Book Excerpts:


Capitol Offense:

Alien Incursions of

Restricted Airspace

by Robert Stanley



Considering Americaís poor record of dealing with illegal aliens poring across its borders by land and sea the announcement that it has a similar problem with aliens life forms entering its restricted air space at will should come as no surprise.

What is amazing is that someone actually photographed aliens entities visiting the Nationís Capitol on the 50-year anniversary of their first historic visit. The enigmatic events of July, 2002 which produced these stunning images are amazing.

Over the course of many confidential conversations, I have learned that the D.C. photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, is a highly credible, intelligent, patriotic American. He is also a contacteť. His first encounter with alien life forms was 1962, some 40 years before he was able to take some of the most incredible UFO images ever captured on film.

The following interview was conducted on 4/23/05:



Why are you coming forward with this story and images? What is your goal here?


Well, first it is to show that we are not alone. Secondly, we are looking at incursions of restricted U.S. air space. With that in mind, we are currently looking more at the Middle East and other countries where there are clear problems, but I think there is a much greater problem at hand here.


I guess you know that Homeland Security recently announced that it wanted passenger lists for all flight coming into or just passing over the U.S.? What is your reaction to that in relation to your story of UFOs over the Capitol?


Well, itís good to know who is entering into our air space on the human side, but I am more interested in the question of who is entering our air space on the non-human side. And that is a question that we should look at more closely.


How do you know thatís not being done covertly?


Well, Iím not certain whether it is or whether it isnít, but one thing I can state is that I have noticed while inviting the ďexperts in the UFO fieldĒ to assess my images I found that there was a level of cover up. I was told that my images were simply lens flares.


And you feel that is part of a cover-up?

Yes, that is a level of cover up. There is a level of inconsistency here that is so blatantly obvious.


You mentioned that you worked for ABC.


Yes, I worked for ABC News for over 18 years.


During what time did you work for that network?


I was with them from 1982 to 2000.


And what area did you work in?


I was a Senior Engineer. I was also Senior Network Engineer TOC [Tactical Operations Center] which is master control for ABC News. And I worked extensively at the White House and on Air Force One.

Under which Administrations did you work at the White House?


I worked with Ronald Reagan, George Bush and William Jefferson Clinton. I worked extensively under Ronald Reaganís term in office.


Did you photograph any UFOs during that time?

That was not a part of my life then, and it is not something that I set out to do intentionally. The UFOs just happened to be there.


Can you tell me why you walked away from ABC News after 18 years of service?


My father became ill. He was a Vietnam veteran and he had been exposed to a biological toxin called Agent Orange. I went to take care of him. Iím sorry to hear that. You also mentioned that he had served honorably in the Air Force. Yes, he served in the Air Force for many years. He was involved in Advanced Warfare in Vietnam. Sounds intense! Yeah. My dad was a heavyweight scientist, PMEL [Precision Measurement Equipment Lab]. His work was classified and always covert.


Since your father was a scientist, is that why you chose to earn a Masters degree in image technology and engineering?


Well, inherently yes. I would say it was genetics that I turned out to be analytical and artistic at the same time.


I see. But you mentioned that you grew up on military bases. What was that like?


I grew up on military bases throughout the world. I was initially contacted at a base in England called Sculthorpe which is located near another base called Lakenheath. One night I awoke and saw that there were Extraterrestrial Biological Entities entering into my room ó a whole bunch of them.


And how old were you?


I was 5.


And what year was that?


It was 1962.


Did you ever see them again after the first encounter?


Yes. I saw them again a few years later at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. And base housing was situated directly across the street from a farm pasture so there was plenty of open area for an object to land. And one night I awoke and there was a single entity in my bed room. Letís go back to the first encounter for a moment.


When the ETs were in your bedroom the first time at the base Ö


No. We lived off base.


Oh! You were off base?


We lived in Sheringham, UK. It was a farming town. At the time there was no base housing for us to move into so we stayed there temporarily. Something made me wake up. And when I awoke these entities were coming into the room and when I tried to scream or run nothing happened. No screams came out and I was unable to move. And at that point I just blacked out.


But you were sure that you were awake when you saw the ETs?


Yes. That is something that I can not forget to this day. In fact, it is directly related to my sleep disorders that continue to the present. Right now, I can not sleep at night at all.


I have heard that before in other cases. No amount of therapy or medication seems to help in those situations.


I know. I can take a whole bottle of Excedrin P.M. and still be awake.


