by Mary Sparrowdancer
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Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of a bestselling book about encounters with Jesus, "The Love Song." First published in 2001, it contained information later validated by the Gospel of Judas in 2006.


Following this, Mary's book was pulled out of print by the (Chosen) publisher and made unavailable. A new edition of 'The Love Song' (with new revelations and answers) was put back into print by Mary and friends in 2007. 


Hegemony has been described as a form of control in which the elite achieves dominance over a subordinate population via the subordinates' consent and acceptance of beliefs rather than by use of force, (although force can be a handy standby). Once the elite is accepted as the ruling party, his beliefs, norms and values can then be projected throughout the subordinate masses creating a consensus of what will be accepted as normal behavior - all benefiting the elite cream that has risen over the masses, to the top.


Christianity, the largest organized religion on Earth, is primarily based on the patriarchal hegemony of Judaism, claiming God (Yahweh) is masculine, and males are made in "the image and glory of God," as Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 11.

Hegemony, therefore, is not something newly discovered, but it is one of the most ancient forms of control by establishing ideas and beliefs within the masses. Those wishing to maintain the status quo of the elite, (i.e., the elite) have also long known that the way to protect their status is by eliminating alternative views as well as silencing rebellious intellectuals who dare to question the established beliefs.


One of the best known intellectual rebels questioning everything established and "written," is the mysterious, and still popular teacher referred to by many as "Jesus."

Approximately 2000 years ago, he was openly practicing civil disobedience against Judaic law in Palestine as he attempted to set people free from Judaism and its ongoing, organized, patriarchal hegemony. Striving against Judaic masculine hegemony, he was elevating the status of women while also questioning the very identity of the God of Israel, whom he referred to in the Gospel of John as "a liar, a murder, and the devil." He was urging people to "go within," and he spoke instead of a different God of love.

One might wonder how Christianity grew so brutally distant from the original teachings of love, but in careful reading one finds that Jesus was not the founder of Christianity.


The apostle Paul, a Jewish man who was never a disciple of Jesus, was the founder of Christianity. The hegemony that Jesus sought to end among the Jews, Paul would reestablish among the Gentiles.

Paul's first letters are said to have been written some 20 years after Jesus was no longer appearing and disappearing in Palestine, and Paul's mission included a large amount of damage control in the aftermath of the liberation created by Jesus. Paul, who never met or followed Jesus, traveled throughout the area establishing patriarchal, organized churches based on Judaic hegemony. Paul told the crowds who were still eager to hear about Jesus, that Paul's teachings were the "gospel of Christ," although the earliest known gospel would not be written for another 20 years.

While the disciples did not clearly understand who or what Jesus actually was, Paul would take on this task, explaining first and foremost that he was dead and gone, after having "died for our sins."


Intellectual battles raged as others claimed he was not a mere mortal, the crucifixion was fiction, and he was something that could not be fully explained: he simply appeared with no history or background, never once speaking his own name in the gospels. For those who argued that he was "fully human," a nativity would be necessary, and so as the stories were passed from one language into another, he became "the son of Mary." This, however, might have been based upon another simple mistranslation.


"Mary," in Aramaic, is a masculine noun meaning "Lord." (1)

Paul's work completely opposed that of Jesus. Paul warned that people should "obey the government" because government is established by God, and everyone who is an authority is a "minister of God," put there by God. (Katherine Harris apparently referred to this when she said, "God is the one who chooses our rulers.") Anyone who resists, warned Paul, resists God.


He did not preach liberty, or common sense. He preached obedience, rules, laws, taxes, qualifications, submission to authority, the "wrath of God," and he threatened those committing civil disobedience with "damnation." In complete defiance of the teachings of Jesus, Paul brought Jewish patriarchy, organized religion and the hegemonic God of Israel to the Gentiles in the form of Christianity, changing the message of Jesus from "go within," to "go to church." (2) (3)

Paul did much more than this, however. His efforts and teachings, based upon the writings of other Jewish men, helped fix into the minds of the Gentile masses that the God of Israel was the only God in the universe, despite that God's rather human shortcomings. Paul led people to believe that since his God was the only God of the universe, this was, of course, the God who had sent Jesus. Other writings did not support this.


Paul helped fix into the minds of millions the idea that Jewish writings and teachings were to be taken as the literal Word of God.

Over one-third of the world's population is Christian, many believing the above ideas because they were "written in the bible." They believe this while not considering the other fact, that it was the Jewish people, themselves, who wrote and edited the bible, creating and recreating the multiple personalities of Yahweh based upon personal visions, dreams, nightmares, ideas, channelings, and ancient stories about the constant smiting of endless enemies.


A people subscribing to a war God will ultimately create many warriors.

