∑ to tamper with the senses: to confuse or stop the senses, make the senses feel like they are in some drugged state, to destroy oneís sense of balance, cause pain, a sense of hot or cold.
∑ to tamper with the spirituality of the victim, to relieve their guilt, to destroy their humanness, to get them to subscribe to occult or atheistic philosophies, to hate God, to lock demons into place,
∑ that are codes using alpha-numeric words, colors, music, rhymes and sounds.
∑ that tamper with memory, cover programs, false histories, hypnotic surgeries,
∑ that control with the emotions, so that they can be triggered to be happy, sad, angry, tired, guilty or afraid.
∑ that control actions, such as anorexic no-eat programs, no-talk programs, assassination programs, mute programs, no-cry programs, return-to-cult programs, sexual programs, specific assignment programs, suicide & self-mutilation programs, trigger other slave programs.
∑ that control the mind, such as memory flooding, phobias, go insane program, be confused etc.
∑ that control the body: such as heart rate programs, body temperature programs, to prevent helpful medicine from working programs.

For a good list of the different programs see the Universal Function Codes on page 80 of our Vol. 2 Formula book.

These programs can be triggered several ways, from both internal and external triggers. By learning that an emotion, thought, or action is a program, the victim gains conscious control over what is happening. The cue may still cause the subconscious desire to fulfil the program, but the victim is beginning to take back his/her life. It becomes harder and harder for the programs to work, when the conscious mind is aware of what they are, and the conscious mind does not want to submit. Memory work on how the program was laid in, and desensitization work will also assist the victim to regain some power.

Charting (notetaking) about everything that can be observed about the victim, will assist the support team in the long run. This is nothing more than what was done while they were being programmed. The doctors and programmers during programming expect every little detail to be charted. Charting will also assist with mapping, which is discussed later. Charting will assist the therapeutic team to build - a frame work to the puzzle they are working on. Donít expect the victim to be able to explain their programming. The mind-control programming team has traumatized a child victim enough that by the age of 3 1/2 they will cease asking "why?" Instead they are taught that everything outside of fantasy is bad, the outside world is bad, they are only to do what they are allowed by the programming team to do. From then on, most of the victimís alters (if not all) will lack the freedom to ask and discover the complexity of what has happened to them. As the reader has seen, programming is designed to manipulate the actions, the body, the emotions, the memory, the mind, the programming, the senses, and the spirituality of the victim. This is why we have decided to call it "total" mind-control. This type of trauma-based total mind-control will cause shattering and much damage to the soul (mind, will and emotions). The therapist will have to deal with lots of distortions and fragmentation in this area. It will cause lots of medical damage to the body, for instance weak bowel and bladder control. The medical damage can only be addressed by trained medical persons who are sensitive to the needs of a victim of mind-control. Considerable damage is done to the spiritual life of the victim, and the victim will have to take a bath in the redeeming blood of Christís atoning blood. Many of the words and symbols of Christianity will be difficult for the victim to hear. For instance, the words sealing, blood, and Jesus may have totally different meanings and emotional content to the victim than to non-victims. This can be worked around by experimenting with workable terminology. They will have to relearn who the real God in heaven is, rather than the cultís imitation god that the cult talked about, as well as their misrepresentations. Finally, the support team will have to deal with whatever structured and programmed DID is present in the victim. Is it easier to see why we are advocating support teams rather than a lone individual to help the victim? If the spiritual part of the programming, which is the most secret part, which we referred to as Gamma programming in our Illust rated Guidebook, is not addressed, then complex MPD systems will not make much headway against the programming. Many complex MPD systems have worked hard for years and then give up hope due to the slow progress and the lack of any end in sight.

Page 363 ...

Other complex systems have seen dramatic results when deliverance methods freed the deeper sections from demonic bondage. The new freedom allowed them to progress on the other issues that they had gotten bogged down in and made no progress on prior to the deliverance. Obviously, not all programming is the same, it is determined by what group is programming, who their programmer is, what the dissociative abilities of the victim are, and what talents the programmers are wanting to create or exploit. Sometimes a programming cult does not get all the time they desire to carry out the programming. In this case, the programming will be limited. However, in most cases the programmers have as much access to a victim as they want, especially if both parents are in the cult. In cases where the victim does not hypnotize & dissociate easily, their systems will be far less complex. It has been correctly determined by various researchers that a personís ability to be hypnotized is a gauge to determine how much a person will dissociate. However, front alters will be heavily programmed not to allow themselves to be hypnotized, so the gauge will not always work for determining how much splitting the programmers have done. The two abilities, dissociability and hypnotizability, are simply different aspects of the same thing. It does hold true that if the victim is predisposed to dissociate, that the programmers can build more complex structures. If a skilled therapist can get some handle on how dissociative his client is, he can- get an early guesstimate on how much splitting and structuring the Illuminati or Illuminati front group may have done to the mind-controlled slave.

Protection, spiritual

Page 364 ...

Before one can see the value of spiritual armor and those things that would protect a person spiritually, one has to be able to understand what is being protected. This book has dealt with how Satan builds his structures within his mind-controlled servants, but what does God build within His people? Satan is a corruptor and an imitator. Knowing that will give the reader a clue that what Satan has designed is a corruption and in part an imitation of the structures God builds. The spiritual armor that God directs godly people to employ are designed to protect the structures that God creates paradise out of.

At this point it would be worthwhile to display the basic structure that God builds within both a person and His Body of Saints, in comparison to the basic structure that Satan builds within a person, as well as society. These structures are basic patterns that reproduce themselves at different levels, the macrocosm and the microcosm of the spiritual world. The programmed multiple will have a justice system (judge alters), it will have values (satanic and occult knowledge and wisdom), it will have possessions (such as its birthright, their illusion of health, their titles, etc.), and it will have its false truths (the programming). The leadership of a system will provide a miniature state with a hierarchal structure run by Lucifer and his internal Grand Druid Council. - Within Godís children, He builds Truth and Life. Godís true ministers are life-givers. That is why Christ said he came to save people, not to judge people. By building consistency in a personís life, God is fashioning that person not to be double-minded, not to be a hypocrite, not to be wishy-washy, not to be undependable, but to be more like Himself. God is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and therefore he treats all people equal, it rains on the just and the unjust; or in other words God is EQUITABLE. He doesnít really play favorites, but because He is God, He doesnít explain what seems like arbitrary decisions to us. God will build order, justice, life, truth and equity into His servants. These elements (diagrammed out for the reader on the next page) make up the elements of Paradise and the attributes of God as described in the Word of God. These are the elements, the spiritual structures, that the armor of God described in Ephesians 6 are designed to protect.

Some people think that spiritual protection comes from prayer. But if we look at the word of God--and also learn from great spiritual warriors, we discover that the spiritual armor that God describes--TRUTH, FAITH, SALVATION etc. are great tools to protect us. For instance the truth does set a Monarch victim free. But it isnít enough to have "the Truth", the Word of God says only the love of the truth will protect us. (see THES.) For a mind-control victim to know that they have salvation, gives them great leverage to defeat the attacks of the enemy. If a victim has a alter or alters who can have total faith in God, and can move forward in that faith, that faith will literally become a force-field around them that will move the enemy out of the way, and cause them to back off or surrender. Prayer is not the answer in itself--but prayer built upon the structures that God builds in a person, prayer built on love, prayer built on faith, and hope and life and truth--these prayers will have power. From the great reluctance of many church going people to learn the type of truthful information that our books are revealing, in spite of the horrible truth that these issues affect their lives in big ways, shows that many people do not realize the spiritual protection that truth gives its holder. We are born into a world full of deceptive symbols. It takes a conversion to begin to break away from the deceptions that trap humankind, but many of the churches take their people right back into the same mind-traps.

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Elements of the world-system & its satanic inspired quest for Utopia.

STABILITY (a cube is solid and balanced)

Page 366 ...

The Belt of Truth mentioned as spiritual armor in Ephesians 6:3 is like a girdle that pulls and holds things together. Belts or girdles held things together for the ancient warrior, as well as holding the scabbard. The Word of God says, ĎGird up your loins..." which means to pull yourself into the wholeness and integrity of God. The Belt of Truth is more accurately described as the Belt of Integrity. Integrity means being stable, without being double-minded. Satan divides and conquers. He uses division everywhere to defeat the godly person. Integrity means an individualís private life lines up and equals his public image. There is no duplicity, no division of purpose in this Belt. It means the wearer of this belt is solely one-minded toward God. The Belt of Truth defends Godís ORDER of things. The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. The Spirit reveals to us truth, both the truth of Godís scripture and the truth about other things of Godís creation. The Sword of the Spirit protects the Bible from being misunderstood. We are to pray that the Spirit of God reveals and teaches us TRUTH. The Sword of the Spirit then protects TRUTH. God is truth, so if we seek God, we will find Him where truth is. No wonder it says that the Truth shall set you free!


In any type of bondage, if the full truth could be understood by the right persons who need it in that situation, it would make us free. In Romans 1:16, Paul states, "The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to the Jew first and also to the Greek". "Salvation", and being made "free", basically have to refer to the same condition of deliverance from bondage. Jesus Christ is "The Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father but by Him." The "Truth" and the "Gospel" that says "Jesus saves to the uttermost, those that come unto Him by Faith," are mutually inclusive and if you really know one, you will also know the other. Is the truth impossible to find? In Romans Ch. 1 we are told that we are all without excuse because God has given us in nature enough evidence of His power and Godhead that we are automatically responsible for the way we seek after more light or hide in the darkness. The Word of God says that men hide from the light because their deeds are evil. Living in the dark makes it easy for the "enemies" of God to capture the servants of unrighteousness who have yielded their bodies in one way or another to the desires of the fleshly nature with which we were all born. If we didnít die to our old life when we were born again, we are like Maryís brother Lazarus who was raised from the dead, but had to be loosed from the grave clothes in order to walk and carry on life. Some people are still bound in grave clothes and need to be set free. It takes obedience to the Gospel to be set free, and it takes some people months or years to understand and accept all the terms of their pardon as purchased by the precious blood of Jesus, and they live in bondage to the extent that they fail to claim all of their spiritual inheritance, and the gifts that come with them. When they learn the whole truth, they find they are set free.


This article has just touched briefly on two of the spiritual armors that the Word of God says will protect us, the Belt of Truth and the Sword of the Spirit. The Shield of Faith will protect the victim of mind-control from the worship of idols, from worshipping the wrong things in

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our life like our handler, and will protect our true love for Almighty God, our real creator. The Helmet of Salvation will protect the victim, when the accuser of the brethren tries to heap guilt and insecurity upon us. It will also help the victim to protect their birthright given to them as a child of God. Each victim as a child of God has a wonderful birthright to some great things, but the enemy will steal it if they donít protect their godly birthrights. Some victims ignorantly given their birthrights away like Esau. As a born-again believer the victim has a legal position IN CHRIST that makes the person a joint-heir to the resurrection (ROM 6:3-11, EPH 2:1-5) and a joint-heir to reign with him (2 TIM 2:12, COL. 3:4). The Breastplate of Righteousness will protect the victimís relationships with their support team, and the world in general. It will mean that they will treat their fellow man correctly in financial dealings, legal dealings, and any other dealing where fairness is involved. The Breastplate of Righteousness will defend justice and equity. Equity, which is fairness, means treating people equally. This will encourage the programmed multiple to treat people in the same fair way that they want others to treat their system.

We have just briefly touched on these spiritual protections. We hope that this will stimulate the reader to search and learn more about these spiritual weapons and how they can protect the victim from the attacks of the enemy. Now for instance, if the reader listens to a sermon where he is told that spiritual warfare calls for him to reject false values, repent of sin, and resist deception, he will realize the minister is managing to hit upon 3 of the substitutes for the 5 elements that make up Godís structure.


∑ As internal work is done, spiritual protection will be needed to protect the system from the warfare and counterattacks of the internal forces.
∑ The victim of mind-control will also need protection from astral projections of their master. This protection is provided for, by a support person using the principles of the spiritual world to slam the astral
body back into its physical body.
∑ Spirits of fear, mistrust, contention, suicide and despondency will try to attack the victim on a regular basis. The victim and the support persons need to be aware of these daily attacks and develop a mind-set and a determination to spiritually refuse these spirits. The support person should be gentle but firm in assisting the victim to dislodge and cast out such demonic attacks. All prayer should be grounded upon the structures of God, which are life, order, true love, justice, equity and truth.

God is the life-giver, the creator, the healer, the savior, the father, the peace-maker, the consoler, and the sustainer. Our prayers to Him should be grounded in the reality that He is all these LIFE-GIVING ROLES. This may help you understand what it means to ground our prayers in the structure of LIFE. We are called to imitate God & also be life-givers in the fullest sense of the word.


