S-Aircraft Drawing and Memo by Thomas Cantwheel, 30 January 1996 (213k)


On January 30, 1996, Thomas Cantwheel wrote a two-page memo, which included a drawing of an unidentified aerodyne found July 5, 1947 south of Socorro, New Mexico by military and civilian members of the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP).


The memo begins:

“The ‘loaned’ aircraft was acquired in 1945 from the Air Technical Services Command (ATSC, now AEDS, Air Force Systems Command). The ‘S’ aircraft was designed from an aerodyne recovered in 1941 that crashed in south-eastern Missouri and the one captured in 1942 in Louisiana. Reconstruction commenced in 1945 with the assistance of German scientists at Wright Field.


Propulsion programs tried to duplicate the atomic power plant found in the aerodyne captured in Louisiana and integrated the magnetic drive system developed by Tesla.  Efforts to conceal the true nature of flight operations were successful in that the AF devised a cover intelligence project called Blue Book… In 1958, Project UFO and Moon Dust were activated when the USA Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit operations ceased and CIC responsibility for UFO security was transferred to USAFOSI.”