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Introduction to the Hidden Evil

Now that we understand who runs who runs this planet, it will be easier to see how such a secret policy can exist. It also becomes evident why money is no barrier. The reason of course is that they make the money.


The Hidden Evil, is also called Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Public Mobbing, an Electronic Concentration Camp, Covert War, Mental Rape, and a variety of other names.(*)

It involves two major components. First, the use of Non-lethal Weapons (NLW), which includes Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). Second, heavily networked groups of plain-clothed citizens who encircle targeted people in public. This network appears to involve volunteers who are part of a state-sponsored Neighborhood Watch program, as well as individuals and groups of informants with no official connection to the state. As I'll demonstrate, mainstream news has indicated that one in twenty-four citizens will be recruited as informants. Some publications contend that the goal is the recruitment of one-third of the population.

Organizations from the federal level downward participate in the harassment, which includes local stores and restaurants. This program is not in the process of being created, it is already here. It is thoroughly embedded in most major communities. It is happening in all NATO countries. The program has been operational in some form since at least the early 80s, when families of people with direct or indirect connections to federal agencies were targeted.

Some people spent a significant about of time designing this program. Influential people have ensured its survival. It is also almost invisible and traceless. Some of the organizations I've found to be likely responsible for the Hidden Evil, contain people that are considered to be our world leaders. On the surface, they appear to be humanitarians.

The pretext for the existence of this program is presumably to identify and track potential threats to national security and to rid communities of undesirables. As I'll demonstrate, citizen informants have been used to stalk and harass people in other countries for the same reasons. Microwave weapons have also been used on dissidents. U.S., German, and Russian intelligence agencies have all used these tactics. The Hidden Evil appears to be a culmination of them, which from what I have learned, has been fine-tuned with the help of Establishment Think Tanks.

Julianne McKinney is a former army intelligence officer and director of the Electronic Surveillance Project Association of National Security Alumni, which was an organization composed of former intelligence officers dedicated to exposing excesses by the U.S. Intelligence services. Her preliminary report, Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation published in 1991, is a well-documented outline of these activities.

According to her interview on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN), these activities have increased significantly since the report was published. She kept this organization operational for four years using her personal funds. She has about 40 years experience with this subject and has talked with and interviewed hundreds of targeted individuals. I'll be referencing her report and her interview on the RBN throughout this book.

Dr. Reinhard Munzert, scientist, psychologist, and university lecturer has authored three books and over 100 articles. He began investigating this phenomenon with the aid of his students after learning he was targeted. His article, Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons, which was the number one listing on Google for two years, will be referenced, as well as his interview on RBN.

I'll also be referencing the work of Leuren Moret, particularly her interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio CFRO 102.7 FM, on August 8th 2005. She is the former Environmental Commissioner of Berkeley California and the president of Scientists for Indigenous People. She has worked at two US nuclear weapons laboratories as a geoscientist and has contributed to a UN sub-commission investigating depleted uranium. She, Julianne and Dr. Munzert have been on the receiving end of this harassment.

In her article, Uncovering the Truth About Depleted Uranium, Moret speaks of her personal Gang Stalking experience, which she refers to it as Mobbing. She writes, "'Mobbing' is the purposeful and strategic institutional gathering of all information about an individual by using any method - legal or illegal. Contact for this purpose is made with neighbors, classmates, former partners, family members, former employers, teachers, church members, good friends and even your family tree..."

She continues, "Everything must be known about the support system around you that makes your life possible." This includes, "[the] assessment of strategic resources and future income (finances, mobility, cars, insurance, credit cards, bank safety deposit boxes, post office boxes, wills, health records, birth certificates, transcripts and photographs) is made without your knowledge. The purpose of mobbing is to drive the target individual out of the job force for the rest of their life; the bigger goal is to drive them to the ultimate self-destruction: suicide. The information gathered... is used to take your life apart... and to attempt to make you look crazy." She adds, "Your children are harassed, they come home with belongings missing and stories of teachers harassing them."

The psychological aspect of the group harassment which takes place in public is identical to Mobbing; it has the same group dynamics. For that reason I'll make references to Mobbing throughout this book. The Mobbing phenomenon has been well documented and studied in other countries for years. However, it is only now beginning to receive attention in North America.

Mobbing, also known as "psychological terror" involves the systematic harassment of an individual by a group of individuals in the workplace, and according to the authors of the book Mobbing, also in public. In the workplace, the group is often rallied by an authority such as Human Resources. It includes rumors, setups, and skits intended to humiliate the target and make them appear incompetent.

The documented mainstream exposure that Mobbing has received will help us understand how thousands of people in some major cities can be recruited to systematically attack individuals. The Mobbing I'm referring to is committed by multiple people using subtle but repeated harassment, which takes place in the workplace and is difficult to prove. It is used to kick a person out of the workplace or even workforce while leaving little trace. The logic is that it is less of a liability for the organization if you "voluntarily" leave than if they fire you. In addition, some organizations with sadistic intentions enjoy it as a form of sport harassment as well.

Although it would appear that the Hidden Evil is a new phenomenon, it is not. Tyrannical regimes throughout history have used local groups to neutralize dissent. Group Stalking is simply another manifestation of this pattern. In order to understand how an entire country could be complicit in the persecution of perceived undesirables, a study of German and Russian dictatorships is essential.

Therefore, evidence will be presented which describes how similar programs of persecution were used during these dictatorships, and how the U.S. and other NATO countries are heading in that direction.


Finally, we'll draw upon the Milgram experiments, which will illustrate how most ordinary people will repeatedly torture innocent people under the direction of an authority figure.


"To harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict; specifically: to cause to suffer..."
-Merriam-Webster's Dictionary

"Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual/group by another group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution, and political persecution."
-Wikipedia Encyclopedia



* These names are taken from a combination of web sites listed in the sources.

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