For instance,

During periods of boredom or extreme concentration most people will lose track of time, but in the case of multiples they often have frequent lost periods of time. However, we want to remind the reader that back-up amnesia (you forget that you forgot) will cover much of the time lost.

Another area that can be probed are questions around depersonalization and derealization, such as

Another area is to ask specific questions about their family history, such as

This is to determine how fragmented their memories are. The Illuminati are trying to give people cover memories but these cover histories are still not as tight and real as most peopleís.

 "When do your memories become continous?"

Inquiries can be made to see if the person has been connected to any of the groups who were exposed in Vol. 2 or any of the bloodlines exposed in Vol. 1.




Some of the better therapists, when they suspect MPD, like to make their initial question and answer session lengthy, in order to wear the host alter down and make switching a sure thing. An alter system can prevent switching over a short period, but over a several hour session, the skilled therapist will work with the system enough that switches will begin to occur. After getting some history from the client, the skilled therapist can teach the client how to put memories on a screen and then can go back to a significant early point in the personís life and begin working dynamically with the event.


FEAR, how to handle

Fear can be triggered by senses, such as smelling smoke. There is a powerful spiritual dimension that works with the mental dynamics. Thoughts are powerful things, if thoughts of fear are allowed to take root they will grow and spread. The spirit of Fear paralyzes many victims and many support team members from dealing with what needs to be done. Fear can be compared to dandelions in a yard, they spring up everywhere and they are so hard to weed out and to dig up by the roots. Fear clouds the mind of person, so that the higher areas of thinking shut down. Before long, the victim of fear is making unwise decisions and becoming a wimp.

One of the best reasons for a person to dump their fear is that the enemy watches for fear and tries to give exactly that thing that the person fears. The fear becomes a magnet attacting the very thing that the fearful person is dreading. (The abusers are trained to key in & identify fears.) The Spirit of the Lord brings boldness and a sound mind (cf. 2 TIM 1:7), but the Spirit of Fear brings a curse. Fear has at its foundation, the preservation of life. But we are warned in scripture that if we attempt to save our life we will lose it, but if we give to God what we can not keep to gain what we cannot lose, then we have made a wise choice. In other words, fear has at its foundation death.

The ancient wisdom of Prov. 18:2 1 says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." Some people choose death and call in the spirits that support an agenda of death. Fear is on that death team. Fear creates a mental bondage. Fear is often the underlying reason behind many of our bondages, such as cigarettes, drugs, overeating, and stealing. People think, "If I donít do this, then such and such will happen to me." "If I donít steal, Iíll starve." "If I donít do drugs, I wonít be able to mellow out and face life." "If I donít smoke cigarettes, I wonít stay calm and thin."

Secular therapists do not want to hear that fear is a spiritual problem. But recognition that it is a spiritual problem is important, because the answers to fear which is hope and trust are spiritual answers. What gave the shepherd boy David the courage to face Goliath without fear? Was it because he was hypnotically worked on by a therapist? Did he visualize and through self-hypnosis convince himself that he could beat Goliath? No, he defeated Goliath because he had a spiritual reason to confront Goliath, "...For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God." 2 SAM 17:26

The cold hard facts of the matter is that Fear is a lack of trust in God. God certainly cuts us a great deal of slack. But if you are "in Christ" you are in His protection, and He has promised that "I will never leave or forsake you." HEB 13:5 Doubts about God lead to fears. Because fear is a lack of faith, Fear opens a portal, a legal foothold for Satan to bring what we fear into our life. God must respect this free will choice on our part to doubt His grace. God can spiritually protect us, but when we fear, we remove by our own free will Godís protection because we have called into question His Word.

We can see this spiritual law working clear back in the oldest book of the Bible, Job 3:5, "For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me." When Job feared, Satan used that to go before God and petition for the right to torment Job in those ways. God was only respecting Jobís freedom of choice, when He allowed Satan to torment Job. But God did turn that negative into a positive, because even though Job had some fear, he was a righteous man. Each person must resolve not to be in bondage to fear again. It is one thing to be have foresights and concerns, but when we speak of fear, we are speaking of when the survival part of the brain clicks in, and the higher parts of the brain start shutting down. Understanding how deeply God wants to help us, the magnitude of His abilities & promises to help us, will help us refuse the Spirit of Fear.


FEAR, what f. issues do victims have? (f. is an initial issue for victims)

Traumas are applied as a base to lay in the programming. They work because of the victimís fear. The more types of programming, the more types of fear. Victims, who have the older programming or excessive programming will exhibit more phobias than the normal person. Victims of mind-control will, for instance, often fear water (drowning tortures), heights (torture over cliffs, & down wells), fire (fire tortures & traumas), noises (from programming tortures), black birds (from their programming significance), red kool-aid (from ritual programming events), etc. The victim must also fear their abusers.

These fears concern issues such as: being reaccessed, being reprogrammed, receiving a traitorís death, losing someone close as punishment, being publicly defamed & losing their occupation. The victim will quite often fear losing the approval or "love" of the abuser if he/she faces the truth about the abuse. The victim will also fear their own mind: the fear of the unknown, the fear of knowing the truth, the fear that they wonít differentiate between tricks, cover programs, false memories laid in by programming and what actually happened, and the fear of the never ending pain.

The victimís alters who want to move toward health will fear the internal programs, the mazes, the vortices, the traps in the mind, as well as alters who are abusive to the body & alters who have internalized the roles of the abusers, such as judge alters. The victim will also fear the heavy demonization that controls their lives, as well as experiencing the heavy fears that the demons instill within them. The victim will fear their support team, because they have only experienced betrayal from their past significant people. The victim will fear that he will not be believed, that he will not be loved, that he will express too much fear, anger, or strange happenings and be rejected. He may even fear that the therapist will lock him up if the truth comes out.

Because of the way a system of alters is created, the front alters may be able to dissociate from some of these fears, & put on a very good front. Once the therapist scratches below the surface, he will uncover lots of unresolved issues & tidal waves of fear that roll through a system of alters. Many victims of mind-control fear there is no hope. This fear incapacitates them. This fear has been developed in the victimís mind by programming scenarios where the Network makes the slave feel they are always being watched, and that any thought or action of betrayal will be immediately known by the abusers.

