermetic secrets, namely, the teaching of sexual magic (Phallicism), and this doctrine of sexual magic would explain, without exception, all the secrets of Nature, all the symbolism of Freemasonry, and all systems of religion [15].
   So, since Crowley was very learned in these areas and was revealing these things to the ordinary reader in his books, Reuss was sent to tell Crowley: "Since you know our hidden sex teachings, you'd better come into our Order." Crowley agreed, and after a journey to Berlin, he was transformed with due ceremony into the Supreme and Holy King of Ireland, Iona, and all them Britons that are in the Sanctuary of the Gnosis. And he gave himself the magical name of BAPHOMET  [16], which we saw is just another name for Lucifer.
   Now, this Order of the Templars of the East, or Ordo Templi Orientis, in the 1960's had a Lodge operating under the name of "The Process Church of the Final Judgment" in Los Angeles [17]. This same "Process Church of the Final judgment" attracted a male Witch that had studied deep into magic, warlockery, hypnotism, astral projection, Masonic lore, scientology, ego games, subliminal motivation, music, and whose religion was like the Yezidis, Gnostics, and the Palladists, of whom Albert Pike was once a leader, as we studied earlier, and which was a mixture of both Satanism and some elements of the Bible. This religious leader and revolutionary claimed he was both Satan and Christ [18]. His name is Charles Manson. Ironically enough, Manson studied Witchcraft while he was in prison at McNeil Island Penitentiary in Washington [19].
   On March 21, 1967, Manson left prison. He was thirty-two years old. At first he went to the Bay area and hung around the Berkeley and the Haight-Ashbury district, where he met his first disciples (Mary Brunner and Lynn "Squeaky" Fromme). He was introduced to LSD, experienced an hallucination, and thought he was Christ. When the leader of the "Family" was arrested, he was booked as "Manson, Charles M. aka Jesus Christ, God" [20].
   Before the slayings that were to become known as the Tate-LaBianca murders, Manson and his Family moved to Santa Barbara and Topanga Canyon, where they supported themselves by theft (especially of credit cards) and drug dealing."
   Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor during the Tate-LaBianca trials, in his search for a motive for the barbaric slayings, found that the motive was centered around a bizarre religious belief and rock music. Also centered around the infamous Charles Manson Family were found very well-known names in Hollywood and rock music circles.
   In his book, Helter Skelter, Bugliosi said Manson had an obsession for the Beatles' music, according to former inmates. While he was in prison, the Beatles song, "I Want To Hold Your Hand" became the No.1 song on the record charts in lanuary 1964. Manson's fanatical interests while in prison were scientology, his guitar, and his interest in the Beatles songs. But he told numerous people that, given the chance, he could be much bigger than the Beatles [22].
   Manson believed that the Beatles were modern day prophets that were giving their messages through their music. Manson would quote, verbatim, lyrics from the Beatles songs, finding in them a multitude of hidden meanings. He would also use his interpretation of Revelation chapter 9 to support his own views [23]. Now here lies the bizarre reasoning behind the mass murders he and his Family committed. We are not interested in studying the bloody history of the actual killings, but how these young human beings could be led to do such things.
   First of all, the reader must remember that the basic foundation to all Witchcraft is the belief that man will continue to live after death (immortality of the soul). That man is, as it were, stuck in a body, but it is only temporary, because he has a soul that will live in Paradise at death. This first lie, "Ye shall not surely die," as we studied earlier, is not a new doctrine, but is as old as this first lie. To help a Bible believer understand why the chapter 9 in the book of Revelation was more viewed than the 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th or 28th chapters by the Manson Family we have to know the significance behind the occultist doctrine of the number 9.
   In ancient pagan numerology, the number 9 is the number of the circle, which was a symbol of infinity or immortality. Take the zodiac, for instance. As we saw earlier, it was a 360 circle. Now the numbers 36 and 360, both important to astrologers, would add to 9 if their components were separated and added:  3+6=9 3+6+0=9. Much medieval magic revolves around the number 9. It was considered one of the most potent of numbers because it was composed of the all powerful 3 that represented the Trinity:  3 + 3 + 3 = 9.  The number nine was sacred to the pagan goddess [24] of death, the underworld and Hell, the burning place of torment. Witches believed that they could be reincarnated nine times [25].
