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This Pamphlet Explains, in Detail,

The Who, Why and How of

The World-Rule Conspiracy.
It Traces This Conspiracy Back, 2000-Plus Years, and Follows It Down Through History to The Present Day.




Here in America, as with other countries around the world, we are undergoing a sea of social and economic change.

  • We have daily attacks upon our morality, our religion, our family structure and our nationhood.

  • We have an endless stream of "rights" - minority, homosexual and other - that seemingly are designed to destroy our natural social order.

  • We have a country that hastily exports its factories to other countries.

  • We have a country that opens its borders to allow floods of immigrants from all parts of the globe.

In short, we have a country that appears to be committing national suicide.

- Why are these things happening?

They are happening because a powerful entity wants to eliminate the national societies and their independent countries. It plans to replace them with a world society and a world government that it can dominate.

What we are witnessing are the preliminary steps in the accomplishment of this plan:

  • We see the national societies of the world being divided and fragmented - from within - over economic, moral, religious, gender, etc., etc., issues.

  • We see national borders being thrown open to large-scale immigration of other races from other parts of the world... and then we see these immigrants being given preference in advancement into the middle-class positions of society.

In each such country, the formerly unified national societies are, thus, being transformed into bickering and competitive multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural societies - that is, transformed into diversified societies.


These developing diversified societies are viewed by this entity as a transitional step to the stateless world-society that it envisions for the future..

When this diversification process has advanced sufficiently in the countries of the world, this powerful entity feels that it will be a simple thing to abolish all national borders and create a world government. There will be no unified national-will any longer in these countries to prevent such an act.


A world government is needed, this entity will say,

"to administer to the needs of the world economy and its free-flowing world population".

All formerly independent national governments will become subordinate to the new world government (if they are allowed to exist at all).


- What is this entity, so powerful that it can contemplate accomplishing all this?

This entity is a group that is rich in influence and power. A group that is dispersed widely over the face of the earth. In almost every major country, people of this group are prominent in business, in finance, in the media and in politics.

- Who Are These People?

They are the people who are known throughout the world as the People of the Diaspora (the dispersed people)... they are the Jewish People. For 2500 years, they have lived and prospered, as colonies, in other peoples lands.

- Why do the Jewish leaders and Jewish people want a world government?

They have various motives for wanting a world government - for power, for wealth, safety, vengeance and, also, "for God".


("For God"? Yes, for God, because the Jewish leaders have taught their people that a world government is God's wish and that they have been chosen as "God's Instruments", here on earth, to create it for Him.)

These Jewish motives for wanting a world government (and the methods employed by the Jewish leaders today in their efforts to create such a government) are not new. They evolved during ancient times.

In order to help the reader to understand these historically-evolved motives and methods - and the threat that they pose to our nation today - a primer on the history of the Jewish Diaspora has been written.






A Primer on the History of the Jewish Diaspora

(539 B.C. to 2007 A.D.)


Its Methods of Control, Its Cycles,

Its Motivations, Its World Goal


Many of the disturbing and confusing things that are happening to us today are simply a repetition of the practices of ancient rulers.


Things such as - installing pliable, obedient officials; replacing the middle classes with aliens; diversifying national societies with large-scale immigrations of people of other ethnicity and race. All of these things were methods commonly used by conquerors, in the times of Antiquity, to make conquered countries more rulable.

In Antiquity, Judah and her sister-state, Israel, were both subjected to such measures (and the Jewish leaders of today are quite familiar with the history and practices of that period):

  • In 722 B.C., the kingdom of Israel was defeated by the Assyrian Empire, its people were divided into segments and the segments sent off to different parts of the empire where they were assimilated into the local mixed populations. Thus, the Israelis ceased to exist as a nation.

  • In 586 B.C., 136 years after the fall of Israel, the kingdom of Judah was defeated by the Babylonian Empire. In successive waves, the majority of Judah's Jewish population was transferred to a mixed population in Babylonia where most of it was used as captive-labor.

But, unlike the Israelites, the Jews did not die as a national group.




Babylonian Empire

Once there in Babylonia, the Jews found that they would be permitted to keep and practice their national religion.


This assured them of the right to meet for worship. And, once there, to plan privately in their own best interest. The Jews adjusted well. By pooling their capital and and using bribery and other means of persuasion on the officials, they soon became favored over the other captive groups.

In fact, they did so well that when they were given permission to return to Judah (50 years later, when the Persian Empire conquered the Babylonian Empire) most of them declined the offer. They had found a new way-of-life... one of living-in, and advancing-in, other peoples societies.


Thus, the Diaspora was born.


From that time onward, the majority of the Jews have always lived outside of their homeland.



Persian Empire

In this new conquering Persian Empire, the Jews could see opportunity for themselves.


That was so because conquerors, in their newly conquered territories, have many middle-class positions to fill that they don't want for themselves. So they fill these educated-skilled positions with aliens. They do so because these privileged appointed aliens can be expected to be loyal to the empire and not to ally themselves with any rebellion that might arise on the part of the conquered native population.