FEAR robs the victim of moving toward freedom, working on issues, learning from their internal world, working with their support team in a positive manner, and of enjoying life. Perhaps the largest thing FEAR robs from victims is HOPE. While God & His perfect love cast out fear, fear has a way of driving away the work of God in a personís life, incl. an unhealthy fear of God. Fear is the opposite of faith & trust in God. To deny oneís problems does not equal faith. Neither fear of problems, nor denial of problems is faith. Both are a lack of faith. Faith means to believe that there are answers and to continue pressing on until answers arrive or are discovered. Faith is directly connected to our trust that God is good and will reward good things to His creation. God will prove Himself to those who trust Him. "Oh, taste the Lord and know that He is good." In the previous article fear was dealt with as a spiritual issue, which it is primarily. However, it can be treated from other angles too. For instance, the book Kicking the Fear Habit by Manuel J. Smith (Dial Press, NY:NY, 1977) treats fear as a Behavior Mod, problem.

1. ASSOCIATIONS with BAD MEMORIES (TRIGGERS) which could include fear of: water, heights, fire, noises, animals, foods.

2. Things the ABUSERS might do, which could include the fear of: rejection, reprisals, reaccessing, and reprogramming.

3. Things the VICTIM will do to him or her self, which could include: falling into internal mind----traps, failing to get the truth, finding out the truth, never getting rid of the pain or guilt, having to be subjected to demons, having to go into the unknown.

4. the SUPERNATURAL, which could include: Almighty God, demons, aliens, & what they consider to be their destiny.

5. the FUTURE, which could include: the coming New World Order, that there is no hope, that there are no answers, & the fear of an alien takeover.

6. the SUPPORT TEAM, which could include: the fear of not being believed, the fear of not being understood in the complexity of a programmed multiple, the fear of betrayal, the fear of rejection, and the
fear of hurting others.



1. INCAPACITATES the Victim to work on issues.

2. MAKES IT DIFFICULT for the support team.

3. ROBS the victim of the joys and pleasures of life.

FEAR interlocks with many other issues that will be discussed in this book. It is a pervasive problem that interlocks with many other issues. It is not a single issue that can be easily cast out like a trick knot that can be undone by a clever pull, but is a serious series of emotional knots that will take persistent undoing. There are so many fear issues, that this is one reason it is imperative to get the victim to a safe place to reduce their fears to a working level. Along that line, a safe place is best which has the minimum of fear triggers in their life. Sometimes it is helpful for clients to understand the dynamics of fear. There are fear reduc-tion therapies that can be applied to specific phobias which may allow the victim to function freer.




"How can I get better?" Itís the common question. Even deeper is the question, "Can I get better?" There are plenty of people who are willing to offer false hopes. If we are to discuss HOPE, we must also be willing to be honest and frank, and not offer placebos. Victims of mind-control have been lied to enough, they donít need to be given false hopes.

There are two types of mind-control victims, those who have their humanness totally snuffed out and are simply robots that function in order to survive, and those who have a tiny spark of their original life still tucked away somewhere within themselves. For us that tiny spark or original humanness would show itself when we secretly prayed to God that he would save the victims we were assigned to program.

We gave tiny mustard seeds to those that we helped program in hopes that that mustard seed of faith would free them some day. We tried to weaken the programming with those who were strong minded enough to possibly break free someday. We did our job, but quietly within us, was still a spark of humanness (or one can also call it hope). It is that spark of hope that the Illuminati try so hard to snatch. If they can accomplish killing that residual spark of hope, then they will work hard to keep their victim alive, because they know that they now have a robot.

The humanness (the hope) has died, or at best is totally apathetic. The child himself becomes apathetic, and quits looking for hope. It only functions in order to survive. In our experience in the Illuminati, there is no doubt that God was there with some children. Most everyone is aware that Jesus Christ came to destroy the works of the devil (1 JN 3:18). Our life is testimony that the power of Christ to perform miracles is not dead, no matter how much the Illuminati scoff at it. With some children it seemed God had drawn a line, and Satan could not go past that line. Some child victims had as much as three God-given guardian angels. God has kept a spark of hope alive in some of the mind-control victims out there, in spite of the incredible amount of sophisticated torture and mind-control that they have had to endure.

Our system would define hope for a mind-control victim this way: hope is when a piece of the child has not sold out to the Illuminati. God will take that piece and even though the victim is in darkness, God will take that spark of life and He will work with it. If there is any light, God is in a position to raise that light up. When God brings a person into a victimís life who sincerely cares, and loves and is committed to helping the victim, somehow an appreciation for that love and commitment reaches down deep into the personís mind, and helps that spark of hope grow into a flame. Even though the victim does not understand what is happening, they will grab ahold of that help with a strangle hold.

The person who wants to help can encourage the victim to tap into that survivor instinct, that strength that they have to survive, that survivor spirit that they had to have to endure the brutal trauma-based mind-control, and apply that spirit of survival to their fight for freedom. Go back to the hope that kept them alive. Without hope, the victim is not going to fight the pain and the programming to get free. The victim has come from a world with little hope. If the victim can not consciously see hope, the support person can keep their hope safe for them, and help them to see that there is a tunnel and the tunnel has a light at the end of the tunnel. We can pray that God will reveal to us the roots of our slavery. We can pray that Almighty Godís spirit would breathe the life-giving medicine of His Spirit of Life into us.

We know that God can seem awfully distant and aloof. We know the fear that comes from looking in the mirror and on one hand seeing an old person and on the other seeing a young person. Reality seems such a drag. All the trivial headaches add up to one big pot that is boiling over. This is where a prayer for an inner transformation of joy can bless a person. The realization that God does care, can lift a great deal of the burdens of reality. This is where a walk out in the sunshine through a park, where we experience the beauty of creation can remind us that life does contain many beautiful things. If a person is in a pitch black room, groping for the door handle in total darkness, it is very easy to panic and believe that one will never get out.

Once the person has reached the door handle, even though they do not have it opened, there is a way for that door to open. If the mind-control victim has reached someone who cares and understands how to help them, then they have reached befuddled therapist is going to help them.