Did you try taking any other medication for your condition?


Actually, I try and stay away from all pharmaceuticals ó I donít need that. That is not what my problem is. I suffer from a trauma that shocked the hell out of me.


I believe medication only suppresses the problem ó it canít resolve anything.


No. It canít make it go away. And honestly I would rather be awake at night to see what the hell is going on than to be asleep and wake up to something that is beyond normal.


How old were you the second time you encountered the ETs?


I was in 4th grade. I was about 9 or 10 at the time.


Did it happen again after that?


Yes, it happened again years later around the time I took the pictures at the U.S. Capitol.


Oh, really?




How did that encounter come about?


I am an electronics person and I do a lot of digital recording both audio and video. I use a program called Avid and mini disks and all these other portable devices in the digital media. I have units that even during a power failure they have a back up power source so an LED light is always on somewhere.


One night I awoke into total darkness which is a physical impossibility in my home because even during a total power failure you can see ambient city light coming in from the windows. But that night, I saw absolutely nothing. There was just total blackness. I went back to sleep and didnít think anything of it in the moment. I woke up again shortly afterwards, but this time I was laying on my back and there were people above me looking down as if I was on an observation platform of some sort ó like in a med school.


But then I just went back to sleep. And I thought that was a bit odd because I went totally back into blackness. The next time I awoke, I was back here and the first thing out of my mouth was, ĎOh? They put me back.í



Are you talking about your home in Washington, D.C.?


Here in Washington, D.C., yes.


Do you know specifically when that happened in relation to the pictures you took in 2002?


Iím not really sure. I would say maybe about a month before, or a month after, but it was around the time these images were documented on film. The first episode was over the Washington Monument and that was the Forth of July, 2002.



click image to enlarge



What was the exact date of the pictures of the UFOs over the Capitol?

The second episode was over the U.S. Capitolóthat was the 16th of July, 2002. Thatís when an object landed on the Capitol buildingís roof.

And the third was November 11th, 2002. The third one was a micro anomaly over the young ladies head





At which one of these events did you tell me you were burned by radiation?


That happened on the 16th of July, 2002 at the U.S. Capitol while taking the final image of the night.



click image to enlarge



What?! I thought that area would be totally secure these days?

I was underneath this object. And according to my images it warped out or whatever it did it went back to wherever it came from in the time of that exposure. At that point there is an image which I believe I sent you that shows a center set of UFO formations in lateral and upward motions?


I do recall that image.


I felt that I was in the thrust of something. And shortly after that I noticed I had these very fine, pinhole sized burns in my fingernails and my arms felt like they were energized with some kind of energy.


Wow! Did you suffer any other side effects?


No, just the abnormal burns on my fingers and hands.


How long did that last?


It lasted for about a year and a half.


Wow! Was it painful?


Not really, it was just weird because there were green crystals coming out of my fingernails.


Do you mean tiny little granules?


Yes, granules like salt, but green. Thatís really weird. Itís real weird. Shortly after that an infection set in. Then it just went away.


What can you tell me about the digital filtering processes that you are using to analyze these UFO images?


Well, initially itís a film image which I then scan directly from the negative or slide at 4,000 DPI ó which is super high resolution. Then I am using Adobe CS2 software which has a three-dimensional PhotoShop. Itís extremely sensitive. It is state-of-the-art spectral analysis for images. Whatever it is that I took photographs of it was beyond the abilities of Photoshop CS2 which is at the cutting edge of digital technology. Whatever was out flying around out there in the night sky was emitting energy beyond this technology.


What do you mean by that?


There were just some things that my system could not analyze. For example, the object that I shot in the water at the reflecting pool at the Capitol; I could analyze some of the spectral data, but not all of it.


Oh? I see. The energy spectrum emitted is too big to measure.


No, it was too far out there for this particular technology to lock on to and perform variations on. I tried to do as many variations as possible for the sake of getting details from these objects and that in some of the analysis of the variations were most intriguing and it showed that there were other elements included in these things. For example, the green objects had a nucleus in them. And some of these nucleusesí were completely different than the objects that were on the ground. And there were two sets of objects on the ground.

Are you referring to the semi-transparent, plasma looking things?





No. There were two green objects setting side-by-side on the ground that night. They were the same shape and configuration as the objects in the sky except when I analyzed these objects their nucleus were red. The objects in the sky had a blue nucleus.


Are those the images that you felt were entities?