Pledging their loyalty to the new empire, the Jews eagerly replaced Babylonians. They filled as many of these secondary-positions as possible. They were particularly attracted to foreign trade because of its profitability. In an assistive capacity they were dispersed along the trade routes - to the outer reaches of the empire and beyond.


Other Jews became the skilled artisans that were so essential in the manufacture of trading goods. Again - united by their nationalist religion and working together as a team - they built a growing presence in the fields of domestic commerce and foreign trade.

In time - as their capital and their influence grew - they reached the point where they were permitted to undertake trade missions of their own. (The Persian rulers were often indifferent about who ran the trades as long as they, the rulers, were able to tax their profits as heavily as they wished.)

While all of this was going on, two important things were taking place-



The Torah

One was the beginning of the revision of their age-old religion, the Torah.


Once the Jewish leaders realized that their people were committed to a diaspora way-of-life, they began to change their old state-based religion accordingly. This was an on-going process, of re-writing and re-interpreting, that covered many centuries. In the end, they had a revised religion designed to maintain the national identity, loyalty and cohesiveness of a widely-dispersed people.


And one that later included a "God-given" mission for the Jewish people, that being, the mission of establishing a world order.



The Talmud

The other thing was the beginning of what later would be called The Talmud.


This was called their Oral Law originally because parts of it would be so provocative if read by Gentiles that the Jews dared not put them into print. So it had to be passed-down orally (verbally), from memory, from generation to generation.

It became a vast collection of usable knowledge, collected over the ages. Among other things, it contains - a civil code to maintain harmony and settle disputes within the Jewish communities; advice on how to succeed in business and banking; angry fulminations over Jewish suffering at the hands of Gentiles; how to disorganize societies and control political leaders; and various theories on how best to achieve God's mission for them - the mission of establishing a world order.

As time went by, the Talmud became so ponderous that much of it was finally released for print, but the provocative parts remain, as ever, closely-guarded secrets.



The End of the Persian Empire

...from the Persians to the Greeks

By the time the Persian Empire was coming to its end (after about 200 years), at least two of the major banking houses in the Persian Empire were Jewish - Murashu & Sons and Egibi & Sons.

In banking, foreign trade and domestic commerce, the Jewish Diaspora had done well under the Persian Empire...but now the armed Greeks, under Alexander, loomed from the north.

Alexander the Great (financed and urged-on by groups of Mediterranean traders and bankers, desiring to expand their personal fortunes) was bent on world conquest and was challenging the Persian Empire.

Which side would win?

It was time for the Diaspora leaders to pick a winner.

This they did... by betting on both sides.

While remaining outwardly loyal to the Persian Empire, the Diaspora leaders secretly helped to finance the Greeks. In return for their secret support, the Greeks assured the Diaspora leaders that, in the event of a Greek victory, the Diaspora holdings in the Persian Empire would be kept intact for them... and... under a new Greek world-order, the Jewish traders and bankers would enjoy equal-opportunity alongside the other groups of traders and bankers supporting the Greeks.

In 334 B.C., the Greeks were victorious and the Diaspora traders and bankers, having won a seat at the table with their secret support, now looked forward to competing in this new Greek Empire (and likewise, later, in the Roman Empire that succeeded it).



The Greek and Roman Empires

Lasting from Alexander the Great to the start of the Middle Ages - a period of 700-800 years

(Note - it was during the period of these two empires that three important things developed and became permanent for the Diaspora.


These three things were:

  1. Their methods of control, by which they control individuals and organizations

  2. Their Diaspora Cycles, cycles of success and disaster

  3. Their adoption of their goal of World Rule

These Greek and Roman Empires are noted for their grandeur and greatness.


They are also noted for the corruption of their officialdom and the immorality of their upper classes (often this period is referred to as the Hellenistic Age).

Much of this corruption and immorality was the result of the different groups within the empires competing for government favor. These empires were like huge grab-bags. The governments were in a position of awarding lucrative contracts, trading rights and banking privileges.


Consequently, groups of traders, bankers and contractors -competing against one another - eventually, through the centuries, used any means at their disposal to influence and control the officials making these awards.

(1) The Methods of Control

Some of the notable methods used to influence and to gain control over the decision-

making of officials of that time were:

  • Bribery and Blackmail

  • Secret Societies

  • Assassination

- Bribery and Blackmail
From experience, these competing groups knew that bribery, at all levels, worked well. But blackmail worked even better (and was cheaper). And homosexual blackmail worked the best.

(Note: Although many pro-homosexual writers, past and present, have stated that homosexuality was casually accepted by society during the Greek and Roman periods-such was not the case. Then, as now, a person of good reputation who was exposed as a secret bisexual was held in high contempt by the public, by his colleagues and by his family.)



- Secret Societies - About secret societies

Typically, the members of such societies are motivated by a mixture of idealism and self-interest.


They are composed of elitist-minded members who are sworn to secrecy and loyalty. Using some noble-sounding humanitarian goal (or God's will) as their moral justification, they conspire to advance their members into positions of importance in the greater society.