There is a creative power for good in this universe, call it what you want, but know that this power comes from a good Creator that loved His creation, and that He has put time limits on how long evil can exist. There is coming a time when evil will be abolished. Until that time we can know that Almighty God has the power to turn any evil into good, and one of the proofs of this is the life, death and resurrection of Christ. God has high hopes for us. His disciples were so excited about this good news, they were willing to die for it. We are excited about giving hope to others, enough that we are also willing to pay that final price. that door knob. They need to hang on and know that when that door swings open, it will surprise everyone. The door seems stuck, but it can open. When we are in the dark, let us call out to the God of Comfort who can see us in the dark. A victim of mind-control when he or she regains freedom has a noble and powerful ministry available to them. Who else can listen to and look at another survivor of mind-control abuse and convey deep empathy without saying a word. God has great things that He wants to do with your future. We must not let the enemy steal our hope, as he has tried so hard to do over the years. We spoke up before a conference of therapists and gave our testimony that Jesus Christ brought us freedom. We want to encourage therapists to see that a victim needs to have a hope that a power stronger than themselves and stronger than the


Does the client have?

a. dissociative behavior (see checklist pg.
b. intrusive thoughts
c. physical complaints with no medical reasons
d. relatives in any intelligence organization
e. relatives associated with perpetrator groups (see list Vol. 2 pg.) -------- IF NO TO ALL OF THESE, LOOK F0R SOMETHING ELSE
f. memory lapses unexplained by ordinary forgetfulness
g. UFO or alien experiences
h. the presence of childhood traumaís in oneís life
i. feelings like there is more than one person (or voice) inside


Has the client?

a. ever lost time
b. found strange items in their closet
c. heard words by others associated with mind control
d. uncontrollable behavior despite strong efforts to control it
e. relatives who belong to Illuminati or elite bloodlines
f. unexplainable scars (when examined under a black light)
g. heard voices
h. a feeling of being possessed by some power, or a living, dead or evil person.
i. unexplainable bruises
j. been adopted, lived in a foster home or orphanage

Are there?

a. strange reactions by what seem to be total strangers
b. unexplainalbe fluctuations of skills and abilities
c. intelligent parents with a wide disparity of abilities between them & the client
d. times the client feels suicidal


Is the client?

a. missing most of his/her childhood memories
b. engaged in espionage, professional sports, exotic dancing, psychic activities, Delta forces or any other profession that might link the victim to mind-control
c. a member of the Catholic Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons or Charismatic Movement


Suspect Total Mind-Control & Implement Actions for Mind Control

The issue of insomnia is a major issue in terms of deprogramming. Therapists have typically neglected the impact that lack of sleep has on the victim, as well as the positive impact a well-thought out program to provide sleep & to create new improved sleep habits. We canít tell you what will work for you, we can only tell you what has worked for others. A good sleep will help counter the effects of mind-control, unfortunately good sleep is a rare commodity for victims of trauma-based mind-control. It is very common for their support person to have to hold them and comfort them night after night as the programming breaks down & the horrible memories begin surfacing.

Good sleep will also have a domino effect on improving other areas of your life, such as personal relationships and productivity. Victims of mind-control have a terrible time getting decent amounts of sleep. The reasons for this are many, including heavy programming not to sleep more than 3 hrs/night, body pains, chemical imbalances, anxiety, panic attacks, & surfacing memories.

For such a difficult problem, the most powerful over the counter medicine that some victims have successfully used is a combination of ibuprofen and Chlorpheniramine Maleate. Ipuprofen can be obtained in - 200 mg. caplets and Chlorpheniramine Maleate can be obtained in 4 mg. tablets (or 8 mg.-time release tablets.) The combination of 400 mg. of Ibuprofen with 6 mg. of Chiorpheniramine Maleate taken together is the most powerful (yet surprisingly gentle for the power it packs) medicine we know of.

Those who have used this found that after a period of time, like with all drugs the effects begin to wane, and they would up the dosage slightly. Perhaps what is most effective program over the long haul is to have more than one method to get a good night sleep, and to intermix the various methods so they all remain viable and healthy methods. The liver produces lysozyme to protect itself against all foreign chemicals. The increasing presence of lysozyme enzymes is how the body increasingly destroys the effectiveness of any foreign chemical. The high rates of lysozymes in the liver are very hard on it. After about 3 weeks, a person taking a chemical has pushed the liver to about the maximum that is prudent. The person must then back-off from the chemical intake in a slow withdrawal lest they trigger a reaction in the body-mind. However, the extreme sleep problems that victims of mind-control have, usually seem minor to the side-affects of drugs to help them sleep. Medical science warns that a long-term use of any drug for insomnia will eventually intensify the problem it initially cures. This is why we advocate an attack against insomnia from several different directions, and that the different solutions be intermixed at different intervals. A prudent practice is to consult a reference book such as Drug Handbook (pub. by Springhouse Corp.) in order to find out the interactions, the nursing considerations, and the contraindications of a particular drug. Pregnant women are especially limited in what they can and canít take. The therapist and the support persons should be aware that the victim may well be programmed not to accept any meds, and it is counterproductive to scare the victim about the dangers of drugs, because that will only play into the fears that are already there. People react differently to meds and the goal is to calmly and wisely find what works for the victim without increasing their programmed resistance.

In terms of herbs, Calms Forte (valerian, aka garden heliotrope) can be helpful to relax a victim. Valerian even comes in tea-bags. Some of the over-the-counter newer sleep meds are gentle, and have been effective for some victims. The advantages of taking something that induces a mild gentle (not drugged) sleep state is that it gives the victim a chance to recuperate and to begin to pull out of whatís called the "alpha state" that their minds constantly exist in.

An alcohol-induced sleep prevents REM sleep from occurring, and some of the symptoms of hangovers are simply the direct result of REM deprivation. (See below where REM sleep is discussed.) Bensodiazepines such as Valium are sleep-inducing drugs that should be given under a doctorís supervision. They will only provide a short term solution, but again as many victims of mind-control will agree, the severity of the crisis is often such that such meds are welcome even if they are only going to be temporary relief. Any short R-and-R is better than no R-and-R in the battle for freedom.