   Charles Manson believed and taught that death was only a change. "The soul or spirit can't die," he said. Death was "a fear that was born in man's head and can be taken out of man's head, and then it would no longer exist" [26].
   Ancient pagans believed that death was a blessing, for at death they would shed this mortal body and become a ghost. It was recorded that the Aztec Indians in Central Mexico sacrificed 20 thousand human beings a year without the slightest guilt of conscience. Even the victims themselves would line up with little resistance to be sacrificed to the Sungod. Some believed it was a high calling to die for the Sun-god because in their myth, the Sun and the Stars killed each other at night. Huitzilopochtli (the Aztec Sun-god) was reborn every morning. The bloody sacrifices of the Aztecs were believed necessary because the Sun-god was nourished by human blood. Most of the wars carried out against their neighboring tribes were to get unwilling victims to sacrifice.
   Charles Manson taught his disciples that they were living in the Age of the Armageddon and the word he used for this Great Battle was "Helter Skelter." He taught his followers that the battle of Armageddon would be fought by a race war between the blacks and whites. There are two keys to understanding this ignorant man's murderous propaganda, and his false interpretation of the book of Revelation. One, the number 9 in Witchcraft, as we have seen, identified with death, Hell (fire and brimstone), and also the immortal soul. Hence, Manson's whole religion was based on his interpretation of Revelation chapter 9. The second key to understanding the Manson madness was the revolutionary propaganda from the Beatles songs. John Lennon of the Beatles can be quoted as saying, "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that: I'm right, and I will be proved right. We're (the Beatles) more popular than Jesus now..." St. Louis Globe Democrat, Aug. 5, 1966, quoted from The Death of a Nation, Stormer, Liberty Bell Press, 1968, p. 67.
   What came to pass about the Beatles and John Lennon's tragic death is public record but Christianity is still here, and will continue until Christ's Second Coming. Saith the Lord: "These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful." Revelation 17:14.
   A decade after the Tate-LaBianca murders, it was reported that evil propaganda messages were found in some Beatles songs. This article appeared in the San Antonio Light, Monday, February 1, 1982. The headline read: "Backward masked Satan promos found on some Rock'n Roll Records." Evil messages were not only found in the Beatles' music, but also in other rock groups, such as Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Oak Arkansas, and the Electric Light Orchestra. This subliminal technique of hiding satanic messages is known as "Backward Masking." Messages that cannot be heard when played forward are implanted in the songs. This backward masking of messages can only be understood when the record is played backwards. This is done by placing the speed of the turntable in neutral position, then spinning it by finger backwards at a speed where the voice of the group is distinguishable. The Led Zeppelin song, "Stairway to Heaven," played backwards can be heard to say: "MY SWEET SATAN.... THE ONE WILL BE SAD WHO MAKES ME SAD, WHOSE POWER IS SATAN." Forward the lyrics say, "YES, THERE ARE TWO PATHS YOU CAN GO BY; BUT IN THE LONG RUN THERE'S STILL TIME TO CHANGE THE ROAD YOU'RE ON."
   The Black Oak Arkansas song, "The Day Electricity Came to Arkansas," contains the backward message, "SATAN, SATAN, SATAN, HE IS GOD." Although the Beatles songs do not mention the name Satan in their White Album, still it is the Beatles song, "Revolution No. 9," with which Manson was obsessed. Charles Manson, a satanist himself, believed that the Beatles, as modern day prophets, were telling Manson through their songs what he was to do and what was going to cause the Battle of Armageddon [28]. Manson's disciples also believed that the Beatles songs were speaking to Charles Manson, especially the songs in their so-called White Album. For instance, in the song "I Will," can be heard: "And when at last I find you / Your song will fill the air / Sing it loud so I can hear you / Make it easy to be near you." Manson interpreted this to mean the Beatles wanted him to make an album too. He firmly believed that he was Christ and the Beatles were looking for him. Manson told his followers that the Beatles knew that Christ had returned to earth again and that he was living somewhere in Los Angeles [29]. Here is confusion. John Lennon, as we saw, was antiChrist.