I know that these are images of vehicles that the entities came out of.


Oh, I see. Which images that you took show what you identify as entities?


Okay. There are some images of a Recording Artist sitting in front of the reflecting pool at the Capitol.


Right, heís in he first two images you took at the Capitol.


Correct. There are three anomalous objects Ö two in the sky and one in the water. And then there is another image that was taken 30 seconds earlier that shows an entity above the Capitol Buildingís dome, an unidentified entity on the roof and another unidentified entity on the ground. Now the entity on the ground to the rear of the reflecting pool was the same entity in the very last shot that shows the objects warping out and these entities, I do recall them coming toward me and surrounding me then vanishing.


So you were seeing some of the anomalies while you were filming them?


I saw some anomalies during the shoot, but didnít think that much of it because I was more focused on the job at hand ó which was getting an album cover done. But I did notice the entities [UFOs] in the sky over the Capitol.


What time of night was that?


It was approximately 12:30 a.m. There was no one around; not a soul. In fact, as I recall you could always here the sound of water splashing around in the reflecting pool, but I heard absolutely nothing during the shoot that night. Did the ďRecording ArtistĒ have any unusual memories? He refuses to come out at night since that time. Are you serious? Heís completely spooked. And for some odd reason he blames me for the event and has disassociated himself from me.


Thatís wild. Did you know him well before that?  


No. He was just a client. It was a paid job ó it paid very well.


You told me that you showed these UFO pictures to your father before he passed away.


Yes, I showed them to him before he passed away and he was really agitated and wanted me not to show these to anybody.


Did he say why?


Well, keep in mind because of the experience I had in England I believe he knew something. And I knew he saw something. And in the military they somehow persuade you not to divulge any information at all. Thatís true. But he knew something. He most definitely did because my father was involved in nuclear warfare. And at the particular SAC [Strategic Air Command] base that he was stationed at there were some unusual [UFO] anomalies that were present. I am familiar with some of those military UFO reports. It is a big problem and I can see why it makes our political/military establishment uneasy.


Did you ever discuss your E.B.E encounters with your dad?




Not ever?


No. I only spoke of it to my brother and he would make no comment on that either. He is ex-military


What rank did your father hold in the Air Force? 


My father was a senior Master Sergeant and my brother was a Colonel.      


Did you ever have a desire to enter the military?


I was rebellious. In fact, I got into trouble on a couple of the bases. At Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines for example, after school my friends and I were buzzing incoming B-52ís with our radio controlled air planes (laughter). That didnít go over too well with the base commander. My dad took some heat for that. Had I unintentionally flown a RC plane into the engines of one of those B-52ís it could have crashed quite easily.


And God only knows what men and materiel would have been onboard.


Yeah. Well, you know we got into a lot of trouble for that. It was very nasty and perhaps thatís why I chose not to follow my Father and Brotherís path in life.


You also told me that you felt that during one of these encounters that something was ďdownloadedĒ into you?


Yeah, every time I would have one of these encounters afterwards, the thoughts I would have were not rational or what I would consider to be my thoughts. For example, I can not explain to you how I got the chemical formulations to enhance film to the point where you can see into the dark. I never studied that kind of chemistry as such. Another thing is theories of zero gravity space. I created a device that I know is based on perpetual energies and I know it works because I have a 3-D model of it working, but I never studied these things. It seems they are just coming out of me.


Do you think that could have been another reason you didnít join the military?


Thatís more than likely. 


What is your summary of the situation we are in regarding E.B.Eís and our military government? Where do you think things are headed?


Well, one of the devices that just somehow came out of me was specifically designed to dissipate oncoming objects that are traveling in space toward Earth. And that this particular device redirects energy from the Sun and melts asteroids.


Okay. I recall you sent me a graphic rendering of that. It looked like a space telescope.


One of the devices looks like that, yes.


It looks like a telescope, but itís something more?


Itís something more like an organic laser. It amplifies and redirects the energy from the Sun.


Are you referring to the solar wind.


I am saying it takes energy from the Sun. Solar energy pervades space.


I know. Itís called the Heliosphere, but as it travels away from the Sun it is called the Solar Wind and there is a tremendous amount of energy emitted that never reaches Earth.


Yes, there is a tremendous amount of energy flowing around the Earth and my device takes that energy and focuses it at a specific point for transmission.


Okay. Well, if it wasnít used for defense it would sure make one Hell of an offensive weapon.