The enemy will send in false teachers (1 TIM 4:1-3), or heíll try to give a false reputation to the world by slandering the person before men & before God (JOB 1 & 2 as well as other scriptures), he will attack the personís confidence, their beliefs, their relationships, and their walk with God. In other words, if one looks at a cross, one spoke is prayer to God, one spoke is our walk (righteousness) before God, one spoke

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is our witness to others, and one spoke is our fellowship with others. Satan will attempt to weaken anyone of these 4 arms of the cross. He and his forces (demonic and human) will generally look for and attack the weakest link in our defense. If we think things through it makes sense that if Satan were to attack Godís people the best place to attack them is in their churches. A fierce war is being waged in the churches today to destroy all true believers. This war is very well conceived and well coordinated. It is not happening by accident. One of the major weapons that the enemy uses is religious spirits of judgement. Judgement brings death. It is one thing to expose evil, so that healing can occur, that is godly. But the religious spirits that judge are out to hurt and destroy. These judgemental religious spirits are out to divide, so that Satan can conquer. We feel safe in saying that until our books came out, including this one, the Christian churches were totally ignorant about multiplicity and what it entails. We have watched many multiples suffer from judgemental spirits in the churches. These religious spirits are not from God, so donít let them hurt your relationship to God. But why can Satan attack? There are a number of spiritual reasons WHY. First, is that the programmed multiple is traumatized and programmed during their life time to create footholds (legal loop-holes) that give Satan the legal right to attack. Eph. 4:27 says, "And do not give the devil an opportunity." The word opportunity in the greek is Topos, which literally means "foothold". These footholds are also referred to as strongholds in the mind (2 COR 10:4) which are like fortresses that Satan keeps operating in enemy territory that allow him to attack vulnerable lines. They are like secret holes that serpents can live in to crawl out of into your nice garden.

The spirit that crucified Jesus was the religious spirit of judgement. It will attack you with a vengeance. The victim and the support team must not allow themselves to become subject to these religious spirits. The judging religious spirits are trying to provoke the person who is the target of their attack. These evil spirits want a reaction from their target. The godly person can do exactly what Jesus did, let these judgemental spirits rant and rave and after all these antics keep oneís peace. The reaction will be, arenít you going to do something about this? Just say, its a moot point, itís not relevant. I donít give it credence and move on. Each victim must seek life-giving answers for their own situation. Donít let the religious spirit of judgement steal you of your chance for life. Just remember Jesusís words, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the Kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in." The Pharisees of today will find all the right answers to justify their position. You as a victim must seek truth, you must seek life, you must seek love. Forget these religious men that bind big burdens upon people and strain at gnats. You as a little child, and what programmed multiple isnít mostly a child, are what the kingdom of God is made of. If you retaliate against the Pharisees then you have lost, because that is what these religious spirits want, is to get you into a battle on their territory. Even if you win that battle, youíve lost, because you had to leave your territory--the peace of God, to enter back into Satanís domain. Donít fight religious spirits, they are a sly trick of Satan to get you to step back out of Godís domain into Satanís boxing ring. At that point, you will participate in the lie that the boxing match is the real contest. Donít trust in yourself, even if you can win in that boxing ring. If you know that God is with you, stay with Him in peace.

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This section is an attempt to coordinate information scattered in many different articles and chapters, as well as discuss ideas that come under safety that are not addressed in other places, such as how to work with child victimís of mind-control. Other articles that pertain to safety include:

∑ The Accessing article deals with safety from the abuserís contacts.
∑ The Triggers article deals with safety from all the programming & memories that activate irregardless of whether the original abuser is around or not.
∑ The Self-inflicted harm article deals with safety issues that derive from the victimís own threats to themselves.
∑ The Communication & Trust articles deal with the safety of the therapist-recovering slaveís relationship.
∑ The Deliverance & Salvation articles deal with the spiritual safety issues.
∑ The Surveillance article deals with safety issues concerning harassment and continued cult interference in life.
∑ The Mazes and Mirror articles deal with the safety issues of tackling particular programming.

Safety tips will be discovered scattered through all of our books on mind-control. The abuse of a victim is ongoing, unfortunately it was not just yesterday, but is here today. That is why this bookís two authors have made a point of referring to victims of mind-control as VICTIMS, and not as "survivors". The word "survivor" is very popular among therapists, and the word "victim" will cause some therapists to go into convulsive uncontrollable rage. The word is not popular. But the word "survivor" comes along with all the denial and whitewash of the establishment therapeutic community, that somehow this abuse happened to a poor helpless child and now that the child is an adult, they have survived this abuse. First, this ignores completely that the Illuminati continue to access and use essentially all mind-control victims that are trying to get therapeutic help, and it also ignores the fact that 99% of the alters have no concept that they are an adult, but if anything still see themselves as children. The high percentage of child alters is never realized by novice therapists, because the adults protect and hide them. A safe house is a place where a victim can go to stay from dusk to dawn in safety or even better a safe place to live. Generally, when safe places have been discussed it has been the goal to keep plans discrete and only on a need to know basis. A safe house will not take the place of a hospital, but the option of placing victims in hospitals is a very risky last resort. It would be great if safe houses could be set up with qualified therapists and trained volunteers who recognize the unique safety needs of victims. This would give recovering victims an opportunity to gain strength as they fought the internal lies and the dissociation. Such issues as How much does it cost?, What does the victim bring?, How does on keep a victim from acting out programs?, Do you force the person to stay if they want to leave, Do you have inhouse rules?, Who handles the medication? Can the victim receive visitors? and who and when? What kind of special dietary needs does the victim have? A safe house can not possibly cover all the safety needs of a victim. The Illuminati have traditionally threatened their families, their pets, their reputations and their jobs. The author has seen the Illuminati make good on some of their threats, but generally they threaten and intimidate more than actually act. A major issue is feeling abandoned and alone. A support person will achieve the best calming effects if they can maintain a constant

Page 370 ...

presence with the recovering victim. When the support person or therapist is absent, life becomes a terrifying experience, and the fear the victim lives in while alone can make a few hours seem like eternity.


Fritz & this author Cisco have had to resist the opportunity to help some young victims of mind-control because we knew that helping them would put their lives at great risk. There are certain ages that if the child or teenager has not progressed to the point that they are expected, they will be killed by the Illuminati. Children who are multiples have treatment needs that are different than adults. The first problem that must be faced is that the childís parents or caregivers should be involved in the treatment, but the odds are extremely high that they are dirty and part of the abuse, no matter how well or to what extent they deny it. It goes without saying that the therapist needs to be able to handle the emotional trauma of helping child abuse victims. It may be harder than working with adults, because the therapist is face to face with the helplessness of the child, who is confronted with a powerful evil system of enormous magnitude. The skilled therapist will study the childís interaction with others, on the playground, with other children, at home, and when the child is alone. They will watch for strange aberrant interaction between the parents and the child. The therapist will also watch the childís eyes to see how they interact with other people, or if the child tries not to look at adults. The child may have a dull apathetic dissociative look to their face, or simply a blank look, or a glazed look. Check to see if they have puffy bags or dark eye circles. When the child has suffered the abuse of the trauma-based mind-control hallucinations, a desire to hurt themselves, and disturbed responses to heat, cold, pain and enclosures. A multiple will have erratic grades and abilities, their grades may be low compared to their 1.0. And they may be tired or hyper in school. Popular cover stories to cover programming sessions for children are tonsillectomies, esp. emergency tonsillectomies. Also sending the child to specialists may be a cover, or taking the child to a "funeral". The child will be shown funeral pictures and told that it was there. They like to isolate the child from playing with other children too. The poor child victim of mind-control will not have the words to sort out the coexistent feelings of love and hate for the victimís abusive parents. They also do not have the language capabilities to describe their feelings and emotions. Guilt may simply be expressed as, "It just doesnít feel good." If the therapist is going to help a child victim of mind-control they need to communicate to the child that as a big person they will be gentle but that they have the unchangeable strength to protect the child and care for the child. "I will help you be O.K., and I will protect you." The therapist should also convey to the child that "I know it was not your fault." "I am able to hear what you have to say without being wiped out or shattered." "We will do this together." "I know you are going to be O.K." If the child realizes that he or she can be safe with the therapist, the child may begin to warm up to others too. As the child feels valued, it will feel safe enough to talk about things a little.

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SAFETY ISSUES, of support team

During the many years that your author Cisco has observed people trying to help programmed multiples, we have seen a range of counter-attacks by the World Order.


Find out how the Network operates and what organizations are part of it. Fritz has some excellent information on this. Do not trust law enforcement. We have seen victims get conned by seemingly "well intentioned" law enforcement people who deal with cults as part of their job. If you feel like our warning is hysteria, then you are welcome to "reinvent the wheel." An example of how victims of mind-control will be treated is told in the front of Mark Phillipís and Cathy OíBrienís book Transformation of America. In the front of their book they provide the business cards of some of the law enforcement people who were dirty and stabbed them in the back as they attempted to get her daughter free and to get justice. Cathy and Mark travelled all over this nation in search of justice--it isnít there. We will not provide a long litany of horror stories, for no amount of proof will convince those who are still trapped in their own mind-control that the our judicial system still works for the people. The Illuminatiís Network is victimizing America at will. Do not trust the establishment media. They are great at manipulating stories to discredit the truth. The institutions that America has trusted in have long been subverted by the Illuminati.


Typically, the Network (what the abusers call themselves) will try to publicly discredit anyone who opposes them. Today, a popular way to do this, is to infiltrate a programmed multiple (who is programmed with an ulterior agenda) into therapy and then take the therapist down with the cry "false memories were implanted". The victim needs to be worked with in such a way that they recover their own memories and the therapist has this validated. Several conferences around the country have gone into detail about the ins and outs of legally protecting oneself. Fritz & this author provide our assistance to victims gratis. We suggest that others might consider simply doing this. The therapist may get their office files broken into, and in a few extreme cases the therapists have actually been murdered. Some support people (incl. therapists) have had their personal lives disrupted. Their spouses leave them, they are poisoned (such as what happened in L.A. as well as other places), their automobiles break down (sometimes with obvious signs of tampering), and they find opportunities in the world shutting in their faces.


The persecution of good people exposes to the world what is going on. Recently, a person who only half believed our material showed it at the university where they taught. The immediate & overwhelming negative persecution that came was so obviously an overreaction if the material had been false, that the persecution made a believer out of this truth-seeking person. Every time the enemy exposes himself to persecute our side, he exposes himself. In a war, the enemy exposes his position when he shoots at you. You can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you canít fool all of the people all of the time.

PROCEDURES for an Assassination The Illuminati members must get the

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Grand Druid Councilís approval for an Illuminati assassination of one of their slaves, etc. Therefore, the Illuminati handlers often get other groups like the Mafia to do the dirty work. In other words, the Illuminati is not just running wild wiping people off the face of the earth. Their control is very planned out and systematic. Up until recently, they had never lost a slave to freedom, so they still donít really consider our side to be a viable threat. While our side painstakingly rescues an individual here or there, they continue to program tens of thousands. They have stayed ahead of their opposition, and even created much of their own opposition. They will take advantage of a personís weak points. They will put a great deal of study into where a person is weak, and take him or her down at that weak point. They will also look for routines. A routine is something that is a natural setup for exploitation. They will also try to divide and conquer. If they can separate a person out and isolate a person, they will go in for the "kill."


The support team needs to develop a strong spiritual walk where they are not a leaf in the wind to every scare tactic the Network carries out. The Illuminatiís Network thrives on scare tactics and fear. On the other hand, the support team needs to have a well-informed understanding of the capabilities of the other side. There is nothing to be gained from being reckless. Prudent precautions are worth a great deal. The saying a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very accurate. If the support team is negligent or sloppy just one day out of the year, it will be that day that the victim is reaccessed. The Illuminati will watch for months, waiting for their chance to grab the victim. Most people donít realize that they will exercise that much patience. The therapist & victim figures if they havenít been bothered for a while that they are out of the woods. The support team needs to realize that all victims have been stripped of their ability to see danger from their abusers. This is so important it bears repeating: The support team needs to realize that all victims have been stripped of their ability to see danger from their abusers. Those on the support team should not let their guard down simply because other victims donít seem to have to protect themselves. First, the few victims that are public may not be telling what happens to them. And second, if victims are not telling about constant surveillance, constant harassment, and constant attempts at reaccessing and reprogramming, then please draw the obvious conclusions.

