by William Dean Ross

from Wovoca Website

This same article appeared on the BridgeOfFlower Website. You can read it HERE.  The article is signed by CONDOR aka POINTMAN aka Bill Ross (William Dean Ross)


The One World Government and One World Religion will not succeed in forming as long as there are differences in thought. All other political and religious belief systems must be eliminated by a variety of methods through the press, television, movies, and educational mediums.

The New World Order philosophy is to subdue passively in the beginning, but aggressively near the end. It is now accepted because it appears to be for peace and prosperity. Later, when the majority of political and military power-elite has accepted it, it will show itself for what it really is very violent and aristocratic.

The New World Religion is pushing for the ‘hive mentality’ with the achieved collective consciousness, harmonic convergence of oneness of mind. There will be no room for any personal opinion or individual thought process. Persons that choose a separate route will be eliminated.

In 1989 when George Bush, Sr., and Mikhail Gorbachev shook hands the nobility of Black Arts Occultism converged with Socialist "oneness of mind" and atheistism. This ‘Unity through Diversity’ doctrine was a must with our CSETI/NASA Group in Project Falling Star. When the group was together and had an honest oneness of purpose, the UFOs would come to us. I entered some sort of altered state of mind and UFOs would communicate with me by ESP. I knew which mountain to go to and they would show up.

The New World Order is constructively socially engineering all societies on earth to meet this purpose. The people that I was associated with in "Riders on the Storm" have been working to achieve the New World Order for quite some time. Some of the spin-doctors have been under CIA pay and/or the training and dictates of the Tavistock and Stanford think-tanks. One must wonder why a medical doctor like Steve Greer who has not practiced medicine very long, would be chasing UFOs and who is paying him? Why is it Greer and Dr. Alfred Webre (lawyer and environmentalist) appear on the most popular UFO and Globalist shows like Art Bell’s, "Coast to Coast" and Jeff Rense’s, "Sightings" and they have no evidence to prove their so-called experiences.

The majority of the media is dancing to the beat of the spin-doctors in radio, television, newspapers and movies. Those people that were really on the inside of any Black Science or Black Operations projects are barred from the media until the World Federalists have eliminated them by death or imprisonment or have converted them to their agenda through a variety of mind control techniques.

I am convinced that any effort to stop this New World Order is useless. Certain political and religious resistance may slow it down; but, you will never win America back. The situation is too far-gone.

Patriots and Christians are the targets of the liberal media and new generation of super electronic, nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Read Colonel Alexander and Dave Alexander’s books, "The Warrior’s Edge", "Future Warrior", and "Tomorrow’s Warrior." They openly state the enemy of Globalism is American Constitutionalists and conservative Christians. (Colonel John Alexander was commander of Los Alamos and Defense "non-legal weapons" products. These weapons can control your mind, stop your heart, or fry you by microwave, like an egg.)

In the "Age of Cataclysm" written by Alfred L. Webre and Phillip H. Liss in 1974, Part II of the book, Area 2 is about "High Psychics" starting on page 87; in Area 3 of Part Two of the book, it has the "Edgar Cayce Predictions" starting on page 88; and in Area 4 of Part II, it is about "Precognition, Public Policy and Science" on page 120. These areas of the book express the validity of psychics to the degree that the world leaders should base their future decisions on the cosmic readings of the psychics - in order to create a NEW WORLD ORDER, because of the coming horrific state of social chaos and cataclysmic earth changes that will occur.


The book specifically states that the Congress of the United States and the U.S. Constitution must be eliminated and abolished-leaving a three-man Presidency on page 188, 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence; page 186, paragraph 4, 2nd sentence; Chapter 4, page 184 and in many other places. The book insists that a New Constitution with a one party system -the WORLD FEDERALISTS - are to take over- see Chapter 3, page 164, page 174, and page 194, page 46 and many other places in the book. The book’s Epilogue, page 153, starts out with Lancelot Law Whyte’s statement from "THE NEXT DEVELOPMENT IN MAN" to create a unified-religion-science. The rest of the Epilogue deals with moving entire populations into specific areas.

In 1974, Alfred Webre contends that mass populations must be moved out of dangerous cataclysmic areas. But, today the Globalist Engineers state that more than 50% of the lands must be totally "off limits" to mankind in order to save nature. In the U.S. alone the result would be total urbanization moving a third of the population out of all rural areas. This sounds like the Kyoto and Bio-diversity Treaties, Hillary’s "It Takes A Village", and Gore’s "Earth In The Balance" to move masses of people out of the country-side into the cities or guarded communes in order to correct the state of social chaos and/or supposedly protect them from the earthquakes and floods at hand.