Believing that their organizations are self-determining and are serving a good cause, the memberships of these secret societies are unaware that their top leaderships often are, themselves, subject to a higher unseen level of control. And, once again, this higher level of control is often achieved through the threat of exposure of homosexual activity.

(In history, ulterior-controlled secret societies had long been a way of advancing hidden agendas. The Diaspora leaders, during this period, became quite adept in the manipulation of such organizations.)



- Assassination
Nothing could change fortunes as quickly as a change of emperors. Consequently, assassination was a frequent occurrence during the Greco-Roman period.

During one 234-year span of the Roman Empire, no less than 18 emperors were assassinated, usually by members of the Roman Senate or the Roman military. Thus, averaging one assassination for every 13 years.

(Besides the above methods, many other persuasions were used. Such as - political and personal favors, moral and ethical argument, etc., etc..)

The Jewish Diaspora lived through all of the above intrigue and participated in it. And while it did so, its leaders thoughtfully included all of the usable knowledge of this Age into their secret teachings (their Oral Law, the Talmud) so future generations of their people could benefit from their use.


Most of the Diaspora methods-of-control in use today were adopted and perfected during this Greco-Roman period.

The Diaspora's increasing success with its methods-of-control created a growing appetite for political power in many of the Diaspora leaders.

Eagerly, they saw the possibility of their achieving total control of the Roman Empire and, through its expansion, total control of the world. Many Jewish leaders confidently predicted that it was only a matter of time before this would happen.

But there were reversals along the way.


Success would alternate regularly with adversity and these cycles became known as the Diaspora Cycles



(2) The Diaspora Cycles
The Cycles were a pattern - an extended period of Diaspora success that would be followed by an extended negative period of anti-semitic violence and repression.


The first seemed to assure the arrival of the second. The greater the period of the success (in privilege, position or power), the greater the accumulated resentment and reaction against it.

This led to Two Divergent Viewpoints within the Diaspora:

- The First Viewpoint.
During the good periods of the Cycles, when their Methods of Control were working outstandingly, the Diaspora prospered and its leaders were increasingly encouraged by their successes to think of achieving unlimited political power and world control... but...

- The Second Viewpoint.
During the bad periods of the Cycles, the violence and repression would cause the Jewish artisans and craftsmen (and others at the lower levels of the Diaspora) to give up hope for change and to demand the creation of a country of their own.

But the wealth-minded and the power-minded Diaspora leaders could not agree to this. It would ultimately lead to the collapse of the Diaspora system. Each new cycle of anti-semitism would cause a new wave of defection to such a created Jewish homeland.

Instead, the leaders hoped to get past these bad periods with assurances of their imminent total control of government (a thing that many of the power-minded Jewish leaders often felt was true). When this failed to occur, the Diaspora leaders resorted to Two Devices:

- The First Device - Vengeance - Replacing Fear with Bitterness and Hate
The Diaspora leaders refused to concede, to the disheartened and doubtful Jews, that the Diaspora way-of-life was in any way responsible for the periodic anti-semitic policies and attacks made against them.


Instead, they insisted that these policies and attacks were the result of the greed of the Gentile rulers and the unreasonable envy and bigotry of the Gentile commoners.

They insisted, and taught, that all of the acts against the Jews were vile injustices - injustices that deserved to be avenged. (And so, hate became institutionalized.)

This device served a double purpose - it asserted the acceptableness of the Diaspora way-of-life and it angered the disheartened Jews into wanting to stay in the Diaspora and gain vengeance on a foul and unjust enemy (the Gentiles),

But bitterness and hate, though effective, were not enough to completely counter the urge of many Jews to leave the Diaspora and so the Diaspora leaders created a second device.

- The Second Device - Imperial Theocracy

The second device was simply Imperial Theocracy - applied to the Diaspora.

What was (and is) Imperial Theocracy?

It was the common practice of conquering emperors and empires, in the times of Antiquity, of claiming divine authority and purpose for themselves...claiming that the emperor has been selected by the Gods to transmit their divine will to the people of the earth...and that the empire was of divine design and was for the purpose of bringing peace, prosperity and justice to all the world.

The Jewish leaders could claim no less a divine-purpose for their Diaspora. In their Diaspora version of Imperial Theocracy, the Jewish people (the Chosen People) had been chosen by God to be the representatives of His Will here on earth. And, as such, create for Him, a world society that will bring peace, prosperity and justice to all.

This Diaspora version says that the Jewish people agreed and accepted this mandate from God, at the time of Abraham. And therefore, that the Jews must stay in the Diaspora until this commitment to God is fulfilled.

With the insertion of this into their religion, the Diaspora leaders felt that they had solved the problem of periodic discontent in the Diaspora. But they knew they had accomplished much more than that...


(3) The Goal of World Rule
Like the First Device, the Second Device served a double purpose.


It religiously required the disheartened Jews to remain in the Diaspora indefinitely. And, at the same time, it religiously compelled all of the Jews in the Diaspora to consciously support, as holy, the Diaspora leaders' ambitious goal of world rule.

