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This page contains a transcript of a radio show called the "Billy Goodman Happening" that was aired in Las Vegas, in November of 1989. It deals with information about Underground Bases in Nevada. We obtained a copy of this through the mailing list organized by Francisco Lopez, who is searching the airwaves for key information about UFOs, that found it posted by Steve Wingate, who also has been sharing information about UFO through various mailing lists and on his own BBS and Web Site.


Update from Steve Wingate (August, 1996):


-- Steve shared via the IUFO mailing list a map of supposed underground bases in the world.



Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 00:13:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Francisco Lopez {}
Subject: Re: UNDERGROUND BASES (fwd)

From: (Steve Wingate)
Subject: Re: UNDERGROUND BASES (fwd)
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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 18:24:42 GMT

The following conversation, in relation to the Nevada Military Complex and the íunderground facilitiesí, took place on the "Billy Goodman Happening" - KVEG Radio 840 AM, Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 19, 1989. It was transcribed by a Las Vegas resident t.

Billy Goodman incidentally, has personally planned visits, in collaboration with KNBC Radio in Los Angeles, to observe the ídisksí which are being tested at Groom Lake. Goodman and others claimed to have seen these disks in operation, and back up these claims with video documentation. One such video shows a hovering object making a vertical ascent, stop in mid-air, make a horizontal traverse, followed by another vertical ascent. Something like this would be impossible for any conventionally known aircraft of the time to duplicate. Billy Goodman, who has since moved to another radio station in Los Angeles, has been very instrumental in getting the information out about the underground base at Site 51 (or Area-51, the íunderground facilityí where the ívisitorsí live, according to Bill Cooperís source whom weíve just quoted). In the following annotated transcript, the Caller will be identified as íCí and Billy Goodman as íGí:

G: Hi! Your on the Billy Goodman Happening on KVEG! Sir, what can I do for you tonight?

C: O. K. Are you ready? Hang on to your seats! Here goes! We are going 3,000 feet underground! O. K. We get to that point, 3,000 feet. We come out into a stainless steel atmosphere.. and we come upon people that are ah.. construction people.. working people, and so forth that are supposed to be in that area. Then we come upon another people who push us into another little room. They tell us, "Do not come out of that area, until your told to." These guys are 6 minute marines, all right? They tell us, "If you do, you are going to get hurt!" OK? So we are construction workers!

G: Where are you working? Where is what you are describing to us.

C: On a certain test site!

G: A certain test site! Which one? You canít reveal which one?

C: Weíre kinda mixed up! We donít know what the hell is going on. Weíre making ah.. good buck s... and everything has come down on U.S... and they are hurting us! OK? So we are contractors! We are workers! OK? So thereís a person that I called and explained what is happening to me and they told me to call you and tell you! So, that is what I am doing right now! Calling you!

G: You presented it in a very odd way! First of all I didnít know if you were going to be serious or what! Are you saying to me that you are a construction worker and you had to go 3,000 feet under ground? First of all what would you be doing underground? Let me ask you that!

C: We are running lights and power.

G: And who assigned you this job?

C: Itís through Reynoldsí Electronics. I have to say that because I get my pay check from someone else!


(Note: Reynoldsí Electronics is a branch of "E.G. & G." Corporation which DOES IN FACT work with and contract through the Nevada and Utah Test Sites - Branton)

G: They tell you to put these lights underground?

C: Yeah, but thereís more to it than that! Iím sort of afraid of expressing. Am I talking to you or what?

G: Yes, you are talking directly to me!

C: OK. You know some of the things that are happening, shouldnít be. It should be made public! The public should know what the hell is going on! And it scares the hell out of me. What is not being brought out you know? For example, can I give you an example? Hereís an example! A few weeks back we were inside a certain cavern going through stainless steel halls, going north, and as we move along we are hanging lights. In the rooms are.. theyíre like operating rooms. All of a sudden, off the elevator, our U.S. Marines come out, crash us down off our scaffold, pushing us down, and then into a room. This is taking a hell of a lot out of me to tell you this right now!


The bosses come into the room and weíre getting debriefed and all this kind of stuff and all of a sudden they are carrying fixed bayonets. Now I fought in Vietnam and I thought these guys were my buddies! Oh, no way! Forget it! These guys are from outer space!


(Note: There is a slight possibility that the ísoldiersí which this man encountered were not íhumaní marines, but we will deal with this bizarre possibility later on - Branton)


These people brought these little characters on gurneys, OK? They had big heads and little bodies and they went into this little room. Then, behind them, these doctors in white coats and stuff! And we was really at ah.. we didnít know what the hell was going on! We were shocked to hell! ..I was SCARED man!

G: Well, sure you didnít know what was going on and didnít expect it! I guess them handling you upset you first of all. Being man to man, you thought why should you treat me this way! And thatís to be expected. As far as knowing where you are I have no idea.