True. It would make one Hell of an offensive weapon. I know the Naziís drafted plans for a primitive version of this space weapon. It works in the same way a child burns an insect with a magnifying glass in the sun.


Thatís right. But you see this type of system being used as an advanced planetary defense from incoming asteroids?


Yes. But it could be turned around.


Yeah. It seems like it would have the power to incinerate anything that it aimed at. 


Correct. And thatís why I am very apprehensive about showing or discussing it with anyone, unless it is in very general terms. This is something that could get us in a lot of trouble.





You mentioned there was a commercial aspect to your photo images. Are you planning to sell CDs of your images?


If you are familiar with Hip Hop music you know it is essentially sampled tracks from old music. Thatís what I did with the UFO images. I sampled these objects and from the samples I came up with bit maps that were unlike anything anyone has seen before. And I applied these bit maps to 3-D animation to generate visual effects.

You have to paint those visual effects with something.

The bitmaps that I extracted from the UFO images were so abstract that it could be applied to 3-D and be used in such a way that I can generate effects that no digital studio on Earth could possible create just by using paint. And that is what I am pitching to Ron Shusett who created the effects for the movie ďAlien.Ē


But I thought your main goal is to get the images out to the public and inform them about what happened in Washington D.C. in July of 2002?


I intend on getting the message out and also turning it into something that can make money. I am looking at the entertainment aspect of what I have in terms of samples and applying those to motion pictures 3-D effects.


I see. It sounds interesting. George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg do not have real samples. Even though their effects are great they are not real. Did you copyright that work?


I already own the copyrights to that.


Thatís good.


And I am working on the patent for the procedure that I use to create these effects. Again, I did not study advanced chemistry, but the formulations I have to enhance the film is unlike anything that anyone has ever seen before.


But you must know something about chemistry from your studies in College, right? What did you say your degree is in?


I have a Masters in Imaging Technology/Engineering. I am an educated person. And in my opinion, the reaction I got to my images from some of the UFO experts was rather insulting.


So you earned a Masterís degree in imaging technology is that how you ended up working for ABC News?


It all entailed electronics and the engineering job at ABC was the first to offer me a six-figure salary. And when you are a young man six figures is a lot of money. It still is a lot of money by todayís standards.


Well, of course. How old were you when you started working for ABC?


I was 26-years-old making $150,000 a year. Thatís a very good salary by any standard. Yes. They paid me for my expertise. And I did my work very well and had a 100% track record. I never failed at anything. And I did it quickly. I just want you to know that the UFO images you sent me will be posted on my web site in a secure document.


Thatís fine. They are protected by law. Youíve got the exclusive coverage of the entire story. I really appreciate that. What type of camera were you using to capture these images?


I used a Nikon F-5 and a Nikon F-100. I use all Nikon lenses. And the glass in those lenses is called ED which according to the manufacturer is 100% distortion free. So the UFO images are not an optical distortion. If that was the case, all the other images I had taken at night through out the years would have anomalies in them. This was the only set of images that contained anomalies that could not be defined.


I guess you know this is a big story?


Oh it is a huge story! It essentially shows an Alien Invasion. It was an ďAway Mission,Ē as the military would call it. These object arrived. These entities came out and went all around the U.S. Capitol, did their survey and then they split.


What people need to realize is that in July of 1952, UFOs overflew the Capitol twice in one week, and they were sighted all over America and the world. It was a major flap. No one knows why that happened, but in July of 2002 there was an increase of UFO activity again. And I noticed that the media did not want to report that fact. I believe they were afraid to because of the current War on Terror and the focus on Homeland Security. In 1952, America was in the middle of the Cold War and people were very scared of nuclear attack from above. Some of my neighbors built bomb shelters. But the current conflict in 2002 was even more intense because blood was spilled on 9/11 on American soil which is very scary. So, for UFOs to be flying over restricted U.S. air space makes our military nervous. The truth of the matter is there were many UFO incursions over other countries air space in 2002 as well. Something is clearly going on that no one wants to officially address. Up until 9/11/2001, there was an effort underway in Washington D.C. toward disclosure re. UFOs. After September 11th, that all came to a screeching halt.


Yes. It all went away.


And no one has wanted to touch it since then.


Well, except for John Podesta. He is still attempting to get some information as to what is going on.


I wish him luck.


He was Clintonís Chief of Staff and it seems that no matter what your position is the Government is going to remain tight lipped regarding this issueÖ itís strictly hush-hush.