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First, it should be recognized that every victim of mind-control has to make a choice whether to fight for freedom or not. If they do not make this choice at some level, they will not have the commitment to try and counter the powerful self-destruct programs that are layered in. Freedom for a mind-controlled slave can only result from total commitment to the slaveís freedom by the therapist and a strong commitment on the part of at least a few alters within the system. Neither the slave nor the therapist can do all the work. Therapists are often totally surprised at how intense self-destructive system-persecutor alters will hate the host alter and how determined and intensely they will inflict harm upon the body. This is because they are still not realizing how almost all DID victims are programmed structured MPD (DID) slaves. Nor have most therapists come to grips with how intense the programming is that created these "system persecutor" alters. The "system persecutor" alters believe that they are protecting from greater harm, and in that sense they are more accurately described as "protectorsíí. Most protectors are simply frightened children who are filled with rage. They may also surface with obnoxious belligerence, for instance, they may spit in the therapistís face. The therapist or support team member must simply stay calm. Try to "bore the protector alter to death" with your calmness. The therapist needs to dig deep into their surplus of love and compassion and realize that this is just a wounded, hurting programmed child. The therapist needs to validate their role, and their feelings. They are not designed to hold the body for great lengths of time, and will get tired holding the body for long lengths of time. Many protector alters if they are allowed to surface, and ventilate their thoughts, and work through their feelings, fears and programming can return to the internal world with their destructive programmed behavior defused. If the therapist makes the mistake of trying to lock such an alter up, rather than negotiate and work them through their programmed destructive misbehavior, then a serious power struggle and a bigger mess could result. Sometimes if they are allowed to act out, for instance, a cutting alter is allowed to cut--but with dull plastic scissors, they can feel like they have done their job and go back inside. The protector alters believe that they are doing their job by protecting secrets. This lie can be exposed when working with them. Because they may have strong demonic elements attached to them, they will usually need some spiritual deliverance. Many therapists have asked their systems to make contracts "I will not hurt myself..." It is important that the therapist establish groundwork, a platform upon which to work from. Contracts have been more successful than not having contracts, but the therapists need to go beyond simply making contracts. Contracts only work with the front of a system, and the host alter is usually very dissociated from the deeper part of the system. First, the therapist needs to work with the front, the host personality, to make them aware of the self-inflicting-harm programs that will go off. It is important that the host personality learns his or her triggers, learns how to help identify protector alters within the system, and to help creatively discover methods to negotiate with the protectors. The host or therapist might ask, "Do you really think you need to inflict harm? Are you really bad or have you just been told that? Do you know that even [clowns, rabbits, kittens, horses...] do not hurt themselves?" Try to find the human part of the person. It is always there - even though it may be very remote. Work with the survival instincts of every alter. "Did you know that kittens donít hurt themselves?" Try to get them NOT to act like the cult, but to have new behavior. Try and reframe the abuse cycle,

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so that they see it in another light. The little protector alters may present a hard outer shell, but deep down are just fearful little special purpose fragments that are doing the job they have been trained by behavior modification to do. The entire support team as well as some of the alters can cooperate in repeating triggers so that they can be defused. It is important that triggers are not found out the hard way. What will be automatic triggers? Across the board, the programmers have put in heavy-duty protector alters and self-destruct programs to protect the victim from dealing with all past mother and father issues, in other words from really seeing their childhood. As long as the host alter stays in the here and now, they are "fine" in terms of not triggering the self-harm programming. This is so that the host (front) alter will not go down through the layers. Two other important areas that have lots of protectors are the core, and the no-talk programs. Of course, the abuse will create many of its own natural "self-hate" problems for alters. One way to defuse the self-destruct programs is for the therapist to take the victim down to a level 4 trance or deeper and use the Universal Codes that were given in Vol. 2. Those are the actual universal (standard) codes, but they only work if the therapist has the alter deep enough into trance. The programmers have built in a wall that will bounce the codes off, if the alter is not deep enough into trance. (As far as we know, these universal codes havenít been changed. This is part of the problem with giving answers, is that before the therapeutic community picks up on the answers, the other side has had time to react.) The programmers create jokers and scrambling alters to insure that code words said above a level 4 trance never have effect. The code words become merely garbled words, that bounce off the system. When triggers do go off, they trip off a domino effect, so that soon whole groups of alters are immersed into all kinds of self-destruct programs. The therapists need to understand that when a single trigger goes off, there is likely to be several self-destruct programs triggered. Most therapists are not aware of what happens deeper in the system. Internal and external abuse is often triggered on a regular basis by the work that is being done, and the therapists and the host personality are generally oblivious to it all. The host may be so dissociative they do not know why their leg or foot hurt. They may not realize why it hurts to urinate. Female slaves often cut their vagina up. Male slaves often simply shoot themselves. There are few male slaves that survive the suicide programs, due to the cold logic of their programmed minds. Front alters may not know there are suicidal parts, they then fall asleep, out pops a suicidal alter and the system may die of a heart attack. The potential for self-inflicted harm is present across the board in everything the victim tries to do. The victim will sabotage their credibility, their therapy, the love and trust of others, and their own successes. The therapist needs to be prepared for such things happening and not let them side-track the therapist from what needs to be done--WHICH is to show love, and care toward the victim. The therapist may feel like this is calling for superhuman endurance, and sometimes it does, so the therapist needs to learn new behavior--how to endure in the face of repeated failure, and keep on keeping on. When fresh memories surface, and when new alters surface, the programming has the same fresh power as when it was originally put in. The stronger alters need work done with them so that they will be prepared to handle the burden of the power of new self-destruct programs hitting the system when new material and new alters are revealed. The few strong front alters can create safe places internally where they can nurture

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more vulnerable "weaker" alters. These safe places must be deep enough so that they donít trigger whoever is holding the body. (To get to this point, pre-supposes that the therapist has a few strong front alters that can help out in therapy.) The feelings of abuse and anxiety of the new alters can be placed into a box while they are in the recovery room. The recovery room system can be similar to how hospitals take the person out of surgery into monitoring rooms, and then finally to their hospital bedrooms, and then finally they are let out for outpatient observation. The internal recovery room can have pillows, and other gentle things within it.


There are numerous Spiritual issues that confront the victim, and many of these issues may be the most critical factors in the improvement and healing of the victim. However, it has been hard for most people to separate religion from spirituality. One of the most powerful tools of the Illuminati for controlling people are the various religious fronts that they have created. The mainstream religious groups are but fronts to control people. Within religion you will find controlling spirits, judging spirits, spirits of denial, spirits of guilt and shame, and spirits of obesity. Not all obesity is from a spirit of obesity, but obesity (gluttony) seems to be the sin that is used to substitute in for the other things that are rejected as sin. Godís creative force works within the universe. We are meant to be like God. He gave each of us some creativity. We can creatively take responsibility for our own lives and our own walk with God and our own spiritual growth. God gave each of us free will. Sad to say, but these important gifts, are often surrendered by religious slaves to whatever organization controls them. They give up their creativity and free will. They seem to think God wanted them to be a little puppet. The puppet mentality likes black & white orders, and black & white thinking, because it removes responsibility for the puppetís actions away from the puppet. Again God made it clear, He was going to make each person accountable. There is no one else who can answer for you, when you face God. Religion can be one of the best covers to hide the stench of trauma-based mind-control. Under the guise of religion, the pressure to look good--to look like the organizationís "approved solution" conspires to cover up the truth, real feelings, failure, and sin. Religion can be so stiffling it becomes a pressure cooker. In order to make reality fit the religious mold a great deal energy is put into fantasy and denial. A great deal is done in the name of God that has nothing to do with Him. A great deal of how the Illuminati keep their slaves in place under their control is that they overlay the deeper levels of mind-control with the absolute control over the front system by one of their numerous religious denominations, such as the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, the Watchtower Society, many Pentecostal groups, authoritarian New Age groups, and other religious groups too numerous to mention here. These groups emotionally strip their victims, and create a dependence within their members upon their church hierarchy. Christ came to set the captives free, and from his ministry it is clear that many of the people he set free were captives to religion. One of the greatest spiritual steps is to take back what God gave you and use it like He intended. Many mind-control victims canít move forward toward freedom, because the religious group that controls them wonít give them their basic God-given freedoms, abilities, and free-will. The Illuminati doesnít have to depend solely upon the mind-control programming, their religious groups will do the day to day work for them all in the name of God.

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STRUCTURING, how it is done, its consequences and its treatment (an intermediate issue for helpers)

It is important that the people helping a victim of total mind-control understand that the slave has had his or her mind and thinking totally structured. Structuring means that the personís mind is complex. Illuminati slaves usually have thousands of alters. Usually, therapists play around with the surface alters of a front world, who even after a decade or two of therapy will have very little idea of the full story of how their body and mind is being used. Structuring is the bracing that holds the programming structure in place. If the programs are the plywood, tile, shingles, and the other material, then structuring is the engineering, the design, the bracing that puts the materials together in a firm workable manner. Another article "Multiplicity, understanding it" will deal with aspect of understanding the parts that build the house. Structuring means that each alter has its script or way of thinking. Everything is cut and dry, black and white. If life challenges the alterís thinking it will either a. dissociate the information it canít reconcile with its script, or b. switch to another alter who can deal with thoughts. The switching is so ingrained within the mind, that it is hard for the mind to prevent it, but the mind can be trained to stay in place; not dissociate and learn material outside of its script, but it takes effort and time. This is why is good to journal, map the system, and keep other written records because the mind of an alter of a slave has a powerful tendency over time to continue dissociating whatever is not part of its script. The black and white thinking makes it difficult to deal with complex issues. An example of that would be for instance, a critical comment by a therapist on one tiny aspect of work which may be interpreted by the victim as rejection of their work. Structuring means the victim (the victimís alter system) is not allowed to know or see anything but what they are to know and see. The concept of Multiple Personalities is difficult enough for the therapist to manage, let alone the puzzle of a labyrinth system of alters who are entangled in thousands of secret scripts that all work as one vast interconnected machine. In understanding the structuring, therapists should be aware of dual and triple functions. The external function of an alter will not coincide with the internal function. The alters will relate to each other in a complex way, similar to the complex ways a city of persons relate to each other. Each system will have its own internal political setup, and sometimes internal politics as alters begin trying to change the structure. Everyone hates to be stereotyped, even alters. Even though alters are programmed and structured, so are most people in the external world, and no one likes to be told they are programmed and structured. But just as a mother acts like a mother, and a prostitute acts like a prostitute, different alters which are common features of all systems will be recognizable. And although the host alter will quickly be known, often the host alter is actually several co-conscious alters, who will emerge with their own identity during treatment. The host may be one of the hardest alters to get to admit to the MPD (DID). One of the primary bracing devices used in structuring is FEAR, for instance,

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fear of being found out and considered insane or a criminal, fear of remembering the traumas, fear of the pain. Another primary bracing material is the dissociation from oneís emotions. Without the emotions around a memory, the memory is a stale fact with no more impact than some statistic about Outer Slavakia, and the programming remains intact. When the affect (the emotions) return to the alters when they do memory work, it re-humanizes them. Humans have emotions, and that is what the alters need to regain. Emotions make the memories real. During the structuring, alters that had to have special responsibilities in the outside world, or had to have special cult responsibilities have had to have special programs tactics done so that they will not have emotions. The mother cats will have special shadow alters that take their emotions. The alters that take the affect of the trauma, are not but to sleep, because they need to be handy to continue siphoning off the emotions of any new experiences. The emotions must be kept separate by the Programmers so that there are no weak links. The spinners will have absolutely no emotions. Deep down in the spinner area each cat family will have some emotion alters carefully hidden. The alters systems are structured not to have emotion. Logic (luciferian logic) is a great stabilizer. Much of the beginning structuring to remove emotions from the alters begins in the cages, where the dehumanization starts. The child in the cages (this trauma is described in several places) is deprived of everything, isolated, whipped, shocked, prodded, raped, etc. After that period in the cages, the child moves on to the next stage where they are caged near animals (such as cats) which are treated wonderfully. The child is encouraged to act like a cat. The child is behavior modified to become a cat. This early part of the programming is designed to split off the emotions and take the alters back to their animal survival instinctual level of thinking (that means thinking with only their reptilian brain.)

In order to regain their emotions, memories may have to be seen with their emotions from a great distance, and reviewed on an ever-closer screen many times, until the alter(s) are desensitized enough to the memory to look at it close up. To get in touch with oneís emotions, will cause alters to be suicidal. The therapist will have to separate out mirror images, and the false memories that have been laid in. (Unfortunately, memories usually surf ace with a lot of baloney.) Then the therapist will have to encourage the feeling parts to come up. The feeling parts weep, sob, have broken hearts and much suffering. They may have anger, fear, and panic. The hurting part may be a screamer. It may not have a name, or might even be called screamer. It is probably a small child stripped of its identity. This small child has never had a chance to express itself. It probably feels that if it expressed itself. it would drown the world in tears. The structuring is designed to incorporate anything that will help create a feeling, an atmosphere of helplessness. If the therapist can give power back to the alters, this will help them take responsibility for themselves rather than looking to the master.

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Without a doubt, people who have been subjected to Illum./govt. mind-control have suffered and continue to suffer. Itís no surprise to find suffering in these peopleís lives; they are masters at suffering. They often have very high pain tolerances. The fact that they are continueing to suffer, creates a multitude of spin-off problems for the victim. Rather than deal with the spin-off problems, the therapist or helper may want to deal with the issue of suffering itself. The Word of God says, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous." PS 34:19. Therapists & ministers should be careful not to blame the victimís problems on victim. Ministers need to be reminded that not all suffering is the result of personal sin. Much of what happens is simply the result of living in a fallen world. In real life, many of lifeís stories do not have a happy ending. Bitterness toward God is dangerous, because it leads to all types of problems emotionally. The therapist & victim should avoid blaming God. If the client wants to delve into having a deeper understanding of why evil & suffering exists, then they should by all means be encouraged to find a book that answers this, or to contact this bookís authors. In the beginning God described everything as "exceedingly good", but the fall of man has echoed down the centuries. A deep understanding of Godís justice will explain why suffering exists. A deep understanding of Godís love explains why God allows suffering and pain. We can not assume to know the answer to each tragedy or pain, yet we can still help alleviate the suffering. Today, pain clinics teach people ways to cope with pain, and so does this page.