   In the Beatles' White Album is a song called "Honey Pie," which can be heard: "Oh honey pie, my position is tragic / Come and show me the magic / Of your Hollywood song." The song goes on to say: "Oh Honey Pie you are driving me frantic / Sail across the Atlantic / To be where you belong." In January and February of 1969 just after the White Album was released, Manson and his disciples tried to contact the Beatles through several telegrams, letters, and through telephone calls to England, to invite the Beatles to cross over the Atlantic and join him in Death Valley. However, they were without success [30].
   Manson told his followers that in the Beatles White Album were found the messages that would "set up things for the revolution" he believed was the Battle of Armageddon. There were actually five songs that Manson and his disciples took, more than the others found on the album, that they believed were messages directed to him. They were: "Blackbird," "Piggies," "Revolution 1," "Revolution 9" and "Helter Skelter" [31]. In the song, "Blackbird singing in the dead of night / Take these broken wings and learn to fly / AIl your life / You were only waiting for this moment to arise." Manson interpreted this to mean that the black man was going to arise, overthrow the white man, and take his turn. And the Beatles, according to Manson, were trying to cause them to start a race war. We will come back to this revolutionary propaganda in a moment.
   To understand this satanic delusion, we need to see how Manson butchered the Holy Scriptures to support his prophecy of Helter Skelter (Armageddon). In Revelation 9:1, we read:
  "And the fifth angel sounded and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit." Now Manson's interpretation of the bottomless pit is a cave underneath Death Valley, where his chosen people (the Family) would go during the Negro Revolt (Helter Skelter), that he said the Hopi Indians knew about [32]. Manson said his Family were the original Christians reincarnated, and that the Romans had returned as the Establishment. Hence, Manson and his chosen people would remain in this secret paradise underneath Death Valley until his chosen people grew to the number 144,000. Manson told his disciples that the bottomless pit has a golden city with a river of milk and honey that runs through it, and a tree that bears twelve kinds of fruit, a different fruit each month. You don't need to bring candles, nor any flashlights, down there because the walls will glow, and it wouldn't be cold or be too hot. And there would be warm springs and fresh water, and people would already be down there waiting for him [33].
   The first four angels of Revelation, chapters 8 and 9, Manson interpreted to be the four Beatles and the Locusts (insects) were describing the Beatles also because "They had hair as the hair of women" Revelation 9:8. Out of the mouths of the Four Angels (Beatles) "issued fire and brimstone." In Revelation 9:17, the fire and brimstone CAME OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE HORSES, NOT THE FOUR ANGELS as Manson mis-interpreted. This fire and brimstone represented the lyrics, according to Manson, the power of the songs of the Beatles [34]. Their "breastplates of fire" were the electric guitars. Their shapes "like unto horses prepared unto battle" were their dune buggies. The Horsemen who numbered two hundred thousand thousand and who would roam the earth spreading destruction, were the motorcycle gangs. And the Fifth Angel, according to Manson, was himself [35].
   Now in Revelation 9:4 it talks about "the SEAL OF GOD in their foreheads." Manson was asked what this meant and he said that this meant there would be a MARK on people that only he would be able to see, and the MARK would designate whether they were with him or against him [36].
   And in Revelation 9:11 we read: "And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name APOLLYON. " Abaddon means "destroyer." Manson, who believed he was both Christ and Satan incarnated, believed that this applied to him, for according to Manson, he was "the king, which is the angel of the bottomless pit."
   The Beatles song "Revolution 9" contains a segment that, played backward, has another message. The repetition of "number nine, number nine" in reverse says, "Turn me on dead man." "Revolution 1," as given on the jacket insert, reads: "You say you want a revolution / Well you know / We all want to change the world... / But when you talk about destruction / Don't you know that you can count me out." However, when you listen to the record itself, immediately after "OUT" you hear the word "IN" and Manson took this to mean the Beatles once undecided, now favored the Revolution. Now later on in the song, the lyrics say, "You say you got a real solution / Well you know / We'd all love to see the plan." To Manson, the meaning of this lyric was obvious: Manson was to sing out and tell the TUNE-IN people how to escape the Armageddon (Helter Skelter) [37].
