by Serge Monast


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THE UNITED NATIONS CONCENTRATION CAMPS PROGRAM IN AMERICA was meant at first to be a book of at least 100 pages, but for two reasons, I had to change plans.

First, for security reasons. On Feb. 11th. 1994, a man pretending to be an undercover RCMP-Federal Canadian Police said that they will have to do something else to stop me in my work to expose the underworld of the "World Government" because all previous economic pressures and threats seemed not to have discourage me so far. So, if I want to make sure to deliver as much information as possible to everybody, I must separate each part of the first planned book in four different 100 pages books. I'm sure everybody will understand that.

Second, so much information came through that I realized I had to do something in order to respect what the people was expecting. So I decided to title each publication this way:

  1. This book, as the first part: "COUP D'ETAT AND WAR PREPARATIONS IN AMERICA"




I really don't know if I will survive this task knowing all the threats of arrest and death I have against me, but what I want everybody to remember if anything ever happens, is the fact that I used each second of my life to fight against injustice, especially the one hidden behind the "One World Government".

Ever since I started to investigate into the International Medical and Military, I always ended up into the World Wide Economic Power of a quite special "Elite" of people who is planning to implement a kind of "One World Order" upon the free Nations of this world.

Ever since I faced up that specific matter and did everything to unveil that unthinkable reality of a World Wide Conspiracy against the free will of the people, I found myself harassed by the Government and Police authorities of my own country. One day from another, I became an unwanted criminal only because I was seeking the basic truth!

I had to live for a while within that "No man's land" of being shocked to find myself as a criminal without having committed any crime. Then after, I had to decide whether I was compromising myself in order to secure my future and protect my family or if I was taking a strong "Stand" against a such basic injustice.

I decided to take a "Stand" and to roll up my sleeves like sometime a man has to do if he wants not to live forever having to hide himself behind a guilty conscience. I do know that one day, everyone who will be facing this choice of compromising or not himself with the "One World Government's Dictatorship" will have to face up with the same struggle from within his soul.

So I became a "Resistant", and intend to still one until my last breath. As an International Investigative Journalist and a world known Canadian Author, I will keep up with the task of denouncing everything related to that inhuman Conspiracy.

Knowing that we all are in a "State of War" ever since the United Nations publicly announced the "World Government" to be implemented by mid 1999 (three reverse 6), I understood that time was no more for division and competition for all those who deeply disagree with that world project. This is one reason which motivated my choice of using excerpts and large parts of newsletters and newspapers articles, to analyze and relate them with others in a way to give a clear sight of the actual process towards a "Police State" and a "National Dictatorship".

The other reason which motivated me to work with the "Parallel Press" is the basic fact that the amount of information published every day, each week is not available to everyone. Also, it is well proved that new published information helps the old information to be fast buried and forgotten in the mind of the people. One way to avoid such a fact is to print it in a book in away that everybody will easily understand not only a part of a matter but the whole aspect of it.

For that, I choose what seemed to me the best parallel newsletters and newspapers I know. I don't say that they are the only one, but they are the best one among a large range of publications I have been through.

Those are:

Finally, there are those who will say not to trust Patriotic publications. I personally tell to those one that since the Official Press have been bought by International Financial Corporations, the information has been well controlled for the only benefit of this International Elite. Also, it is largely known that there is never smoke without a fire to strike somewhere.


And as so many parallel, resistant newsletters and newspapers publish proved information concerning the existence of a wide conspiracy, this is because something is really going wrong somewhere in this country!!!

Serge Monast

March the 8th. 1994.



  1. America In Peril

  2. MJTF Police

  3. Gun Control Laws And Germany


  5. FEMA And Detention Camps

  6. FINCEN Forces

  7. FINCEN And Overseas Military Forces

  8. FINCEN And U.N. Combat Forces

  9. FINCEN, MJTF and "Operation Clean-Sweep"

  10. Waco - Rehearsal For A Religious Blast Blueprint

  11. Black List - A Strange Case...

  12. Conclusion

  1. IRS - Computerize the dream will Kill The Future

  2. FINCEN The Sunset Of Freedom

  3. The Hidden Side Of FINCEN Financial Network

  4. The FINCEN Financial Menace

  5. FINCEN Military Hidden Side

  6. States Being Abolished

  7. What Is FEMA ?

  8. Americans "Computerized" by FEMA

  9. FEMA - Black Path Towards Martial Law

  10. FEMA - Dictatorship Possible???

  1. The Federal Bureaucracy's Secret Blueprint For Tyranny In America

  2. History Of Executive Orders

  3. The Frightening Sight Of Dictatorial Powers

  4. The White House 1991 Press Document

  5. Countdown To Treason - USSDD 7277

  6. Rex 84 - Concentration Camps-United Nations Re-Education Facilities

  7. Operation Dragnet - The United Nations' Pitfall

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