First, dear therapist, treat the person who is suffering as you would want to be treated if you were undergoing what they are experiencing. Unfortunately, few therapists have had much inkling of the extent of the trauma & suffering that their clients who were victims of trauma-based mind-control continue to experience. This is very evident, because until recently, therapists have had little concern for the safety of their clients once they have stepped outside the therapistís office. Ongoing victims of mind-control have been popularly labelled "survivors of SRA" by the therapeutic community, and yet so far neither Fritz nor this author, Cisco, has ever seen someone who is past having to suffer. These are not "survivors" of some past abuse, they continue to be ongoing victims, and not of their own choice. The helper should evaluate the suffering, its causes, its purposes & benefits. Although all things work together for good to those who love Almighty God, not all things are good. It is not wise or benevolent to lecture the sufferer on the edification he will receive from the pain he is experiencing. In the long run perhaps the victim will see that the suffering can bring joy, enhance oneís future glory, yield greater wisdom, produce true humility and true comfort. If the victim is a devout Christian, they may already be able to see the silver lining to the cloud. However, the helper/ therapist wants to find ways to alleviate the emotional suffering & lesson the pain. Ignoring or belittling it, or heaping more shame or guilt upon the person is like rubbing salt into the wound. Once the suffering is identified, the therapist should free the victim from their shame. After Adam & Eve sinned & got their lives into trouble, God still made clothes from skins to hide their shame.

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SUFFERING (client complaint)

Allow client to express his pain.
Treat the client as you would want
to be treated in similar circumstances.

Let the client confront their own pain.

DO: a. allow people to express their pain. b. let people confront their
own pain, c. be with the sufferer in silent caring. d. be a cheerful heart,
give kind words for the health of the body, mind and spirit, e. free the
client from the shame of suffering.

DONíT: a. assume you know the answer to every tragedy or pain,
b. lecture the client about the blessings they will receive from the
suffering, c. shame the client.


Point the person to the goodness and strength of God, for: IF THE
LORD DOES NOT BUILD THE HOUSE, THOSE WHO LABOR BUILDING IT LABOR IN VAIN. No client can resist the suffering in their own strength, they need the strength and consolation of a higher power, God.

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SUICIDAL THOUGHTS (early client complaint)

Suicide is an ongoing threat to ALL victims of total mind-control. All victims of total mind-control have strong suicide programs that are activated if they learn or talk about anything that has gone on in their life, except what the programmers want the victim & world to know about. Therapists have greatly underestimated how suicidal victims of mind-control are once they begin moving toward freedom. Most alter systems are designed to have a calm front. The front alters can be very calm and stable, while all hell is breaking lose on the inside. Nor do the front alters have the ability to see what is happening behind/under them. Threats of suicide can be broken down into immediate threats that require immediate intervention, & long term therapy. Because all victims of total mind-control are suicidal 24 hours a day once they begin work, therapists should assume that ALL VICTIMS are always a few thoughts & seconds away from suicide. This is why a support person should be around a mind-control victim 24-hrs a day to support the client & to protect the client from his own suicidal tendency. Suicidal thoughts & suicidal alters are programmed into a slave. These pose an ongoing threat. BUT there is another threat that can overwhelm the victim. This is the accumulation of all the horror & trauma that the mind is dealing with. The victim must also deal with his own guilt, with the abuse cycle which kicks in & says, "Itís all your fault." Suicide may a fear of living, a feeling of hopelessness. When it comes to suicidal thoughts, sometimes mind-control victims display the same clues as non-victims. These clues might be the verbal clues such as "life is not worth living", "Iím in the way", and "I would be better off dead." Indirect talk of having a friend who wants to commit suicide might also be a clue. They might also have the behavior clues of being depressed, buying a gun, drugs, or a rope. Another clue might be writing a will while depressed. The victim of mind-control will also display in their handwriting a number of clues showing depression and suicide, such as a higher than norm frequency of "xís" throughout the letter formations. The immediate response of some therapists is to place the mind-control victim into a hospital, but hospital settings usually back-fire & trigger even stronger suicidal behavior, due to many programming/memory issues involved. The hospital should be a place of last resort, and then only under the most ultra-extreme cases. Hospitalization has its own set of considerations to be taken into account for the victim. During an immediate crisis, a suicide alter can be given something in which to act out their suicide desires, such as a plastic gun to do russian roulette, or they can be dealt with so they feel they have done their job well enough without actually killing the body. The therapist/support person needs to have the love to listen to the victim, & show genuine concern. The support person can determine what pressures (prog., emot., work, financial, memories, etc.) have built up to cause the suicidal tendency & see if some of these can be diffused. If a non-suicide alter is contemplating suicide, they can be temporarily distracted until the crisis is over by asking them to genuinely help the support person with something. This alters self-esteem should be encouraged, because the alter is probably tapping into all the negative images they have had drilled into the systemís head.

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Genuinely listen to the person with love and concern.

Is this a suicide alter or a despondent non-suicide alter thinking about suicide? ģYESģ
Deal with this special purpose alter by getting it to restrain from killing the body and to return inside the body. Be sure to praise this alter, who is most likely a highly programmed child purpose alter.


Size up the situation:

∑ Listen for verbal clues to suicide
∑ Look at how much agitation & stress exists
∑ Watch the personís communication for goals, for feelings of rejection, or guilt
∑ Ask about behavioral clues to suicide, such plans & equipment
∑ Ask about pressures that could have built up to cause the suicidal thoughts, incl. med. pressures and drugs.
∑ Brainstorm how you as a support person can bear this personís burden (GAL 6:2) & how others might help relieve some of the pressure driving the person to suicide.
∑ If inspired pray, if nothing else give HOPE.


∑ Hope & emotional strength & praise
∑ Positive encouragment
∑ Positive distractions, such as ask for help from the victim.


Work on:

∑ Dealing with hurting, rejected or crying parts
∑ Learning how to cope with whatís been done
∑ Seeing what is behind the suicidal depression
∑ Untangle the confusion of feelings
∑ Pace the disclosure of traumatic material
∑ The no-talk messages and the no see messages.
∑ Seeing programs and memories via journaling, art, etc.
∑ The many fears, esp. the fear of oneís own anger.
∑ Rage issues, trust issues, denial issues, spiritual issues.
∑ Realize that the suicide thinking can be helped more by oneís attitude than hoping to change the external situations of life.
∑ Find the positives, "Itís a positive that Iím taking this little step." Live minute by minute.
∑ Donít worry about tommorrow. If you make it thru today, then its a. good chance youíll survive tomorrow.

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SUPPORT TEAM, organizing one


S Safety
I Information
N And
C Creative
E Eject, erase, eliminate, expel the PDE/computers
R Realize
E Emancipation


T Together
E Easily understood goals
A Attainable but challenging goals
M Measurable goals
G Good solutions
O On the spot rewards
A Applied creativity & risk taking
L Loytalty to team & goals

The slogan "If you want to get something done right, you have to do it yourselfí reflects the independent spirit of Americans. In some situations, the rugged Rambo is the best solution. The overwhelming needs of a programmed multiple who has not just cities but worlds of alters are too much for a single support person. The overwhelming needs of the multiple to stay safe 24 hours a day are too much for a single support person. The skills needed to tackle the challenges soon wear out a single person. There is great wisdom is setting up teams (whether formal or informal) to work with programmed multiples. Fritz and I have done this quite a few times in therapy. The rewards have been extremely gratifying. We still have a great deal to learn. Fritz and I are working as a team on this book and on this article. Other people have assisted us too. Fritz brings his skills and I bring my skills and together our contributions are worth much more than if we each worked separately. Teamwork brings varied experiences and complementary skills together. The mix of skills and insights enriches the therapeutic process, and adds flexibility to the process. Teams can respond to a changing situation far better than an individual. Over and over we have seen that one person catches a clue to what a victim is trying to say, while another team member is mentally distracted or fails to catch the clue. A team is not created to create a team. A team is created as a means to an end. A team needs a goal and needs to perform. A team can handle one victim at a time. One thing that we have seen work well was to make a large banner of the goal for the victim during a particular session. For instance, when work was done with our gatekeepers who were locked up in heavy programming the goal was "To discover the true self." When goals are chosen they need to be results, not activities. The victim and the team will perform best if they have goals. When working on a goal, seek quality rather than deadlines, because the foundation of the team is performance. If the team performs, it will build everyone up, and foster more team spirit. If the team doesnít perform its very reason for existing is in question. When setting goals, perhaps the goal can be defusing a particular type of programming. Or perhaps the goal is to uncover the multiplicity of the victim. The team members need to be given a chance for personal growth. The team should share ideas. The team should have fun together. The team can switch roles, or help each other learn. Each person on a team needs to be given some status. The alters of a system also are part of the team. Each individual is valued for what they can contribute. Donít forget to assign each team member a significant role, and to assign meaningful significant goals for the team. Divide up job responsibilities so that success can only result if everyone pulls together. As time goes on responsibilities can be rotated so that personal growth between

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various specialists occurs. One person on the support team can reward the alter system when they achieve a goal. A trip to an aquarium, or to a park, or something special that the alter system has never been able to do may be a significant reward. The therapy should be fun. When teams work around the clock, they need to be very wise & careful about how hard they push, and when stopping is too soon. (When one is in the middle one has to continue to a breakthrough.) An alter system can only process so much so fast. After several days to accomplish a goal, and a day to reward the goal, then a break should be taken before hard work again. The recovering victim may also be able to find a situation where they show to themselves their new growth. At present some therapists are working several days alone to achieve major breakthroughs, at least this is what has been reported. However, we have never heard of any follow-up for these victims. Without proper followup and long term protection and long-term work, we seriously doubt that much will really be accomplished beyond an impressive yo-yo effect. The Mungadze Association (817-354-1389) & Care, Inc., are 2 groups using Christian principles & support teams & safe houses to help programmed multiples. The two groups are some of the best examples of what has been done. Who is qualified for a team? The most important criteria is commitment to the goal. If someone is seriously committed to contribute toward a common team goal, then they are worth having on the team. But Americans (including the American churches) tend to want short term answers. Short-term patchwork jobs just do not hold up in deprogramming slaves. We need to have concern for the long term for anything effective. That takes commitment. A programmed DID does not want to "expose their guts on the operating table if the doctor and nurses are going to walk out in the middle of surgery." If a team member is seriously committed to the goal, they will work harder to overcome the barriers and obstacles in working with other team members. When the team overcomes an obstacle, a natural outgrowth of that is team spirit. Team spirit isnít artificially made, it is a by-product of a successful team. To focus on "building a team" is the wrong goal. The commitment (strongly willed) is to the therapeutic goal. Teams that are highly committed to each other personally are the best high-performance teams. Too often we have focused on the head (talents), or the hands (work produced) and not seen the heart (spirit). The love and good spirit of a support team are really the best leadership qualities that can be brought to a team. Donít misunderstand, a team will invest in creating an ongoing committed well-skilled group, but they donít make the team an end in itself. Bring together team members who have deep trust and respect for each other. Bring together a female mother-figure therapist and a male father-figure therapist. At some point team members must have some type of discipline and accountability. There has to be some type of structure. (A team member canít do a job half-way and then decide that they are finished. Nor should other members try to push other team members off the team before the goal is achieved.) That doesnít mean the structure canít be flexible. A team should be what is needed for the job. Numbers are not important, commitment is. Of course the therapeutic team needs to take into account that the spiritual dynamics, the psychological dynamics and the safety needs of the client need to have specialists who will be committed to these jobs. The most successful team will be one where there is no rule "Donít do anything wrong." Everyone on the team will make mistakes, but that is O.K. because those mistakes can be learned from and can promote personal growth. The team needs to promote

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the personal growth of its members too. The team should not waste time on small risks, but go for the gusto. Be creative. Create an informal environment where everyone is relaxed. Take risks, but donít be foolhardy daredevils. The team needs to be committed to new innovations. Pride in what a member knows will go before the fall. Programmed multiple systems are full of surprises. What if team members argue? Get them together immediately and ask them how this conflict is going to help the victim? "Letís work together. The victim needs to see the people she looks up to being committed to the victimís freedom, and not some non-relevant viewpoint." Competition between the team members will be counterproductive. The team is not being assembled to win a contest or a race. The victim will contribute lots of ideas, and a great deal of sensitivity and patience needs to be forthcoming from the support team to allow the recovering victim to be the center of the teamwork. However, an alter system is not set up to help itself, and it will need some external input. Devote time to what is successful. Brainstorm alternatives. Ask team members how they feel they can contribute to a goal. Ask the client, "What would you like to do that we arenít doing?" If the place to work provides a nearby spot to relax, it will provide the client and the rest of the support team a chance to relax and diffuse some of the tension. The means creatively looking for good safe houses or good offices to use for therapy. Treat each other on the team with equality. This doesnít mean that a personís skills are not to be respected, it means that all have a shared sense of mission and all are important. The example of team work and cooperation will also be beneficial for the alters. It will give them examples to build on, that they can apply to creating internal cooperation. Somehow the team needs to give space so that members can vent their concerns. Some of the problems therapeutic teams can develop is when concerns are stifled. This means others must be restrained from interrupting. Practicing a forgiving spirit between team members will also give alters a good example to draw from. The team needs to be as open as possible without any secret agreements between people. The recovering victim needs to see that they are part of the process. In many cases, it is very difficult to speak about particular therapeutic paths, when that will only trigger resistance and programming prior to the onset of a session. For this reason, goals can be stated but particular methods are best devised as the process unfolds. It is not productive to make the recovering victim feel powerless. On the flip side, some alter systems will entertain a spirit of control, and this spirit will have to be firmiy and gently rebuked. As the team works on their goal, they will have to navigate through the following rapids, how do we deal with differences of opinion?, What do we do when one is upset?, What do other team members like? How does one handle feelings? In the end, these are all issues that alter systems have to work out amongst themselves too in order to succeed. Remember the four essential areas of help: Safety, the Victim getting to know themselves, Building the positives, and dismantling foundation programming & the PDE. The support team needs to determine how the victim can establish safety 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. Make sure that all the helpers in this area are very aware of what the safety issues are. One victim had the Illuminati come directly into a Christian safe house and take the victim out with them, without being stopped. Fritz & I hope that we have stimulated you to investigate forming a support team for your general geographic area. We welcome your comments and questions in this area.