   In "Revolution 9," the listener hears whispers, shouts, snatches of dialogue from the BBC, bits of classical music, mortars exploding, babies crying, church hymns, car horns and football yells-which, together with a chant of "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9," build to a climax of machinegun fire and screams, followed by the soft and obviously symbolic lullaby of "Good Night" [38].
   Manson said this was the Beatles' way of prophesying the battle of Armageddon, which Manson believes is a race war. In the background of all this noise on Revolution 9, Manson heard the oinking of pigs and a man's voice saying, "Rise." This to Manson was the Beatles' way of telling the black man that now was the time to RISE and start the Armageddon. Manson told his followers that the race war would start by Blacks going to the rich piggy districts and murdering them, cutting bodies up, smearing blood, and writing things on the wall in blood. These superatrocious crimes would cause the white man to start the war. The statement Manson made signed his own guilt decree. On the walls of the places where the murder victims were found, written in blood were the words, DEATH TO THE PIGS, RISE and HELTER SKELTER [38].
   The whole plan of this revolution and terrorism was to incite the white man into starting another civil war. The question is, was all this an isolated plan of one crazed lunatic, or was Manson himself just a pawn in a much larger circle of hidden instigators that want to provoke revolution, riots, race wars, and anarchy?
   John A. Stormer, author of the seven-million-copy best seller, None Dare Call It Treason, has written another book called The Death of a Nation, where he has documentive proof that the riots of the late 1960's were Communist inspired:
   "The Riots, Looting, sniper attacks on police and massive civil disturbances which have racked American cities since 1964 are part of the Communist program for destroying America's ability to resist.
   "In February 1967, FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover told a committee of the U.S. Congress: 'Communists and other subversives and extremists strive and labor ceaselessly to precipitate racial trouble and take advantage of racial discord in this country. Such elements were active in exploiting and aggravating the riots, for example, the Harlem, Watts, Cleveland, and Chicago.' " Quoted from The Death of a Nation, Stormer, Liberty Bell Press, 1968, p. 24.
   Now, another question should be asked. Who are the Communists? Where did they actually come from? Did they just appear out of thin air? Or are they too just another pawn for a much larger circle of hidden instigators that want to provoke revolution, riots, race wars, and anarchy? As we continue to study the Great Luciferian Conspiracy, the reader will learn that Luciferian fronts designed to destroy all controlling governments and religions are the real hidden instigators of all the Communist Parties of the world, and Communism actually derived out of Spiritualism (Witchcraft)! And the diabolical scheme of the Manson Family and the riots of the sixties are only a shadow of what Lucifer's plans are for the future. The whole world is to be thrown into riot and Revolution by these conspirators, as a way to frighten the inhabitants into a one world government. Just to show what people can be led to do by a false religious spirit, Susan Atkins, one of the murderers of Sharon Tate and a member of the Manson Family Conspiracy, with her puppy-dog eyes and childish manner, told a jail inmate that she helped kill Sharon Tate, and said: "YOU HAVE TO HAVE A REAL LOVE IN YOUR HEART TO DO THIS FOR PEOPLE" [40].
   What could lead these people we just read about to train their consciences to accept these murders and social upheavals they tried to cause? The real source and blame can be placed on those whom Satan used during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries who were responsible for reviving the sciences of Witchcraft. Manson, and the Communist Party, are products of the writings of Emanuel Swedenburg, Adam Weishaupt, Sir Richard Kelly, Eliphas Levi, Karl Marx, Madame Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Margaret Murry, Gerald B. Gardner, just to name a few. We will examine this more as we continue.
   To show the reader how Witchcraft is gaining control, on October 31, 1971, Leo Martello, long an activist for civil and gay rights, organized a "Witch-In" in New York's Central Park. He finally obtained a permit from the Parks Department to stage his demonstration with the determined efforts of the New York Civil Liberties Union. Martello shortly after formed what was to become the Witches Anti-Defamation League, devoted to securing religious rights for Witches [40]. Then later, Isaac Bonewits, a self-proclaimed male Witch, and a number of other occultists formed the AADL, the Aquarian Anti-Defamation League, we often hear about. This organization is dedicated to fighting legal battles on behalf of pagans and occultists [41].