- Understanding More About the Talmud, the Talmudists and their Goal of World Rule
The Talmud (the Oral Law) acts as the brain and the memory of the Diaspora. A Talmudic organizational structure preserves this Oral Law and, through its "responsa" system, dispenses Oral Law rulings, religious clarifications and practical advice to Jewish organizations and synagogues.

The Talmudic organizational structure, itself, functions in secret society mode. Multileveled, it is secretive about its existence, its beliefs, its activities, and its long range goals.

(Note: During Roman times, secret societies were illegal and consequently the Talmudic organizational structure, several times, found it necessary to pay huge bribes to Roman officials to avoid being classified as such.)

An executive group presides over the Talmudic organizational structure's multiple activities.


This executive group has been known by different names ("Tannaim", "Amoraim", "Geonim". etc.), and has been located at different places in the world, down through history. The executive level that handled covert political activities was the first (because of their easy political successes) to perceive the possibility of Jewish world-rule and to be captivated by the idea.

Soon the entire executive group of the Talmudic organizational structure became equally captivated by this idea and, after deliberation, it was entered into the secret Talmud as its fundamental goal. Thereby, changing the Talmud's primary purpose from one of seeking wealth to one of seeking power - total power.

Subsequently, the wealthy Jewish lay-leaders of the Diaspora were swung into agreement on this goal of controlling a world government when it was successfully argued, by the Talmudists, that the Diaspora Cycles of violence would never be eliminated and their wealth would never be secure until a world government, firmly under Jewish control, was achieved.

With this agreement, world government then became "God's wish" and, as such, was then passed down to the entire Diaspora.

(And with this act, the relationship between the Diaspora and its Talmudists had drastically changed - the Talmudists, and the Talmud, were no longer the servant of a wealth-seeking Diaspora. The Talmudic structure had developed an agenda of its own - world power. And now the Talmudists regarded the Diaspora, and its wealth, as their tool - a tool to be used in attaining their goal of world power.)

Eventually, in the 5th century A.D., the Roman Empire faded away into the Middle Ages.


And during its decline, the Jewish Diaspora, despite its periodic setbacks, emerged as the strongest bloc of traders and bankers. The Diaspora had simply out-organized, outlasted and out-numbered the competition.



The Middle Ages

A period of 1,000 years - from the 5th to the 15th centuries A.D.


A time in Europe of smaller empires and many independent kingdoms.

While the Greco/Roman period had been one of learning and, overall, one of success for the Jewish Diaspora, the period of the Middle Ages became a fixed period for them.


The Diaspora Cycles continued to plague them. It was a period of triumphs followed, predictably, by woeful defeats... the greater the period of success, the greater the ultimate reaction against it.

Charles Dickens' immortal lines could well apply to this Jewish period:

"it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair... we had everything before us, we had nothing before us..."

So it was with the Jewish Diaspora during the Middle Ages.

The Jewish Diaspora entered the European Middle Ages highly optimistic in both their economic outlook and their political outlook. The kingdoms and regional empires needed the foreign trade-goods that the Jewish traders controlled and the loans that the Jewish bankers could, and would, make.


In addition, there were the craft-industries that the Jewish merchants owned and tightly controlled (partly by having the most skillful positions held only by Jews). Many rulers invited these industries into their lands because they would bring new revenues to their countries.

And further, there was the old reason for inviting the Jews in - the rulers preferred having an alien middle class - one that felt no kinship with, and would not interact politically with, the native population.


Such an arrangement gave the rulers a more divided, more rulable society.


Forming Empires
Having been born and matured in the empire-system, the Jewish Diaspora much preferred it to a system of dealing with many independent countries...each with its separate government and boundaries.

Economically speaking, it was far easier, safer and more profitable for the Diaspora to do business through one big empire government than it was to try to do business with many smaller independent ones.

And politically speaking, it was through empire-governments that the power-minded Jewish leaders hoped to establish their Jewish world rule. And so, wherever and whenever an empire didn't exist in a region of Europe, the Jews sought to create one. Like the trader-banker combines of earlier times, the Diaspora would reach a deal with an ambitious king. They would supply him with ample armaments and war materials - and with paid mercenary troops, if necessary.

Then, If the military campaign against the king's neighboring countries went as planned, the king became a glorious emperor, receiving tribute and taxes. And the Jewish traders and bankers, as per agreement, received near-monopolies in the fields of commerce and finance.

And so, when such notable conquerors as Charlemagne, William of Normandy and (later) Napoleon went marching into new territory, the Jews, by pre-arrangement, followed in their footsteps.

With all of these things going for the Diaspora Jews, how could the Middle Ages be -for them - "the worst of times"?

They became the "worst of times", first of all, because of their excessive economic-financial successes. With all of the endless opportunities that their Diaspora system opened up for them, the Jews found it hard to deny themselves. They became not only the bankers and foreign traders of Europe but also all of its middle classes. A growing resentment against them was inevitable

But as bad as this was, it was made doubly-worse by the impatient pursuit of power by the Diaspora's power-minded leaders who were anxious to hasten the day of the arrival of the Jewish World Order. Using "God's mandate" as their justification, they sought, with abandon, to corrupt and bring under their control both the secular leaders (the nobles) and the religious leaders of the countries that they entered.

