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Personal Acknowledgments

This book has been, in many respects, an ensemble effort. Heartfelt acknowledgments are therefore due to all who assisted and supported me in so many ways. For editorial labors above and beyond the usual call of duty, John McManus, Tom Gow, and Gary Benoit have my highest regard. For research assistance in many areas, I am especially indebted to Tom Gow, Donna Glunn, Tom Eddlem, and John McManus. Myril Creer, Gary Benoit, Bernadine Smith, Dennis Cuddy, Patrick Mahoney, Steve Dapra, and Dave Chance also contributed valuable research aid. When I was beset with computer problems, John Burns, Dave Wright and Larry Solesbee came to my rescue and helped me avert some major disasters. For providing excellent typing service under trying circumstances I will always be beholden to Sarah Foster, Christine Schuemperli, Dave Burns and Trina Solesbee.

For extraordinary efforts to help me with facilities to work on the manuscript while I was traveling on a speaking tour, I owe particular thanks to Dan and Tara McBride, Mark Walsh, and Herb and Janice Hartman. Agustina Farris, Kris Solesbee, Irma Blecker, Leticia Saucedo, Lois Conkle, Don Fotheringham, David Bohon, Scott Alberts, Steve DuBord, and David Martin also deserve special mention for their efforts which made completion of this volume possible. For both inspiration and for the work they did in plowing the ground before me, acknowledgment is respectfully due to Robert Welch, V. Orval Watts, Frank Chodorov, John T. Flynn, Frank Holman, G. Edward Griffin, Robert W. Lee, Hilaire du Berrier, and many others. Above all, for herculean efforts in all aspects and stages of the production of this volume, for many sleepless nights and marathon editing sessions, Tom Gow will always have my .

Lastly, to my wife Carmen and my sons Jonathan and Christopher, who were widowed and orphaned the greater part of 1992, during my travels and periods of seclusion for writing, I am especially indebted for love, encouragement, and understanding.

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About the Author

William F. Jasper is senior editor of The New American magazine and was a contributing editor to its predecessor, The Review of the News. He has written extensively on a wide array of topics, including the European Community, the United Nations, Central America, terrorism, espionage, Soviet disinformation, the new world order, subversive organizations, and abortion.


Mr. Jasper is a widely respected authority on education, immigration, and environmental issues. His articles from the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro provided some of the most informative and incisive reporting on that event available to American readers. He is in high demand as a speaker on many subjects and is a regular guest on radio and television programs across America.


A native of Idaho and a graduate of the University of Idaho, William Jasper joined The John Birch Society staff in 1976 and served as Director of Research for the West Coast office. He lives in California with his wife Carmen and two sons.


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