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They are who people are talking about

when one says orders come from "above the President".

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"We're the Good Guys"

the Omega Agency   












Modified: 25/12/2003

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The Omega Agency is the one running the show. They run the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, control the Bilderburgers, the whole ball of wax. They are who people are talking about when one says orders come from "above the President".


The Omega Agency consists of a network set up much like the CIA. There are thousands world-wide who take their orders directly from the ruling council of the Omega Agency. This council consists of 10 to 12 people. George Bush and Alexander C. Haig are two names known to sit on the council of the Omega Agency. The OA is the driving force behind what is commonly called the "New World Order." The OA’s office is located at Langley AFB.

They plan to establish their NWO, for lack of a better term, in a time span of no less than 5 days. And they intend to do it without open war.

Recall when President Reagan was shot. Haig made the statements to the press that "I’m in charge now." If you’ll remember, he caught a lot of flack for that, and shortly thereafter, he was accused of various things that ruined his name politically. This was done by members of Congress who were aware of his seat on the Omega Agency council, and they feared losing their claim to power. Haig jumped the gun in his statements, and ended up giving up his political position because of it. Had Reagan died, we would have had Bush as President, and Haig as Secretary of State. Two men in power who sit on the OA council. But because of the commotion raised by a few members of Congress, Haig faded into the background rather than risk exposure of his connection to the OA, or of the OA itself.

Recall when the Gulf War started. Bush used the exact words "New World Order" in his speech to the country. He said it several times, that the Gulf War marked the beginning of a NWO. The Gulf War was not a war about oil or the freedom of the people of Kuwait. It was a test of how well multi-national troops under the guidance of the UN would react in a war situation. The same holds true for Somalia and Bosnia. Multi-national troops under the direction of the UN. The Omega Agency controls the UN.

Bush didn’t lose the election to Clinton. Bush needed to be out of the limelight of the presidency in order to concentrate on and escalate the plans of the Omega Agency. And in Clinton, they had a stooge who would not rock the boat and who would do what he was told. Notice how quick Clinton has been to commit US troops to UN peace-keeping forces here and there. Notice who Clinton appointed as Secretary of State - Madeline Albright, the UN lady. Notice who Clinton gave federal land to - the UN.

Why the need for a one-world government? The reasoning of the Omega Agency is this:

Crime is out of control on a world-wide basis, especially in the US. People are out of control, not taking responsibility for themselves or their actions.

Population growth is out of control on a world-wide level. The judicial system of the US is a joke. The political system of the US and most countries world-wide is a joke, corrupted and polluted by greed and power-hungry people who don’t care about the population they were elected or appointed to serve. Under the governing body the Omega Agency plans to put in power, this would end. End of trial by jury. End of living off of society and not contributing your fair share. End of taking advantage of others for one’s own personal gain. All who are able would contribute to the growth and well-being of the world’s society, or they would pay the price for not pulling their fair share.

What is this price? Basically, it will be like this: Those who are able physically and mentally to work will do so. If you have a job/profession at the time that the OA takes over, you will continue in that job/profession. If you are drawing welfare, but are physically able to work, you will work. Personal freedoms to come and go as one pleases world-wide will not change. Basically, the OA doesn’t care what people do to amuse themselves, entertain themselves, etc., as long as they are working and contributing to the society as a whole. But there will be zero tolerance of any act that hurts/harms another.


Crimes against another or against society will be met with the death penalty, if such crime is of a severe nature such as murder, rape or robbery. What is now considered a felony crime will be punishable by death. What is now considered a misdemeanor crime will be punishable by imprisonment on a work farm for a number of years equal to what the OA considers suitable payback for the said crime against society. These work farms will be in the business of growing food, manufacture of clothing, textiles, etc. People sent to these farms will work for the specified time, or will be eliminated.

There will be zero tolerance for any crime that hurts, harms or infringes on the life of others. Example - a person making threatening phone calls to another will be picked up and sent to one of the work farms. A person committing a drive-by shooting will be punished with immediate death. The policing of the populous will be carried out by men/women who are already chosen and merely waiting for the time when they will go to work for the OA openly. Most are current and/or former military people who worked special ops while on active duty. These people will be responsible for seeking out those guilty of a crime.


Once the person is located, they will inform that person that they are guilty of said crime and immediately put a bullet in their head. End of crime problem from that person. Should the person’s crime not warrant the death penalty, these Public Security Officers will pick up the person and deliver them to the work farm. If the person resists, they will be shot on the spot. No trial, no jury, no lawyer, no Miranda rights. The Public Security Officer will have the authority to act as sole judge, jury, and executioner of the punishment that the OA declares fits the crime.

