The Wackenhut Slave Labor Program


Turning prison management over to corporations

This Awareness indicates that the reference to the Wackenhut Prison program has to do with the plan to turn prison management over to corporations. These would be managed by corporations. Already, some have occurred, where the corporations are managing some of the prisons. These are likened unto private prison operations, and already prisoners are being used to do slave labor type of work, to help pay for their keep.


Creating slave labor within the prisons

The voters in Oregon and other states, for example, have voted to put prisoners to work in the prisons. Seeing they are going to be there anyway, why not let them work to help some of the money to offset the costs of the prisons? This Awareness indicates, however, it is actually creating slave labor within the prisons, which can become worse when political prisoners are added, and especially if this country becomes totalitarian, likened unto Nazi Germany, and people are being arrested simply for their political opinions or for failing to bow down and worship the gods of the new religion, or if people simply do not accept some edict pronounced by the government or resist in some way the government controls on their lives.

These entities being thrown in prison would be an asset to the work force within the prison, and the corporations that run the prison would not have to reach out to foreign countries such as Malaysia and China to find cheap labor. They would have it right here in the prisons. This Awareness indicates that they would have the ability and the right to run the prisons as private corporations, being as ruthless and forceful toward the prisoners as any slave camp in Nazi Germany ever was.

This Awareness indicates that it is all part of the plan of the New World Order to bring about slavery for humanity and have this controlled in such a way that the government of the United States itself can be dissolved and the corporations take over the management of the world, and the slave labor therein. These slave labor corporations would of course be working for New World Government. National governments would be dissolved.

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