by Nepos Libertas

03 March 2008

from WakeUpFromYourSlumber Website

"The thesis that the danger of genocide was hanging over us in June 1967 and that Israel was fighting for its physical existence is only bluff, which was born and developed after the war."
Israeli General Matityahu Peled, Ha'aretz

19 March 1972

"We will establish ourselves in Palestine whether you like it or not. ... You can hasten our arrival or you can equally retard it. It is however better for you to help us so as to avoid our constructive powers being turned into a destructive power which will overthrow the world."
One of the founding fathers of State of Israel & later First Israel president

Chaim Weizmann

in Judische Rundschau, No. 4, 1920.

"The sufferance which is the badge of the Jew has made him, in these days, the ruler of the rulers of the earth."
19th century philosopher & essayist

Ralph Waldo Emerson

First, a prologue before the conspiracy of monstrous proportion is revealed.

I was inspired to create this post after reading the following comment post left in CNET Military Tech article:

"Exposed to military chemical and biological warfare tests, they walk among us"

by a person who knew his/her comrades: Leria

March 2, 2008

Those anthrax vaccinations should not have been made mandatory. I know of a lot of people on the base near where I live, Aberdeen Proving Ground, that said that they were DOG-SICK after getting those vaccinations for anthrax, to the point where they couldn't get out of bed for a week or more.

Here are video clips on mandatory vaccinations in the U.S. military, explaining what this is about and why is it mandatory with threat of court-martial against the military service members who resist the vaccination.

Anthrax shots at Osan




US Troops Refuse Deadly Mandatory Anthrax Vaccine



Betraying our Heroes, Gulf War Syndrome - Anthrax Vaccine





What is Fortress Americas?

Fortress Americas is an ambitious plan of conquest by Israeli Zionist forces (descended from Ashkenazi Khazar ancestry of the former Khazaria Empire) to subvert the national defense and security of the U.S. government, military and infrastructure by means of convert intelligence (Israel spying network) to develop, modify and coordinate the plan of escalating cold front attack to overwhelm the populace after the U.S. military strength (National Guard and others) is significantly depleted in conjunction with the preemptive contravening or repealing of the Second Amendment disarming the citizens.

Having received billion-dollar inventory of the military hardwares and arms from the U.S. government over the past decades combined with billions of USD in annual foreign aid money (and theft of the 2.3 trillion dollars from Pentagon accounting office preceding Mossad-operated 9/11 attacks - reference 1, 2, 3;  below video), Israeli forces use the hardware and weaponry to turn on America to subdue with the brute force of bloodshed, violence and terror to conquer North America and South America to establish the "power base" for world domination.



Rumsfeld 2.3 Trillion Dollars missing Pentagon 1 DAY b4/9-11



Zionists know it would take decades of planning to bring this plan to reality that require the vast resources of oil and military hardware while completing the decade-long conquest of the Middle East/Central Asia with the military prowess of the Imperial West under the control of Zionist Neocon cabal, provided the designated enemy nations can be conquered without obstacles sprung up by insurgencies and allied network of anti-imperial organizations such as Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the East.

Who had the courage to divulge such a vast conspiracy that seem so ludicrous on the surface?


The late ex-pat Australia resident Joe Vialls, who has written about Israeli Zionism as the deadliest adversary to world civilization on his web site for several years until he passed away due to cancer in 2005.

Joe authorized the two-part article "Fortress Americas" with the claim that he was one of the survivors of Zionist assassination operation on the scientists who stumbled upon the plan on defense network computers in the early 80's. This is not dissimilar to Mossad's assassination of Iraqi academics and scientists after 2003 invasion of Iraq.


His web site had suffered the pattern of repeat hack attacks to knock the site off-line.


At first glance the site contains the archived articles of wild/implausible-sounding conspiracy theories, but the question is why would the web site be subject to hack attacks?


This indicates the faceless force of hackers doesn't want the "truth" revealed that shed the light on the sinister plans and murder plots devised and executed by the Zionists for successful black propaganda campaigns to provide support for Israel and "War on Terror" in hope of effecting geopolitical alterations by means of false flag attack, subversion and sabotage.

Out of respect for copyright and due to the epic length of Joe Vialls' two-part story - my attempt to explain Vialls' story in truncated form in this post won't do it justice in grasping how insane "Fortress Americas" plot is - here are the links to the first two parts of the story.


My suggestion is to ignore the speculation on Masonry in the first part for a moment and focus on the meat portions discussing the plan in sordid details.

Reading "Fortress Americas" as told by Joe Vialls is a chilling experience, not unlike watching the finely-made taut psychological horror movie and witnessing Israel's murderous incursions on Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon on the Internet, in newsprint and on television.


And it may certainly not be coincidental that "Fortress Americas" plot have given the controversial and often-debunked "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" a fresh perspective on the supremacy of Zionism in advancing communist/fascist totalitarianism as philosophically and ideologically sound, provided the control of information in the free press is complete to prepare the anemic population in the West for subjugation and inhumane treatment utilizing the grotesque, demonic patterns of violence and rape reminiscent of Japanese Imperial army's occupation of Nanking in 1937-1938.


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