October 19, 2011
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The secret Illuminati does indeed exist.


For the first time the truth is exposed behind the horrifying plan for world domination.

  • Does the Illuminati have the power to take control of the world?

  • Is the Vatican in grave danger?

Conspiracy theorists have long spoken of the Illuminati, believed to be a secret society with ties to the Freemasons who have been the power behind the scenes for many of the most important and chaotic events of the past three centuries.


While little hard evidence of the existence of the Illuminati has surfaced since the organization was first described in the late 1700s, this documentary attempts to prove that the group not only exists, but are planning a devastating assault upon the world.


Angels and Demons Revealed presents the argument that the Illuminati are involved in a widespread plot against the Catholic Church and the Vatican, and have stockpiled unusual weapons in an bid to seize control of the world's governments.










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