They used the methods-of-control acquired during the Greco/Roman period - bribery, blackmail, secret societies, undermining and replacing decision-makers (even rulers).

They sought to create (then as now) permissive, libertine, decadent societies - with immorality (including homosexuality) reaching up into the highest levels of society... societies where "every man has his price" (bribery) and "every man has something to hide" (blackmail).

But eventually there was a breaking point. Eventually, the Church would lose all patience with their encouragements of immorality; the landed aristocrats would become heavily indebted to the Jewish lenders and would be facing foreclosure; the rulers, both kings and emperors, became increasingly worried of the Jews' hidden power and their conspiratorial nature; and the common people saw them as an alien privileged-elite and detested them.

As a result of all of this, over a period of centuries, the Jews were scorned, assaulted and killed by irate populations.


And they were stripped of their wealth and expelled from countries many times by displeased (and wary) rulers. During the Middle Ages, the Jews were expelled from almost every country in Europe. From some countries, they were thrown out more than once, being readmitted only because their trade goods and loans were needed. (This happened three times in France.)

A deep long-lasting reaction had set-in against the Jews. When and where they were deemed usable, because of their trade and finance, they were let into the country - but only under rigid restrictions. They were seen as being potentially dangerous, seen as a group that had to be controlled. They were restricted to certain activities and certain areas. Often they were required to wear identifying clothing.

Against this depressing backdrop, the Diaspora lower classes (artisans, craftsmen and others) were growing increasingly restless and demanding.


Although they were living considerably better than the Gentile serfs, their lives were far less than the lives of the rich Jewish bankers and merchant-princes. And when there was an outburst of violent anti-semitism, the Jewish lower classes lacked the perception and the mobility of the their upper classes in getting out of harm's way.


Consequently, they were stationary targets. They bore the brunt of the violence.

The constant assurances of the Jewish leaders that God's mandated World Order (and thus, the Jew's Golden Age) was near at hand....were sounding increasingly empty. And why, the common Jews demanded to know, was God permitting His People to suffer so during the interim? They spoke increasingly of the need for a national state, a country, for the people of the Diaspora. Alarmed by this, the Diaspora leaders once again doctored their religion.

Exile and Redemption Quietly, they added the concept of "Exile and Redemption" to it. This concept says to the Jewish people that they have been put into other peoples' lands by God as an act of punishment...and once God feels that they have redeemed themselves, he will signal permission for them to return to a land of their own.

This made remaining in the Diaspora mandatory until, at some unknown time in the future, God decides otherwise.

It meant (the Jewish leaders explained) that the question of leaving the Diaspora was not up to the leaders to decide... because the matter "rested in the hands of the Lord".

Caught in this impasse, the common Jews could only nurse their hatred of the goyim (the Gentiles) and desperately hope for the early arrival of the long-promised Age of Jewish World Rule.




The Modern Age

From the end of Middle Ages to the Present

Eventually, Europe began to emerge from the feudalism of the Middle Ages... passing through the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment to the Democratic Era

Each of these society-changing movements had the support of the Diaspora because, collectively, these movements helped to diffuse the authority of the Christian Church of that time and to eliminate, as a class, the hereditary rulers (i.e., the nobles) - both of which had developed strongly negative attitudes against the Diaspora.

Each of these society-changing movements - plus the new empires created with the support of the Jewish bankers and traders - gave the Diaspora a new beginning. In each case, the lower-class Jews - released from the confines of the ghettos - were certain that all of Jewry would soon be awash in privilege and power.

And, often, it was greatly so. But only for a time. Soon reaction to their presence, their activities and their successes would set in and the second half of the Diaspora Cycle would begin.


The restrictions, the violence and the expulsions would begin anew.


The Era of Democracy
The coming of the Democratic Era was viewed by the Diaspora leaders with great enthusiasm because they felt that - with their control of the mass media and with unlimited political money - they could control the political process.

But Democracy has not brought the political and social control that the Jewish leaders had envisioned. It has not served to prevent the growth of the anti-semitism that is the second half of the Diaspora Cycle.

The Dreyfus Affair (1894) was, for many Jews, the last straw. It brought-about screams of "Death to the Jews" from angry street mobs throughout France. This, during a period when Jewish leaders had been quietly and confidently assuring the Jewish people that all of France and French society were completely under their control.

Then, in Germany, (later,1933) Hitler was democratically brought to power heavily on the basis of his anti-semitism. This again, following a period when Jewish leaders were supremely confident of their control of German society.

The Dreyfus Affair led to the start (in 1897) of a continuing Jewish movement (Zionism) to establish a Jewish homeland. This, the Diaspora leaders, as always, argued against.

But the wave of intense anti-semitism that engulfed Europe during the period of the Second World War made it difficult for the Diaspora leaders to continue their opposition to the establishment of a Jewish homeland. And so, after the war, the Zionist leaders were able to bring about the creation of the State of Israel.