For nearly 2000 years, a growing percentage of the world has been controlled by authorities aligning themselves with the war God of Israel. When Constantine's Church Fathers formally created his "catholic" or universal Christian church in the 300s, they selected Paul's writings of submission as the foundation for their desired hegemony. In addition, a vision that Constantine is said to have had was also woven into this new state religion as a central theme. He is said to have seen a glowing, inverted sword, its long blade pointing downward, its crossbars upward, and Constantine was told that he would conquer with this symbol.


The inverted sword looked much like a crucifix, and so the cross became the primary symbol for his new church. The ancient writings stating that there was no crucifixion of Jesus were discarded by the Church Fathers. (4)

The Old Testament had grown and changed repeatedly throughout its history, but shortly after Jesus arrived to shake Judaism to its core, the old canon containing the "Word of God" as channeled, written and edited by men, abruptly closed with nothing more to be added other than the few selections about Jesus in the Latin Vulgate of 405 A.D. Humanity's personal, official, accepted encounters with "God" ended.


There would be no more official encounters with Gods, God, God Almighty, LORD God Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus, or anyone else not of this world. We are a people born wired for rich spirituality, and yet the book of close encounters has been closed for 2000 years.

With nothing new forthcoming according to organized religion, the subordinate masses have found themselves repeatedly reliving "what has been written" in the ancient times. In 1948, the Jewish people announced that according to the "Word of God," God wanted Palestine to be given to the Jewish people. Knowing that the Christians believed most everything, some perhaps read Ezekiel, chapter 37, and decided this must be true.


Ezekiel promised that God was going to one day take the Chosen from among the goyim, and bring them into their own land, the "land of Israel," where they will live separately.

Sixty years ago, the Jewish described Palestine as a barren, empty place. It was, they said, a "Land Without People for a People Without a Land." The world believed this, and the new "state of Israel" was created within Palestine, in May, 1948, to help God fulfill "his Word." The Chosen then wrote the following promise.

The State of Israel:

"will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations." (5)

With the world apparently satisfied by this, Israel then commenced to carry out something quite different from their most recent written promise. We would later learn that this land was far from being "barren."


The Holy Land had been cared for and inhabited by Palestinians since ancient history. To remedy this, it would now be necessary for the Jewish to become an invading military force in order to brutally take the land from hundreds of thousands of Palestinian land owners, and then claim this stolen land as their new Jewish-Only state as promised by God through the pen of Ezekiel.

The slaughter of the Palestinians "in the name of God" began in 1948 in order to artificially fulfill a so-called Jewish prophecy. The new Jewish-Only state would be comprised of hundreds of unconnected country club neighborhoods scattered like holes punched throughout the otherwise peaceful, contiguous villages, pastures and orchards of Palestine.


These new Jewish-Only neighborhoods dotting the Palestinian countryside would be referred to as "settlements," and the Jewish-Only from all other countries on earth would be invited to come populate the "settlements," and live, vacation or help kill a few Palestinians. There has not been a day of peace since God's New Real Estate Plan was put into action in order to fulfill "The Word of God," by those who wrote it.

With the God of Israel guiding them, the Chosen have forcefully driven the Palestinians off their lands using advanced military equipment such as merkabah (Hebrew word for war chariot) tanks, Caterpillar bulldozers, warplanes, helicopters, blimps, drones, and navy gunboats, supplied or paid for by the United States, which, as primarily Christian, also serves the God of Israel, who in turn serves only the Chosen.

Using this advanced weaponry, God Almighty (we are told) has led his Chosen to repeated miraculous victories against the unarmed civilians as troops have fired up their diesel engines and then rained manmade hellfire down upon villages and refugee camps. For 60 years they have plowed through homes, farms, tents, gardens, orchards and groves, sending the Palestinians running for their lives repeatedly through streets now strewn with Israeli bombing debris. There have been no promises kept by the Chosen in this new Promised Land.


The Palestinians are now all refugees in their own land with no human rights whatsoever, because they are not even considered human.

The Chosen have uprooted the ancient orchards and olive groves, as well. They have brought to an end the shortened lives of the people, and ended the long lives of the ancient olive trees that had been lovingly cared for by countless generations since Jesus was in the area, teaching love for one's neighbor. Almost nothing of beauty has been left standing as God's Chosen army has gouged and bulldozed their way through Palestine in order to build God's new, scattered, Holey Land "settlements."


Much of what was previously held to be holy is now destroyed, including humans, human rights and ancient Holy Sites. Israeli plans have just been announced for the destruction of a 700-year-old Mosque, because it was constructed "without a building permit." (6)

The army of the Chosen is now freely executing Palestinian civilians, including children, in their homes and on their blood-soaked streets without trials, judge or jury. Many are being kidnapped and imprisoned without charges, including children. New strategies are also being used in order to rid the land of its ancestral owners, including starving the refugees trapped by Israel inside the coveted Gaza Strip, (which contains prime beachfront property and a possible natural gas field).