   As stated earlier, Witchcraft is the biggest rival of modern Christianity. The average gullible Christian has no knowledge of what is happening all around him, even within his own church, about how Spiritualism is a very serious threat. However, we are determined to bring these things out in the light for all to see. But to do this, the reader must have a complete understanding of what these Secret Societies actually are.
   Like Witchcraft, Freemasons are bound by oaths and obligations under the pain of death if they should prove willfully guilty of violating any part of their solemn oaths or obligations. One of their obligations is toward their brother Mason. In the Masonic Hand Book, on page 183 we read:
   "Whenever you see any of our signs made by a brother Mason, and especially the grand hailing sign of distress, you must always be sure to obey them, even at the risk of your life. If you're on a jury, and the defendant is a Mason, and makes the Grand Hailing sign, you must obey it; you must DISAGREE WITH YOUR BROTHER JURORS, IF NECESSARY; BUT YOU MUST BE SURE NOT TO BRING THE MASON GUILTY FOR THAT WOULD BRING DISGRACE UPON THE ORDER. IT MAY BE PERJURY, TO BE SURE, TO DO THIS, BUT THEN YOU'RE FULFILLING YOUR OBLIGATION, AND YOU KNOW IF YOU LIVE UP TO YOUR OBLIGATIONS YOU'LL BE FREE FROM SIN." Quoted in The Masonic Report, McQuaig, p. 9.
   During the Tate-LaBianCa trials - with Susan Atkins testifying to how good it felt when the knife went into Sharon Tate -- Manson was flashing Masonic hand signals to the judge [42]. We made a statement a little while back that Freemasonry is nothing less than BAAL WORSHIP. So that there will be no more confusion about this, we will now let the Masons say so themselves. Here from The Master's Carpet, by Edmond Ronayne, on page 247 we read the following:
   Many of the lower Degrees of Freemasonry in America and England will urge that the things we have exposed about Freemasonry thus far are false, because they have been led to believe that Freemasonry is a Christian organization. But the higher Degrees of Freemasonry should know that nothing could be further from the truth. Now it is true that in Christian lands the Bible is placed with a Square and a Compass on the altar of their Lodges. However, like the name Solomon, the Bible is just a symbol in Freemasonry, not a standard of measuring truth. Here again from Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma, page 11, we read the following:
   "The Holy Bible, Square, and Compasses, are not only styled the Great Lights in Masonry, but they are technically called the Furniture of the Lodge; and, as you have seen, it is held that there is no Lodge without them. This has sometimes been made a pretext for excluding Jews from our Lodges, Because they cannot regard the New Testament as a Holy Book. The Bible is an INDISPENSABLE PART OF THE FURNITURE OF A CHRISTIAN LODGE, ONLY BECAUSE IT IS THE SACRED BOOK OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. The Hebrew Pentateuch in a Hebrew Lodge and the Koran in a Mohammedan one, belong on the Altar; and one of these and the Square and Compass, properly understood, are the LIGHTS BY WHICH A MASON MUST WALK AND WORK."
   Reader, the truth is, Freemasonry has nothing whatsoever to do with the Bible. It is just used as an ornament to attract Christian men into the lodge in Christian lands. In a book, Digest of Masonic Law, on pages 207 through 209 we find a statement that says this:
   Now that the Masonic Books have established that Masonry is the pagan religions of the world under one banner, what about the God of the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ? Is he worshipped in any of these Masonic Lodges? From The Masonic Hand Book, page 184, we read:
   Now here we start to see the real colors of Freemasonry. Again, from the Masonic Hand Book, page 74, we read the following:
   Does the reader need to go on and on through the doctrines of Freemasonry to see for himself that Freemasonry is anti-Christ, and it speaks as a dragon? However, we want to make clear to the reader that most Masons do not know these things that have been shown to you, until they reach the highest degrees of Freemasonry. The pattern of deception in Freemasonry is the very same pattern of deceptions found in Witchcraft. There are lower and higher Degrees of knowledge in Witchcraft too. The lower class worship at first a system of a godhead with a mother goddess and a pagan saviour of the world. In Egypt, the godhead of Sun worship was Osiris (the Sun), Isis (the Moon), and Horus (the Star). In Babylon, they were Baal, Ishtar, and Tammuz. In Mexico, they were Teotl, Coatlicue, and Quetzalcoatl. All these gods derived from the first King in the world, the first builder of cities (mason), and his wife known in history as Semiramis. Nimrod and his wife Semiramis are where all the Sun-gods and Moon goddesses can be traced and so is it with the religion of Freemasonry.
