by dennyfromspace

03 October 2008


This is a program that covers the long and grueling efforts the Governments of the World have gone too for one purpose and one purpose only. The true purpose is to completely cover up and classify all of their clandestine UFO/flying saucer projects.


Anything that has to do with extraterrestrials they simply scramble the real truth and create a false story and therefore feed it to the public. This is mainly focused upon the documentations of the clandestine group known as Majestic 12 aka MJ-12. It was a team that was headed by the World's greatest minds of that time period and also other individuals in high places of authority such as intelligence officials.


Project Bluebook is also discussed which was an operation that was run by the MJ-12 group.


It was a simple project which was completely used for the recording of UFO sightings or close encounters and then the knowledge was explained away by the MJ-12 panel as either weather phenomenon or any type of aerial phenomenon that was completely natural in every sense and NOT anything involving a UFO or alien beings.





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