Installation of the Standard Programming
Front Programs of Front Computer.
Misinformation Computers.
Beast Computer.
Programmer Access to the Computer Areas.


This is an important ongoing aspect of the mind-control. Vol. 2, introduced this subject:

"Learning plays an important part in perception. The Programmers try to get their victims to subscribe to philosophies and ideas that will make it hard for them to rebel against their controllers. This is what is termed indoctrination. The same methods of teaching that others [any other educator would] find useful are employed. Ways of thinking are incorporated by the slave via handlers, programmers, and the cult they belong to. "Everyone tries in their own way to make sense of life. This is a natural brain function, so that the human mind can understand how to deal with the future. The mind takes raw data, and then applies some type of logic, and comes to conclusions. Once accepted these conclusions can be as hard as nails, and they will defy any attempt to change them, even in the light of new evidence. If the Programmer is smart enough, he can get an alter to logically believe anything. Once the belief is embedded, it will remain there tenaciously."

In the previously book, it was discussed how indoctrination is done. I will provide more of the details on how indoctrination is accomplished, because it is not being done via rational logical thinking. Rather, the programmer or cult leaders want to access a personís non-logical imaginative right brain. In order to do that he must distract the left brain.

Bill Clinton, an Illuminati handler of slaves, and a good liar, has his speeches prepared in such a way that they take advantage of the brainís natural functioning to manipulate it. Bill Clinton, when he gives a speech will initiate it by pushing everybodyís green buttons. He will say a number of things that everyone wants to hear and will agree with. This is called "generating a YES SETí. There will be a number of these, the number of these often desired is 3. Then the second stage is to bring in TRUISMS that are facts that after the audience has already been mentally saying yes, the audience will probably accept these facts without any disagreement. Finally, after the approx. three YES SETs, the approx. three TRUISMS, Bill will plant the suggestion, such as "support me in such and such."

On important points, Bill will move his left hand, to help imbed certain commands to his viewers. He will also use some subtle hand signals/codes to trigger mind-controlled slaves too. He will ask during his talks for people to imagine or visualize what he wants for them. Again this is manipulation directed at the right brain.

One of the most crucial things that protects the mind-control of the Illuminati is the frame-of-reference and world-view they build into people from the cradle to the grave. Our previous experience and the information we have available directly influences how we assign meaning to information we receive. The Illuminatiís control over so much of society allows them to create peopleís frames-of-references. Fragments of information that people receive which do not relate to the personís frame-of-reference will be discarded. A person needs a place in his frame-of-reference to hang information on. The person may puzzle over the tidbits of incongruent fragments, but being unable to relate them to his world view, he finds himself unable to file the fragments away in a meaningful manner.

Some of the front alters of very well controlled slaves have had world views (frames-of-references) that believe, a. there is no such thing as Satanic Ritual Abuse, b. there is no such thing as a conspiracy, c. there is no such thing as absolute truth, d. there is no such thing as sin. e. There is no connection between God, living a moral life, and finding Truth. f. there is no such thing as Multiple Personality Disorder. g. My religious organization can do no wrong.

Making a fundamental change in our frame of reference is a frightening task. This is why victims of total mind-control who have been A. programmed not to believe that a New World Order conspiracy exists, and not to believe Satanism and SRA exist, and then they are B. placed in a culture that reinforces this programming, end up being extremely hard to break free of their mind-control.

Conferences where mind-control victims can begin to see the significance of all the fragments of clues that they discarded are very valuable. This author has met a number of mind-controlled victims who didnít know what their problem was, but had countless clues in their life. But these clues were useless fragments of information until they were given a framework to use them.

For instance, one victim of Illuminati total mind-control knew nothing about the significance of the Illuminati bloodlines, nor who the bloodlines were. She stated that her relatives were so and so, and it was then pointed out to her that she was from Illuminati bloodlines on both sides, and the significance of the bloodlines was gone over. Now a meaningless piece of information (her genealogy) had been given a framework of meaning. But this was just one area of many which the establishment has carefully controlled us to have misunderstandings about. Understanding her heritage, allowed her to understand why she was selected for mind-control, when it seemed to her that others might have been better candidates.

