The Mark of the Beast (Part 3)
(Excerpts Revelations of Awareness 90-10 no. 363)

Why Most People Are Willing to Work With the Aliens

This Awareness indicates that in the forming of a pact wherein benefits at one time, there is the fee or cost, and there are certain government people at this time who have formed pacts with these entities who have yet not paid the fee. This Awareness indicates that there are also opportunities by some of these entities to have a second chance to break that cycle of selling themselves to these beings, and if they can break that cycle, there is that possibility escaping from the karma they would have otherwise endure.

This Awareness indicates that the entity who forms a pact at one time in one life, and works for these entities, will return to work for them again, and each time this occurs, the entity will have that opportunity to break that alliance, and if the entity can break that alliance, the enslavement is broken; but generally in the formation of the alliance and the following opportunities of working for these entities; there is a great temptation that is based on greed, temptation the entities not to break the alliance. They actually feel an attraction, a drawing, a desire to work with, to work for these aliens. They tend to think of them as masters and want to give themselves to their cause.

This Awareness indicates that it this cycle and this attraction that needs to be broken in order for entities to be free. This Awareness indicates that there will be further efforts by these aliens to appeal to the greed of the people, particularly involved in the monetary situation, wherein entities will be given an opportunity to accept a chip in their hand, an alien sponsored chip in their head or wrist or forehead, whereby if such accepted, they then belong to the aliens.

This Awareness indicates that those who at any time accept aliens as masters will be used by these aliens. That essentially is the harvest, wherein they collect those who have sold themselves to the aliens for some security, or monetary gain, or gain of power. It is a way of weeding out the strong from the weak. It is a way of weeding out the entity who wants to follow the follower, from the entity who is an individual who has personal integrity, is integrated as an individual with their own Divine Center.

This Awareness indicates that in centering yourself with your own Divine Deity, the aliens can have no control, can have no hold on you. If you give yourself totally to the Highest and Best in the sense of the absolute Divine, you are free of any domination by any force outside, but if you lick the toes of the aliens, (both toes), you are their servant until you break the cycle.


"The Mark of the Beast"- Some Clarification
(Excerpts Revelations of Awareness 96-17 Issue no. 477)

This Awareness indicates there is one other area which It wishes to mention because of a previous message given by this Awareness, which left things in a kind of disorientated or unclear manner. This Awareness indicates this having to do with the concept of the "Mark of the Beast." In Biblical terms, anyone who gets the Mark of the Beast, loses (Ed. the control of) his soul. In Biblical terms, losing (Ed. the control of) your soul would means that you would be cast into hell for eternity.

This Awareness indicates that this is not when It explained that entities in receiving the Mark of the Beast could lose their soul. What this Awareness meant is that the Mark of the beast essentially is a mark which shows that you are branded as being owned by the extraterrestrials. You are owned by those who are behind the New World Order. They essentially are the Beast. The Draconians are the Beast from Draco that was called the dragon in the Book of Revelation: these are those that you refer to as the Reptoids.

"This Awareness indicates that the Beast is likened unto a dark shadow that covers this plane, and the tongue of the Beast attempts lull entities into believing in him and into falling asleep and giving up all rights to individual freedoms. This Awareness indicates its strongest argument is its promise to give security. This Awareness wishes to remind entities: maximum security is found in the most unpleasant places in prison control systems...."


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