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TRAUMAS, FOUNDATIONAL TRAUMAS, How to master understanding what has been done to your mind-controlled client

An Olympic athlete wants to learn every detail about his sport he or she can. There is a fine line difference between success and failure, and each understanding we gain brings us closer to the expertise we want. There is a big difference between playing war or watching war on television and being on the front line. There is a big difference between hearing about the birthing process and giving birth to a child. There is a big difference between reading about an eskimo and being one. Numerous therapists have commented that they were totally unprepared by their training for the depth of horrors that their programmed DID (MPD) clients have experienced. How does one bridge the gap? Most mothers will tell you that you can read all the books you want on giving childbirth, but experiencing a childbirth as the mother is the only real teacher. This book (and our two previous books) have laid out the horrors of the programming for several reasons. One is to help you get in touch with the victim you want to heal. While this book can not transmit the full depth of the horrors of trauma-based total mind-control, only a survivor of that trauma has the possibility of knowing--and in most cases it was too horrible even - for them to remember--this book (and particularly this section) can GIVE YOU THE UNDERSTANDING to prevent clumsy therapeutic mistakes that stem from a shallow understanding. One principle of success in life is to plan ahead. If a carpenter were going to take out a wall in your house, he would know how to use his tools, he would know what the wall was made of, HE WOULD SHORE UP THE REST OF THE HOUSE so it didnít all crumble when he took out that wall. Time and time again, programmed multiples find their therapists "experimenting" on them. In other words, the person whose hands they have placed their life into, doesnít know the tools, what the situation is, nor how to shore up the other parts of the house before they do major destruction on their programming structure. Many clients are irrevocably damaged. The last two decades of therapeutic work with programmed multiples is littered with the failures of "experiments". We shouldnít make excuses for these failures, nor do we need to brood with guilt, life is full of failures; we simply need to come out of denial about the high percentage of failures, and make the corrections needed to succeed. Generally, the victim, who has been victimized by the experimenting is further victimized by being blamed for the experiment failing. So the therapist had best plan ahead, and this section is written to help the therapist do just that.

Two foundational pillars upon which the programming works is dissociation and fear. In order for the traumas to work they need to be as severe as possible. The worse the trauma, the better the dissociative walls needed for programming. These traumas are so severe that they splinter the mind, they are not ordinary traumas. Such traumas are so severe that to describe them creates automatic denial mechanisms within the listener. In fact, most victims prefer to live in denial too, which is more comfortable. Going back to our carpenter analogy, there are issues that the carpenter must know about and other issues that arenít important. For instance, "is the insulation in the section of wall being pulled out good or not?" is not an important issue. Likewise, too much emphasis is put on whether the trauma memories were real or staged, or put in with hypnosis. Unfortunately, most of these disturbing memories are

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probably actually took place. But whether they took place exactly as remembered or not is not an important issue. The issue is that they exist as reality for the victim, and they need to be dealt with. We are dealing with the mind and its programming--that we can change, we can not change what historically happened. We must identify what the mind thinks and deal with that; and remind ourselves we are can not tamper with the past no matter how it happened. If the therapist has a hard time coming out of their denial, perhaps they are not suited for this work. The therapist needs to work with the reality of the memory in the mind--rather than trying to make a judgement call on what happened. There is a place for making historical judgement calls, but it is not the important issue in working with a victim. Those who have suffered the traumas know that others can not understand them. Only by living the birthing process does the mother fully know the experience. Only by being on the front lines does the soldier know the horror and stench of death. So the therapist is going to help the client work through repressed memories. These memories are like BOILS OF THE MIND. They rise from the subconscious to the conscious and then they are "lanced" so-to-speak so they can heal. The root of that boil is FEAR. When the trauma is embedded, it is covered over by love. This is intentional on the part of the programmers. It creates the double binds that they are so famous for. REJECTION OF THE PERSON feeds the boil, that is rooted in FEAR and hidden by the DOUBLE-BIND OF THE PROGRAMMERíS LOVE. (If the reader feels unsure that he or she totally grasps this, no problem, it will be clearly explained as the reader progresses through this section.) The mind-controlled slaveís mind is like a deep vault holding information and

trauma memories. The victimís soul carries intense deep grieving, and their body carries body memories of trauma. The deep vault of the mind goes back to the traumas that took place before the child victim was verbal. The fears and dissociation which provide the foundation for the mind-control, were responses by the mind to PROTECT itself. Some Christians are trying to cast out alters as demons, when the fracturing and dissociation was a gift from God that allowed the victim not to lose their mind when faced with overwhelming trauma. The little child to protect itself from the threat and fear of death, the lies, the double-binds, the guilt, the shame, and the confusion of drug states guards its mind by building its structure of dissociation. When the therapist sees a structured DID (MPD), he/she should equate that with "intentionally done." At some point, the victim needs to see their structuring as something INTENTIONALLY DONE. It was an intentional crime against everything they were - an intentional crime upon their entire being, body, soul and spirit. A little child is born pure and clean. The betrayal of what that child was, is embedded deep in its thinking. No child can withstand the full impact that comes from realizing the extent of the betrayal of that child by humanity. After years of protecting itself by dissociation, there is no way that a programmed multiple can face the COMPLETE AND FULL IMPACT of a trauma memory without resplintering the mind. Before the dissociative wall is pull out, the therapist needs to place in methods to allow the victim to bring up memories without the full impact. Journalling, art work, mental television screens holding the memories at safe distances, etc. are some of the bracing equipment that successful therapists put into place to prevent the full impact of the memones. DEATH speaks to everyone. No one is an island to himself (themselves) when it

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comes to the subject of death. It is an undeniable fact of life, that most people try to stay in at least partial denial of. The MYSTERY OF DEATH reveals itself in many forms. The therapist needs to understand that he/she is facing multiple kinds of death. A study of Trauma-based mind-control could be renamed a study of Thanoteros. In fact, the man reported to be the worldís present-day best programmer has a degree in Thanoteros. After experiencing several types of death, many victims of mind-control prefer death over the reality of life. Your job as a therapist is almost that of a resurrection. You must give life, where there is only death. This is why we believe that victims need life-giving godly people in their recovery. The mind-control victim may experience death in a grave. The victim may find it in a death, burial, and resurrection programming ritual. It may be experienced in the cages where the mind was split, it may be found in the isolation of a well or closet. It may be found when a child is setup to watch another child or pet that they identify with, and then be made to feel responsible for its death. Death may be for the godlike programmer to die, or for the programmer/master, to whom the victim is trauma-bonded, to turn his back on the victim and walk out of the room. Death may be to find oneself in a strange hospital room with white masked strangers and a strange doctor hurting you. When the important people in a childís life reject its life as important--howls the child to value itself. It is taught to value only that life that the master gives. The therapist needs to show the victim the value of life, so the victims will want to take back what was devalued by the programmers. Death brings GRIEF. The survivor is dealing with different kinds of death which are shrouded in mystery. The therapist is not dealing with normal grief. The therapist will be dealing will overwhelming grief when the memories are birthed. The programmer has worked to take the child victim to a place beyond restitution. He has also built in a base of fear with layers of fear, shame, guilt and grief. The therapist can save herself and the client difficulties if the client isnít put onto the defensive. Donít attack what the client is saying and make the clientís parts defend what they are saying. This will only result in them avoiding the issue. Whether the therapist agrees or disagrees, a judgmental attitude will insure that the deeper alters will go into hiding. They will close up tight, and these alters will take the path of least resistance and they will stay silent. Silence is what their programming is demanding that they do. And the programming will feel safer than challenging both the therapists skepticism and the protective suicide/confusion programs that will trigger when they talk. The programmers have programmed many alters to believe no one would listen to them, and a skeptical therapist reinforces that programmed conviction. If the therapist can begin to understand that the hours of programming traumas ran into days, and the days ran into weeks, and the weeks ran into months, and the months ran into years, they will begin to get a sense of how the programming has been layered in. It took lots of hours and money to put it in. Its going to take the client and support team as long or longer to deal with the issues and to resolve them. To hurry is not better. The therapist and the victim will have repeated problems with denial. The therapist will have to accept and work with the victim where they are at. Neither the victim nor the therapist will want to believe that trauma-based mind-control has taken place, but both need to accept where they are and where the therapy is going. Thatís the reality of life. The survivor of the mind-control will run basically two tracks. During Illuminati

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programming these are referred to as the right hand path and the left hand path. The left hand path is the path of the satanic cult, and the right hand path is the outside world, which has been portrayed in the worst way by the programmers. The mind of a trauma-based mind-controlled slave will naturally think about the thoughts that have been repeatedly drilled into its mind, via all kinds of programming methods and reinforcements. The mind-control is basically a type of death--the human has died and a robot has replaced it. Humans were designed to have meaning and purpose in life--not to follow orders without purpose or direction. The programmers use fear of death to motivate the slave, but fear is based on death, not life. Fear does not give true life. However, the human spirit is almost impossible for the programmers to kill. If the do break the human spirit, they risk eventually losing the slave to apathetically losing interest in life. The human spirit will fight to live and breathe. It will fight to overcome what it doesnít understand. It will fight to live and to have a life of meaning. It is important for the support team and therapist not to underestimate the power of either of these two tracks. The programming is extremely powerful. And surprisingly the human spirit is extremely powerful. What results is an extremely intense, overwhelming tug-of-war. The clientís actions will not coincide with a single plan. The clientís actions will lack harmony. One minute they may sabotage therapy, the next they may give a key to help unlock the programming. (Because this author lived through being programmed, and in turn learning to program others, I am in the unusual place to understand the consequences of the various types of programming situations that victims are subjected to. I hope to take what Satan meant for evil, and use this knowledge for the benefit of humanity. Please allow me to share some my insights.) An example of one of the standard programming traumas will provide many lessons about the nature of programming and deprogramming. By going over just this one example, it is hoped that the mechanisms that drive the programming will be exposed, and that the therapist will see how to curb the power of the programming trauma. This programming trauma is based upon Genesis 37 in the Bible. In this Bible chapter the patriarch Israel loves his son Joseph best. He makes for him a coat of many colors (vs. 3), but this special act of love causes his brothers to become jealous. His brothers then strip him of his coat of colors and throw him in a well which had no water. The Illuminati like to carry out this standard programming trauma when the victim is three years of age. They will place a coat of many colors on the child, but this is to familiar the child with programming colors. Their robe is not described as a robe of pride, but a robe of shame, and the child is told "youíre bad", "look at what you did" and is rejected by a group of people and made to feel alone and shamed. Once the child has been clearly rejected by the group carrying out the programming, then it is lowered into a very deep well. They are trying to build a foundation of guilt and fear for the programming. The well is deep and either hot or cold. A lid is placed over the well and the child is left in isolation after being shamed and made to feel guilty. Occasionally the group may throw down body parts and feces, urinate, and make noises from the top of the well to continue the shame and rejection. For three days the child is left in the well totally naked. The programmers want to make sure the child feels no worth and rejected by mankind. It is important that the child feels alone and stripped. That isolation from mankind, will help insure the programming isnít tampered with. It helps insure that the child wonít

