The Illegal Internal
Revenue Service (IRS) Tax


How the Constitution's One Tax, the Excise Tax, Works

Most of the laws of the Federal government are essentially just corporate rules and corporate laws on the states who have become associated with the Federal government, given there allegiance or otherwise bought into the Federal government in Washington, D.C., a corporation. The government in Washington, D.C. is not set up to represent the states, but to control the states, as though they were subordinate corporations to this greater corporation.

Originally, the laws passed were by consent of the states, but it has reached a point now where the Federal Reserve Bank has such power and loans to the states or programs for the states can be financed from Washington DC, the states sell out and go along with the Federal programs in order to get Federal money.

This Awareness indicates that it has been a very slow and gradual take over of the states and their sovereignty and independence, so that the independence is more of a sham. The so-called independence day is a celebration that occurs each July 4th, more out of memory than out of actual reality of the present time. There is really very little independence. In fact, there is much talk of "interdependence," meaning that the states are dependent on the Federal government, and the Federal government has some reliance on the state for its taxes collected from the people of the various states, and in this sense there is an interdependence. They each depend on each other.

But this Awareness indicates this is not the way the country originally was created. The taxes originally allowed in this country were excise taxes, wherein it was likened unto a sales tax, wherein the grain from the farm was sold and the buyer of the grain owed or paid a tax, and the seller of the grain paid a tax and the grain was made into flour, and in the making of flour, a tax was imposed, and the flour was then sold to others and a tax was imposed and collected, and others took the flour and made pastry, everything from pasta to cakes and other types of pastry.

Today, there are in fact 72 turnovers on the grains that go into producing a loaf of bread, so that the bread is taxed 72 times in that which is termed an excise tax. This Awareness indicates that this was the way the Constitution taxed the public to make its money.

There was no such thing as an income tax, which was in previous times know as a head tax. Any income from products was recognized as corporation or business tax that came down from the products themselves, and the products created the taxes that were allowed to be used for public necessities, the funding of projects and so forth.

This Awareness indicates that prior to the Federal Reserve Bank, the Treasury was empowered to coin and mint money and any time money was needed, the Treasury was simply directed to print up the necessary money for the project. Thus, if money was needed for fighting the Civil War, rather than borrowing from bankers, the US government, under the direction of Abraham Lincoln, simply printed up the Lincoln greenbacks.

This saved the country from being bankrupt for many years. It would have gone bankrupt much sooner had Lincoln gone to the bankers and borrowed money to run the country during the Civil War. Once the Federal Reserve Bank was created, people of the government needing money would only borrow from the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve bank only had to go to the Treasury Department and get money printed at printing costs, and then loaned the money out at full face value, thus making enormous profits and putting this nation into enormous debt.


The Calm Before the Storm
The Document: "A Redress of Grievances"
(Excerpt from a CAC General Reading march 7, 1995)

This Awareness indicates there is a kind of quiet before the storm. This Awareness indicates that the Patriot groups have begun making certain demands on Congress and on the governors of the states to move back toward the constitutional laws of this country; this being done through a demand, a "Redress of Grievances". This Awareness indicates that it is a process that put Congress and government officials on notice that the Constitution is the law of the land and that they are expected as elected officials to abide by the Constitution, to which they have sworn an oath of allegiance, and that they are also informed that anything other is treason.

This Awareness indicates that this is presented through certified letters to members of the Congress and the state officials so that there can be no doubt as to the fact that they have been notified. This Awareness indicates that this not necessarily mean that entities will take the notification seriously, for there are many entities who have for so long catered to the international leadership, the UN leadership, and the banking controls, that they are not likely to pay attention to the people.

This Awareness indicates that it does appear it will be a grave mistake for these entities to ignore this Redress of Grievances. It also appears that there are some who are taking this seriously, more so than at any previous time. This Awareness indicates this is in the early stages.

This Awareness indicates that this may be seen as a political storm over whether the country is under the control of the Constitution, or under the control of the New World Order agencies such as the UN, such as the IRS, and the Federal Reserve Bank and other agencies that have been established to run this country over the past decades. Many of these agencies perceive themselves as the government, when in fact they are operating illegally, when in fact they were illegal from the beginning because it came from an illegal action. This is in the case with the Federal Reserve Bank and with the IRS. It is also the case with some of the other agencies that have developed and which pretend to be part of the United States government.


The Illegal Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

This Awareness indicates that the IRS, for example, was never legally authorized because the head tax, or income tax, was never ratified by the states, even though at a point someone in Congress stood up and made the statement that the income tax finally had been ratified by sufficient numbers of states and was now law, and this, without challenge from members of Congress, was accepted as being fact.

In reality, it was not true. It was a bald-faced lie, and entities, believing it was the truth, began to put together the tax system, and the IRS as tax agency, to collect from the people the head tax or the income tax. This Awareness indicates that there are many who realize this was fraudulent from the beginning, just as there are many who realize that the Federal Reserve bank does not have the right to produce false bank notes and pass them off as American money or United States of America money, because the Constitution has not given the Federal Reserve Bank such a right.


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