C: I know where I was! I worked there every day! I keep a log and if someone asks me I know whatís going on! Iím telling you man theyíre not telling us the truth. There is something damn wrong within our government. I only got a glimpse of this scientist on television (i.e. most likely referring to Robert Lazar - Branton), but I know heís not telling much of what he knows. Iím just a worker. A hammer and nail man. This guyís got more brains than I do, and would know more about it than I do. Thereís something INSIDE they arenít telling us!

G: OK. I understand that! Now what do you want us to do about it?


G: I think youíve done that yourself, just now! Now you havenít told us your location and I think thatís important so we have some idea where this is. I hope you understand at this moment..

C: I work at Mercury, Nevada and Iím the best electrician there. This is between you and me now. I donít want anybody else to know about this!

G: But your on the air Sir!

C: You mean somebody knows about this besides you and me?

G: But you are talking over the radio, Sir! Everybody, all over the West Coast that is listening has just heard you! So youíve gotten your word out. Now letís see if anybody else knows about it. Maybe just maybe, weíll get some calls from some of the people that work with you.

C: Wait a minute! You mean somebody else knows about this beside you and me?

G: Now, this is a talk show, you called a talk show. I am over the radio - thatís where you called!

C: OH, MY GOD!!!

G: Why, whatís wrong with that? You called a talk show!

C: I thought I was just talking to you!

G: Now you said someone told you to call me. Was it someone you work with?

C: Yes.

G: Nobody knows who you are. You havenít said your name or anything! Now, letís see if anyone will back up your story!

C: But I didnít know other people would hear this. Now Iím scared for my life! Thereís tremendous stuff out there thatís being hidden. Itís being corrupted inside. Itís being stashed away.

G: Well thatís what we do here. We are trying to bring the information out, and itís people like yourself who are making that happen. They bring us information all the time! Are you trying to bring the information out yourself because you donít like whatís going on?

C: I fear for my life because Iíve seen what happened. I fear for my life because the government is lying to me.

G: OK. Why do you fear for your life? Have you been threatened?

C: Before you even go down in the pit they threaten you! That is you tell anything of what you saw, you are dead!!!

G: But youíre not saying more than what you saw. Is there anything else you want to say before we say thank you for calling?

C: Yes, one other thing. Whenever it gets down to the nifty gritty, it will be clear to the people, that what they are seeing on the news, is true! Weíve got six little bodies under ground, man!!!

G: Please keep in touch, OK?

(end of transcript)



The reference to Reynoldsís Electrical, by the way, may be explained more fully in itís connection with E.G. & G., from the following reference which we quote, from an article that appeared in a newspaper called the REVIEW-JOURNAL, January 9th, 1990. This Associated Press article stated:

"Three Nevada-based EG&G companies employ most of the workers at the Nevada TEST SITE, the nationsí nuclear proving grounds 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

"The companies employ 8,000 people: 1,500 at EG&G Energy Measurements Inc.; 1,000 at EG&G Special Projects; and 5,500 at Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Co."

Actually, present officials working at the Nevada Test Site are apparently, at least for the most part, refusing the advice of the FOUNDER of EG&G., Herald íDocí Edgerton, who once made the following statement at a meeting of the Archaeological Society of America:

"Work like hell, TELL EVERYONE EVERYTHING YOU KNOW, close a deal with a handshake, and have fun."

Edgerton apparently was no supporter of íofficial secrecyí, yet many of those now involved in this company are being threatened to remain silent to the point of endangering their very lives if they speak out about what they have seen.


Incidentally, Robert Lazar was hired by EG&G himself to work at the S-4 installation at Groom Lake. In fact, we will now relate another conversation which took place on the "Billy Goodman Happening" almost a week following the conversation which is recorded above. There are apparently SOME EMPLOYEES working at the Nevada Test Site, who ARE speaking out about what is going on there, like the one who called in to the Billy Goodman show on Nov. 24, 1989, possibly in response to the caller from Mercury, Nevada mentioned earlier, as well as in response to Bob Lazarís own experiences.

The person who transcribed this particular taped program indicated that they had missed the first 15 seconds or so of the callers conversation. This is NOT the same caller whose conversation we just described.


In the following transcript, (C:) indicates íCallerí; (G:) indicates Billy íGoodmaní; and (L.:) refers to Bob íLazarí, who was Goodmanís guest for that evening. Beginning with the íCallerí:

C: ...Well, weíre kinda fed up with whatís going on, right! And I mean nothing gets done without the ants! We are the ants! We are the construction workers, O. K.? We put things together and take them apart! You are the scientists (referring here to Robert Lazar - Branton). You do all the higher level of knowledge stuff, right? We do all the putting in this and putting in that: installing, construction and so forth! Well we heard about your situation, and itís going through a whole bunch of grape vines, OK? Itís coming together where people are meeting in small groups and theyíre trying to organize a support for you to back you up! Out of the meeting we had yesterday of 7 people, counting myself there are two that will come forward and support you! What they SAW, what they are INVOLVED WITH! The other guys are just scared to death and Iím a little scared myself, you know!
L.: Do these people work in area S-4?