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develop self-value. The well experience teaches the child FEAR and that IT IS ALONE. The child feels the fear of being alone. It knows that it is nothing except what the cult wants it to be. In fact, more specifically, it knows it has no life nor value in life except what the programmer wants it to have. It has been stripped emotionally and physically. After tormenting the child for 3 days with no food and no water and occasional verbal abuse, the child is in shock and at a crisis point. The group raises the child up. At this point it is critical to the programming, that ONLY the programmer/handler be the person to bring the child out of the well and tend to its needs. The programmer will give the child water to quench its thirst and food to feed it. The programmer will pick up the infant and calm it. This programming experience is to build upon the traumas in the womb and the original fracturing (which is referred to as splitting the core) trauma. In other words, if we were to number the sequence of traumas we get, 1. womb traumas, 2. splitting the core trauma(s) 3. the well trauma. The coat of many colors-well trauma is very severe. Many children are lost during the trauma. Some children go inside and become autistic. A medical team is present so that the child is kept alive when it is brought to the surface. The child will be in what is called a vegetable state when it is retrieved. After the programmer gets the child to the surface and calmed, the child will be nurtured by its mother or mothers-of-darkness. The child will be left alone after the well trauma for 3 to 6 months. The child needs this time before it is tampered with. After it has recuperated, the programming team will begin working with the child. They will build a chronology of how it felt during the entire sequence. This chronology will define for the programming the sequence of dissociation, so that the programmers can identify what types of pieces the mind has developed out of the experience. Those different dissociative pieces each have different characteristics, and those characteristics will be important to determine what that dissociative piece will be used for. For instance, if the child spends some time in fantasy that itís parent really loves it even though the reality of the well experience contradicts that fantasy--those parts of the mind can be used to build alters whose love is based on fantasy. It is difficult if not practically impossible to dissuade these alters that their love does not line up with reality because the foundation is a trauma where this part of the mind survived on fantasy. It is also important for the therapist to realize that often the Illuminati (or other cult involved with the programming) will separate out the parts of the mind from the splitting the core trauma (remember this core trauma often includes a rape by Satan/& a rejection by someone pretending to be God, i.e. a black mass), and make sure the pure positive parts of the mind are put to sleep via drugs and hypnosis before the well trauma. When the mind (the core) was split part of the mind remained positive and in love with the Lord. That is the part that is the most dissociated from the trauma. That part is preserved and usually not subjected to the well trauma because they want it to develop into the Christian front. It will experience only the original shattering of the core trauma, and then in some cases be left basically trauma-free. They realize that once this part is indoctrinated into Christian doctrine it will be almost impossible for it to ever deal with the mind-control. That is because Christian doctrine from most mainline denominations will teach that part to forgive and forget the past. That part of the mind--which will be used to front the system will live in the pleasant atmosphere of Churchianity--where nothing un-nice is allowed in. It will not want to look

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at what has happened to other parts of the mind-because its attitude is forgive and forget and move on. Remember, this front part derived its separateness from the rest of the system precisely because it was the part of the mind that stayed in denial of the seriousness of the trauma, and held onto its polyanish thinking in spite of the overall reality of what happened. The mainline denominations will continue layering in teachings that will make it difficult for this front part to participate in freeing the rest of the mind from bondage. This is why it is important for the churches first to realize what is going on when trauma-based total mind-control is carried out, and second how to divide the Word of God correctly so that people realize that the Bibleís warning that a double-minded man is unstable in all that he does--needs to force the church to revise their teachings so that their teachings apply to the reality that encompasses programmed multiplicity and the healing of programmed-multiplicity. Now that the three trauma periods have taken place (fetus, core split, and well trauma) and a recuperating period of time has occurred, the programming team can begin structuring. The structuring will involve ĎĎmovingíí parts around so that they are "positioned" to carry out their role in the grids and systems that are to be built. This is similar to how files in a computer can be move from directory to another without changing the file. When the programming and structuring begins, the child will be questioned so that the programmers know how the mind split during the trauma. The programmer will then take the childís parts deep into hypnosis and instruct them to forget the well experience. They are only to remember the good part of the experience--the worthwhile lesson that the programmer loved them. They are to forget everything except "YOUíLL NEVER FORGET HOW MUCH YOU WERE LOVED". The final split of the mind that was in fear will be found and developed into a protector. This part of the mind which lives in fear, will never allow the love part to remember. The FEAR parts are left intact with their fear, they will insure that the memory is dissociated. There is a point during the well trauma when the childís mind will fall asleep but continue splintering. When the child is sleeping the mind finds it difficult to discern whether its thoughts are dreams or real. Have you ever had a dream that was hard to separate from reality? The splintering during this period produces dissociative parts which can be used for gatekeeper alters. Gatekeeper alters are often the most deceived and most programmed, and have difficulty knowing reality. This is because they have been built from this dream state during the well-trauma.

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If the therapist has a very strong logical front alter, that alter can be used to provide a protection for the system. This alter can receive hypnotic alarms that will make the system angry if anyone tries to use codes on the system. This strong alter can also train his or her mind to have enormous thick concrete walls behind them, so that the rest of the system is blocked off from hearing anything through this alter. In this way, a system can be protected from a verbal access code. However, there are ways to get around such a defense. When alarm systems and blocking walls have protected a system, the Illuminati will physically abduct the victim, and take the victim to a nearby site where that strong alter will be "destroyed"-shattered by electro-shock and hypnosis and put out of commission. We suggest that if defensive mechanisms are put in, donít advertize this fact, because it only escalates the battle. The actual codes and triggers are generally buried deep in the subconscious, and the support team is going to have an extremely difficult time ever getting to any of these. We have tried to greatly help people out by publishing what we can in this area. Because the codes are buried so deep, it is really difficult to erase them from the mind. The mind is trained to switch automatically upon certain cues. Perhaps the most effective way to protect a victim of mind-control is to have a knowledgeable support person with the victim, 24 hours a day. The co-authors have heard a number of therapists say that having someone assisted 24 hours a day is impractical, and we reply that trying to free someone (mentally & physically) without 24 hour/day protection is impractical. There are prayer strategies and powerful prayers that can be made to receive supernatural help to overcome the triggers. There is certainly power in prayer, we have seen this first hand. Over time some of the codes can lose their power through desensitization. It always helps when alters are aware of what the codes are so they can be alert to them. But the power of the codes should not be underestimated, and to tell someone they are protected from the codes by prayer, is similar to telling soldiers that bullets canít hurt them because they have been prayed for. While we do not discount the power of prayer, we also recognize that prayer needs to be grounded in reality. If we pray for a house, we can imagine that the house has magically appeared, but that is not faith, that is merely self-deception. Some victims have been told incorrectly that codes will not work with their system anymore because they were prayed for. Who wouldnít want to believe this, and yet we feel compelled to warn people that in the case of programmed multiples, there are seldom easy answers. On the flip side, positive triggers can be put in, such as a cue word that will call up a helpful front alter in case the system and the therapist needs help. Sometimes this can simply be the alterís name.

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As the alters of a victim of mind-control go through life, they will inadvertently trigger programming and memories. Initially, there will be fear around the activation of triggers. The novice therapist may think the victim is setting off triggers just for attention. Actually, that is not a major issue for therapists to worry about, even though on the outside it may appear to be an issue. However, it is true that a slave may be programmed to trigger their own programming as a macro-program goes off to get the slave to do things to activate so many triggers that the system self-destructs. It is no exaggeration to say that life is one big trigger for victims of Illuminati mind-control. The programmers have intentionally linked the external environment of the slave to their programming in order to manipulate the external world into becoming one more reinforcement for the mind-control. The programming traumas have taken place over in so many different geographic locations for most slaves, under so many different circumstances and with so many different programming props that there is not much left in life that doesnít trigger emotions of fear and horror. After reading the Illustrated Guidebook, the Vol. 2 Formula book and now our Deeper Insights book, readers should be aware of why airplanes, animals, birthing issues, blood, caves, colors, crying by children, death issues, fire, foods, heights, holidays, insects, lightening, masks, occult paraphernalia, snakes, sounds, and harsh weather such as tornados, and zoos will trigger a recovering victim of mind-control. Phobias can be mentally linked to certain items, or may simply be free floating. For the victim to get in touch with their emotions is in itself very triggering. Any time the victim tries to touch things at a personal or emotional level, they will trigger him or her self. The harder the victim works, the more they trigger themselves and the more fragile they become. In working toward freedom, pain becomes gain. But the victim and the therapist are not going through the pain for sadistic reasons, but because part of the power of the mind-control is to separate pain the consequence of pain from the sources of pain. Trauma memories are so abundant that abreactions lurk in the background, ready to spring to life as the victim tries to go through live. When the victim tries to shower, eat a meal, or have a pet or visit with a little child, the alters may well abreact. The traumas and abreactions do weigh down a person, but many recovering victims, simply run two tracks, one for the world to see, and the other which is full of pain and confusion. This happens too frequently in therapy. It allows the therapist to fool him or her self that the victim is doing much better than is actually the case. Sometimes an alter can be put in charge of the body, while the rest of the alters are busy trying to deal with all the pain and emotion that the trigger has generated. Only by gaining the trust and knowing how programmed DIDís think, can the therapist begin to get a more accurate picture of how the slave has been triggered. Many therapists mistakingly think that if their client who is a programmed multiple will not experience victimization if they donít refer to themselves as "a victim". It is a fad to blame victims for their own victimization. The thinking goes like this: Somehow the person set himself up--&/or---it must have been bad karma. This is the pop psychology of the Ď80ís and 90ís, that is not grounded in reality. The origins of this thinking are also suspicious. This quack thinking reflects the humanís mindís need to have things make sense. Many times life is senseless. Many

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times people suffer senselessly. They do not set themselves up as victims, and all the word games in the world arenít going to stop what going on. To pretend that the multiples that are coming into therapy are "survivors of abuse" is just one of many ways that the therapists deny that they are not dealing with the real issue, the clientís safety--which is not something in the past, but the most important issue in the present. Therapists have most victims conditioned to call themselves "survivors". How many people on a ship that continues to sink call themselves a survivor? The pitiful health conditions that so many victims of ongoing mind-control have described to the two co-authors, and their desperate cries to have this ongoing abuse stopped make the word ĎĎsurvivoríí a mockery of their ongoing desperate attempts to hold onto some kind of life. Every time the victim of mind-control accidently triggers a trauma memory or programming they are being victimized by their past. Of course, some therapists and ministers have managed to hide the MPD, because they have mistakingly informed the victim that the MPD (DID) is the problem. The DID is NOT the problem--but abreacting trauma memories or trying to prevent a suicide program from actually taking place is a major problem, and one that most survivors are going to have to deal with by themselves, because the triggering will take place so quick and frequently. The therapist needs to give the victim the mental and external resources to at least cope with these challenges. The greater the trauma, the greater the amnesia wall. When trauma memories break through those walls into awareness, the distress to the victim can be overwhelming. The victim will be frightened, ashamed, depressed, fearful, suicidal, and have feelings that they are going crazy. No patient is eager to discover that he/she has been violated by people they loved and trusted. The false memory people are not portraying the way the mind works to the public. The mind tries to protect itself, and it is inclined to deny harsh memories, rather than latching onto trauma memories because of some therapistís suggestion of abuse. Uncovering a victimís history, does not depend on a single memory. New memories are blended with old ones and new explanations for what has happened reconsidered, until a verifiable more accurate chronology begins to present itself. At the onset of therapy, if the victim doesnít know, the therapist can warn at the onset of therapy that hand gestures, hypnotic patterns, lights and codes words will trigger the subconscious mind of the victim. The field of what might be called "aromic therapy" is still in its infancy, but has great potential. The sensations of smells are closely linked with emotions in the mind. If a therapist is trying to trigger a particular memory and emotional content, smells associated with the memory will work better than anything to pull up the emotional content. This is because of the way smell is processed by the mind which first perceives it by the smell setting off a combination of "detection codes" in the olfactory bulb that are then relayed through the limbic system. The memories of smells are very closely attached to emotional memories. This only makes sense in a way, because smells are used by a newborn child to identify its mother, they are used by lovers, and in other situations where the sense of smell plays an important role in our emotions toward something. The use of smells to trigger and to heal multiples is wide open for exploration.

