"Magic is Afoot"

Freedom can not be contained


Centuries-Old Plans Are Now Culminating Today

This Awareness indicates that It cannot guarantee that the masses will have smooth sailing in the coming years, that there will not be suffering, for you are in the midst of a culmination of a plan that has been brewing for many decades, even centuries, wherein the entities have sought to create a One World Government for several centuries and have accumulates many tools and techniques and methods for accomplishing that purpose and wherein they have garnered many individuals under their control in particular positions wherein they control the media, much of the political arena, the money system, medical systems and other bureaucratic agencies and organizations where they even have fingers extending into the religions of the world, to control these areas.

It is indeed likened unto a giant octopus with tentacles reaching into all areas of one's life, and these entities are arrogant and believe they have total control, yet in the end, there is something in the souls of entities that remains free to some extend, even in the most totalitarian case or situation.


Magic is Afoot and Freedom can Not be Contained

Even in that totalitarian time of the USSR and the communists who controlled everything in that country, there were people, and these people were under control of the Communist regime, yet something broke it loose and that something that broke loose freed many of these entities for their first time in their lives.

Something in the souls of these entities leaped for freedom, still loved the freedom and the individual expression, and it came out and again expressed itself with these entities who had been conditioned for life to be obedient and subservient to the state, and these entities threw off that control for something they never openly experienced: their own individual rights of expression and personal freedom.

This Awareness indicates that it is always there, like the song says: "Magic is afoot!" Wise men try to block it, try to stop it, try to dam it up, but it seeps out, out of the cracks, coming from the smile of a child, coming out of the efforts of oppression. It continues to move out like water that cannot be contained, and the magic is that love of freedom that entities, regardless of how high or how low in their social status, always have.


Power-Seekers are Unaware of the 8th Chakra

This Awareness indicates that these global planners who would enslave the masses, make them into living robots or machines, have no chance of winning, have no chance of gaining the kind of control they want for their own power and security. This Awareness indicates that any who pursue power of this kind are deluding themselves, for power of this type is promoted by those who operate from the 7th chakra and they apparently are unaware of the 8th chakra, and that 8th chakra in collective consciousness is that doorway to the Divine and it opens into the terrestrial levels to send its energy in and give its blessings to those who seek further spiritual evolution.

This Awareness indicates there is no way it can be stopped or blocked. There is no way that the dark forces can obtain this energy. All that can occur is that entities have put forth efforts to stop it fruitlessly or allow it to have its way, for the spiritual energy that floods in on this plane will continue to flood, coming out through the cracks, coming out through the valleys, through those areas left unguarded. There is no way it can be prevented.


New World Order Can't Stop Spiritual Evolution

The spiritual energies that uplift humanity will continue, regardless of the New World Order, a totalitarian world order, or whatever other kind of order any human on Earth or any negative power on earth can conceive of to prevent this spiritual evolution from occurring. This awareness suggests that entities reading this material should not be excessively frightened. It is one thing to be aware; it is quite another to be frightened of what you have become aware of. It is important that entities recognize the dangers in the plans of those who would harm you, but it is equally important that entities realize the power they have to prevent those few who would harm you from carrying out their plans, for it is really, at this stage a matter of information.

The war is a war not of guns and bullets, but of ideas at this stage. And as these ideas are presented into consciousness, the shooting war may be put on the back-burner or pushed off the back of the stove altogether, for if the ideas become broadcast to enough people, those few entities who are promoting this globalist agenda will realize they haven't a chance and that they may only end up hurting themselves if they move too far too fast, and that they had better sit back and if they have to think of world domination, they may wish to to consider this as fantasizing and enjoy their own personal fantasies like some demented person who can never have all of his sexual fantasies fulfilled, but can still enjoy his fantasies anyway, for this is the situation that is connected to the globalists who plan and fantasize in having world domination.

They are nothing more than people indulging in false fantasies. This Awareness indicates they have a certain amount of personal power which does not satisfy their full greed for lust and power. They want more, and although they have a million times more personal power than most entities would dream of, they are not satisfied. For one thing, personal power over others is not something that ever satisfies entities. They want absolute control of all of life. They want to be gods, and have absolute control over everyone and everything, and also, they want personal immortality, and without all of that they are still incomplete, and because they have the feeling of some incompleteness, some insecurity, they keep struggling to gain more power, so they never have any insecurity left.


The Ever-present Ghost of Insecurity

This Awareness indicates it is a problem for entities not to feel totally secure, but it is only a problem for those entities who think there is a way to get total security. The reality is that as mortal beings, you cannot have total security, and this Awareness suggests that if, as an individual, whether as one on the bottom of the economic scale, or on the top of the economic scale; if as an individual anywhere on this scale, you can accept the fact that your life will always have some insecurity involved, then you can stop worrying about that insecurity.

Learn to live with insecurity, just as though you were in a home, and in your home was a ghost, the ghost of insecurity. You can do everything imaginable to get rid of the ghost but the ghost does not leave. You can spend your entire life trying to get rid of the ghost, but the ghost of insecurity always remains somewhere in your home, in your psyche. Your neighbor however, has adjusted to having the ghost of insecurity in his home and is not troubled by it.

Thus, you go and speak with your neighbor and your neighbor says: "I can't get rid of it! I just have to learn to live with it! It is as simple as that! I work around it! I do whatever I want and let it be wherever It wants. I totally ignore it". And therefore, your neighbor is happy. He has no quarrel with the fact that insecurity is part of his home. You can take a lesson from your neighbor and deal with your insecurity in the same way, and thus, you do not have to have absolute control. You can accept insecurity as part of life. You can work around it. You can do things that keep you from falling off the stairs. You can put banisters on your stairs to help you improve your feeling of insecurity.

You can make that your foods are labeled and that they are safe so you do not have to have unnecessary insecurity in your refrigerator or in your cabinets or in your cooking and thus, you attend to some of the more obvious threats or dangers, but you still have some insecurity which you have to live with and if you are overly anxious, frustrated or concerned, or suffer great anxiety because there is still some insecurity; if perhaps for example, you are afraid that the limb from your oak tree might break and fall on your bedroom, then you can either learn to live with it, or have the limb cut off, but still you have the opportunity for energizing more insecurely as a concern.


Insecurity Bugs the Super-Wealthy

This Awareness indicates that if you can learn to live with some insecurity, then indeed insecurity is no longer a problem for you. This Awareness indicates that the problem with those who are super wealthy, who have immense control over others, feel that because of their super-wealth and immense control and power they should somehow be totally secure. It is harder for these entities to accept any degree of insecurity, and therefore they seek even more power than they have, and more control over their world. This Awareness indicates it is a kind of sickness that befalls the wealthy, and the more wealthy the entity, the greater the sickness, for they cannot accept insecurity in any form.

This Awareness indicates it is for this reason that these entities want to have greater control over the masses, because they feel insecure themselves in some level, and they cannot tolerate even the slightest amount of insecurity. After all, these entities have enough money and enough power to get almost anything they want. Why cannot they close that last hole through which insecurity comes?

This Awareness indicates it is not so much evil that dominates these entities, but insecurity, and you may find that even in the lower echelons of the financial status, the entities who are perceived as evil, may actually be driven by fear of insecurity, or some kind of insecurity may be behind their so called-evil intentions and motives.

This Awareness indicates the solution to rid these entities of these problems is to help them accept insecurity as part of life, and to learn to work around it, and to build their lives around insecurity and not on it.

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