The body produces it own chemicals to induce sleep. These are released by the body is relation to how much physical work the body does. A good day of hard physical work will certainly assist in the body chemically putting its own brain to sleep. When the victim remains in their normal highly aroused state of fear, with its high production of endorphins, it is hard for the body to relax and sleep. Young or physically active victims of mind-control can do aerobic exercises to counter the chemical arousals in their bodies, to improve their bodiesí natural ability to sleep. This is one of the safest long term approaches, if the recovering victim has the physical makeup to safely exercise.

The victim should try and pick a comfortable position to sleep in, because the less one moves around in sleep the less the brain is stimulated and the better one sleeps. If no position is comfortable, pick the best choice, and lay as quiet as possible. The fear of insomnia is as dangerous as other fears in preventing sleep. Self-acceptance and acceptance of life are positive ways to relax better and to get to sleep. The support person can talk to the victim prior to the time they retire and let the victim experience acceptance and love. This will encourage the victim to let their mind dwell on unconditional self-acceptance, which will encourage the mind to relax and sleep well.

A great deal of mischief can happen during sleep hours. Cult-loyal alters will wait until the other alters have gone to sleep, and then they will snatch the body and try to contact their master, or "go home" to their master. As the trauma memories surface, hundreds of new dissociated pieces of the mind float to the surface. If a young new child alter finds itself in a strange environment, their instinct is to run. If the support person is there to simply say, "its O.K., everythingís going to be O.K., relax...", then the support person may greatly prevent small alters from running out of the house as they look for something safe, and actually getting the system into trouble.

A great deal of therapy can actually be done at night, and in relation to the sleep state. This again is an area that is greatly missed by the traditional hour at the therapist. In fact, experience has shown that most DID clients who initially go into therapy will not open up and explain to the therapist why they get poor sleep. The therapist needs to be competent enough to draw out this information. Initially, before deprogramming, the victim will most likely be able to get to sleep, but will sleep only three hours, and will have reoccurring "nightmares" and flashbacks. Once the victim begins deprogramming and working on issues, they will often like to sleep in because they sleep best in the early morning hours. Again, we have seen this to be common among recovering victims of mind-control all over the U.S.

Many alter systems have a few alters who specialize in sleeping well. For instance, Presidential models as they fly to foreign countries to deliver messages may have an alter who is proficient at sleeping during the flight. During time periods when good sleep is needed, the system may be in a position to pull up alters that sleep well and let them hold the body, so that the body gets rested. During periods of intense deprogramming it is good for the system to get good sleep. Poor sleep weakens the victim physically and mentally. Poor sleep inhibits the problem-solving abilities of the mind, which is the very thing that victims need to resist the handlers. It will also over a period of time deteriorate the victimís health, (but understand the people who use slaves could care less about their health, they often use people like they would a straw from a fast food restaurant. The handlers also know that a healthy slave means a higher risk that the slave will rebel.)

Normally, a sleeping person goes through 5 sleep patterns (called stages) in sequence and then the sleeping patterns repeat themselves (although stage 4 may drop out after the first cycle, and the person goes through the progressively deeper stages of sleep 1-2-3-5.)

These stages are

STAGE 1: about 5 minutes
STAGE 2: the first stage of deep relaxation, lasts about 45-50 minutes.
STAGE 3: a short stage where the brain waves slow down
STAGE 4: the stage where the brain produces delta waves, sleep walking and nightmares occur in this stage.
STAGE 5: REM (rapid-eye-movement) sleep, most normal dreams occur during this time, which in a normal sleep pattern would last 15-30 minutes, the body doesnít move, but there may be sexual arousal during this period of sleep, the muscles in the ear act as if they are listening intently. The REM dreams are mainly a right-brain product. The mind protects the body from acting out the dreams, by shutting down the body. Knowing this will help the victim realize that when they are thrashing about in a memory in bed, they are not in a REM sleep dream.

This process will then recycle once or twice again as the night proceeds. Interestingly, the mind develops sleep habits, just as it develops habits for other habitual tasks. If a person develops poor sleep habits as a fretful child sleeper they tend to carry these habits with them into adulthood. This means that victims of mind-control are having to break long-term habits. Readers can refer to what Fritz wrote on ĎĎcognitive demon processesíí in Chapter 4 in order to understand how the mind develops relationships in its "cognitive demon processes in order to relegate repeated tasks to unconscious mental processes (habits).

The therapist may also have to do some work around fear of sleep. Victims of trauma-based mind control are very fearful to lose control of their minds by going to sleep, and they have a fear of nightmares and other horrible things, such as ghosts appearing etc., that all add up to create a terrible fear of sleep. The victim wants to remain vigilant to protect themselves against whatever might happen at night. This is why an alert support person is needed in the vicinity to help calm the victim, so they can relax at night from their fear that something terrible is going to happen. This also means the support person must be vigilant during the night to help protect the victim.

If the victim can begin to break down the irrational automatic thought processes that have been programmed into the mind, by using and strengthening the rational logical parts of the mind, they can begin to regain control over their own lives. Automatic thoughts that have been programmed into the non-rational part of the mind will attempt to control the mind. Gradually, the hierarchy of irrational thought processes will be challenged and their power taken away. This will give the mind a chance to regain its natural composure, and will help the victim regain their own mind so that they can relax and begin to have healthy sleep habits. The use of journals, where the rational parts of the mind can be brought to bear on the irrational thought processes, can be a help in regaining self-control. This will also help the victim regain the ability to have proper sleep. Some victims have had success in reducing their mental stress by journaling for 30 minutes prior to attempting to sleep. Worrying doesnít resolve itself if left to rattle around in the brain unattached to anything solid, but once our worries are put onto paper, they have been dragged through the rational part of the brain and can be organized and challenged. When disturbing thoughts surface, the outline that can be used for journaling is this:

ē What are the WHO, WHAT, WHERE & WHY, & HOW?
ē What are RATIONAL THOUGHTS ASSOCIATED with these thoughts?
ē What are the FEELINGS ASSOCIATED with these thoughts?

WHERE did these thoughts come from?

