by James Daughterty, Newsgroup

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From: "An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences," etc. by Albert G. Mackey, M.D., Thirty-Third Degree, Volume I, published by the Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, & London, 1925, Volume One, pp. 392-95:





"This Order, which at various times in the progress of its history received the names of Knights Hospitalers, Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights of Rhodes, and lastly, Knights of Malta, was one of the most important of the religious and military orders of knighthood which sprang into existence during the Crusades which were instituted for the recovery of the Holy Land. It owes its origin to the Hospitalers of Jerusalem, that wholly religious and charitable Order which was established at Jerusalem, in 1048, by pious merchants of Amalfi for the succor of poor and distressed Latin pilgrims.... [big section on its history over nine centuries]

"The Organization of the Order in its days of prosperity was very complicated, partaking of both a monarchial and a republican character. Over all presided a Grand Master, who, although invested with extensive powers, was still controlled by the legislative action of the General Chapter....

"... There are now two bodies -- one Catholic and the other Protestant, but each repudiates the other....


"The degree of Knight of Malta is conferred in the United States as "an appendant Order" in a Commandery of Knights Templar. There is a ritual attached to the degree, but very few are in possession of it, and it is generally communicated after the candidate has been created a Knights Templar...."

[end of quote]

The Knights of Malta are the militia of the Pope, and are sworn to total obedience by a blood oath which is taken extremely seriously and to the death. The Pope as the head of the Vatican is also the head of a foreign national power.

This has virtually nothing to do with the Roman Catholic religion, and everything to do with being a participant in one of the four major "player-organizations" for world domination - those players being:

  • British Freemasonry

  • French Freemasonry

  • International Zionism

  • The Vatican

As a member of the Knights of Malta, and by virtue of your blood oath of obedience to the Pope, you are required to support to the death the desires of the head of the Order of the Knights of Malta - in this case, Pope John Paul II - over and above any other allegiance you may feel or pretend to feel toward any other loyalty - such as a loyalty to the Constitution for the united States of America.

Those who are presently members of the Knights of Malta must on penalty of death support those policies advocated by the Vatican. It is not hard for them to do this.


They BELIEVE in these policies and principles.


The polices which are espoused and proclaimed by Pope John Paul II are as follows:

  1. 1.   End of sovereignty for the United States and other countries

  2. End of absolute property rights

  3. End of all gun rights

  4. The new international economic Order (world government)

  5. The redistribution of wealth and jobs

  6. Calls for nations to trust the United Nations

  7. Total disarmament

  8. Promote the United Nations as the hope for peace

  9. Promote UNESCO, the deadly educational and cultural arm of the United Nations

  10. Promote interdependence

  11. Support sanctions honoring Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - the New Age Humanist Priest

  12. Support the belief that the economic principle of traditional Christian or Catholic social doctrine is the economic principle of communism

  13. Promote the Pope as the acting go-between for the United States and the Soviet Union

The secret society members in the high levels of political and economic power -- if they are not the actual decision-makers -- are OWNED by others.


They are compromised -- by the freedom of their will. They chose to believe what they believe. And Buchanan is not a decision-maker. He is a member in service to that Order and under complete and total obedience to the Vatican's political ambitions, the SMOW is the MILITIA of the POPE. In times when the Pope is threatened the Swiss mercenaries that guard the Vatican are dismissed and the Knights of Malta take station as the elite Militia and guardians of the Pope.

The Knights are also sworn to instantly forsake everything and everyone and hasten to the aid of the Pope should they be called.


They are sworn to absolute and total obedience to the Pope forsaking all other allegiances or duties or obligations whatsoever. Now understand I am not talking Catholic here... no American Catholic that I know of owes any allegiance to any foreign power or Pope through any blood oath of any kind whatsoever... and no American Catholic that I know of carries a Diplomatic Passport from a foreign nation.

Could such a man serve as our President when the Pope is openly calling for a world government and has stated that he will be the head of that government by the year 2007?

Bob Dole is a 33 degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction.

Please take this in the spirit that it is intended. The truth sometimes hurts but it is the truth. We must never believe anyone or anything in this day of supreme deception. What makes a con man great is his ability to convince his mark that he is totally honest, loyal, and "a good ole boy.."


Stop listening to what Buchanan says and research meticulously his history and read every column he has written.

  • Did you know that he is on record as writing that we need a Constitutional Convention to deal with the fact that the constitution is outdated?

  • Did you know that Ross Perot is on record saying exactly the same thing?

  • Did you know that Buchanan was the Chairman of a super secret Intelligence group named for the number of the room in which the group met in the White House?

  • Did you know that Buchanan has direct ties to the CIA?

  • Did you know that William Casey, Director of the CIA was Knights of Malta?

  • Did you know that Ollie North is Knights of Malta?

  • Did you know that George Bush is knights of Malta and just finished a Central and South American Speaking tour on behalf of the Knights of Malta?