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We believe that we may have some new slants on the Issue of trust which might help both support teams and their client. In order for the therapist and support persons to work with a programmed multiple system they need to establish trust. This means that the programmed multipleís alter system not only feels the support person will be honest, but that they will protect the multiple physically and the multipleís confidentiality. It also means that the alters trust the abilities of the therapist to accomplish something positive. For some front alters, they simply need to see that the therapist/support person cares, is a kind person and has credentials or a history of working in this area. For deeper alters, trust is a demanding and complex substance that has to be won by lots of hard work, consistency, respect, proficiency, and availability by the therapist. Many of the deeper alters have never seen a person try to protect them before. Many of the little hurting alters have never had any one to tell their pain to. Many of the alters are convinced that no one can love them, that they destroy everyone they touch, and that they canít have a good relationship with any outsider. The therapist will have to prove these attitudes wrong, even in the face of the client carrying out actions to self-fulfill their expectations. This last paragraph was from the therapistís vantage point. On the other side of the healing process is the programmed slave. Once the therapist opens up their system, they will be processing memory 24 hours a day--even though the front alters may not know it. Once therapy opens up a system all kinds of things start coming unraveled. The host alter, who probably has been thinking (and generally destroying all evidence to the contrary) that she/he is a single person, now has become a complex system of competing personalities. As the programming loses its power, more of the multiplicity appears. (Family members are often devastated, because they lose the person they knew for an entire tribe of personalities.) As the system tries to move against the programming, every step that would take a unit of mental energy for non-multiples is perhaps carried out only with 1,000 times the mental energy. Instead of one person changing his habits, you have an entire city or world that must be changed, and they must change in the face of overwhelming resistance from many others in the system as well as the programming and external threats. While trust seems to be an easy thing for the therapist, trust becomes one of the struggles that seems a no Many of the issues seem like no-win issues. Remember that the child victim initially resisted with all it had against being programmed, but at some point, the programmers broke the child and its resistance completely. That brokenness is a solid part of the childís thinking. The victim will fall back into that broken "its-a-no-win thinking" very easily. The programming leaves the victimís mind operating in a survival mode. This means that much of the survivorís thinking comes straight Out of the first brain, the reptilian brain. The victim will try very hard to see what the therapist is trying to say, but before long, they find they have fallen back into the old way of thinking? Why? Letís say the therapist has worked on teaching the kitten alters that they are really not cats. Letís also say the therapist has worked hard on trust issues. Now all of a sudden the judge alters and the programmers apply pressure to the kitten alters, and before they realize it, they are seeing themselves as kittens and distrusting the therapist. They are saying to the therapist, "Youíre telling me Iím

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not a kitten, but I see myself as a kitten when I look in the mirror, and beside I donít want to be a human, because humans get hurt." What has happened? When the mind learns it builds K-lines. K-lines are like highways that connect many different things in the mind. K-Lines can connect cognitive demon processes, memory bits such as visual maps stored as a memory. K-Lines are what create a mental state of consciousness. A mental state is really nothing more than a K-line or interconnected series of K-lines. When a highway (K-line) is built in the mind, it is essentially permanent. It is similar to the Apian Way that leads to Rome. The same road that allowed the Roman legion to move its troops still is being used today. The same purported street that Christ walked on in Jerusalem is still in existence today. In fact some of the old stones from Roman times with the ancient Roman marks are still in place. The road on top of the Great Wall of China still is used in some places. However, if a road is not used, it can fall into disrepair and its use will be abandoned. Likewise, the mind never normally loses a K-line, they simply fall into disuse. By employing Behavior Modification in the most extreme forms, alters are trained during programming to develop particular K-lines. Those K-lines will never be gone. Just like an alcoholic will always have an ability to go back to being an alcoholic. What can be done, is to build new K-lines that get more use. Since most deprogrammer are not willing to subject their clients to the same behavior modification techniques (based on survival & fear) that the programmers used, they must resort to building new K-Lines in the higher brains. The programmerís K-lines remain dormant in the reptilian brain, the new behaviors that are taught to the alters are attached to the higher brains. Now what happens when an alter feels threatened? When their survival is at stake, the reptilian brain shuts off the higher brains, and the mind searches around for a K-Line that it can use. Lo and behold, the mind finds the old K-line and reaccesses it. This is why safety of the slave is so important to have a chance to develop strong new K-lines. When the victim reverts back to their old thinking, the victim will think that all has been lost, and that years of work have been lost. They may tell the therapist that they no longer trust the therapist and that years of work have gone down the drain. This is not so. The new positive K-lines are in the mind still. They will always be there. They simply need to be reaccessed and strengthened by use. When the survival instinct is triggered -- "danger, danger" -- no reassuring and no reasoning are going to break through, the mind under the control of the first brain is shutting down the higher thinking processes and putting its thinking energy into survival. Feelings are not facts, but the mind will be resistent to information that is coming in from the higher brains--unless it has been trained to let these higher thinking processes override survival instincts. This will help people understand why Jesus said that if you are not willing to mentally let go of the need to survive (your reptilian brain) and give your thinking to God (a higher conscious type thinking) you will not be able to have the spiritual walk needed to see God. (If you try to save your life, you will lose it. You must pick up your cross daily, that is sacrifice your survival instincts daily, and allow God to work His will in your life.) Christ also said that fear and trust are incompatible. He said that perfect love for God will cast out fear. In other words, a fearful person will have a hard time loving God. We must learn to conquer our fears by strengthening the higher brains (what people call higher levels of consciousness). The fifth brain processes concepts, works with abstract thoughts, and can pull up

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thoughts from various parts of the mind and do comparisons. The fifth brain is a reflecting meditating type of brain. It is capable of integrating many concepts together. In a sense it lives, it feeds off of thoughts. Marijuana triggers this brain. Guided drug trips in sensory deprivation tanks can be used to program this brain. The higher brains can develop dominance over the lower brains to such a degree that the survival instinct can be overridden completely, cases in point, Jesus and his apostles allowed their own martyrdoms, the Anabaptists under Menno Simonís teachings on the Bible peacefully allowed their own deaths, and modern-day Christians under Bill Gothardís teachings in Uganda allowed themselves martyrdom under Idi Amin rather than fleeing. These were all deaths for a higher cause, not deaths from mind-control. An alter who suicides the system is acting under the confusion of behavior modification where it is acting under the programming lie that it is protecting the system from greater harm. This is simply a misguided survival instinct. What this means is that safety and trust are inseparable issues. If front alters trust a therapist who is not protecting their system from their mind-control abusers, then it shows that the front alters are dissociated from the ongoing abuse. The alters that are not dissociated from the ongoing abuse are probably the ones that are helping hold up the therapy! - Why donít they trust the therapist? The front alters trust the therapist? After reading this, the reader can see why the deeper ones donít have trust. If the system sees that there are higher concepts at stake, that they have a role to play in helping other victims, they may be able to override their fears with thoughts from higher brains. Trust is in part going to be established by building up the higher brains. This is why spiritual issues should not be neglected in helping a victim. The first brain can also be worked with by working with the body. The body memories of torture can be worked on to help work out some of the body tension that helps stimulate the strong survival danger signals. Massage and some types of rolfing or yoga might contribute to re-orienting the first brain. The first brainís thinking sometimes show up in body symptoms.

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TRUTH, discernment of

[For this section, we decided to let Fritz offer the reader some helpful hints about seeking and finding the truth. Then weíll add a few comments at the end. Fritz has a reason for approaching the subject as he does, so try reading through it first before judging it.]

Everybody has their own methods for figuring truth out. Some are finding it better than others. As with other things, there isnít one set way for determining truth. The procedures are going to vary from situation to situation, but there are certainly some useful tips that can be passed on from one truth seeker to another. Finding truth is not a matter of taste. One doesnít investigate the one-true god by deciding what god suits our tastes best -- but lots of people do this anyway. As we set our personal criteria for what is truth, we will find others in disagreement with us. Ultimately, real truth is not something personal but something all truth seekers can agree upon. This is why Jesus Christís words are so powerful, they are eternally truthful. They are as much truth as they were when they were spoken. Even though truth is not relative, but is an eternal objective truth, God has given us free choice and a mind with which to choose what we want to believe. Many have mistakingly considered oneís religious views as a matter of taste, not a matter of truth. That is perhaps the first hurdle to correctly jump in the search for truth--Is this a matter of personal taste or is it a matter of truth. What I eat for breakfast is my choice, which of the foods is most beneficial for my body is a complex issue of truth. Because the Watchtower Society teaches that knowledge about God is an issue of truth not taste, the JWís believe that they can apply rational thought in their search for God. The Jehovahís Witnesses have a book Reasoning From the Scriptures. The idea behind the title is a good one. There is a place for reason and logic, but we must be careful to

place the Word of God as the foundation from which we reason. Unfortunately, that is not what the Jehovahís Witnesses do. They reason that the God in 3 persons is unreasonable, because there canít be both one God, and 3 Gods, so they reject the Triune nature of God, even though the Scriptures are very clear that the Father is God Almighty, Christ is God Almighty, and the Holy Spirit is God Almighty. Three persons, one God. Sometimes we donít have enough understanding to reason from. The concept of three persons in one supreme being seems outrageous at first, and yet that is exactly what MPD (DID) is. That is one reason some people can not except multiple personalities either. If we reason from our past understandings, we may not be able to adequately explain new phenomena. The parallels between MPD and what the Bible says about God are enormous, once a person really gets a handle on how MPD really functions within the mind. There are so many misconceptions about MPD, and misconceptions about the "Trinity" (the word doesnít appear in Scriptures), that this subject really needs a book in itself to explain the parallels. But the bottom line is that we believe what God has written to us, and then we reason from there. If God says He exists in three persons, we accept that and then reason from there. We donít reason away what God Almighty says. This is where so many of us get ourselves into trouble. The Pharisees were able to make the Word of God to have no effect, by thinking out things. Thinking doesnít always take us in the right direction even if it makes sense. This is probably why some people have rejected logic and reasoning in their Christian walk. Logic is a function of a clear mind. The Scriptures show godly men reasoning things out.

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Being a reasonable person can be a good testimony for Christ. But we must always humbly bear in mind that our minds only have a small part of the facts and understanding about the universe and life that exists. If I understand one-billionth of what can be known about my situation, I suppose I am fortunate. God understands so much more. If His Word states something that seems unreasonable--I would rather trust His Word, than my own feeble understanding. However, if I begin to have thoughts that are contrary to the Word of God, and contrary to how I normally think, then logic helps me realize that these are not my own thoughts--they are the thoughts of demons. This is an example of how reasoning from Scriptures can spare us from trouble. When we mentally review how we have obtained certain thought patterns, if we acquaint ourselves with how evil spirits influence a manís thinking via our actions opening up portals and strongholds, then we can logically separate out those thoughts that are from God and those thoughts that are from Satan. Most fears are ungodly, and they come from Satanís kingdom. Hope and faith come from God. Discouragement and depression are not given to us from God, they are given to us from our adversary Satan. There may be exceptions to this, but in most cases it is clear that Satanís kingdom is here to steal from us peace, hope, love and faith, and is here to give us hate, fear, and discouragement. We have to learn to be happy. We have to allow God to bring us peace. Logically, if you want a happy life, you must go to the Kingdom that wants to bring you peace, joy, love, and happiness. People look for happiness in the strangest places! Logic-and reasoning will tell you that Satan canít bring you happiness. Logic can be helpful to us in our Christian walk. Examples were given of how that is true. We must be cautious in how we use logic. Logic is not to be used to overturn the Word of God. None of us are brilliant enough to challenge Godís Word. Logic & reasoning is how we protect what God has already taught us & placed into our hearts and consciences. As we gather information, we can take best advantage of that information if we separate the chaff from the wheat. Is the person giving this information speaking in generalities, or is he speaking about an exception to the rule, or is he speaking about a specific case? When someone speaks about their private thoughts, how they love someone, or have heartburn, their thoughts are private, we must accept that we only can approximately understand exactly what they are feeling and thinking. When we witness a car accident with another person, our perspective of the accident is our own private perception of the event--BUT other people can also witness the event. The car accident is NOT a subjective event, even though there is some subjectivity in peopleís perception of it. The accident is not an idea it is an objective event. Modern philosophy has a hard time accepting this, even though it makes common sense. The events of that objective reality can be distorted or misreported and not reported in many different ways. However, the accident is an objective real event. More than one person can experience that reality. If we dream about an accident, then that is a concept. Concepts and what our judgement calls about what our senses have reported are two different things. We normally donít doubt what we apprehend. We normally do question the existence of what we mentally create (our ideas); that is until we come to someone who has been programmed and taught via behavior modification not to trust their own senses. The programmed slave loses the ability to discern what is a concept, merely an idea the brain has imagined, and what is actually something that has an external reality and has been apprehended. Hallucinations will mask themselves as perceptions, when they are not perceptions at all. Further, they are very

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suggestible. They have shut down their critical thinking and have an unconscious agreement with the programmer that whatever he says is truth. The movie/book 1984 which was written many years ago describes a time when society as a whole was under the mind-control of Big Brother. When the main character steps out of line, he is reprogrammed, by torture. The goal of the programming was to get this thought-offender to accept whatever truth the programmer wanted from him. The programmer wanted him to get to the point that when the programmer held up 4 fingers, the man didnít know what he saw, but if the programmer said that the 4 fingers were 5, then the victim would actually see 5. This is exactly where the programmers get their victims, and is part of the reason they no longer can trust their own senses. Can several people have a simultaneous hallucination? Yes, and during the programming and during the life of the mind-controlled victim, hallucinations that are experienced by several people are a fake perception that is even more difficult to reject because our normal basis for deciding if something is an external reality that is being apprehended, versus our own imagination, is that other people can also see (or experience) it. When several other people experience something, that is a common test that the event happened in reality. (This is the concept of having several witnesses.) However, witnesses can be mistaken. The victim of mind-control must be given more than a Bible --"Here, take this, this is the truth." The victim of mind-control must take back what was stripped of them. They must learn to have that critical facility that has been stripped from them--the ability to ask is this an external reality that everyone can experience, or is this a perception, or a grand illusion that several people are only thinking.

