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The Illuminati

The Illuminati are a group of individuals who at the higher levels share the same bloodline and call themselves 'The Elite'. The are also known as 'The Black Nobility'. They are in league with The Vatican, The Freemasons and other occult groups and secret societies where there are initiation grades, or stages of progression to the top of the pyramid.


The Illuminati go back a long, long time in history.

The whole goal of The Illuminati is to create a one world government, known as The New World Order, which can be seen today in The United Nations and NATO. The goal? To control the world.


Today's members include George W. Bush, senior and junior, Tony Blair and England's Queen.

The below videos will give you an introduction to who The Illuminati are, their history, and why you should be concerned about them.

The videos give a brief insight into The Illuminati and New World Order.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4