Occult philosophies by their very nature create frames of references that make it hard to see reality and to see the Truth in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The New Age, Witchcraft, and Hindu idea that all paths lead to God, is utter nonsense. The idea that Christians are narrow minded is nonsense, but is a common idea taught by many people. It is narrow minded to insist that Christians must go to the same place Hinduís end up, if Christians seek truth. The New Agers see only one track for truth seekers, since they hold all paths lead to God. The concept is even illustrated by the wheel in Indiaís flag. All spokes on the wheel lead to the same center point of the circle.

The Biblical Christians see two tracks for truth seekers--some donít find God and Truth, but rather find an imitation of the truth and end up eternally lost, while some do find God and Truth. Perhaps at this point the reader is getting slightly upset because he or she is thinking, "Fritz is preaching what he believes," and is also thinking "there is no absolute truth." That is exactly my point. By accepting the lie--the programming lie--the frame of reference--the paradigm that there is no absolute truth, then every time a fragment of absolute truth comes to you, you will reject it.

When I showed evidence to two followers of J.Z. Knight (J.Z. Knight was/is a mind-controlled slave, who has set up an Illuminati front religion in Washington State where converts are subjected to mind-control techniques) that children were being sacrificed by Satanic covens and that this was evidence of Satanic ritual abuse, their world view could not accept the concept of absolute wrongs and sin. They responded, "These satanists may well be killing their babies, but that is not abuse, that is only your idea. Itís just your idea that it is abuse. Itís not abuse to these people."

In review, one of the hardest shells protecting the programming of a total mind-controlled slave is when the front part of their system, which holds the body regularly, has been indoctrinated into a frame-of-reference that will not allow them to see the reality of what is being done to make and keep them in slavery. A final example of this, are the zealots of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation who are mind-controlled zealots. These zealots, who are launching a counterattack against books like this, have had their world-views carefully constructed by a combination of several techniques of persuasion, a. mass indoctrination, b. subliminal messages via the T.V. and other places in their lives, c. controlled education, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in addition to all their regular trauma-based programming. Itís like their world-view is the hard varnish that is first seen & heard, protecting people (even themselves) from realizing that the underlying motivation of these zealots is not their world-view, but Total Mind Control Programming.

Within witchcraft, the cosmology that is taught is that a person was originally swirls or vortexes of energy. This coupled with a belief in reincarnation, allows the mind-controlled victimís witchcraft alters to believe that they began with some molecules of energy forming, and that death is nothing, because everything continues on a vast wheel of reincarnation. The beliefs that are inserted into people via witchcraft are conducive to locking the person into their servitude. European culture, which has been based on Christianity, has had a respect and value on life way beyond the oriental view. For centuries Europeans have marvelled about how little value human life has in the oriental view. This is because these Oriental views are identical with what is now called New Age beliefs, which are also about the same thing as witchcraft. Gnostism/ witchcraft philosophy justifies seeking and having power. Persons, who are power hungry, gravitate to this philosophy. Persons who are inculcated with the desire for power rationalize their behavior with the witchcraft philosophy which they are raised in, or programmed to believe, or "discover" to set their minds at ease.


Internal computers are elaborate arrangements of dissociated parts and memories built into the slaveís mind to cause the victimís mind to have mechanical computer-like responses.

For years, the internal computers escaped the detection of the therapeutic community. The illustrated Guidebook introduced the subject to readers and the Vol. 2 gave the first major & so far to date the only comprehensive expose of these computers. This Deeper Insights book will provide a number of pages to deepen the readers understanding of this important subject. This is all fresh (never been exposed) material so donít write and ask what book it came from. You may have to refer back to our previous books for a complete understanding.

Installation of the Standard Programming.

The Illuminati take a screen about 6í by 6í. On the screen is a grid with a Greek or English letter. In front of the screen are colored flashing lights. The flashing colored lights prevent the conscious mind from seeing the screen, but the subconscious mind sees the grid. An Alpha symbol or capital A with tails at the base will be shown on the grid screen for Alpha programming. A Beta or B will be shown for the Beta Programming screen. The programming that is placed in using the different programming associated with various Greek and English alphabets can be read about in Chapter 4 of the Volume 2 Formula book and Chapter 4 in this book. The victim is strapped into a chair with their head locked in place and their eyes forced open. They must endure the flashing lights and the subliminal grid and letter on the screen.