One little known fact, is that the fear of not being able to sleep can create such a strong fear pattern that a five-second arousal during the night, that would normally not threaten a personís sleep, causes the fearful person to wake up and stay awake. If you do wake up and are fearful of not sleeping (or fearful of going to sleep)--the best advice is to leave your room, do some other quiet activity until you feel sleepy again and then go back to sleep. Donít lay in bed and allow your mind to fuss and to internally fume. This will create a negative association in the mind between the bed and fussing and fuming in fear of sleeplessness, and will only aggravate the long term situation. Dealing with spiritual problems, not just surface issues but deep issues will also help a personís sleep. Learning to let go of issues is also beneficial.

L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that aids the brain in the manufacture of serotonin, and serotonin is used by the brain to reduce the brainís feeling of stress. Bedtime fats and milk actually reduce the amount of L-Tryptophan in the brain. Food does cause blood to go to the abdomen, and reduces blood in the brain. Vitamin E causes restlessness in some people if eaten within short periods before sleep. Saltine crackers have been found to be the overall best snack to encourage L-Tryptophan levels. Each individual is a complex array of processes. It may be that a nice snack calms a person down, even though it subtracts from the L-Tryptophan level.

In review, we have suggested a multi-pronged assault on insomnia. This assault can take the form of: direct temporary drug intervention by over the counter or prescribed meds, specific tasks that a support person can perform before & during the sleep period to help the victim deal with a variety of issues, specific tasks that the victim can perform spiritually, in terms of diet, in terms of attitudes, in terms of dealing with internal fears, in terms of which alters sleep and which stand guard, in how to journal so that issues are resolved for the mind to rationally relax, and a number of other positive suggestions. If these suggestions are followed in a concerted fashion, they will reduce the problems with insomnia, and help the victim destroy one more aspect of the mind-control.


This artwork by author Cisco Wheeler from the 1980's portrays images that came when we began to get parts of a memory protected by demons. In the centre of the picture is a tree upon which the child is connected. The tree is a standard programming image upon which programs are attached. The tree itself has strong roots, and feels like death. The mind wants to go further but the demonic comes to the foreground and blocks the memory.


This author's artwork shows how boxed in a victim feels. Observe that the house and the environment is trapped in a girl which feels like a fence boxing the trauma-based mind-control in. The house is breaking up. Things are drawn shattered and in fear. The light would like to come out but it is blocked by spiritual darkness. The home is shattered, and is off any foundation, just like most typical abusive family situations are where such mind-control takes place

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Multiplicity, understanding

When an entire alter system is looked at, it appears very much like a city of people. A city of people will divide itself into different tasks. If a city lacks a plumber, someone will fill that nitch. If a city lacks a judge, someone will fill that nitch. Joe may know everything about Charlie, but Charlie may know little or nothing about Joe. Sue and Sally may converse and share their lives with each other. Some people in a city will know each other well, know of someone else, but by and large most people will be strangers.

An altar system is structured. In many countries, such as Russia, a city is also very structured. The people do not change jobs very frequently. A therapist may observe a particular job and behavior pattern of an alter and forty years later observe the same behavior. Alter systems have families of alters and generations of alters, just like a city of people would have families and several generations. In fact, as most readers already realize, a structured multiple will have teachers, libraries, castles, rivers, houses, jails, airports (runways) and many other things in their internal worlds that correspond to what a city would also have. If an alter itself could be examined under these two authorsí "psychological-processes microscope", it would be possible to see how an individual alter before therapy is a complex set of mental processes that responds to life as it was designed.

After therapy, the alter begins to reflect some mental processes that the personís brain has chosen to incorporate on its own. If the brain is thought of as a machine, it is a machine that has billions of pieces and is incredibly intricate in its capabilities and design. The brain makes complex machines look very simple in comparison. If survival of the mind means compartmentalizing trauma memories so that these memories donít interfere with everyday life, the mind is quite capable of the task. It is quite capable of attaching memories and trained behavior patterns and habits to those dissociated parts of the mind.

The programmers work with the mind. They program alters according to their natural bent during the trauma process. In order to function, the brain automatically develops several items. First, the brain develops K-lines of processes (which are called habits). The brain also develops a self-image(s). When the mind is fractured, each piece can be given its own self-image and its own habits. But it is important not to lose track of the larger picture. Just like a person in a city is not an island unto himself, an alter is part of a system. A person in a city may find himself called for jury duty, drafted, taxed, monitored, spied upon, and other things. Likewise, an alter will have to function within the larger context of the alter system and its programming. Even the front alters will be tainted in how they perform in their daily lives by the side effects of multiplicity and their own programming.

A multiple will not know anything but the world that they have been programmed to see and the role they have been programmed to function in. But therapy will begin to break down the programming. Yes, alters can learn and can change. The mind can change the programmed "habits" of action and thoughts of an alter, just like it can change the habits of any person. The difficulty lies in the fact that habits take time to change unless hypnosis is used to by-pass the mindís natural build-in mechanisms of stability. An alter can learn a new behavior. The therapist should know the history of an alter so that he or she knows the platform and scripts that the alter works under. Then the therapist can change the way that alter works within their role. For instance, a sexual alter can be given a new way of looking at sexual boundaries so that the alter changes its behavior within that sexual role. In other words, modify a habit of thought or action, rather than rebuilding from scratch. "You can take the boy out of the farm, but you canít take the farm out of the boy", is a common expression about how hard it is to completely remake the thinking of a person. It will be difficult to remake the thinking of an alter. The foundation (the platform) upon which they were created will continue to serve as the framework of that alter. Either that framework is painstakingly collapsed by joining (integrating) that part with another part that it was associated with, or the framework is built upon to change the ways that alters acts and thinks.

To make an analogy, it is harder to get a man or woman to quit thinking like a man or woman, than to recognize a behavior and modify their behavior in more productive direction. This is what successful marriage counselors are doing, for instance in the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Perhaps someday someone will write a book Gatekeepers are from Uranus, and Mothers of Darkness are from Saturn.