Although the Diaspora leaders had begrudgingly gone along with the creation of a Jewish State, it by no means meant that they were ready to abandon their Diaspora way-of-life and its goal of world domination. But in making the concession of a Jewish homeland to the disenchanted Jews, the Diaspora leaders knew they had seriously weakened their own position.


Now Jews had a choice other than continuing-on in the Diaspora.

This has put the Diaspora leaders under extreme pressure to achieve their long-promised Jewish World Order. But the Diaspora leaders, as always, are quite optimistic about being able to do so.


Having amassed more political power world-wide than ever before, they now are pushing ahead aggressively with their plan for a Jewish-controlled world government.

End of Part One









The Situation Today - A Summation


  • casting aside their economic independence and embracing a global economy

  • opening their borders to widespread multi-racial immigration

  • tolerating the promotion of homosexuality as a norm,

...these things, and others, have been happening with awesome uniformity in most of the major countries of the world.

That these things can happen in nation after nation - against the interest of their own people - clearly demonstrates the great degree of control that the Diaspora leaders have achieved - directly and indirectly - over most of the important leaders of the world.

How have they been able to achieve such control?

Mainly through their control of the secret societies - societies such as,


Down through history, guided by the secret teachings of the Talmud, the Diaspora leaders have always sought to organize such societies in each new country that they entered. (And, also, to assume control over those that they find already in existence.)



Secret Societies - How They Work

These secret societies, of Gentile membership, are organized in such a way that the Diaspora leaders rigidly and secretly control them.


They control them:

  1. through the use of a secret chain of command

  2. through a system of patronage

  3. through ideology

  4. through coercion.

In greater detail:

(1) The Secret Chain of Command in the Secret Societies

One that effectively conceals, from the Gentile memberships. the Jewish identity of the group that controls the society at its highest level

These societies, typically, are multi-leveled. Secretive and authoritarian, advancement to each higher level (and the benefits it offers) requires a greater degree of reliability on the part of the member and a greater oath of loyalty and degree of commitment.

Although the number of levels within a society are often stated, there are usually (unknown to the memberships) additional unstated secret levels above these. Usually, the members at each level only know the identities of those in the next-higher level but not the identities of those in the levels that are still higher. Each higher level encompasses still fewer people and greater secrecy as to its methods, beliefs and goals.

This pyramid-like narrowing continues upward until only a few exceptionally well-controlled people are in the level that is in contact with the highest ruling level of the society.

Those in this next-to-highest level are totally blackmailable and controllable and have taken the severest death-oath not to reveal the identities of those in the top level.

The effect of this "chain of command" is that no one outside of these societies , and very few inside of these societies, knows who is really in command.

(Historically, Talmudic teaching has constantly cautioned the Jewish leaders "to act with an unseen hand". And with that advice in mind, through the centuries, the Talmudic leaders have perfected the above secret system of control.)


(2) Patronage
The starting level of a typical multi-level secret society is its general-membership level.


These members have been attracted to the society by its aura of elitism and power. But more than that by the fact that membership gives them economic and political advantages over the population at large.

This is so because members are duty-bound to support each other, over nonmembers, in economic and political matters.


And, as a way of increasing the opportunities for the membership as a whole, they are required to advance members, as much as possible, into important positions in public life.


(3) Ideology - Noble Purpose
In time, at a certain level, it is explained to the members that - in their reaching for privilege and important public positions - they are serving a great cause.


This is so, it is explained, because ultimately, through the gaining of power, they will be able to fulfill the society's secret mission, which is - the creation of a benevolent world government, a government that will usher-in a lasting age of peace and prosperity for all of mankind.

And, it is further explained, one that will necessitate the holding of many important public positions by the members of the society. (Thus, noble-purpose justifies their privilege-seeking.)

Once that self-interest and world-government are bonded together as one, in the minds of the members, the Talmudists shift the members' focus to the noble pursuit of world government. It becomes central. It not only nobly justifies the self-seeking of the members but it also nobly justifies punishment of members for any violations of their oaths.

And in some of the secret societies, the ideology is taken a step higher to a level where the creation of a world-government is taught (as it is taught in the Diaspora) as God's wish.


(4) Coercion -Blackmail
But the Talmudists do not depend on patronage and ideology alone to control those who are selected for advancement in the society and into desirable corporate and political position.


On these, they must have a stronger grip. Time has shown that blackmail provides a much better grip than either patronage or ideology. Therefore, advancement within the society and into desirable public position, depends greatly on the member's vulnerability to blackmail.

To create such a vulnerability, the members are encouraged - often under the influence of alcohol or drugs at festive private orgies - to engage in immoral acts. Once on that path, each subsequent orgy becomes more involving - graduating from acts with prostitutes to acts with homosexuals to acts of pedophilia. Graduating from the immoral to the out rightly illegal.

At a certain point, the member slowly realizes that he is "owned", that he can be destroyed (disgrace and prison) by the leadership of the society if it so chooses. But being ambitious, and not having much choice, he submits himself completely to the authority of the society. He does so, hopefully, in order that he might reap the benefits of the society's corporate and political patronage systems.