There is a paper trail that they are using flashing lights for hypnotic control of a subject in order to place in messages at the subconscious. One of the pieces of the paper trail was an article "New Device To Induce Hypnosis Developed" in the Chicago Tribune (June 7, 1959). The article was about a Dr. William Kroger, who had tested the use of flashing lights on 200 obstetric patients at the Edgewater hospital in Chicago. Interestingly, this Dr. Kroger lived in Beverly Hills, CA and worked with a Sidney Schneider of Skokie, IL.

Schneider was skilled in electronics and Kroger was an obstetrician. The article said, "The pulsing pattern in reality an electronic brain wave Ďachieves controlí of the brainís alpha rhythm, thus inducing a drowsy state, according to Dr. Kroger." "The apparatus...operates on the principal of subliminal and photic stimulation of brain waves...about 30 per cent of the subjects who had received no explanation or had no knowledge of what the brain wave synchronizer would do were hypnotized to various degrees." Now these type of machines are available to any bozo who knows where they are sold.

Another piece of the paper trail is a government study by the Defense Intelligence Agency of July 1972, entitled Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) --Eurasian and Communist Countries, ST-CS-01-169-72. DIA,, July, 1972, pp. 77-86. This study, of which this author has a copy, in part VI is written about "Light and Color as a Means of Altering Human Behavior." Although the report claims the communists are the ones who are using flashing light and color to alter human behavior, the real inventors were the Illuminati, and both the Americans and Russians are using flashing colored lights for programming.

This DIA study also reports on an American symposium held in the at Tulane Univ., Covington, LA in 1957 concerning the effects of flickering light on the brain. The participants of the 1957 American symposium drew up a paper with 11 conclusions, which included a. flickering light interferes with the human nervous system, b. flickering light can put a person to sleep or into a trance, c. flickering light can interfere with the brains s alpha waves, and d. "photo driving of the EEG by periodic flicker is a well known phenomenon although many subjects do not show the effect..."

During the í50ís through at least the í70ís, the Illuminati used flickering lights to place into the subconscious the grids used for the various computers. Each block on the grid would have codes, programs, memory and alters attached to it. In other words, dissociated parts of the mind become parts which are built into computers. The mind of victim is hijacked by the programmer.

To fully understand what the computers are, we must understand the mind-set of the programmers. The programmers are looking to Lucifer for their inspiration. An imitation of Godís Book of Life for people, is for Lucifer to construct an internal computer that will contain all the history of all the alters. It might be helpful if some items that were in the illustrated Guidebook and in the Vol. 2 book were briefly touched upon again, as we discuss how the internal computers are made. Remember, that a computer is placed one per layer (section) and that they also build in back up computers, and that the computers have coded memories stored in them, as well as coded programs.

The deepest computer is called the Beast computer, and it has an eye (the all-seeing-eye) that opens and shuts like a camera lens. It can go behind the veil, and this is in mockery of the rent veil of the Holy of Holies. When the internal computers are built, the Illuminati use a doll house with different colored rooms for the child to visualize what is being done. Each room in the dollhouse has a different color. Each family of alters (a group of alters that are on the grid together) has the exact same color code. In the Vol. 2 book, we showed the color coding differently--we showed the color coding running diagonally across the grid, it can be done in any fashion, but generally the color code for a single family (alters a-through-in on the chart) is the same, and the cover program to hide it is that the colors run diagonally. What that means is that an entire family of alters, say alters Mary 1 through Mary 13 will all be connected by a color ribbon alter (who works just for them) back to that same color of computer room. All the family get the same programming, although they hold separate memories.

This will help therapists understand the behavior & programming patterns of various alters. The Beta and Delta alters, who as the readers realizes live in entirely a deep trance imaginary life, have entirely negative programming in their computer section. The Betas and Deltas have two ribbons per alter, which is an exception to the rule. This is so they can function together--espionage, seduction, and assassination all go together. Another type of alter who gets two ribbons are the 13th alters which connect two levels. These poor alters have so much programming going off, and mixed signals, that they are real basket cases.