   We have already seen that even Freemasons admit that the founders of their Order were Nimrod and Hermes (Cush). But even some chief adepts of these systems of idolatry are ignorant of this fact. However, when the initiate finally reaches the highest level of pagandom and of Masonry, he discovers from the learned Doctors that these gods that he was taught to worship do not exist. Initiates are taught to worship these gods at first because within the worship of these gods are knowledge of secret sciences of the Universe, and the worship of these gods will teach to the student of Freemasonry the discipline of a close knit civilized society which is beneficial to mankind.
   Masons are purposely deceived at first, then as they progress through the higher Degrees of Masonry (which is nothing less than learning more about the satanic power of Witchcraft), they are gradually conditioned to accept the Luciferian doctrine that it is Lucifer who is really the god behind all gods. To see this is true, we will go back and quote again a statement by Albert Pike.
   Pike, writing about the pagan Trinity of the Angle-Saxons, states the following:
   "Our northern ancestors worshipped this Triune Deity; Odin, the Almighty Father; Frea, his wife, emblem of the universal matter; and Thor his son, the Mediator. But ABOVE THESE WAS THE SUPREME GOD,'THE AUTHOR OF EVERYTHING THAT EXISTETH, THE ETERNAL, THE ANCIENT, THE LIVING and AWFUL BEING, THE SEARCHER INTO CONCEALED THINGS, THE BEING THAT NEVER CHANGETH.' "  Morals and Dogma, Pike, p. 13.
   Above all the gods, Pike says there is another. Now since we have already seen statements found in authorized books on Freemasonry that this other god is not Jesus Christ, it should not be hard for the reader to believe the shocking truth we are now about to show. Pike knows that these cosmic gods of astrology do not exist, and he plainly states how ignorant they are that worship them. From Morals and Dogma, Pike, page 375, we read the following:
   "In all the histories of the gods and heroes lay couched and hidden astronomical details and the history of the perations of visible nature; and those in turn were also symbols of higher and profounder truths. None but the RUDE UNCULTIVATED INTELLECTS COULD LONG CONSIDER THE SUN AND STARS AND THE POWERS OF NATURE AS DIVINE, OR AS FIT OBJECTS OF HUMAN WORSHIP: AND THEY WILL CONSIDER THEM SO WHILE THE WORLD LASTS: AND EVER REMAIN IGNORANT OF THE GREAT SPIRITUAL TRUTHS OF WHICH ARE THE HIEROGLYPHICS."
   To show that most Masons do not know the true purpose of Freemasonry and its god, here again from The Masonic Report, on page 5, McQuaig says:
   "That the figures and schemes for the knowledge and properties of Nature ARE PRESERVED IN MASONRY, but not the pseudo-Masonry of the majority of the craft members."
   From a Masonic book called Black and White, Hartmen, p. 62, we read:  "FORTUNATE IS THE MASON OR PRIEST WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT HE TEACHES. BUT OF SUCH DISCIPLES THERE ARE ONLY A FEW" Quoted from The Mosonic Report, p. 5.