Maybe that is why some truck drivers I know have been transporting plastic-aluminum instant snap-together jail houses called "Tiger Cages" to FEMA. They hide them in every county of every state. Something to ponder on? But, according to "The Age of Cataclysm", the catastrophic earth changes will be so great that these emergency measures will have to be managed by a central command government that will have to abolish individual national constitutions and establish a New World Order.

Area 1 of the Epilogue is about this social chaos- which the High Psychics predicted before the printing of the book in 1974. Area 2 of the Epilogue deals with the Millennium and states that after the Great Catastrophe there will be a "global promised land" -page 163, 2nd paragraph, 4th sentence. This reminds me of the front cover of the Masonic book written by Albert Pike, "Morals and Dogma." The red cover has a double-headed eagle on it with a crown, a "Maltese-Cross" (Fascism), and a shining Pyramid - the Coptic Order of Lucifer. Just below the bird on a ribbon are the symbolic words of how they use mass mind control "ORDO AB CHAO" - which means Order out of Chaos.


The good old boys club of international bankers, secret societies and intelligence agencies secretly create the chaos and "their" media twists the minds of the masses to believe something other than reality. Then the "good old boys" find a solution, which was on the drawing board of their "think-tanks" all along. This is called evolutional social engineering. How convenient that both U.S. and USSR’s national symbols are both identical Masonic symbols. And that both use the symbols of Fascism like the ax surrounded by bars and reeves-on a dime and on both sides of the Speaker of the House in Congress. But, this time Congress will not be allowed to participate in the next government. The Age of Cataclysm, the Georgia Guide Stones, and the 1980’s TV movie, "AMERIKA", demonstrates that the life of Congress will shortly be abolished, one way or the other.

This "Great Global Promised Land" will probably be introduced to us by Black Budget and Black Sciences of the D.O.D. and the C.I.A. via Project HAARP and related GWEN ELF ground systems. They now can manipulate the weather to create so called catastrophes as in the "Age of Cataclysm." How convenient that they can create the problem and then the "social engineers" like Barb Hubbard can direct us to American Auschwitz’s and Jewish style ghettos as in Hillary’s, "It Takes A Village".

Go to web sites of Barb Marx Hubbard and find the relationship between her and The Future World Society and the World Federalist Association that are plastered all over the "Age of Cataclysm." She was the founder of one and the co-founder of the other and sat as president on both. While you are there, look at her comrades: Norman Cousins, Buckminster Fuller, Marilyn Fergusen, Timothy Leary and Lt. Col. Jim Channon. Read their books.


These people are for putting a "chip" in you so we can have a very peaceful controlled world. These people are for abolishing all of your Constitutional Rights. These people are for a New Constitution and a World Dictatorship ruled by a ruthless Police State. These people are for the book in front of me right now. I have had it since 1974!

If you go to  and  the spin-off sites these smiling faces are very deceiving. Lt. Col. Channon is in the Church of Set. Lt. Col. Mike Aquino took over the reins as High Priest of Satan in the United States after Anton Lavey left for Canada. Anton Lavey died last year. Both Channon and Aquino are in the First Earth Battalion. Barb Hubbard’s U.S. Army 1st Earth Battalion is considered Ninja Psychic Warriors with superhuman mental-spiritual abilities.

Read Col. John Alexander’s "The Warriors Edge" E.L.F. Mind Control and non-lethal weapons and Psychic-cannon (spiritual hex) weapons. He was at Ft. Meade and Derrick, then went to Los Alamos and retired in Colorado. He now lives in Hawaii. Maurice Strong, a U.N leader and billionaire has a 60,000-acre ranch in Colorado that the socialist-spiritualists visit. He has Masonic, Satanic artwork and statues all over the place. All of the above people go there frequently. In Colonel Alexander’s "Future Warrior", he states that the E.L.F weapons were designed specifically to wipe out all Christians and conservatives in a future coup de’tat in the United States.

They are in charge of Psy-Ops and the other units that infiltrated CNN.

In the past three years, 1,400 Army Psy-OPS trainees have trained at CNN headquarters. The news presented to you is Satan’s news. The World Federalists and Future World Society - that Barby (Jezebel) created - have helped create the 1st Earth Battalion. They - Bad Barby, First Earth, the World FEDS, and the Future Worlders - also supported and set "GORBY" up at Camp Presidio. This stands for ’the-camp-of-the-president.’ At the site I previously pointed out,, Gorby is considered by all World Leaders to be the PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD. Their motto is "Open but discreet." They know and we are not supposed to know! I suppose they will have to create some more "CHAOS" before he takes his GLOBAL THRONE.

If you know Bible prophesy, you will notice many of the prophesies symbolically, but unintentionally expressed on some of the coins, pictures and paragraphs of Gorby’s Silver Legacy website. For example, look for a coin with the anti-christ and false prophet standing together.


In Revelations 13:3 and 13:12,

"It seems as though he had a wound to the head, but it had healed" and in Revelations 13:11,"He looked like a lamb - with two horns - but spoke like a dragon."

