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Richard Sauder by John Kuhles
from WatunietMagweten Website



Digs deep into the tantalizing proof of the existence of these facilities, both underground and undersea. Dr. Sauder is a truth seeker second to none and these revelations will have you sitting on the edge of your bed at night wondering about what lies beneath.

Bill Hamilton

Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.



Dr. Richard Sauder has once again uncovered a part of government and corporate activities that are seldom discussed in the public domain. From vast tunnels and military bases underground to the possible location of underwater facilities as well, what is clear, is that our Government is deeply involved in off-surface habitation and underground transport. Are they concerned about our surviving nuclear war? Is there a connection between off-surface living and experiments in genetic engineering?

Rather than mere speculation, Sauder lays out the facts as revealed in numerous FOIA requests and in a meticulous and superbly documented and indexed book, both frightening and exciting.

Zoh Hieronimus

Radio Host The Zoh Show





25 min. "raw" audio-interview with Dr. Richard Sauder