Iím sure that there are a lot of reasons for that, but I personally believe it is because they donít have all the answers and they may feel that it would be irresponsible to broadcast these anomalous events to the public without having some answers. It not only makes them look incompetent it could lead to anarchy in some segments of the population.


Yes it could because what Iím basically saying is the Alienís were there at our Nationís Capitol. And the Alienís were there.

One of the things that people need to know is that there is an established, historical time line of UFO and EBE events in the past 50 plus years. When people see the data laid out in the form a road map things become clearer. There was a peak of UFO/EBE activity in 1952, however that activity continued covertly through 2002 and into the present. My point is ignoring the problem has not made it go away.


No it hasnít.


Thatís the bottom line here. People need to realize this is a very real situation and I know that your photographic evidence will help this case considerably.


Yes, it helps, but in most cases people donít believe what they see.


Of course not, but my job is to help put the data into context so that anyone can see this for what it really is. It has to be put into context or people lose their orientation to the events as a whole and become confused by the thousands of separate events that span decades. Most humans are a scared of the unknown whether we admit it or not thatís a very common characteristic. Iím not condemning anyone for it. I have experienced this too during my own close encounters. It will be interesting to see how this very serious situation unfolds.


Iím also interested in the fact that there are two types of people that believe in UFOs. There are the people that believe that UFOs are a flying saucer. And then there is the person like myself that knows that a UFO doesnít necessarily have to be a flying saucer. It could be an energy orb. It could be any shape. The ball-shaped Foo Fighters have been around for many decades.


Thatís true.


One thing I need to mention. My father was stationed in Colorado for a time at Lowry Air Force Base, which is in Denver. And he got transferred from Lowry in Colorado to Castle Air Base in California. And on the way we drove through Arizona. And one night, I looked up in the sky and I told my dad, ďHey dad, there is some kind of white dot in the sky zigzagging.Ē And instead of my father stopping and looking he stepped on the gas.


Thatís odd.


Okay? So he knew something, but would not give me the pleasure of knowing that he knew that there was something out there!


Well, it may have actually been dangerous for you. Thatís part of the militaryís indoctrination; one doesnít divulge information that could compromise National Security. It is potentially hazardous to your family and your own well being.


Yeah, I learned it was hazardous an early age because in First Grade after I mentioned to my friends what I saw at night in my bedroom the school authorities put me in ďretardĒ school.


What? How long did that last?


It lasted for about 4 years.


Wow! So you must have stopped telling your friends what was going on with the EBEs?


I didnít say another thing because I knew was not in the right place and that was their way of getting back at me. And they did.


Well, thanks for telling me about all this.


There are not too many people that have documented a close encounter like this. It was clearly a close encounter at our Nationís Capitol!


Yeah, itís just too much. I think that most people in the media would be frightened to touch this story. They are scared of pulling our civilization through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.


Well, my story illustrates that we are not the only intelligent life form; not at all. And whatever those object in the water and air were they had some intelligent entities inside them. It was obvious. At one point they were stationary and the next point they are in motion.


I understand that and they have obviously been interacting with you and many others. I guess the big question is why are they busy observing us, but only interacting on a very limited level?


Yes, and only with certain people.


Do you have any thoughts about that?


Iím not sure, to be honest. I do believe I have been tagged. And on the sample I took from the images at the U.S. Capitol the stationary [UFO] objects in the air were discharging smaller [UFO] objects into the air. Then five or six months later I took a picture of a small sphere above this womanís head. She was standing on the street corner in front of me. We were on a public street in Washington D.C.? The sphere was visible, but then it vanished.


Oh? You actually saw it while you were shooting?


As I took her picture, I saw it!


Wow! What time of day was that?


It was night time again. It was around 11:00 p.m.


How big was it?

It was about the size of a Quail egg.


I have read other reports like that. I call them ďMind Sweepers.Ē


I donít know if I sent you that image? I will make sure you have it.




It is perfectly spherical. And it has the qualities of a pearl.


You mean the light is opalescent?




And did you notice that before using any bit map analyzer?


Thatís before I filtered it. And after I filtered it the image showed the object was modulating energy around itself because each level of analysis showed a different level of energy. We are admittedly getting closer to that level of plasma discharge technology here on Earth. There are fields of plasma that can exist within other fields of plasma. Exactly, it has its own signature.




