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Six Pages of Autographs From the 1929 Zionist Congress

With Some Very Interesting Names on It...


The Zionist Congress - Collection Co-Signed by:

  • Meir Dizengoff

  • Carola W. Rothschild

  • Janet Lieberman

  • Rebecca H. Safer

  • Vera R. (Mrs. Chaim) Weizmann

  • Archibald (Mrs) Silverman

  • Adinor Grodsensky

  • Louis Lipsky

  • Simon Marks

  • Morris D. Wegasch

  • Morris Rothenberg

  • Arthur Glanske

  • Rosie F. (Mrs. Cyrus) Adler

  • O. Grusenberg

  • Hermann Strick

  • Edward Lagansky

  • Herbert Solow

  • Leon Blum

  • Felix Warburg

  • Baron Melchett

  • Herbert Samuel

  • David M. Bressler

  • Abram Simon

  • Meyer Spilman

  • Ralph S. Green

  • Felix Dellenasee

  • Maurice B. Hexter

  • Cyrus Adler

  • Shimon Lowenstein

  • James N. Rosenberg

  • M. M. Ussishkin

A unique collection of 52 signatures in pencil on six separate sheets of paper, each 5¾x7, three bearing imprint of lion and "Baur au Lac/Zurich" in upper left, signed at the Zionist Congress held in Zurich, Switzerland, probably the Sixteenth Congress in 1929.


Most are signed in English, a few in Hebrew.



  • Léon Blum (Jewish Prime Minister of France, 1936-1937, 1938)

  • Herbert Samuel (1st High Commissioner of Palestine, 1920-1925)

  • M. Dizengoff (founder and 1st Mayor of Tel-Aviv)

  • Vera R. Weizmann (First Lady, wife of 1st President of Israel Chaim Weizmann)

  • Morris Rothenberg

  • Herbert Solow

  • James N. Rosenberg

  • Cyrus Adler

  • Carla Marburg Rothschild

  • Janet Lieberman

  • Rebecca Herzmark Safer

  • Simon Marks

  • David M. Bressler

  • Meyer Spielman

  • ...and 38 others...

A few days after the Sixteenth Congress had closed, riots broke out in Palestine.


The Zionist movement was in chaos and Chaim Weizmann, re-elected President of the World Zionist Organization, resigned.


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