Rainbows are important, for many alters only live over the rainbow in a world of make believe. These alters were created with a foundation of imagination and psychosis. In this case, these alters need deep therapy. They live in trance, and it is silly for Christians to think that these alters should not have hypnotic help, when their thinking is always hypnotic thinking. Some alters because they are a special purpose alter come out and take the body with "exaggerated" behavior--they are very shy, or very aggressive, etc. It makes only good sense that if a particular alter is dangerous, the people who live around the multiple should identify how that dangerous alter is triggered and then refrain from triggering it.


Panic attacks, suggestions

Panic is when one loses control of oneís fear. The brain must struggle to regain control, so that reason prevails rather than an out-of-control response. During a panic attack, the mind-body-and soul are all living in the panic attack. The therapist might experience the client having a panic attack by a series of numerous repeated calls. The victim might experience a panic attack as the need to cut themselves to feel pain to prove to themselves that they are real.

For recovering victims of trauma-based mind-control, panic attacks bubble up into the conscious mind on their own. They may even surface during the dream state. So what do you do? If the panic surfaces, remind yourself that it has always been there, nothing has changed, its just surfaced into the conscious mind. Relax, its always been there, waiting to be triggered or pulled to the surface. Nothing has changed but a personís awareness of the panic. Next, remind yourself that panic represents knowledge and that knowledge represents understanding. Panic represents an awareness, whether physical or mental, that something has taken place. If we want to understand that awareness, we canít stand in it. We must encompass that panic. We must take our control back. We donít run from it, we address it. If we address the situation, we stand a better chance not to reshatter.

How can we address the situation? If it is a memory, put it up on a screen. (Go to the section on avoidance of abreactions.) If the panic concerns a real life situation, the mind must be prepared that anytime an emergency triggers panic, that the rational mind must be given back its driverís seat. The mind should be trained to give the rational part of the mind control, if panic begins. This is the training of the mind. Perhaps a logical alter can be found to hold the body during such times, while others work with that logical alter to help keep things calm. If one knows that one will be approaching a situation in life that will panic certain alters, place them in protective sheltered rooms, or put them to sleep. In fact, fear of an upcoming situation can be a trigger for a panic attack. Support persons need to realize that panic attacks which begin with one alter can spread through a system. An activity that a front alter thinks is going to be fun, may trigger panic in little child alters. The panic will be so overwhelming as it leaks back into the awareness of the front alter, that it distracts from the fun of the activity.

Panic is not always programming going off. Panic attacks commonly occur when the victim finds out that they are a multiple, and when they have to face "You mean someone abused me?", "You mean someone carried out mind-control on me?" Another aspect of panic, is that the alter which is panicked may likely switch. One of the common tricks of deeper alters and internal programmers, is to panic an alter with coded memories that surface upon a code being thought internally. This is an easy way to move alters that are holding the body out of the way, when deeper cult alters want out.

On the flip side, a good Illuminati programmer never allows the slave to have uncontrolled panic. He will allow controlled panic. The programmer will watch for splits from panic, because the survival fear that goes with such splits will make a good warrior alters for ceremonies.


Understanding programming


It almost goes without saying that the commitment by the members of the support team (therapist, guard, deliverance minister, friend, etc.) has to be that the victim is the center of concern, and the center of importance. We of the support team must endeavor to make the cure less painful to the victim than the problem. A Christ-like commitment to lay down oneís own life for another person needs to be felt. This does not mean that the support team must destroy themselves to save the victim, on the contrary, by being Christ-like and employing their skills the members of the support team can find great joy, satisfaction and purpose in life. Programming has gone on for centuries, and itís only been in the last few years that significant progress has been made to deprogram, so letís not lose hope just because the evil side continues to progress.



In dealing with mind control as a support team member it is important that you understand there is a variety of mind-control techniques, for instance DID, implants, and skull manipulation. Because there is such a wide-variety to mind-control and programming, nothing is routine in delivering a person from mind-control.

For many years, due to the heavy infiltration within the fields of psychiatry and psychology much of the information put out in this area has been disinformation. The support team needs to erase any myths they have picked up from the mainstream of these professions, and focus on what they discover from the client. Hopefully, some of the guidelines and criteria provided in our 3 books on mind-control, especially this section, will be helpful to obtain the correct diagnosis. When a therapist has used only one approach and reports consistently getting 100% success-rates, that may be a tip-off that this therapist (or minister) is exaggerating his/her success rate.

Until you can watch a victim 24 hours a day, 365 days out of a year for several years, and you can confidently say the person has fully integrated and has no alters working on the astral plane, nor any alters involved in any other way with the controllers, then there is no sure way to pronounce a victim fully recovered from the mind-control. And even then, if the victim has implants, it may simply mean that the implants are temporarily not being used.

When the reader has studied this book and the Vol. 2, he will have discovered that some mind control is done via a variety of techniques such as: ELF waves, some by implants, some by genetics, some through peer pressure, some by skull manipulation as well as other techniques. Common sense will tell you that one method can not provide the solution to such varied techniques. This is why this bookís co-authors are stressing the need to assemble teams of people to work with victims. Some victims of mind-control during initial therapeutic screening have had their memories, mind control, & programming rejected as being false because it didnít fit with what the therapist had already encountered. The victim endures a great deal of pain to have their lives and programming probed, so it is beneficial if the therapist is aware of some of the various types of mind-control and their combinations that the therapist may encounter.

As the therapist picks up tell-tale signs of one particular type of programming or another, it will make it easier to understand what the overall situation might be. There are similarities between the programming of the 1940ís and í50ís and even into the í60ís, but as time progressed the programming sophistication has grown by leaps and bounds. One change over the years has been the level of specialization which the programmers have developed. When a particular type of personality is identified within a child, the programming has become very specialized and sophisticated to work within the natural makeup of that mind-set.

The last few decades has also seen the introduction and perfection of sophisticated mind-control technologies that allow the trauma-based mind-control to be fine-tuned and then hidden behind more obvious technologies such as implants. There seems to be a trend, at least for some types of professions, that less splitting of the mind is carried out today than was done in the Ď50ís and more fine-tuning and high-tech used. This appears to be done because it results in more stable individuals, which due to the improved superior abilities of the more modern programmers, are still just as reliably responsive to orders. The goals are to produce slaves that produce better results with less maintenance and supervision by the handler. Computers are believed to be the key to modernization. Still there are principles that define how the mind works and hopefully therapists that understand those principles can continue to discover ways to help the more recent victims.