   Now, the Blue Lodge Masonry is a deliberate hoax especially designed to deceive Masonry's ignorant masses into believing that they know something about the secrets of Masonry, when in reality they know nothing whatsoever. Albert Pike expresses this in his book Morals and Dogma on page 819:
   From the very first deception in the Garden of Eden unto this present day, Satan has caused man to err from the True God by keeping him busy in seeking things that lead away from God. By kindling a desire in Adam and Eve to go outside the law of God, Satan caused Adam and Eve to lose eternal life. It was self indulgence and self glorification that led Eve to seek this mysterious knowledge of good and evil. Satan told Eve by taking the fruit of the tree of knowledge, her eyes would be open and she would become as gods. In other words, she would reach the great heights of wisdom. Her curiosity was aroused and Satan kindled a desire in her to want to know about this forbidden knowledge. This same voice  has been preserved  and heard  through the mouths of the Adepts of Freemasonry, and all other Secret Societies and religions that teach Babylonian precepts. This same trap that made Eve fall into a snare of the Devil is used the same way today. This same forbidden knowledge Satan used on Eve is today called the Mysteries, to the occultists. In the Bible, it's called "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." Revelation 17:5.
   Very few Americans know what part Secret Societies have played and are playing in Lucifer's attempt to establish his total rule on this planet. This is and has been a gradual attempt to overthrow Christianity and Jesus Christ. As we stated before, what Lucifer tried to do in Heaven, this world now is experiencing. Instead of a struggle only between Lucifer and his angels, and Christ and His Angels, the conflict is now between Christ and His people who have His Spirit, and Lucifer and his people, who are possessed by him and his devils. Satan is pouring out his power to his human agents to work miracles and lying wonders without measure, to deceive and destroy the very elect of God if possible.
   "Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! for the Devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time." Revelation 12:12.
   Satan has been hiding behind these Secret Societies to further his plans in his conspiracy to condition  the inhabitants of  this world to accept his rule. But  this is only one of  his fronts. We will lay wide open, as we did Freemasonry, an even more diabolical scheme to cause inhabitants of this world to lose their part in what Christ promised in Scripture. As we continue to follow history, we will see how Lucifer will deceive the very elect if possible.
   Very few loyal Americans know what part Freemasonry has played in helping Lucifer establish his total power and rule in this world. American Freemasonry has become a mass movement. In many small towns of the South and middle West, almost every white male Protestant gentleman belongs to a Masonic Lodge [43]. And sharp distinctions are drawn between those who belong and those who do not. Masons refer to non-Masons as "Protanes" [44]. With millions of members, tens of millions of dollars of assets and property and billions of dollars worth of insurance in force, this should give the reader understanding about how much power is behind this Secret Society. The Rosicrucians alone spend $500,000 a year seeking recruits through newspapers and magazines. The advertisement promises to open the door of success, prosperity and popularity. All the mysteries of life and death, reincarnation, extrasensory perception and the secrets of the ancient mystical schools will be revealed to those who return the advertisement's coupon to the Rosicrucian headquarters in San Jose, California. After the reader sends in the coupon and asks for further information about the Rosicrucian organization, he is sent a booklet entitled, "Mystery of Life," which lists very familiar names in history who were identified as Rosicrucians, such as Benjamin Franklin, Isaac Newton, and Rene Descartes."
   Now the reader has seen from authorized publications of these Secret Societies that they do not exalt or worship the Christian God of the Bible, but exalt the pagan gods of astrology and teach the mysteries of the occult, which is Witchcraft. It should not be too hard now for the reader to understand why we have today these signs of Witchcraft mingled within our own United States governmental symbols. Now that the reader is aware of the paganism in these Secret Societies and how their own members are deceived into believing that they are Christian organizations, it should not be hard to realize how the inventor of the occult, the god of these Secret Societies, used deceived Masons and Rosicrucians to help establish this country. Benjamin Franklin, himself an expert in occultism, joined one of the first American Lodges of Masonry, and published an edition of Anderson's Constitution in 1734. George Washington joined the Fredricksburg Lodge of Masonry in Virginia in 1752. Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, and John Paul Jones wore the apron of Masonry, and so did Benedict Amold [46]. A plaque on the wall that surrounds the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas lists the names of those who died in the Texas Revolution in February and March of 1836. The plaque was dedicated by the Freemasonry Order in honour of Masons who gave their lives there. Among the names are Col. William Travis, James Bowie and David Crockett.
