by Mr. Rash
August 12, 2010

from LunaticOutpost Website



An international investigation of what is certain to be the largest financial fraud in history (involving at least $1 trillion) is now implicating former US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, according to CIA, MI6, Opus Dei and Interpol sources.

This scandal at the heart of the secret world of global high finance made a brief entry into the public conscious in June, 2009 when two Japanese carrying $134.5 billion worth of government bonds were detained in Italy. The corporate propaganda media wrote about this incident before dismissing it by saying the “bonds were fraudulent.”


These corporate so-called journalists failed to follow up on why the Japanese individuals, Watanabe and Yamaguchi, were carrying diplomatic passports. That meant their arrest was illegal and that the Italian authorities did not have the right to confiscate the bonds.

The Italian government tried to sell the bonds to the Chinese government at 40% of their face value but the Chinese said that if they bought the bonds the Italians would also then have to pay back their debts to China. The Italian authorities realized this would bankrupt Italy.


Instead, the Italians then asked a Vatican Banker by the name of Daniele Dal Bosco to try to sell the bonds back to their original owners, an organization known as the Dragon Family, at 10% of their face value. The Dragon family refused to buy back their own bonds.

However, Dal Bosco, a member of the Monte Carlo P2 Freemason Lodge, was instead asked by a Dragon Family agent to act as custodian for an additional $1 trillion worth of bonds. These bonds are a combination of Kennedy Bonds, Federal Reserve Notes and Japanese government bonds that the Dragon family was trying to keep out of the hands of the Federal Reserve Board.

High ranking members of the United Nations then approached Dal Bosco and offered him $100 million to hand them the bonds. This transaction was stopped by White Dragon Society agents.

Dal Bosco then absconded with those bonds and turned to an organization known as the Office of International Treasury Control (OITC). Using the OITC name, Dal Bosco then tried to cash the bonds with the Vatican, the Italian government and, again, the United Nations.

However, an investigation of the OITC by international criminal authorities revealed the organization to be a sophisticated fraud. The nominal head of the OITC is a Cambodian of royal blood by the name of R.C. Dam.


Mr. Dam was at one point recognized as having the nominal rights to a large pool of gold owned by the various royal families of the world. However, these rights have long since been rescinded and the OITC has for years now operated as a fraudulent organization.

UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon has been implicated because the OITC has defrauded at least three countries and an unknown number of individuals by claiming to have UN backing.


The UN never, until the current investigation began, denied its affiliation with the OITC. Investigators are now awaiting a formal response from Ban Ki Moon because, they say, he personally tried to help Dal Bosco cash the bonds. The UN, the BIS and the Federal Reserve Board all now say the OITC is a fraud.

Investigators in the US and the UK have now confirmed the two Japanese were fooled by a group headed by Alan Greenspan into bringing the bonds from Italy to Switzerland. Greenspan’s cabal was planning from the very beginning to seize the bonds and cash them.

Many of these bonds are linked to the attempt by former US President John Kennedy to return the money creating powers of the privately owned Federal Reserve Board to the American people.


The Feds attempt to get their hands on these bonds and cash them was blocked by an international team of investigators including members of the Japanese Security Police, MI6, the CIA, Interpol, other government agencies and various secret societies including MJ12, the White Dragon Society and certain Freemason groups.

The Vatican is now denying any link to Del Bosco and a representative of Opus Dei told an investigator affiliated with the White Dragon Society that,

“we will get the bonds back for you but do not ask about what happens to Del Bosco.”

Dal Bosco is now believed to be hiding somewhere in Italy, probably the town of Negrar outside of Verona.

There is a large international meeting scheduled in Washington at the end of this month to deal with ongoing financial war these bonds are an integral part of. It is looking very much like the end game for the Federal Reserve Board and their puppets in Washington D.C.


Is the nightmare is finally ending?