At the lower end of the victim-caste-system are victims who are brought into this nation from South or Central America and who are programmed to be expendable slaves. They are only treated as slaves, and never experience a good life. Beautiful white women taken to Saudi Arabia at times fall into this category, where they are kept hidden in slave conditions and are as expendable as a piece of furniture. The victim may not even know who they are, they may be "Dorothy" all the way down the line.

The next level are victims who are not members of the Illuminati, who are allowed to function in everyday life as common people. They suffer greatly, but often have what appears to be a common life, albeit somewhat strange to those close enough to them to notice the strangeness to their lives. These are people used as guinea pigs, as spies, as assassins, and sexual slaves. Often their abusers are branches of the government.

The top level slaves are going to have their pride attached to the Illuminati. They will be allowed to share some power, they will have an elaborate belief system that makes them feel superior to those on the outside of their elite special group. They will be given peers and "twins" who are programmed like themselves to make them feel like they belong to this wonderful group which has some wonderful charismatic leader. The group will validate their identity that comes from being a member of this elite group. The leadership may wine and dine this slave. The leadership will share some power (actually delegate, they hold the final strings) with the victim. For instance, the victim may have a magic wand and a staff. The victim will be allowed to merge with the great leader through sexual rituals. The group dynamics will alleviate the guilt that an individual might develop on their own. This is the description of someone who has been part of the Illuminati hierarchy. You can expect your Illuminati victims to have pride in their elite status. You can expect them to tell you about banquets, and limousines, and masked balls. Their abuse will be covered over by manipulative love, status, and pride.

The Illuminati are skilled in knowing how to cover abuse with love. The loving parent that is reported by a child to be "able to do no wrong", may well be the childís primary abuser in the worst way. The foundation for all the "good benefits" for a hierarchy slave is PURE DECEPTION. The charismatic leader will only be a image, a fantasy. If the victims will stop to remember the details, they were coerced on threat of the penalty of death to join the group of people they belong to, they are not allowed to really have real relationships to their sisters or brothers in the cult, and the cultís supposed new light and deep teachings are simply a collection of ancient babblings of lost and confused people that have been repackaged as powerful new revelations.

In review, it might be said that the expendable non-hierarchy mind-controlled slave is held in place without the trappings of grandeur that are given to the hierarchy victims. The Illuminati lay great stress on the victimís joining of their own free will. Sometimes that does occur, but often the victim has been so stripped that they no longer exercise free will. You as a member of the support team can point out that the victimís support for their abusers has been constructed on a foundation of deceit by the abusers. Rather than denying that the slave was wined and dined, show how everything was done for purposes of manipulation. Every gift came with a price tag.



The idea of consciousness vs. subconscious are difficult to describe but are fundamental to how the programming works. What mental activity is occurring in the mind of an individual? Most mental activity is unconscious. Many of our activities in life are done unconsciously. If our attention is directed somewhere else, we can perform an activity without a conscious awareness.

Some mental activity surfaces from the subconscious. Day dreaming has been recognized as beneficial in a personís well being. Delinquent teenage boys have been found to seldom daydream. The mental activity of thoughts, emotions, perceptions and memories are all embedded into the mind. The structures of the mind are built by thoughts and emotions. A chaotic jumble of impressions is organized by the mind into something cohesive and useable. Our minds fabricate a reality from our thoughts and emotions. The programmer steps into the picture and makes that reality designing a team activity.

Emotions, hallucinations, moods, phobias, sensory perceptions, trances and visions are not part of cognitive conscious data-based knowledge, but are more like the ROM memory that runs a computer which is permanent and untouchable. These are important foundational structures of thinking. They lay in the subconscious. The subconscious mind is like a cess pool. The subconscious mind accepts whatever has been allowed by the mind to reach it. Once something is accepted in, the subconscious mind doesnít evaluate it. That is why hypnosis and illusion are so powerful. Using hypnosis, the programmer can place an idea into the subconscious that would take long periods of time for the mind to naturally screen and then accept into the subconscious.

Briefly described, thoughts and emotions create the mindís reality. The programmer wants to be able to tamper with how the mindís reality is created. The front alters, who hold the body day-to-day, will have to face the shortcomings of whoever is their systemís programmer, cult leaders, or handler. For some slaves, say for instance, Anton LaVeyís or Michael Aquinoís, their programmer is their cult leader and their handler-- all three wrapped up in one individual. The victimís front alters will experience the shortcomings of their controller. Rather, than fight against what the mind will see and hear, the programmer will reframe it. They want the front alters to see the human aspect. They want them to see the "faults", but accept the weaknesses as a normal function of the humanness of the person. The faults are refrained as merely human frailty and negative external circumstances. Letís give an example:

The victim is encouraged to think: Yes, he drank, but so what? He was a social person and of course he had to drink.... Yes, he made a mistake, but it was someone elseís fault. The negatives of the programmer are refrained as natural positives by the programmer. The victimís mind will feel very comfortable with these rationales. This is an example of how the programmer has tampered with the mindís perception of reality. This tampering is part of the subtle hypnotic programming. Do the programmers do this type of subtle programming? Yes, it is a standard thing to place this refraining in to protect the father "Daddy" and Mother Programmer images. As Illuminati programmers, we were taught to use thoughts, emotions, comfort and discomfort to mould the mindís reality. (The mind decides if it is in a state of comfort or discomfort. At some extreme point, the mind can do a reversal and decide that pain is pleasure. In such a reversal, the mind will move in the direction of comfort, i.e. pain. In our example, we are not describing such an extreme situation. It is quite normal for the mind to whitewash its image of an authority figure; this is an in-born natural comfort zone.)

Now letís say that a therapist wants to tamper with that programming. The therapist can attack the programming head on by saying, "Your programmer was an evil man." But this approach plays into the hands of the programmer, whose manufactured reality will resist such a head on approach. The therapist may want to use the back door approach to side step the resistance. The backdoor method prevents triggers. A backdoor approach might be:

THERAPIST: "What would you have liked to have seen in the life of [controllerís name]?

SLAVE: "I wish he would not have drank so much?"

THERAPIST: "How did that affect you?"