   Since there have been, from the start, Masonic Presidents, Governors, Senators, and Congressmen making our laws and governing the affairs of our Nation, it should not be too hard for the reader to understand how a pagan goddess that Witchcraft exalts, that the Roman Catholic Church worships as the Virgin Mary, is standing on top of the Capitol of the United States of America.
   It was not by chance that the Capitol Building itself was designed after the rotunda, or dome, of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. James Hoban, believe it or not, was a Catholic Freemason who designed the Capitol of the United States and was the chief founder of the Federal Masonic Number 1, in the District of Columbia [47].
   Now here are some more astonishing facts. Has the reader ever wondered how the strange structure called the Washington Monument came into being? Well, in the myth of the Egyptian god Osiris, which derived out of the legends of Nimrod, Osiris was said to have been killed by a rival god and cut into 14 different pieces. After cutting the body of Osiris into 14 pieces, this rival god threw all of the parts of Osiris along the Nile. Isis, his wife, found all the pieces but one, his genital member. Now remember, Osiris was worshipped as the Creator,  the Impregnating Force of the Universe, so the mother goddess Isis moulded with her hands an image of the dead god's phallus, and set up one to be venerated as a monument to Osiris [48]. Hence, the origin of Phallicism. So in the Temple services of the pagans, a coffin with an image of Osiris' phallus in it became part of the worship of the Sun-god. This same phallic image has been passed down through history to us today. Its name is the obelisk, which even a small child should have seen many times. Gross darkness are the deceptions of Satan! The obelisk, the sacred phallic symbol of Osiris (Nimrod), is now standing in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, with a cross erected on top of its pyramid. And it's also standing 555 feet high in Washington, DC. And this is the origin of the church steeple!


   It was not by chance that the Pentagram (5 pointed star) was chosen to represent states in the American Flag. It was not by chance that the Pentagon is shaped after the center of the Pentagram that Witches and Warlocks get in the center of to cast their spells. It was not by chance that crimson, white and blue, three of the four colors of Witchcraft, were chosen to become the colors of the flag. It was not by chance that the Eagle (the ancient symbol of Lucifer) was chosen to become a symbol of the United States.
   Washington, Jackson, Monroe, Polk, Andrew Johnson, Garfield, McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Truman and Ford were all Freemasons. President Harding was only a 1st Degree Mason in his hometown Lodge. But when he was elected President, he quickly advanced from 1st to 32nd Degree. Harry Truman once served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Missouri.  Eisenhower and Kennedy were not Masons, but L.B. Johnson took the 1st Degree in a Lodge in Texas, though he did not continue [49]. Gerald Ford is a high ranking Mason today.
   Other well known personalities in America who have been members of a Masonic Lodge were John Jacob Astor, Irving Berlin, Luther Burbank, Henry Clay, Thomas E. Dewey, Henry Ford, Barry Goldwater, Samuel Compers, J. Edgar Hoover, Charles Lindbergh, General Douglas McArthur, Andrew Mellon, General John J. Pershing, Will Rogers, Sigmund Romberg, John Philip Sousa, Mark Twain, and Chief Justice Earl Warren, who by the way investigated the mysterious death of Kennedy which still remains mysterious.
   It would not be unusual in any single year for the majority of state Governors, United States Senators, and Representatives to be members of Freemasonry [50]. However, it is quite evident that most of these loyal Americans were not aware of the real satanic character of their fraternities. What our founding fathers designed to protect American citizens from both governmental and religious tyranny was, and is still today, a shield against any religion using legislation to force its beliefs on others, as did the papacy during the Middle Ages.
   America, during the brutal Inquisitions, was still a wilderness and became a haven for Bible-believing Christians. This wilderness land that was later to be called the United States hid God's Bible-believing people from the persecuting power of the Dragon, which in Prophecy is a symbol of Satan and Satan's religion. The Roman Catholic Church was a false religious system that caused the Protestants to flee from the Old European countries, to come to America. This was foretold in Revelation 12:14:
   "And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent."
   In the next chapter we will study in detail how the papacy for 1260 years, as foretold, cast the Truth to the ground. And in this next chapter we will see how the Bible foretold Communism and how Communism, like Freemasonry, derived out of Spiritualism.

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