from Mizrach Website


Here are some of the symbols that seem in some fashion associated with "the Priory"...

Le Cercle Dagobert II "Seal of Dagobert"


Le Cercle Dagobert II "Alpha and Omega"


Saint Sulpice "Auspice Maria" (?)

Alpha Galates "Cross of the South"






Priory of Sion Logo (1956 Statutes)



A.O.M.P.S. logo (origin unknown)

Sauniere Church design above altar

 "Sauniere Bookplate"

Le Serpent Rouge Seal

Observe a few things:

  • The similarity between Le Cercle Dagobertís symbol and that of the Sulpicians. If that is supposed to be an A in the Sulpice logo, itís missing a bar.

  • The similarity between the top and bottom of the Alpha Galates/Priory of Sion logo (are both "Aquarius" ?)

  • A symbol from Sauniereís church also appears on Le Serpent Rouge.