In Daniel, the last beast that goes throughout the world and devours it has "Iron Teeth." In Russia, Gorbachev is referred to as the man with "Iron Teeth." Check out the History of Russia part of this site. If you make "Peter the Great" bald and put a wig on Gorbachev they look alike. In Revelations 17:8,"He once was, now is not, and yet will come."

The World President resides at the Camp of the President. He is surrounded by Satanists, Scientologists and other Luciferian cult groups of theology. Their political slant is quickly coming together as some new form of Cosmic Mind Altered Fascism. The 1st Earth’s position is to not only create CHAOS physically - but to "create conspiracies and confabulate rumors." That is Psy-OPs and guess what Camp Presidio was for many years? A Psy-OPS and mind control base! It was the military’s spy training language school and psychological warfare training center!

Some of the leaders on the Mind Control sites of the Web admit that they have been involved in "think-tanks" with these people and defend them like their lives depend on it. Scientologists, Satanists, Atheists, Paganists, are welcome to the New World Order. Christians and Jews are not.

When the Berlin Wall came down, capitalism married communism and occultism married into the traditional religions. The final synthesis is a Paganistic -Masonic (Coptic Order) Priesthood that worships Gaia and UFO’s whom Neo-Fascist political power brokers and the U.N. world armies will protect. (Note U.N.’s "baby-blue" on the flags and helmets stands for the "blue-lips-of-death", the "blue-lodge" of Masonry and other Illuminati symbols.) A very small cadre of spooks and New World Order elite know that Gorby has visitations from the Ascended Masters. Hitler met the Ascended Masters in the bedroom and called them the "NEW MAN"..." Hitler said, "They are cold and intrepid...with no mercy."

The "EPILOGUE" by the FUTURE WORLD SOCIETY, Area 4 of it on page 164 is a FEDERALIST MANIFESTO that runs over to page 184, and here we run into "THE NEW CONSTITUTION" that runs into Area 5 "THE GLOBAL SOCIETY." There is an interesting paragraph here, Paragraph 3, on page 196. Back in 1974, the authors make a statement that in order for this New World Order to take place the socialist countries would have to turn capitalist in order to achieve millennial goals.


That is exactly what happened in 1989-90 when the Berlin Wall came down and Germany reunited. I wonder if the authors called that one or did the High Psychics? Very odd that everything just seems to have been planned a long time ago and we are to give credit to the High Psychics (better known in Christian circles as witches and soothsayers).


Oh yes, a world being "spirit-guided" by Ascended Masters and Aliens via government paid High Psychics. Just take a surfing trip on some of the so-called UFO sites. Many of them have little to do with UFOs, but a whole lot to do about the New World Religion. You will also see that what the aliens want for us is exactly what the United Nations and Globalists want for us. What a coincidence? Confused? Oh, but the E.T.’s tell the Psychics what to say at their trance channeling sessions and the psychics tell the leaders what to do! Now back in 1974, "The Age of Cataclysm" did not specify who or what was communicating with the "witches" but the book just sort of persuaded us to take them very seriously.

In "Mt. Shasta-California’s Mystic Mountain" by the late Emile A. Frank, she mentions the following:

  • The UFO’s are etheric or interdimensional.

  • The aliens are Atlantians and Lemurians that live in the inner earth.

  • Many UFO communities are connected to the intelligence agencies and have lived below the mountain for a few decades.

  • The E.T.’s will co-inhabit and take over human bodies on earth.

Those conservatives, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc., that does not go along with the New World Order Religion will be "cleansed" from the earth.

Gorbachev and the Pope have been meeting for a decade with the men I mentioned in "Riders on the Storm" that are connected to CSETI. The idea is to bring the UFOs and the Ascended Masters to earth for all of humanity to see and worship. The project I was on was a "dry-run" for it. Remember, Barb Hubbard’s ‘New Ninja Army’ are the ‘Riders on the Pale Horse’ that are ordained to commit mass murder and genocide.


Emile Frank’s "walk-ins" are demonic-possession and her statements that the E.T.s are from the inner earth are identical to the Bible and Jewish Kabbala’s interpretation of the dwelling places of demons and evil spirits. Hence, a demonically possessed army will kill billions of people inspired by the evil spiritual fallen angels type of UFO’s.


(Note: There are physical man-made UFOs and the angels from heaven could, also, be called unidentified flying objects. The trick is to determine who is who.)

Read the spin-doctors own Media Bible: "Electronic Colonialism", by Thomas McPhael, it will really enlighten you to their self-assuredness of an Orwellian Electronic age under their total control - the major networks and the intelligence agencies. It is that far-gone and they are openly bragging about it now. In the near future, the "working-class" will be in far worse shape than the Jews under Hitler or Pharaoh - at least they had their own minds.