Population control will be accomplished by mandatory birth control by all people, men as well as women. Abortion will be freely available. There will be zero tolerance for child-bearing out of wedlock. The institute of marriage is looked upon with favor by the OA. There will be a limit of 2 children per couple allowed. Should one become pregnant after the 2-child limit has been reached, and despite the use of birth control, then the options will be either to have an abortion or to increase one’s work load to compensate society for the burden of the extra child. Birth control and abortion will be completely acceptable in the eyes of the various religions world-wide. It will, in fact, be encouraged and mandatory under some religious doctrines. Recall VP Gore’s meeting behind closed doors with religious leaders and NASA officials at the beginning of 1997.

But bringing people under control is not the only reason driving the OA, there is another. The other reason is the extraterrestrials. They are here on this planet, living and working with the OA. These ET’s are helping the US with its space program and are working toward devising a plan to restore the planet’s environment after the OA takes over. Their main reason for being here is to help the OA put a stop to the violent, out-of-control nature of the human race in general. Why? Because they fear us. They realized when we accomplished the first manned space flight that it was only a matter of time before we moved out into the universe. And they don’t want our ways to infest their society.


They are helping the OA for reasons of self-preservation of their society. They realized that we are the most violent race in the universe that is on the verge of space travel. And they don’t want us spreading our warlike, violent, greedy ways to other parts of the universe and disrupting the order of their societies on other planets. They agreed to help the OA in the advancement of our technology and in the repairing of the damage we’ve done to the Earth’s environment in exchange for the OA’s cooperation in changing the ways of this world, bringing us humans into line with the societies of the other planets in the ET’s sphere of control in the universe.

The OA has not taken control yet because there are forces within the existing governments of the world that are aware of their plans and oppose them. In the US, these forces are largely centered in the CIA and NSA. The CIA wants world control, but on its terms. The CIA wants to see a more communistic-type government set up on a world-wide basis. While the OA professes to believe in the maintaining of personal freedoms so long as one is a contributing member of society and not infringing on the lives of others, the CIA would rather see a world where all people are controlled in all ways, from what type of job one does to how one worships. It is the CIA/NSA/Air Force that is maintaining secrecy where the ET presence is concerned, not the OA.


The Omega Agency, once it comes into power, plans to reveal everything to the people of the world. From the running of drugs to finance the Vietnam War to the presence of ET’s on this world for the last 50 years or more. George Bush himself is said to have made the statement that he will personally tell of his involvement in the running of drugs to finance the Vietnam war while he was CIA director. To the OA way of thinking, the ends really do justify the means, and in the case of the Vietnam war, the running of drugs was necessary to finance the operation in that country. Therefore, it was a justified endeavor. Not one to be proud of, but justified nonetheless.

The CIA/NSA/OA all monitor the internet closely. Especially IRC. The Net is described as the most dangerous tool in the world at this point in time because it is uncontrolled. Those who talk about these types of things or carry information about these things on their web sites are closely monitored. In "government talk", orders to "watch" someone translates into instructions to keep track of them by whatever means necessary, and if they cross the line, if they stumble upon the truth of the matter and don’t keep their mouth shut, "take them out". This can be done in any way that works without drawing too much suspicion. Such as brakes on the car failing, a random victim in a drive-by shooting, a random target in a store robbery where that person just happens to be shopping at the time, etc. The determination as to whether a person needs to be "taken out" is left up to the discretion of the one doing the watching.


It is, in effect, an open license to kill to protect the Omega Agency from public exposure before it has deemed the time is right for it to take control of the planet. In some cases, it is determined that the person in question would pose more of a threat if they died. In such a case, the machinery of the OA goes into action to discredit that person. Character assassination, manipulation of others so as to turn people against the person, campaigns to brand them a disinformation agent, a liar, a mentally unstable person, etc., are put into motion. This has been found to be an effective method of dealing with someone who gets to the truth and doesn’t keep silent. In fact, it has been found to not only discredit the target victim but to cast a shadow of doubt and suspicion on others who may have listened to the targeted person.

This plan for the establishment of a one-world governing body, namely what is now known as the Omega Agency, has been in the works for a long time. And it is said that it cannot be stopped. Those who oppose the establishment of the Omega Agency’s New World Order, and who cannot be brought into line through persuasion or manipulation will be eliminated as threats to society.

The person from which this information was obtained passionately believes that this plan is the solution to the world’s problems. This person is also awaiting the start of a new job - as a Public Security Officer. This is a position this person was trained for and accepted before leaving active military service.



Looking into this person's eyes for approximately six hours while we talked about these things leaves this impression:

I don't think this person is lying.

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