Thereafter, on occasion, he will commit still greater blackmailable acts (as commanded) as a "rite of obeisance" (to re-affirm his loyalty) or as a "rite of passage" in order to advance himself to a still-higher level within the society.

As part of the advancement process, he is subjected at each level to additional ideological training which is designed to reshape his social values and his religious beliefs.

In this lengthy process of indoctrination, the secret society has assumed the role of church over him and has become the conveyor of the wishes and the wrath of the Supreme Being (in time, the supreme being is not necessarily God).


When this religious transformation is completed, the member has become (as intended) a pliable, obeisant tool in the hands of the society's leaders.



Homosexuality and the Military


- Why do the Talmudists work so feverishly, with their "equal rights" barrages, to spread homosexuality into the military?
It is to establish there what they have already established in civilian life - secret control through the spread of blackmailable activity.

- Why is the control of the military so important to the Talmudists?
It is because the military has the power, if it so chooses, to seize the reins of government. (And down through history, to the present day, the military around the world has frequently exercised this power.)

Faced with this fact, the Talmudists see two opposing possibilities.

The first possibility is that the military, being deeply patriotic, will become so disgusted with the policies of the government that they overthrow it and establish a military dictatorship. And then, holding the Jews responsible for most of these objectionable policies, expel them forthwith from the country. (Expulsions have happened many times in history to the Jews.)

The second possibility is that they, the Talmudists, will be able to gain such a control over the military that - if need be - they will be able to initiate, and secretly control, a military take-over of the government.

Forcing the acceptance of open homosexuals into the military will be, for the Talmudists, a major step in the creation of such a Talmudic control. Civilian homosexuals will then be attracted by this new environment in the military (by the career and sexual opportunities that it presents) and will enlist in growing numbers.


Along with this will be Washington-directed (open and covert) affirmative action programs designed to advance the homosexuals in the ranks. Those in opposition to this will be put on the defensive. Outspoken opposing officers will be accused of "bigotry", "discrimination" and "using hate language", etc..

Soon, the career military officer - not wanting to put his career at risk - will learn to keep his opinions to himself.

Once the homosexuals are in the military in large number, the Talmudists are confident that (as with the secret societies) homosexual activity with the "straights" can be induced. (see "Coercion" far above).

From this they expect a sub-culture of homosexuals and bisexuals to arise. In effect, a secret society within the military. One that is conscious of being a "group within a group". And acts secretly as a group within a group.

Along with the above, other blackmailable activities will be pushed - acceptance of bribes from defense contractors, narcotics usage and distribution, etc..

The Talmudists, and their agents, will seek to spread this corrupt activity throughout the military in general, but especially, it will be aimed at the officers and most of all at the officers in command of the martial law forces.

Add to blackmail, the other two elements of secret-society control (Patronage and Ideology) and the secret society picture in the military is complete:


The patronage benefits will be provided by a promotion and appointment system that heavily (but secretly) favors the homosexual-bisexual combine. And also, in some cases, by a share in the bribery and/or narcotics monies.


The provided ideology can be flexible. For the homosexuals it can be one that depicts world-government as a government that will merely greatly-favor homosexuals and homosexuality or it can go farther and depict it as one that will be totally dominated by homosexuals.

(The Talmudists are quite confident that they can do all of this. They are quite confident that their methods of control, used so successfully in civilian society, can be applied with equal success to the military.)



A Closing Note

It has been argued many times that homosexuals in the military are no longer security risks, once they are legalized, because they can no longer be blackmailed.

However, every legal homosexual can create several secretive bisexuals and these can be blackmailed. The Talmudists are well-aware of this... and so are the foreign intelligence agencies.



The Selling of the World Government Idea

The selling of the world government idea is a simple matter for the Talmudists-simply appeal to people's primary self-interests.


Whether their primary goals in life are wealth, power, career or sexual... world government and a world society are presented as the means of their achieving their goals.

The vision of world government can be tailored to fit the desires of any group:

  • For the people of the Diaspora, "it will bring the Eternal Golden Age"

  • Likewise, for each Gentile secret society, it will bring the world under the rule of their secret society

  • For the homosexuals, "it will bring the greatest of sexual freedoms" (and/or "the world under their rule")

  • For the corporate executive, the lure is the image of "fantastic profits"

  • And with the career politician - his primary interest is in extending his political career. Consequently, he does not hesitate to vote for pro-globalist legislation when his corporate donations depend on it and when the legislation is tagged "must pass" by his (often secretly-controlled) party leaders

(The fact that acting to destroy the sovereignty of one's own country is usually regarded as treason doesn't seem to deter those Gentiles who are thusly involved. Each is blinded by his own self-interest.)

And so, with each blinded by his own self-interest, the world government movement rolls on.




World Government, and then...

Most advocates of world government assume that world government, once created, will thereafter run smoothly.

But the Talmudists know better. They know that, for their purposes, it must be run with an iron fist.