Those who have written that they are the Chosen of God are now withholding water, medical supplies, and electricity from the 1.5 million people trapped in Gaza, and they speak of further plans to launch more deadly military offenses on this tortured population. They are making the refugees as miserable as possible in ongoing attempts to drive them off this land, because a Jewish person "has written in the bible" that this land was given to the Chosen by God.

The Chosen of God have acted in a less-than-civilized manner during their rampages on God's behalf. When the Chosen army besieged the Palestinian Ministry of Culture building and lived in it for approximately one month, they left their bodily wastes throughout the newly built, eight-story building, despite the fact that there were two toilet facilities on each floor. Instead of using the facilities, they chose to urinate and defecate in the rooms, in drawers pulled out of desks, in flower pots, in bottles, on the photocopier, on films, on children's books and on documents.


More recently, the Chosen living in "settlement" neighborhoods have been doing something similar. Many of the "settlements" have been built upon Palestine's formerly beautiful, lofty, now-stolen hilltops. The advantage of being uphill is that the Chosen can funnel their raw sewage downhill onto the Palestinian lands below, thus delivering a clever two-fold message from their God. (7) (8)

Like obedient, uneducated serfs in the Dark Ages, we have continued to believe everything that we have been conditioned to believe. We have believed everything the Chosen have written on paper or parchment.


The question that now should be asked is, how many other outright lies, inventions and broken promises have the Chosen given to the world while demanding silence, acceptance, and complete unquestioning belief?

We have believed all of the inventions created about a "God," who is apparently now leading merkabah attacks in the land known since Genesis as Palestine. We have believed, while failing to see organized religion and monotheism for what they are: the earliest form of mass control by the shaping of people's beliefs. With true spirituality extinguished in exchange for a state-controlled religion, the few elite are elevated "by God," to rule over the obedient, submissive masses.


At this time in our unending Dark Age, the masses are being further silenced by new laws forbidding people from even questioning the Chosen. Questioning can now result in prison sentences.

It was a deliberate act of control for the Church Fathers to artificially join the teachings of Jesus with those of Paul and Paul's Jewish God of Israel. Jesus showed no allegiance to the God of Israel. It remains a mistake to try to claim that Jesus and Yahweh are on the same side of moral and civil conduct and decency and have led people in similar acts of love and tolerance when clearly this is not true. The tragedy of Jesus was not that he was affixed to a tree, but that he was affixed to the God of Israel.

When did the writings of man become "The Word of God," and whose agenda does this serve? How much truth about Divinity has been kept from us?


The hegemonic tools of propaganda are now quite advanced and projecting the desires of the elite into our minds like never before through controlled media, invented news, advertising/ psychology campaigns, state-mandated education, "advanced" education instilling more required beliefs, all entertainment, and the outrageous posting of the Ten Commandments in public areas, demanding loyalty to the God of Israel, all to guard the elite status.


How much longer will we allow this growing hegemony now creeping over the world to keep the world confined to the Dark Ages, completely controlled by the elite few?

In 2006, the long-lost Gospel of Judas was translated into English by a team working with The National Geographic Society. This is another piece of ancient writing that was deliberately kept from the masses for the better part of 2000 years, because it challenges monotheism rather profoundly. While man has relied upon the mistranslated bible as a prophetic Word of God and has "helped God" bring about what other men have written as prophecy, the Gospel of Judas stands alone as one of the most prophetic, unadulterated writings perhaps ever found. Its prophecies were fulfilled without artificial help.


It was translated and it came to us after its prophecies had already been fulfilled and were standing in plain sight for all to see. (9)

In this ancient, short gospel, one finds that Jesus was appearing and disappearing before the disciples, fully flesh and blood, using various identities indicating he was much more than a "simple carpenter" as others claimed. (Claims of his appearances as a human, using different identities continue around the world today, but the elite-controlled news does not report this.)


This ancient gospel contained the prophecy that many horrifying crimes would one day be openly committed by those professing to be followers and priests of Jesus, including sexual crimes, homosexual acts, the sacrifice of children, and slaughter. People would be led astray by priests and treated as cattle, it is stated, because the priests were serving and following the wrong God.

According to this gospel, Judas would be forever falsely accused until the time dawned when a certain generation of people finally grasps the truth about organized religion and the lie of hegemonic monotheism, and breaks away from it. It is that generation, according to this gospel, that is called holy and great, because they will bring an end to the Age of Darkness and see the truth that Judas, alone, first saw and understood: Judas was the only disciple who recognized the true identity of Jesus.


Judas, alone, realized that Jesus had not been sent by the God of Israel: Jesus had been sent from a God of love who was light years above and beyond the war God of Israel.


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