Yeah, if you notice there are variations on the surface. I see what you mean. Itís constantly swirling like a whirlpool on the surface. Exactly it is modulating a complex energy field. Thatís incredible! Plasma dynamics is an integral part of the new physics of field propulsion. If you noticed, there were a set of images that showed the objects in motion? And on one of them it show 4 green objects that are in lateral and forwards motion. It shows a green trace going up and a blue trace going lateral in its signature. Now, according to the laws of physics as it applies to light if a green object moves in a given direction it is going to leave a green trace regardless of the direction it moves. And yet, this object left a blue trace as it moved laterally against the known laws of physics.


Iím sure that our current ďlaws of physicsĒ are incomplete. And to try and expect everything in the Universe to obey these incomplete ďlawsĒ is a farce. However, I know there are people that are working very hard to develop a new physics model which will address all this. One of the UFO events that occurred in Norway, in 2002, involved some blue lights. This got my attention because I thought it was close enough to green that there was a connection.


There may be a correlation. And in fact, while researching the history of Green UFOs I found cases describing objects essentially modulating colors. And in one case, as one of the objects came closer to a military aircraft it turned totally green. Whatever these things are they are definitely different - how does a solid object become elastic?


Yeah, thatís a good question?


This thing essentially stretched like a balloon and then vanished then reappeared then vanished?


Scientists and engineers have told me that the UFOs must be warping space around the craft. The problem with that is you would need to be able to freely channel enough energy from the Universe into a limited area.


Well, whatever this object was it did just that. I have one sample that shows the UFO generated a ring of energy as it vanished. It left a trail in the sky. Like a vapor trail, but this energy trail it affected the air around itself in such a way that it left the air energized.


I think the term is ionized and itís very common in plasma drives. They are highly energetic   fields that ionize the surrounding air which is apparently what creates the variations of colored light around the craft. That is also why they are so incredibly bright like a blow torch - which is one form of plasma.


The Sun is a plasma of great magnitude. Mankind would benefit from a higher education on this subject, but because it is currently a taboo subject in our society most people remain unaware. Therefore they are confused by the physics of UFO technology and in most cases people are simply in denial that the situation even exists. That attitude is holding us back because it restricts people from having an intelligent discussion on the matter. And I think this is really to our detriment for the government and the military and the media to maintain a negative position on this issue.


A lot of my friendships and relationships have ended because of this.


I am not surprised. Many people I know well or have interviewed in depth have experienced the same thing. Politically, personally and professionally this subject is poison.


Right, most people donít want to talk with me about this.


I donít think it is simply a matter of intelligence. I think it has more to do with oneís level of confidence. If a person is very insecure already and someone begins speaking credibly about the UFO EBE situation it can make that type of person feel even more insecure and often they will blame you for bringing it up as though you somehow created it.


Right, just like the guy who was the subject in the images taken at the Capitol building. He blamed me entirely for the fact that some alienís spooked him out. I mean, how am I the reason for this encounter?


Right, you didnít know the event would occur.


And a lot of the people I deal with do not want to hang out with me because they fear that might happen to them.


Well, thanks for sharing all these experiences and information with me.


I have been holding this back for years, since I was 5 years old. It was in the news that both the RAF bases at Lakenheath and Sculthorphe were involved in some very controversial American technologies. And both bases reported seeing UFOs.


There definitely are Alien entities flying extremely advanced aerospace craft in our atmosphere. And as long as our society in general acts as though there is nothing odd going on it simply encourages these alien life forms to continue to operate covertly. The current policy has created the perfect cover for this advanced technology to be operated in plain sight whether itís human-built or alien. The policy of denial, dissuasion and deception excuses the occupants of these crafts from having any accountability what so ever, and I personally donít think thatís in humanitiesí best interest.


I agree.


Iím sure your photos are going to create some controversy!


The images are amazing! They just blow my mind! There was one disk shaped craft that was dissipating energy like a giant ion generator. Energy was clearly discharged out of it in the shape of a balloon around it. And the air around it was completely distorted. (click right image to enlarge)


Yeah, thatís one of the weirdest images you captured.


And I have the high definition samples to prove it.


Have you thought about selling CDs of all the images?


Iím looking at the possibility, but Iím having a problem finding a company that will mass produce them for me.


Oh? I see.


So far, the people I have approached have said no. They wonít touch it. Even publishers wonít touch it.


Thatís weird?


Itís real weird.


