George Russell Wackenhut


An ex-FBI man, formed his namesake security company in Florida in 1954. Closely tied to the Mob, radical Cubans, and right wing nuts including WACL. Since the company's inception, its board has been packed with "former" CIA, FBI, and military agents.


In 1954, Wackenhut co-founded a private investigation firm in Coral Gables, Fla., with three FBI agents. Four years later, he bought out his partners, renamed the company after himself and expanded into the security guard field. Today, Wackenhut Corp. is a multibillion-dollar company, providing uniformed officers and investigative services to business and government agencies in 54 countries


The company guards the US' most sensitive facilities, and runs vast domintel ops. Was a key player in the Inslaw/Octopus affair, and reportedly smuggled arms to Iraq during the Bush Administration.


Wackenhut Corrections Corp. is now the no. 2 private prison contractor. Mr. Wackenhut once called George Bush "pink".