When a system is seen in its entirety, the more powerful system hierarchy and Illuminati hierarchy alters will be coded with Platinum, Gold, White, Purple, Bronze & Silver. Front alters who will be helpful will be coded pink and yellow. Orange alters will be perceived as helping alters, but they are actually guards, protectors, and they protect sections of the system below them, which they usually canít see, and often donít know that they guard. Alters coded brown, tan, grey, or clear will give the therapist & support team fits, because they are full of deceptions & cover programs, and illusions. Host alters or key front alters may have a clear or white diamond as their gemstone. Alters who cover things up may have obsidian as their gemstone. Other alters who play along with the programming may have such gemstones as Fire Opal, Topaz, and Turquoise. (Also see Vol. 2 , p. 328-29.)

Front Programs of Front Computer.

The front computer that is linked to the front section will be different than the deeper computers. Itís big difference is that its programs (which are linked to all the front alters) are logical. The logical programs of this level provide the alters with logical reasons and excuses to believe the lies, and to reason their life out. Of course they draw false conclusions from good logic using faulty information.

Misinformation Computers.

Misinformation computers are laid in on the 3, 6, 9 and 12 levels. Thousands of demons are placed into the Misinformation computers to not only run them, but to dispense misinformation. Since the demons are not under drugs or hypnosis, they are under full awareness and are very crafty in their deceptions. When memories are too clean and too complete, the therapist should suspect that they are getting a demonic false memory. Bear in mind the child is in a drugged state during much of the programming and has blurry eyes and may have their eyes rolling in the back of their head. They have their short term memories splintered by electro-shock, and are fed lies about their memories via hypnosis. Real memories are in bad shape when retrieved. (This is why some persons apply "hypnotic correction programs" to restore the memories back closer to the original event, such as reversing the hypnotic air-brushing/blurring of faces that was programmed into deeper alters. The mind put in the distortion program and seems in some cases to be able to reverse the distortion program.)

Beast Computer.

End time names such as Gog, etc. are believed to be given to some of the computers within recent years, to represent the names of the 10 countries that will make up the global government of the New World Order. For years the computers have been called "Beast" computers with the big important Beast computer laid in at the bottom of the mind in the hell pit. Remember that the core is at the bottom of the mind below the hell pit--but she is almost always never connected to the Beast computer. This is because the core receives very little programming. The core is told she is sleeping beauty and that her father Lucifer, who she is married to, will someday return for her and wake her up. Lucifer wanted the purest virgin bride he could get, so he marries as his top bride within the system the innocent core. The core is told she belongs to Lucifer. The core is protected by the false trinity in the pyramid and the Grand Druid Council. The core is linked to the Grand Druid Council, but not the carousel. In the VoL 2 book, we reported the cover program, which is that the core is in the carousel. If therapists want to take out computers they need to take them out from the first computer that was laid in, the Beast computer (at the bottom of the mind), and take them out in the sequence they were put in.

Programmer Access to the Computer Areas.

When the external programmer wants to put information into the computer he opens up the various "rooms" (areas or programs so to speak) and then the internal programmers take over. The story line used to build in access to the computer is the Kingís Chamber story in Alice In Wonderland. The king comes to the chamber and he has the right to make 3 wishes (the 3-part access code). If he doesnít make 3 wishes, everything disappears like in the Alice In Wonderland story. 3-part access codes are usually DATE, COLOR, ALPHA-NUMERIC CODE. But they could be three objects within the room, or they could be a sound, a touch, and a third-sight signal. Generally, the Illuminati have used the actual date that an alter (a part) or a family of alters was created as the actual code for that chamber of the computer. That chamber will then be linked to all the alters of that family. So lets say a family of alters was created on 4-30-64. This would normally be written on the charts as 43064 or because the Illuminati often work with things backward, some programmers will write it 46034. Which ever method, forward or backwards, will then be used consistently as the first part of the access to that familyís computer chamber.

There are 26 rooms in the dollhouse, or in other words, 13 families of alters on a grid with 13 mirror images to mirror those 13. This was very standard for years. When the programmer places the information in it is put on a mental imaginary "computer disk" or in the older models "spools". The reader needs to remember back to the hypnotic surgery that we discussed in the Illustrated Guidebook and the Vol. 2 book, to remember that the victim has their insides hypnotically removed and the spools or computer disks placed inside of them.