I think it makes one hell of a graphic presentation and would do well as a CD. I have showed it to a few friends of mine and they were amazed. But when I told them that it was taken at the U.S. Capitol in 2002 they were really shocked.


Yeah. Thatís what makes it so amazing and there was no body out there.


Do you know if the ban on commercial flight was still in effect at that time?


No, it was not lifted for restricted air space. No flights at all were allowed to come anywhere near a Federal Building. And yet, here are these objects clearly in restricted air space. They were even on the ground!


It really messed with my mind when I first saw those images; especially the one on the roof of the Capitol Building.


I know. They landed that night!?


Well, I know there are all kindís of protocol for that. Even the Space Shuttle is met by U.S. Customs when it lands.


Exactly, and they have to go through a level of decontamination too.


How many years did you actually work on Air Force One?


I spent 6 years working at the White House. The White House includes Air Force One.


You have to have a spotless record to get that type of work, right?


You have to have a spotless record. I came from a military family so it is obvious I am not a terrorist, and Iím an intelligent person.


Thatís interesting.


But they didnít know about the Alien encounters. At least not that you know of.


Not that I know of. Not many people could have known.


I realize that, but I am certain that some group of humans on Earth do have a clear picture of what is going on, but that group is covert and autonomous. I say this because considering all the UFO EBE events that have occurred in the past 50 plus years the government/military reaction indicates to me that they donít know whatís going on.


They donít know whatís going on. They definitely do not. And whatís even more interesting is that on the event over the Washington Monument on the 4th of July, there was a blue object in the sky along with these other things whatever they were next to the monument, this blue object showed up again on July 26th, at Waldorf, Maryland. It was chased by two F-16s. This thing left the F-16s standing in the dust. And that was reported in the Washington Post, but there were no pictures of the object.


And that was the point I was making earlier, when you put all these events into a time line, or a context, there is a definite pattern that appears. This is happening all over the planet. And it has been going on for over 50 years now!


Thatís what makes this so weird. Because, I will tell you, there is one place I do not want to be at night at all - thatís the U.S. Capitol. You will never catch me going back there again - ever!


Now that you mention it, there are hot spots for activity. And certain people with a history of close encounters seem to be drawn to these spots. Iím not sure why, but thatís the way it is. My hot spot is Point Mugu Naval Base in southern California.


Well, the Capitol is a hot spot for me. But I feel that if I have pictures of them, and they are very advanced technically then they must have my picture.


I agree. It happened to me on 3 separate occasions. The UFO generated an intensely bright burst of white light around us like a flash bulb only a million times brighter. That happened at Point Mugu. And I had my doubts about going back there and sometimes it was really spooky. Honestly, I love being away from the city, up in the mountains surrounded by nature even at night. But when a UFO comes down from outer space you have no way of knowing who or what are inside it Ė thatís when your whole demeanor changes. It forces you to question what the hell is going on?!


Right, it doesnít make for a very comfortable evening when you have to constantly look up into the sky and make sure there is nothing over your head. And every night I go out I always look up into the sky to make sure the coast is clear. I shouldnít have to do that, but I am spooked. I am seriously spooked.




Oh yeah, when I was a kid, whenever there was an episode of the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits that dealt with Aliens, my dad had to physically kick my ass to bed. I would not to go to bed. I fought to stay in a room that was well lit. They had to pick me up and put me to bed. I was afraid to go to sleep.


I know the feeling. I lived like that for many years.


Welcome to the club.


Well, I am better now, and I donít wish these experiences on any one, but itís comforting to know Iím not alone.


Yeah. Well, I hate to keep going out and carrying a camera with me where ever I go, but now I feel compelled to take it just in case because Iím not sure whatís going to happen?


Well, Iím sure your story and pictures will affect many peopleís lives.  






A few months after this interview the D.C. photographer sent me an audio interview with a neighbor that had seen the radiation burns on his hands. Here is the transcript of their brief exchange:

Please state your name and title.

My name is Dr. Bonette. I am a cellular biologist. I am currently getting ready to be an assistant professor at Rutgers University.

OK. I briefly showed you something that I had experienced in July of 2002. Could you describe or explain what I showed you?

Yes, you showed me your hands in July, 2002. What I saw was that your nail beds were yellowed and thickened on all ten of your fingers. They all had hardened nails and yellowish color and there were burn marks on his fingertips.

And you can vouch for the fact that I did show you this?

Yes. I vouch for the fact that you showed your fingers to me as I have described it.

Thank you.

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