Today, it is a fad to say everything is subjective. It is not. There is a reality. Our memories may or may not correspond to something that did exist. Memories can be perceptions and imaginations also, that mask themselves as experiences just like our hallucinations can. We can be skeptical about whether we have a concept in our mind that corresponds to what others could experience, or whether it is an imagination. But we can not accurately be skeptical of the existence of reality and truth. Since total skepticism of the existence of reality is self-defeating, the occultists have charged off in the other extreme, an equally wrong direction, and declared that if the mind has an idea, the idea must be attached to some reality, even if that reality is actually another magical sphere somewhere. This turns all fictions, visualizations, dreams, imaginations into some mystical perception of some supposed alternate reality. The truth is that these "magical realms" are shared hallucinations. No matter how many people have the same hallucination, that does not make that hallucination become a representation of some external reality. Reality is the world we live in together. The programmed multiple lives in their own private worlds. The therapist may have to enter that private world and bring the person back to the external world that humanity lives in together. If there is anything that highlights the differences between the external world of reality and the internal world of hallucination it is programmed multiplicity. Because the differences are obvious for the slave, there is no reason why they canít return to the world of reality. The problem that lies for some non-multiples (especially some psychotics, but for many people in general) is that they canít see the two tracks, they canít see the two worlds. I have seen Americans watching soap operas, sitcoms, and other shows, and then tell me that the shows are real events, and no argument would dissuade them. In fact, the philosophers Locke and Descartes both shared the same problem, even as philosophers they could not see the difference between external reality that is apprehended by our senses, and our own

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head-trips. As our senses gather in their sensory input, our minds go into gear to compare what they are sensing to what the mind has cataloged already. In other words, the mind is trying to make sense of what it is receiving. This is why we can "talk over someoneís head" or why I say that the common American has no frame of reference (& no world-view) to hang my information on. If we are unable to compare what we are sensing to anything else, it is unintellible to us. So learning is a building process, of comparing and building bridges from one item to the next. Our minds are masters at seeing relationships, but it still has to be a building process--whether the process is quick or slow. Some people want to jump over necessary steps of the building process, and read advanced level material before they are ready for it. That is one reason this book should only be read after a certain level of understanding is achieved. Detecting what is going on in the environment around a person is only part of what the human mind can do. It can also anticipate, plan, think, imagine, calculate, etc. The senses play only a limited role in our thinking. Sometimes we need to use common sense and realize a thought is merely a thought, and nothing else. Just because the thought develops in our mind, doesnít mean there is any external reality to it. Feelings are not facts. Recovering victims of mind-control should remind themselves of this one frequently, feelings are not facts. On the flip side, there are certain phenomena is life which demand explanations, such as how did an extremely well-designed incredibly complex system of life as well as an incredible planet come into being? This is a fundamental question of reality. Although the answer "There was an Almighty Creator" calls for us to employ our imagination to visualize what we canít see, that doesnít subtract from God being an external reality. Something is not negated in its existence just because we can imagine it, or havenít experienced it yet. Jesus in a sense argued for the existence of the Holy Spirit, by saying it was something not seen and yet it was something experienced and something that created tangible results like the wind blowing through the trees. He was essentially saying, yes, the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) is real. Aleister Crowley, a self-made satanist who revealed much more about the occult world than the Illuminati families would have done, based his Thalamic law, "Do what thou wilt, is the whole of the law" upon the underlying idea that pleasure is good. Common sense will teach people that pleasure and good are not equal. This philosophy is hedonism, and leads to self-destruction, which is what Crowleyís philosophy did to himself and others around him. Where this philosophy goes astray, is that Wisdom is good, but may not be obtained through simply pleasure. We may be pleased when we obtain Wisdom, but that pleasure in obtaining wisdom IS NOT wisdom itself but a by-product of having obtained a desired need. While thinking himself wise with all his satanic hedonistic cabalistic drug-sex magic, Crowley was going down a dead end. This is so obvious, that some modern thinkers try to revise the concept that pleasure is good, to the underlying idea that what is desirable for a man is good. But again this makes a mess out of things. People differ in their desires and this means what is evil for a victim of mind-control is good for the abuser. Betrand Russell connected to the Illuminati stated, "Ethics is the art of recommending to others what they must do to get along with ourselves." This fits with the basic viewpoint of many people today who think that there are no moral truths, everything is relative and subjective, just an opinion. If we approach the subject from an understanding that the way we as human beings are constructed by God, our very human nature has created needs within us. If we make a moral judgement it is not relative but it is grounded in the truth that we have a real need, and these

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morals express a desire for the good that satisfying that need brings. For instance, a glass of water in the desert is a need, it is good. A glass of whiskey at the bar is a want, it appears good--but it is not a genuine need of the body. We ought to desire more of the things we need, but we often sacrifice these for our wants. Common sense teaches us a foundational moral law that we should desire what is really good for us. Good being defined as what mankind needs. If we know we that truly need something, then we know what is good, and we should desire having it. What sustains the universe? If we realize that God sustains the universe, then God is realized as a need, not a want. This explains why mankind is so busy with worship. Monkeys do not worship. Fish do not worship. But man tries to worship. Neither fish nor monkeys feel guilt because they do not sin. But man does, because man was given the free will to do what was right. What I am doing is laying the groundwork to show the reader that all these modern philosophies that say there are no absolute rights or wrongs, are not grounded in truth & reality. We as humans have needs, and to desire those real needs be met is good. Since the fall of man, which was the rise of religion, a great deal of muddying the waters has occurred. The fall of man paralleled the previous fall of Lucifer. The trauma-based mind-control is a mirror image of the fallen mind of Lucifer. At this point, - some of you readers will consider this to be wild preaching--because it is very unpopular to view the mind-control as something religious in nature. Because Luciferian gnosticism & Satanism are religions, itís popular to ignore the religious side of the programming. To associate the occult with trauma-based mind-control seems to some secular therapists unnecessary. They want to sidestep the religious nature of the programming with the mistaken idea that they can sterilize what happens to the victim in strictly scientific terms. But if we donít dismiss the existence of good & evil, God & Lucifer, and we understand the mind of Lucifer/Satan, then we amazingly "just happen" to have the greatest explanation for understanding the trauma-based mind-control. [Now Cisco will pick up from here.] Lucifer wanted to steal Godís identity. Lucifer in his fall was stripped of his birthright, his identity and his rank, and was separated from truth. Lucifer goes forth to steal the identity & birthright of children, and to separate them from truth. This is just a small part of how the mind-control is a reflection of the mind of Satan. An entire book could be written on this subject alone. No matter how painful it is for a mind-control victim to realize what Satan stole from them, once they have acknowledged that, and begin to take back what God originally gave them, then the wisdom God will give, will bring knowledge. And that knowledge will bring understanding. And with that understanding the eternal life force (spirit) that the Creator gives each person can look into the deepest pit of hell and it will still see the light of that truth. And Lucifer knows that when you put light on darkness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel which will continue to break down the darkness. The day one seeks truth with his whole heart, is the day he will find it. That light will be a light on the hill that will prevail over darkness. You can be sure that if you are dealing with mind-control structuring, you are dealing with Satan the father of all lies. When the victim can acknowledge the crimes that were done against him or her self, then he is able to acknowledge what Satan is, the Father of all lies. If evil is recognized as evil, then seek the goodness of truth. The truth will open a doorway into the mind that brings growth, maturity, stability, assurance, a new awakening, and other exciting things. The battle for your mind is between truth and evil.

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ABREACTIONS, avoidance of

OVERVIEW. The original programming traumas are perpetrated by the programming cult because these traumas are dependably severe enough to cause the mind to split. Later traumas are the result of ongoing abuse by the slaveís users. They may cause splits because the multiple has developed splitting as a natural mental reflex to difficult situations.

The original programming traumas are so severe that if the slave remembers them, the memories of these traumas are enough to splinter the mind again. Traumas that result from ongoing perpetrator use of the slave may not be so traumatic, but they will also bring with them painful body memories, confusion, and the potential to splinter the mind.

Until recently, the major thrust of the therapeutic community has been to try to push the victim towards abreacting the trauma, which is actually causing more psychological stress and harm than good to the victimís mind.

The correct Goal & some Basic Techniques.

Memory work needs to be done with the goal of preventing abreactions. Memories can be looked at by journaling, being placed on internal movie screens (or VCR players), by artwork and a number of other techniques. Of course the programmers are now a step ahead of therapists and are placing in programs to prevent these non-abreactive memory techniques. We will review some of the techniques for dealing with - abreactions. They basically follow common sense. When a person has a memory:

∑ they can be distracted to pull away from it,
∑ they can intentionally encase the memory in some box, vault, safe, room or other storage unit,
∑ or they can develop ways to slow down and tone down the affect of the memory so that the mind is cushioned from the severity of the memory.

As an alter struggles with memories, another alter can be intentionally shifted to hold the body. Some therapists will also develop a temporary safe room where an alter can retreat from memory work for a temporary respite. It is going to be nearly impossible for the victim not to suffer from their memories, in fact, every victim we know has suffered incalculable torment from their memories. The slogan "no pain, no gain" seems to have been written for their situation in life.

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ABREACTIONS, understanding

MEMORY FLASHBACKS. A review of history will show that victims of torture/trauma can potentially get memory flashbacks for the rest of their life. These memory flashbacks can be triggered in a number of ways, and the memories may lay dormant and hidden for any length of time. The disadvantage of having memories is that they often bring fear, body pain, and loss of sleep. They are like nightmares--although technically memories are different than nightmares in that they are more closely rooted to an actual torture/trauma. The person experiencing these flashbacks typically thinks they are going crazy. It is important for you to realize that millions of people who have been tortured have also thought they were going crazy, but that what was really happening is that they were having just like you a normal reaction to some very frightening events. To get flashbacks means that the mind is again trying to overcome a bad experience. Flashbacks are not a reason to panic---they are normal---and if a person can remind him/herself to stay calm as possible, one will get through them better. It may be difficult to stay calm during a difficult memory. But staying calm is one of the goals which can be worked toward and achieved. One reason that flashback occur during sleep is that the mindís defenses are weaker during sleep so the resistance to the memory coming is reduced. There are a number of positive things that can be done in response to memory flashbacks. Although the memory flashbacks on the surface appear to be negative experiences--there also can be some positive benefits. If the memories are correctly handled they can break down the dissociation. The memories can be used to protect the person from future danger. What I suggest as a plan of action is that you accomplish several goals:

1. reduced and eliminate the feeling of passive helplessness that comes from not being able to control memory. I will suggest ways to control memory.
2. take measures during the memory to restore your contact with present reality.
3. continue to breakdown dissociation.

There are a list of things a person can try when flashbacks occur. Some will work and others wonít. One may try these in the order listed:

a. Try to think of something that is opposite of what the memory is about or something that is incompatible with the event. If the event is centered around hate, think of an event that is centered in love.
b. Next, one might try to think of the negative consequences of going through the memory. This might encourage action to sidestep it.
c. Try an activity that will distract the mind.
d. Find out what triggered the memory flashback and then try to remove the flashback via the memory-on-a-movie-screen method or the memory-locked-in-a-safe-box method.
e. If nothing else try pushing it back from the mind--see if clenching your teeth and pushing your tongue hard against your palate will help.

To gain control of the flashback when it occurs here are some suggestions:

a. Learn and know of what situations cause certain flashbacks. This will give you a greater sense of control and lessen the panic that comes from certain flashbacks. Gaining control over flashbacks can seem like one step forward and one step back but eventually control is gained--sometimes without the person realizing the progress they have made.

b. When in a memory--first move a finger then bit by bit the rest of the body. Then start controlling your breathing (this can all be practiced anytime). Then get up and look out the window to prove to yourself that you are at home and not in the memory. Then write down the memory. This will help in several ways including the dissociation. If it gets difficult to write the memory--then interrupt yourself with

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quiet deep breathing. After writing down the memory--donít reread--but go get something to drink which will be calming such as a cup of coffee. If the relaxation is practiced and can be achieved in response to bad memories it will give you a sense of control over the memories. c. The victim can talk with their support person about what the trauma was and what it meant to you at the time it happened. This will allow you to achieve an assimilation of the experience into yourself. If you can discuss the event in full and the personal meaning you have a greater chance of conquering and controlling the flashback. It has been reported that memories that are too difficult for people to talk out because they have contradictory feelings, embarrassment etc. regarding them, will repeat themselves and the mind will often become obsessed with those difficult flashbacks. Talking them out can be healing. Why deal with memory flashbacks? One reason is that flashbacks intrude into the present and mean that you are pulled away from enjoying the present reality into reliving something in the past. Relief from flashbacks will help you, the healing victim, to concentrate better, get more pleasure out of being with others, and make life more enjoyable. Bear in mind also, that everyone who has been tortured goes through periods in time when they disconnect from others. This has been called different names such as "emotional anesthesia" and "psychic numbing" so donít be hard on yourself if you temporarily lose the ability to feel close to others. The torture was aimed at breaking the victimís personality. Accepting that that was a goal of the perpetrators of the mind-control programming is a step in restoring the identity that could have been there. This leads to the next area of concern: the dehumanization.

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