SLAVE: "I didnít get taken care of."

The backdoor approach frees the victim from having to make a judgment call that the controller was right or wrong, good or evil. It makes the issue into an "I issue", "I would have liked..." The victim doesnít have to step out too far from the mindís comfort zone.



At the point the victim begins to fear is where the victim gives the programmer power. This is a basic principle well known by Illuminati programmers. The programming is built upon this. Some children actually intuitively grasp methods to not fear the programmer. If the child does this, the child becomes harder to program, because A Personís POWER Ends Where FEAR Begins.

At the point of powerlessness and fear, the world around the victim becomes more like a dream. Eventually, fear becomes a comfort zone for the victim. A visual representation of powerlessness is the teddy bear, who has no genitals, no hands, or feet. (The Teddy Bear finds its way into our Illustrated Guidebook. Some therapists have found the visual images of the Illustrated Guidebook helpful.) In the previous example, the victim at first will feel strange and uneasy to question their life. They are moving out of their comfort zone of simple existence into the life of choices. Many alters need help as they take their first wobbly steps toward freedom of thought and action. When FEAR enters the mind, perceptions of reality are altered. Fears can be conditioned into the mind.

The programmers know how to introduce fears. FEAR taps into the death circuits of the brain and activates "death related reflexes". The programmer is like the conductor of a symphony of fears, at one point orchestrating one area, at another point bringing another fear to a crescendo. The programmers know how the mind protects itself. The free will of the brain is orchestrated out of existence to the "tune of dependence upon the programmer". The natural flow of how the mind perceives reality is drowned out under the influence of fear. The programmer can interrupt natural perceptions of reality by introducing fear. The fear creates fragments in the mind, and denials in the mind. In the end, the victim of programming has pieces of reality that appear out of nowhere and seem unconnected and like a dream. Is fear bad? When a person is stripped of trust in God and man, where do they turn? Fear seems comfortable to the victim, who cannot say "nothing ventured, nothing gained, Iíll walk right through this situation."

The instinct of the brain is to run toward its image of comfort, fear. How does the victim rise above the fear? There are ways, but they generally involve the victim getting outside help. The therapist will want to stay one step ahead of FEAR. Different people will have different kinds of fear. Males are born wanting to be protective and strong. They are designed to face the outside world and lovingly protect. The programmers break their male identity. They are stripped of it when they see that they are powerless to protect other children and powerless to protect themselves. They further feel unprotected by their mothers when they are tortured as infants. This brings in a strong sense of rejection. They know they are weak and helpless. Their in-born desire to want to lovingly protect is destroyed, because they develop the subconscious attitude that love canít protect.

Because LOVE CANíT PROTECT, these men become hardened. At the root of their hardness, is the fear that they canít love (accepted by the subconscious through their inability to lovingly protect) nor are they worthy of love (built in by their feeling rejected of their momís loving protection). Once the subconscious attitude is accepted that they canít love nor be loved, they die emotionally. They run from emotions because of a subconscious awareness of the trauma. When men run from their emotions, they find it natural to tap into their intellect.

In summary, the male is born to have strength to protect what it loves. When traumatized, the male feels helpless, and develops a fear of love and emotion. Love becomes a negative to subconsciously run from. The programmer only needs to tap into the mindís own methods to protect itself. The mind will protect the programming much better than the programmer ever could. After FEAR is well established as a foundation, the programming team will layer in with repetition the NO TALK, NO SEE, NO HEAR messages over and over. They will repeat "DO NOTHING TO HURT THE FAMILY [family means the Illuminati, or at times another cult]." If left to its own devices, the mind has the ability to sort things out, and right itself. The programmers are fully aware of how the mind might right itself, and pull itself out of the programmerís lies. The Illuminati teach their programmers "not to let the conscious become conscious, not to let the intellect become intellect, and not to let love become love."

What this means is that what consciously happens in external reality, is not permitted to be internalized as conscious reality. The programming tricks to prevent this could fill a book, and many are mentioned in our Vol. 2 Formula book. Love becomes love when the self knows the true self. Therefore, the task of the programmer becomes to HIDE THE TRUE SELF FROM THE MIND. Some of the greatest philosophers have said that the greatest goal of life is to KNOW THYSELF. The goal of the programmer is to make sure of just the opposite, that the victim does not know themselves. They are trained in techniques to do this.

If we understand that the programmer is trained to program the mind TO FORGET ITSELF, then of course it is clear that the therapist needs to help the victim to REMEMBER who they are.



Countless therapists and ministers have trapped mind-control victims within their programming by advising them to let bygones be bygones, let the past and the skeletons of the past be buried, forgive and forget, etc. etc. This traps most of the victimís mind in their programming. Of course this feels safe for the front alters. After all, who wants to discover the horrors underneath them, that their mind has forgotten? It would be helpful if ministers would remember that God encourages self-examination in numerous scriptures. "Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge, but he that hateth reproof is brutish." PROV 12:1. "The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord searching out the innermost parts of his being." PROV 20:27 "If we would judge ourselves we should not be judged." (1 COR 11:3 1)

In other words, if we want to be more than animals, we need to examine ourselves and love to learn. It is Godís candle for a man to examine his own innermost parts. And when we find problems with ourselves, we are to deal with them, and then God wonít have to. The therapist needs to reverse what the cult has done. Give the victim his or her identity back. Equip his or her consciousness with what a personís mind would normally be conscious of. Give the person back the intelligence that belongs to their entire mind. Equip the person with a love for Godís plan for their life and an appreciation for Godís design of things. Give the person their life back by letting them know themselves, and if possible, by letting them join into the whole person they were intended to be by the real God in heaven. Interestingly, the programming is not able to snuff out the personís original personality entirely.

The programmers prefer to work within the natural abilities of a mind. This is just good common sense. Horse trainers do the same. The trainer uses a standard bred horse which has been bred to pull carriages to pull carts & buggies, a draft horse to pull farm equipment, & a pinto to ride. If the victim has abilities, he can rightly take ownership of those abilities. It is much more likely that the programmers have suppressed many of the victims abilities in order to control them. Rather than creating the slaveís abilities, the programmers have simply exploited their natural abilities.