The Talmudic organizational structure, 2500 years old, is the oldest continuous secret society in Western history. It is also the oldest continuous think-tank in our history. And for the better part of 2000 years, this think tank has devoted itself to its goal of establishing, and then retaining control of, a world government..

With this in mind, the Talmudists know that Gentiles are dangerous to their plans only when they are unified. That is, when the Gentiles feel they share a common identity and have interests in common and consequently are motivated to act in a unified way to defend and advance those interests.

Therefore, the Talmudists are in the process of dissolving two social forms that enable the Gentiles to think and act in a unified way:

  • The first is the Nation/State, i.e. - those independent countries that hold a single related people having their own economy, government and culture which, together, unite them.

  • The second is the Family Unit - the nuclear family - which is the basic social building-block with which the larger social groups of clans, tribes and nations are built.

The Family Unit is the social form where individuals first gain a sense of responsibility and concern for those who are related to them.


But with the abolition of the nuclear family unit, this intergenerational blood-tie would be lost (the children would be raised in institutions by the government, as some are now in orphanages).

The Talmudists feel that, by eliminating the above two social forms, they will be going a long way in transforming the world's population into a huge mass of disconnected, aimless (solely self-interested) individuals with neither a national consciousness or a family consciousness to bond them together.


Beyond this, for the Talmudists - if they are to retain permanent control of a world government - there is the need for the permanent docilization of mankind.

Narcotics in the past (and still in the present) were seen as helpful in this respect. And for this reason, many Hollywood movies have been produced trivializing or glamorizing drug usage.

But now the genius of modern society has created many new things that control, or have the potential to control, human behavior. Science-fiction has become a reality. We now have body-imbedded chips and mind-controlling drugs in growing number.

A strong world government, using one pretext or another as justification, could easily order the forced inoculation of all of mankind with one or more or these mind-altering drugs.

Still more alarming than this is the specter of genetic engineering. With this, and a strong world government, the creation of a new kind of mankind becomes possible a hybrid, one that is hereditarily submissive.

With such a remaking of mankind, the Talmudic victory over the "goyim" would be complete and permanent.

Down through the centuries, the Talmudists have examined each new social and scientific development in the hope that it might be the thing that makes their dream of Jewish World Rule a reality.


So it is obvious that the Talmudic structure was among the first to see the power-potential of these new scientific breakthroughs.



A Closing Message to European-Americans

The United States was founded and has existed, for more than 200 years, as a Christian European-American nation.

We all know that its days are numbered unless enough European-Americans decide that, for themselves and for their children, America is worth fighting-for. It is now time for those thoughtful Americans, who believe that America is worth fighting-for, to step forward and become involved.

What can we do as European-Americans to undo the Talmudists' plans, and to reverse the harm they have already done to our country?



First - Deny them their Secrecy

Deny them their secrecy by broadly posting this pamphlet, ("The World-Rule Conspiracy"), on the Internet and by printing and widely distributing copies of it to friends, organizations and political office holders.


Second - Get Organized!
"In Unity, There is Strength" Most of the other racial groups in our country already have many racial organizations to advance their economic and political interests.

The European-Americans, with no apologies to anyone, should do likewise. If the critics say that the minorities are "under-represented" and therefore have the right to racial organization (while the Whites do not), our answer is simply that the European-Americans are fast becoming a minority (in a country that was once their own) and, as a new minority, they will need to be organized racially, as are the other races, in order to defend their interests.

Organize European-Americans - as broadly as possible - into business, professional, labor, student, civil rights, political, etc, organizations.

Meet regularly and develop agendas.



Use Economic Issues

Most people are quickly aroused to action when their economic welfare is threatened.

So use issues having economic consequences affecting European-Americans, as they arise, to build permanent memberships in permanent economically-oriented European-American organizations.


And, Concurrently, Attack on the Ideological Front

Go on the offensive. In addition to issues of economic-consequence, project and rally around the ideological issues because these issues will determine the future.


Attack the oppositions main strategy. The one based upon the destruction of the nation-state and the family-unit and on the promotion of homosexuality.

Demand that White candidates, in safe White political districts, take positions endorsing the desirability of the independent nation-state and the traditional family... and opposing the practice of homosexuality.


Make these into election-issues!

And as strength builds on these issues, demand that similar resolutions of endorsement and opposition be introduced into Congress, and when, in time, these pass Congress, demand that our representatives to the United Nations present them and lobby for their passage at the U.N.


Legislative Action

Introduce and pass legislation that prevents future, and reverses past, immigration-amnesty measures.

Introduce and pass legislation that once again outlaws homosexuality. (Reverse the pro-homosexual trend - put the opposition on the defensive.)

Introduce and pass legislation that outlaws covert activity designed to weaken or destroy the sovereignty of the United States. Such a law would not prohibit open-advocacy of sovereignty-weakening measures (free speech) but would punish those who act in secret to accomplish such an end.

Such a law would subject the secret societies and the Talmudic structure to government investigation and possible prosecution .

This would greatly hamper their present activity to create a world government.