C: Yeah, all over the area!
L.: That would be great!

C: Mostly UNDERGROUND! The deep sections of the area! The whole thing!
G: How do you feel Bob? Sounds like you are getting some support!
L.: Yea, thatís great! Thereís power in numbers!

C: We are trying to get things where it will be safe! You know what I mean Bob?
L.: Oh Yeah, I do!

C: Itís kinda hard to talk to you like this you know but the guys are for you! People are for you and everybodyís wanted to do something a long time ago but nobody knew what they could do.
L.: Yeah, that was the consensus when I was down there! Everybody wanted to do something. Iím glad everyone has that attitude!

C: Yeah, you are probably the beginning of the first motion of the wheel you know! The first turn! The wheel is gonna turn faster and faster in order to get where we want to get to!
L.: Well hopefully that will be the case! Do you think these people would come forward if there was some sort of congressional amnesty for them?

C: I donít know but we all know a lot! We know our jobs well, like you do!
L.: Iím sure you do.

C: What we have to do is be firm about it, get to the point and say, "Hey, hereís whatís happening!" Why donít you tell the people whatís happening? Why keep it a secret? Like before you walk into those hangers there. Somebody had to install this and install that! Itís frightening. It scared the heck out of me. We got together out at Lathrup Wells and kicked it around. We B.Sí.ed a little bit and said, "We gotta do something!" SO WE DID SOMETHING YESTERDAY. Like I said: thereís only two of the seven of us who are willing to do something.
G: Sir, Sir! Is there anything we can do to help you in this matter? Is there anything the listening people can do? I know they are behind Bob Lazar 100%. I had him on here one night and there hasnít been one person by either mail, or by telephone, who has disputed what he has said! So they are behind him. Is there anything we can do?

C: Well you could form some kind of walk or picket! Or announce it on the street. Tell them we want to know! WE WANT TO KNOW!!!
G: When you say on the street, are you talking about downtown Las Vegas?

G: What do you think of that Bob? Do you think that would do anything?

L.: Certainly if these people come forward! They have a LOT to lose, if people start making a ruckus like that! They could lose their jobs right away! They talked about there being a ten year jail term and a $10,000 fine for divulging information like that! I mean they have a lot to lose! You might...
G: But you know something Bob? Itís almost like...

C: We have the first amendment on our side!
L.: Yeah, you do but... have you thought about contact(ing) George Knapp? (of KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, who produced an entire series of UFO-based documentaries after Lazar came forward with his story - Branton) Heís looking for anybody that is coming forward from S-4, and any surrounding areas having knowledge at all about that area or any of the flying saucer information! Heís gathering all he can and doing alot to try and expose it!

G: You might want to contact George! That might be a good idea! But I think thereís another side to this. Itís almost like theyíre not concerned any more about their jobs. Theyíre more concerned about the Constitution! Theyíre more concerned about Humanity! Thatís the impression I get!
L.: Yeah, you get that point but you have to feed yourself too!

G: Well you know, there are people that take chances in life, and sometimes they wind up with something better. Later on... down the line. You know what Iím saying? Someone like yourself. Iím not saying this would happen by coming forward, taking a chance, and all of a sudden, say, the government cut you off. You might get an offer for a better position. You follow what Iím saying? Because there are people who own the businesses that believe the way you believe. And I believe this! I hear this gentleman talking and itís happening more and more. There are people out there who would LOVE to come forward with information.

C: But somebody has to start it.
G: Right. And I think youíve done that Bob! You started the ball rolling. I know you did. I think what is going to happen is the people who have been wanting to say something; this might be a relief for them. Itís coming out and they wonít have to keep it inside any more!

L.: That was the general consensus when I was out there.
G: Well obviously they want out too. They want to tell the truth.

C: Bob, did you have any work underground? IN THE TUNNELS?
L.: No! I have a friend whose dad worked on some of the drilling equipment! I know thereís some tunnels down there!

C: Thereís more than just tunnels down there! Thereís everything you can imagine down there. I know cause we put it up!!! We installed. We did everything. I just want you to know that the M.W.s (Mercury Workers) are gathering together in small groups trying to put something together for you and contact you somehow to join you. If the people want to join us in a march or whatever itís going to be, thatís what weíre going to do!
L.: Oh! Thatís super!

C: So weíre with you man!
G: Thanks for the call sir! Have a nice night. Bob, it sounds as though people are starting to come forward.

(end of transcript)