Letís say a therapist touches one of the misinformation computers, which are the most assessable. These computers will then activate mirror images and lots of demonic activity. The therapist may end up integrating demons, and working with constructs and mirror images, and the proper excitement by the real alters is even programmed in. These are what may be termed "FALSE HOPE PROGRAMS". The system will rest and relax and the therapist will declare everything finished. (For years, the two authors have tried to explain this, but it seems to be a hard subject for therapists to understand.)

Finally, a very important warning, tampering with the computers is serious business, from the co-authors experience in working with therapists, we strongly advise them not to tamper with the computers, because the self-destruct programs are so strong. The self-destruct programs will turn the person into a vegetable, or into pure insanity if the victim survives the suicide programs. The skill level among the therapeutic community is not yet at the level needed to tamper with the computers, but we hope with the publication of this book and with more experience that that will someday become a reality. This author, Fritz, is aware of therapists that have tried to tamper with the computers, but the programming has beaten both them and this author. For instance, it took lots of work to discover that this authorís week of work with a front computer actually was only playing with a misinformation computer and its FALSE HOPE PROGRAMS.



The internal structuring of alter systems are built with alters being arranged in hierarchies. Often the hierarchal arrangement is a mirror of the group carrying out the programming. The CIA and other intelligence groups use SECTIONS. You will find the grids of alters arranged in SECTIONS. The Illuminati have a Grand Druid Council and other councils, which will be mirrored within the system. Alter families will be set up as mini-covens within the system, often with 13 to an alter families. HUBS will be created in reflection of how Satanic groups are organized into hubs.


Some of the structures within the programmed alters reflect the philosophies of the ancient occult world. The structures are buttressed by the occult beliefs that are connected to them. Cisco, who has helped me co-author two books on mind-control, pointed out how the ancient world had a god which could only be adored by one family. Each city had its own gods, and religion was tied to the family and the city units. This was the Religion of the Hearth, as some have called it.

The Roman Gens was an extension of this, the Gens were political associations of several families who collected into a religious union, as the Illuminati families have done. When we see how the ancient religious customs were, we see how the internal Illuminati structuring parallels this thinking. Each internal city or world is assigned a god (demon) during the programming. The Illuminati families have collected themselves into a Gen. This is an example of how the internal structuring is buttressed by some occult philosophy which will in turn buttress itself by its claim to antiquity, as if length of practice makes a mistaken superstition valid. The myths of the occult world and their symbology are very extensive. The programmers have many items to choose from as they construct the deeper internal worlds of an Illuminati slave. There is a twisted logic to many of the names they give.

The Magna Mater is the sybil, the symbol of truth, a goddess who can take the form of a city in the occult world. To apply the name MAGNA MATER to a part of the mind then creates a triple or quadruple pun--we have something that can be truth, a city, a goddess, and a sybil. The programmers thrive on puns. The personification of the stages of spiritual life which are called fairies are named White Ladies, Green Ladies, and Black Ladies. Dissociated parts of the mind can be given the name Green Ladies, and then the secret meaning attached that they are fairies that connect to the systemís spiritual development. The possibilities seem endless. Since cabalism is behind much of the Illuminati programming, and double images are so important--some systems may incorporate the dual being known as Metatron on top, and Samael on the bottom. This is the occult concept that all phenomena has an essential ambivalence. This is the Gemini concept.

Another Cabalistic concept that appears in programming is the silver palace also known as the silver thread that connects man to his origin and to his end. The palace in the occult world was to have secret chambers (dissociated areas in the subconscious) which hold treasure (programming truths). In the occult worldís beliefs, it has been said that the palace of glass represents the magically appearing ancestral memories of mankind from the Golden Age. In Druidism, the horse was linked to the solar wheel, which had more wheels within itself.

During programming: Concepts are linked in series, Concepts are mirrored, and Concepts are related to the whole. The function of occult symbols lends itself to such applications.



about the pic

Barbie Dolls are used for the mind-control programming. Interestingly in 1995, while fighting over Barbie dolls a 6-yr. old girl in Modesto, CA stabbed a 7-year-old playmate with a knife while telling her she was going to kill her. Police did nothing with the girl who had used the knife except to have the parents take her. One wonders what was this all about. Meanwhile Barbie Dolls have drastically changed and are now very occultic.